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  1. Ship Zone

    I'm not sure Sheldon still feels about his meemaw the way he used to. She did a terrible thing, pretending to come to see her Moonpie when all the time she only wanted to meet Amy in the flesh and tell her she didn't like her. Whatever nonsense Sheldon told her about the break-up she believed - fair enough if she's that biassed. No doubt he was plausible and didn't admit how he'd behaved. However, she had no right whatsoever to interfere, and it's not her place to approve or disapprove. For all she knew, Amy would head for the hills again after being subjected to that barrage. Constance was gambling with Sheldon's future happiness and sooner or later a man with Sheldon's intelligence should realise that. Why Constance blurted out the injunction not to give Amy the ring, goodness knows. Perhaps she'd realised she'd gone too far and was attempting to retrieve the situation by telling Sheldon to do the opposite of what he should the way Mary described in Zazzy. That's a generous interpretation I think, although not altogether an impossible one. Another is she meant it literally and made a mistake not waiting until Amy was out of earshot. Or, she just wanted to throw a big spanner in the works to see what components conked out. It led to Sheldon's having to tell Amy he had a ring in front of them all, including the old bag who'd just insulted her. What a thing to put any man through, let alone an easily-bewildered man like Sheldon. Poor chap. Disgraceful old woman ! It was kind of Sheldon not to lose all respect for her there and then and call for his Uber to take her right back to the airport. What a change to his world. Small wonder he wanted Amy to cool her jets while he gathered his thoughts. And what a way for Amy to hear about the ring from him. That they both appeased her in consideration for her age and position says a lot for them as a pairing. The ring is an elephant in the room now. Many Happy Returns, Amethyst !
  2. From the few cases I've known, children under sixteen who qualify for admission to university have to have a parent or another adult in loco parentis with them or they can't go. Mary stayed in Germany with Sheldon when he was a visiting professor at fifteen. Sooner or later he'd have been old enough to stay by himself, seventeen or eighteen perhaps, and I'd imagine he must have had room mates from then on or lived in a hall of residence. He was about twenty three when Leonard answered his advert for a room mate. At what age Sheldon ceased to be a student and become an employed academic, they've never said, but it's hard to believe he could have afforded not to share. Even in 4A he once told Leonard he'd live alone if he could afford that apartment without a room mate. Leonard met a departing room mate when he entered the building to meet Sheldon. Imagine if some of Sheldon's old sharers popped up from time to time and told the others some of the things Sheldon did. That would make for a few laughs.
  3. I can see Penny taking part in TV adverts for her firm, playing herself. Sounds like fun. In The Big Bear Precipitation Shamy said 'never had they ever' stepped in the ocean. Perhaps they could do it for the first time. In real life the same lessons need to be reinforced sometimes. It's fun to watch Sheldon learning even when I know in real life nobody would put up with it.
  4. Ship Zone

    Amy doesn't know as much about the heirloom ring as we do. She might just think it's Constance's own ring. So far as we know, Amy hasn't even seen it and won't have heard of the history. Something over a century and a half old would usually appeal to her but not from 1985, and in the former wearer's lifetime no less. If the writers choose to forget that i) Sheldon's associations with the ring are unhappy and ii) Constance's approval was nothing more than a half-hearted, grudging 'I suppose' when Shamy were placating her, they might let Sheldon propose with it as soon as he thinks Amy's jets have cooled enough. OTOH, if the writers choose to remember all that, then Amy, who normally does love antique things, might not want one this time. She may prefer a ring from one of her own grandmothers, or one from the Cooper side which Sheldon is given, or something new, flashy and expensive for her friends to admire that hasn't been cheaply sourced by a cousin or recycled from a drill-bit. If Amy's going to wear a Victorian dress then I hope it's Sarah Jane's from The Pyramids of Mars, purchased in readiness from a Dr Who convention.
  5. Ship Zone

    I've been envisaging it as somehow they are talking about Meemaw or feelings about her visit and the conversation moves to the ring. Sheldon makes a point something along the lines you suggest, Anita, and tells Amy he sent it back to be saved for his nephew. Amy says, ' I want a new one anyway.' Sheldon wants to go to the jeweller's to get one that matches the tiara and they both suddenly realise what they've done.
  6. Ship Zone

