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  1. Ship Zone

    At first I thought it was a whistle but then I thought he looked too poorly to be taking part in a duet, and yes, not holding it like an instrument. That was when I remembered I'd seen a 15-month-old be given a dose of Calpol a few months ago with something that looked a lot like that, but smaller. Bearing in mind it's about a year since Amy said she gave Sheldon Cheerios from a child's cup, I then remembered Leonard and Amy discussing how hard it was to get Sheldon to take medicine when he was sick. ( No different from most men, who'll happily take all sorts of medication when they're well.) It then occurred to me that the ptb probably were thinking it was time for another Sheldon-is-a-baby joke. That's where the medicine dispenser idea came from. Perhaps they make one for adult invalids. We're still in speculation mode for this episode. It's all good, clean fun while we wait.
  2. True, but what's funny in a 27-ish-year-old is sad in a man approaching forty. It's understandable to miss Early Sheldon, but he couldn't be around forever. That's true of all of them, but it's Sheldon whose comprehension of life is still the most immature. I for one am glad to see Sheldon maturing and developing a little. It's how socially challenged intelligent people eventually find their way in the world : they use their learning abilities to acquire knowledge of what's acceptable and what isn't. Sheldon is in an environment where he can admit he doesn't always understand what's going on. That's good for him, and the others are growing up enough now to understand up to a point what his problems are. Imagine how bewildering it must be to need a gadget to discern other people's emotions and then have to learn how far they conceal them for the purposes of the transaction that they're in.
  3. Ship Zone

    Thanks. I haven't seen a Disney cartoon for many years. References, such as the Rajard discussion on Frozen in the Comic Center, go right over my head.
  4. Ship Zone

    Is that a baby's medicine dispenser in Sheldon's mouth ?
  5. Ship Zone

    Spaghetti with hot dogs cut up in it will soon fix that.
  6. Ship Zone

    Depends what's wrong with him. If it's something catching she wouldn't want to cuddle him. Now's the time to discover whether his behaviour when sick has improved, or whether she'll be suddenly called to a conference out of town.
  7. Ship Zone

    Ooh the one with him in the blue dressing gown, standing by the kettle - he looks so vulnerable I want to pick him off the page and give him a cuddle.
  8. Those of us who have the internet, if we're involved with a programme enough to go looking for promos that TV companies won't allow us to see, tend to discover a way to see episodes earlier on the internet too. Yay yay ! It doesn't stop us watching it on the TV. Thank you everybody over the years on forums and mailing lists and in chats who've taught me what to do. And as I'm impatient and nosey, thank you TR writers too.
  9. Ship Zone

    In UK 'flu' is short for influenza. It kills people in tens of thousands here every year, and puts even more in hospital in a bad year, despite vaccinations being widely available free of charge to vulnerable groups and essential personnel. It can lead to serious complications too, and bring about dangerous secondary infections. Anyone who's ever had it knows you can't get up and go to work with it. You can't even turn yourself over in bed at first. No way did Jim have what Mayim, a scientist, called 'full-blown flu' in the true sense of the word. That's what muddled me. In 1919 more people, especially the young and healthy, died from flu than fell in the whole of the 1914 - 1918 World War. We have a nickname here for men with a cold who call it flu - 'man flu' because women just carry on. Many viruses produce aches and pains, fever, dizziness,headache, wobbly legs with coughing and sneezing. Jim could have had one of those, poor chap. Most of us if we had that would say we had a virus, or flu-like illness, although yes, it's known for some people, even women, to call a bad cold 'flu'. The fact that the sufferer was able to force herself or himself to get up and speak about it would be a sign it wasn't flu. It doesn't mean these things are all trivial. Some can turn nasty and leave long-lasting effects. Doctors say they have a way of knowing if the sick person really has flu : the doctor puts the winning lottery ticket in the middle of the floor. If the patient can get out of bed and crawl towards it, the illness is not flu.Not even an actor who really had flu, however much 'the show must go on' was bred into him could really get up and onto the stage. Anyway, we don't need to talk about these issues any more - we have a preview already up, a taping tomorrow, possibly some sneak peeks to come and an episode on Thursday. Hooray ! So,, we can get back to discussing more important life and death matters. Sure does ! It's been over a fortnight. How are we going to get through the months from early May to the first TR in late August ?
  10. Ship Zone

    Can't wait to find out what that bit about the spoon is all about.
  11. Ship Zone

    Thanks for the definition. Flu is obviously one of those words with a different meaning in the US. I brought it up because Mayim said he had flu on the train. Poor chap was ill but it couldn't have been what we call flu, thank goodness.
  12. Isabella seemed a likeable person, certainly. Raj is also old enough to have a son of nineteen : Isabella could have married young. If she'd been a student cleaning toilets at night to put herself through college she could have been a match for Raj. Penny was doing a service job, yes, just as was Bernadette. It was temporary to earn money while they were both following an ambition. Leonard and Howard knew that. Bernadette was successful in her chosen field. Penny wasn't, so she grew out of it and went on to something else that at least makes a lot of money. They were both years younger than Isabella. If an old girlfriend is going to come back, I agree with everybody who wants Emily. Her current boyfriend is called Gary or Garry. The other Emily is dating a Bruce Wayne character. Bruce Wayne is Batman IIRC from my schooldays. He's very rich, which is what makes his Batmanning affordable. If dermatologist Emily isn't coming back, how about it's time for Cinnamon's booster jabs and they go to Yvette now that Raj is in 4A ?
  13. It was a different situation. Highly-qualified people changing countries often need to take time while their qualifications are checked and it might mean taking a temporary menial job to bring in money. Isabella had been in the USA long enough to have raised a son to university level. She had the sense to dump Raj so nobody is saying she was a thicko. She just hadn't got around to making more of herself.
  14. Ship Zone

    I see what you mean. I doubt Sheldon would mention Brexit as it's not flag-related. He doesn't like FWF to deviate from the subject. In the Valentine's Day episode he had no choice really, as it was going out live. Brexit's not a political issue anyway as we've already had the referendum. It took twenty six years. We've been grumbling about the EU in its various guises with politicians taking sides for fifty years. It hasn't stopped the writers letting Sheldon have the flag on his table yet. The Union flag dates from the union of the crowns, not the countries. James wanted a United Kingdom but it didn't happen until his great granddaughter Anne was on the throne. He must have had a cold or some other virus. Perhaps it was what we call 'man flu' which is a cold that a man takes to his bed with but a woman with it goes to work. Mayim talks about his having full blown flu. You can't get out of bed unassisted with that, let alone get to a studio and act. You're lucky if you don't end up in hospital. Two, perhaps three, of my hitherto healthy cousins died from it, believing they were too strong and fit to need a jab. Or does flu meaning something else in US ? If he'd had flu, having been transported to the studio on a stretcher, kissing an unvaccinated person would be too irresponsible and he'd be risking people's lives just by turning up.
  15. Ship Zone

    Amazing ! You know as much about it as Sheldon, possibly even more. I am impressed. All I remember of those years, apart from the complaints every morning on Farming Today, is that Torvill and Dean were on the telly the night of the 1984 European Election. Maggie was in the audience, not out door-knocking. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm mixing up the flag with a 50p coin.