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  1. Ship Zone

    I watch it with English subtitles and I am English. You must have a good ear for languages if you can make out what they're saying all the time. I watch it again with subtitles with English spellings when it reaches our TV channels. On our TV they have Raj saying what he really says such as ' mum' and it suits his mouth movements better. Americans use different pronunciations sometimes and also when they're speaking quickly it's often hard to make out the words at all. By the way, 'soldier through' doesn't necessarily imply that what one needs to do is unpleasant. It means it's worth doing but a problem with the person makes it difficult. Soldiers are brave and disregard difficulties. For instance you may want to go for a walk but you hurt your foot. You still want to go so you carry on somehow despite the pain. The walk itself might be pleasant but you have to force yourself and endure the pain because you like the scenery. You might be very tired and want to go home for a nap but you have promised a child to watch his school Nativity Play. You watch the play. The play is sweet and you try very hard not to fall asleep in your seat. You have a heavy cold and would stay in bed if you could but your work is important so you force yourself to go in. You feel a bit better when you get there and you are happy when the task is complete. The walk, the play and work are good things - so was what Sheldon told Amy he was willing to soldier through to. I hope that explains it a little.
  2. It's another example of Sheldon trying to be appropriate to the situation. In the past he would have assumed everybody in the bar would want to know the botanic credentials of the cucumber. The science advisors to the writers would have picked it up were it a mistake and it would have been changed to 'salad ingredient' or 'sandwich filling'. I still don't know whether he liked it or not because I didn't understand the noise he made.
  3. I just took the question as a bit of a Sheldanxietic step-back to show us his progress isn't forward all the time. There's no reason even to think there's a break-up in the offing.
  4. Yes ! There's so much in tbbt that viewers can recognise from real life. In among all the ridiculous stuff are things every now and again we can identify with. This is one reason for the show's continued success. I once saw an interview in which Kunal said it was popular because it was about underdogs and everybody roots for the underdog. Academics doing well in their careers and climbing, but still wanting the same things relationship-wise as everybody else and having just as much or even more difficulty accomplishing them, rang a lot of bells round the world and still does. Ganging up with others and developing friendships so close their kids won't notice the difference between them and their aunts and uncles of blood is another one. Finding out that marriage is not the end but just another beginning that carries its own issues with it, is how our characters are experiencing life's big bangs just like so many million other couples on the planet. Penny is the only one without letters after her name to show what she can do. To her, being desired and pursued by Leonard,an intelligent man who knows a good thing when he sees it, whose other objects of desire were highly qualified professional women, has perhaps been her validation. She loses that if the romancing ceases. Penny represents that person inside so many of us who had a passion and a dream that got diverted into something else. We'd love to see her making TV commercials for the products she's selling, for instance, but we know how few of us get the best of both worlds. Had she been academically inclined, Penny might have used her intelligence to get a degree in something, yet wondering if she'd ditched school and moved to a big city to take acting lessons and audition for parts whether she'd have made a success of it, all the while knowing she'd never know what would have happened on the road not travelled. Someone needs to tell her she was brave and at least by following her dream she found out. The decision to step away from the negative aspects of her chosen career life was her own and she should have more acknowledgement that for her it was the right one.
  5. That kiss ! Blink and you miss it. Literally.Why did they cut it so short ? Not that somebody won't make a gif and let it look longer, but still ... Why couldn't they have shortened Amy's laughing or Halley's crying or Leonard's burp instead ?
  6. Ship Zone