    They are still taking it in steps, or at least Sheldon is. The whole idea of their moving in together was to see if they could cope with each other in a living environment. Sheldon was definitely ready to give that a try. Then he got comfortable moving away from Lenny permanently and in with Amy. I think Sheldon needs some development time yet before he sees them both, especially himself, as spouse material. He envisages his future married with kids but hasn't quite morphed into his future self yet.
  7. Ship Zone

    There might not even be an actual proposal scene. It might just be got around to in conversation like it was between Leonard and Penny in the end.
  8. It'll be fun to watch it with the transcripts on the computer screen to see what lines are missed out in the daytime episodes.
  9. Thank you, Strawberry.
  10. It looks as though Howard's idea to raise money so they can afford for him to stay at home has backfired because he's needed at work. Bernadette doesn't seem as resentful at being a mother as she expected to be. I too have been wondering how they're going to resolve the issue. At the moment she's only just up to getting dressed to go out for an evening; work may be a step too far right now but a decision has got to come soon. Yes, a baby as a way to meet women is better than a dog. I see some fun there, whether Bernie goes to work or not.
  11. Ship Zone

    Thank you so much, CentralPerk ! You made the right decision for us : the humour is in Mayim's facial expressions and Jim's voice and their body language. They say a lot. ( I think if they ever wanted to risk a spin-off, this pair could carry it if anybody could.)
  12. Ship Zone

    What has my little brain missed ? Remind me, please : why do we think this scene is the tag ( or part of the tag ) the audience members didn't want to reveal to us ? If it is,could it be there's going to be an announcement of a guest super-star we all, including Amy, want to see ? Or has Amy's mother published a comic and she's on the panel ? Or is Big Dave Giggs speaking ? Or is there someone such as a priest they know going who'll marry them ? It must be something important if it was worth witholding. That is, if the scene really is from the tag. It doesn't look very important what they've shown us so far. I'm waiting to see the rest of the scene anyway, wherever in the episode it's from.
  13. Ship Zone

    I think there's someone on the list Sheldon knows Amy wants to see. His expression is too certain.
  14. Episodes

    I know two Indian sisters whose only sons are just like Raj. Their mothers even buy their clothes. Both young men are well over thirty now. One of them has moved out of his own place and back in with his parents.Their fathers are in business together and now take less interest than Dr Koothrapalli Senior. Their mothers don't understand why they can't find women for them. They ask me why but logic gets nowhere. LOL
  15. They had Penny saying last week that her marriage wasn't going anywhere so they may have something in mind. Where do marriages go anyway ? It's where dating, courtship and engagement lead. Leonard was always looking for that. The goal is 'happy ever after' which is not always what a marriage is, but it has usually meant moving into the first home, becoming sexually active ( Penny ? Huh, as Sheldon once said ) getting used to sharing a living space with someone, having most meals together, using the same toilet roll and toothpaste, doing things to the home, allocating chores, and generally settling into that way of life. There may be new activities to take on as a couple outside the home, especially if they're in a new area. That can all be fun. There's a year gone. (Some of those things may have happened before the marriage which naturally will shorten the time but remove some of the novelty. ) Then that's it for sixty or seventy years. It can still be happy. If one expects a marriage to move at the speed of what led up to it, one is in for surprises, bewilderment or disappointment. Children may or may not arrive and if they do then the couple are involved in what happens in their lives and make changes which mean less time for themselves. What other movement is there ? Getting a better place to live if there's more money as careers expand, perhaps, and taking on more expensive activities, being able to go away more often after retirement if it's affordable. This sort of thing is slow-moving. I don't know what Penny expects : she's the one who said 'Some nights we'll sleep over here,' and somehow morphed that into living with Sheldon. The only one who's even hinted Lenny might want to move into a bigger place is Sheldon when he was bewailing the changes it would mean in his own life. 4A is still something between a thoroughfare and a social club. Dr Gallo or some sort of counselling might help her to get a better gestalt on her situation and enjoy her life more. Rajesh, OTOH, can perhaps be taken somewhere. He has to learn to be an adult, just as Sheldon is doing, albeit from a different place. Sheldon acknowledged what he had to learn and set about learning it. Raj saw himself as a victim with 'diagnosable psychological problems' and is only just beginning to realise that he needs to take control of his life. His journey, I hope, is going to be fun to observe. Sheldon has someone to pat him on the back and encourage him. Who'll do that for Raj ? That remains to be seen.