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  1. I'm interested to see Howard being clingy with Bernadette. Now the gyroscope project is out of his hands, are they able to return to plan A for the child-rearing : Bernadette at work, Howard at home ?
  2. Speaking as one whose chances of attending a live taping are slim to none, I wish a very enjoyable experience to everybody who does make it there in the next two years or even beyond. If, while sitting by the pool or travelling home, you take the trouble to spare some of your valuable time to type up what you remember, your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you to everybody who's been kind enough to 'spoil' us so far. Happy finale to those who're going next week.
  3. Ship Zone

    I can imagine them getting in a bit of a stew over nothing, and making sure Ramona doesn't even know where Sheldon is. Alternatively she comes to thank Sheldon for something - perhaps putting her name in the list of acknowledgements on a paper - that led to a career enhancement. She knows now she wasn't entitled to have her name up there as joint author and is grateful for what she learned. Unlikely as that may be, it's surely more probable than getting Sheldon to 'cheat' on Amy.
  4. Ship Zone

    Maybe 'the gang' are going to be 'concerned' when Ramona 'resurfaces' in a way we do not know, but it's entirely possible she and Sheldon won't even meet.
  5. Good luck ! I hope you have a nice time meeting other fans whatever happens.
  6. Spoilers go in the discussion thread because they are for everybody, not just shippers. People who post spoilers can post or not post what they like, just like anybody else. I am sure nobody goes to the trouble and expense of booking their time off work, paying fares and hotel bills, possibly buying new clothes for an unaccustomed climate,travelling thousands of miles and standing in a queue for the sole purpose of writing about what they've seen on stage for the pleasure of other people. They are not obliged to post anything at all and what they do give us is out of the kindness of their heart. It's time taken out of their vacation. Those of us who can't be there should be grateful for what we get, not whinge about what we don't. Whether we get a full three-page report, a summary, or a one-liner, most of us appreciate the effort.
  7. Ship Zone

    That's reassuring. Thank you.
  8. Ship Zone

    Sometimes he struggles to get off it too. I always wonder if that's the direction for the part or if Jim has a bad back.
  9. Ship Zone

    I keep running out of likes and when I do I find it hard to believe I've given a hundred.
  10. It depends why they gave up watching. If they used to watch only because they liked to see ridiculous and unexpected things like a scientist freezing her banana so she could smash it up to put on her breakfast cereal, geniuses across the world using signals to turn one another's lights on and off, lumps of pastry jumping on a speaker in time to music, a chemistry experiment blowing up a lift shaft, and limbo dancing with laser beams, then they're not going to come back to watch pushing-forty-year-olds acting their age. They might watch a new series, should one be made featuring men and women in their twenties doing early tbbt's sort of thing, but since it's been done, I can't see them making another like it for a while. It was novel ten years ago. What they need is an animated version of the gang in their nerd day so that writers won't ever need to change the genre to suit a cast that grows up. Having said that, I'm glad they're getting back to some science-related scenes now that 75% of the lads have got their courting days over and done with. Perhaps if more promos featured lab scenes it might attract a few fans of the early to middle years back. Personally I've loved both the quirky science and the romantic comedy side. I can understand viewers giving up on a series when it changes beyond their ken. The Marvel characters and the boys' brands of sci-fi (apart from Dr Who) just puzzle me : I don't even know what the girls are talking about. If they filled too many episodes with those,for instance, I'd be one to leave. If the running time was extended by a few minutes they could get in something for everyone and perhaps attract back those who felt it was no longer for them.
  11. We hardly know their what is/are there ?
  12. Ship Zone

    Well things that are taped before the audience don't always make it to the final broadcast, so - possibly. Haha.
  13. Rose petals on the floor with Sheldon dressed as Noel Coward and offering her brandy, or was it spontaneous ? Was it Sheldon's birthday ?
  14. 4 hours ago, Bigbang.daily said: Bigbang.daily.I forgot to put this on my instagram post but I forgot about something for the taping of ep 23 shamy have sex before Amy leaves (it's not Amy's birthday) Did Sheldon do his flamenco act first ?