    And Sheldon is a Texan after all. I'm told they're like Yorkshirefolk. I remember how he strode out with the ring after the Spockumentary filming, in absolutely no doubt at all that it was his role . Proposing to him would not move the situation along one bit anyway. Even though he'd be unlikely to refuse, it wouldn't bring the marriage any nearer. He's got his reasons, which will perhaps be revealed by tptb one day, for keeping the jets cool and sticking to the status quo. He can't have not thought about it. Meanwhile, he's enjoying himself where he is, trying new things, becoming more aware of how he needs to conduct himself in the world, and perhaps even reflecting how unready he was when he was thinking about proposing before. He might even be thinking of Amy's initial reaction, 'Who says I want to be engaged to him ?' regardless of how she seemed to calm down and want the ring. So, he wants to know for sure that she's happy with him. So far we haven't heard them talk about shacking up out of wedlock other than to consider how Mary Cooper would react.
  7. Hear hear ! Writing up TRs must be very hard work. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  8. Yes, Amy's stuck in high school. She only started moving out of The Infants six years ago. With Penny's help she left there and made it through The Juniors into Secondary. Her emotional immaturity was no doubt one of the reasons she was left out and rejected so much in her youth. Give her time. Last year when she was thirteen or so she discovered she had options in her social life. There were men who fancied her and in practice she perhaps could have done better than Sheldon but 'better' for a person who loves games and likes an intellectual challenge for its own sake is 'boring'. She went back to Sheldon because he was the one with whom she could have fun on her own level. When Penny offered her Leonard's room for a place to crash she was like a girl half her age ' I'd be moving in with my boyfriend' - the bad girl role she'd always found titillating. The wise and grounded side of Amy is a bit patchy,certainly, but she can use it to control Sheldon. She's respected in her work field and this gives her claims to confidence all round, merited or not. I've never personally known anyone to be wise and grounded who's been shunned. Quite the reverse. We must have encountered different types of people. I have known some of the wisest and grounded women, mostly very elderly now, to be those in positions of authority who've never married or who were widowed young, thanks to wars or demands of careers or sick parents. What shocked me on embarking on a career was the number of women in it who after struggling to get in and on, were focussed on their courtships and marriages, many even willing to drop the whole thing to become housewives and raise families with their 'Semi-detached suburban Mr James' es. So, that part of Amy doesn't surprise me.
  9. She's too well-trained to do that. Starting a family is one of the things that breaks couples up. It's a strain which can add to the happiness of a very close and stable couple but can be too much for a couple already under stress. It's not the answer to a problem.
  10. The rest of the characters have mostly been doing the same thing since they were children or teenagers. We don't know what Raj started out doing but if he told Lucy the truth, he 'fell in love with astronomy at Cambridge' which means he went there for something else. (Perhaps pre-med ) That must have been 15 years ago. Sheldon's changed scientific fields once and now he wants to take engines to bits. It's possible the scientists are all going to reconsider their callings and purposes considering the length of time they've all had their heads down. Wouldn't that would be something for series 11- 13.
  11. When my godchildren were babies I was an auxiliary parent like Raj and Stuart. It is exhausting and time-consuming for only two parents - one in practice if the other is a main breadwinner. Babies need stimulating and entertaining as well as feeding and cleaning. As many pairs of hands as are available they need in the early days, ( so long as babies know who's who ). Stuart and Raj sitting-in doesn't bother me because it's obvious Halley's getting Bernie's attention if Bernie needs taking out of the house. The worry to me is that Howard is supposed to be the main carer, or at least the one at home with Halley when Bernie goes back to work, but Bernie doesn't want him called upon. Doesn't she trust him ? I wonder if we'll get the answer another week ?
  12. If Penny really is discontented, since she's making more money than the scientists, why doesn't she buy herself what she wants ?
  13. Agreements are best written by a neutral person, a third party. Sheldon wrote his own agreements and they didn't always work in his favour.
  14. Has a hobby finally got Sheldon out of doors using his muscles ? So, has he become a volunteer on a heritage railway ? Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to require a uniform. He's not dressed as a passenger. Blue overalls, sooty face, neckerchief - is he a stoker, a wheeltapper, assistant pointschanger, or a greaser, some other form of manual labourer to turn ladies on ? We know Amy will be there.
  15. Ship Zone

    Oh-oh-oh Is Asteroid Amy going to be visible ?