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  1. Good idea going with an earlier tour time. Have fun!
  2. @fitzsimmons, were you at the March 7 taping? There weren't many standbys in line that day.
  3. Chapter 13 is up.
  4. Guaranteed tickets were up no more than 3 minutes today . Standby is up now.
  5. Ship Zone

    So many great moments, but I'm sure there are many more we haven't listed yet.
  6. Ship Zone

    I think they keep it cool because of the lights. They suggest you bring a jacket, but the other 2 times I went, the temperature was comfortable. I'm not sure why the temperature was so different this time.
  7. Thank you for reading!
  8. Ship Zone

    I like this idea. They have been so many good moments that it's hard to choose. Some of mine are: - when Sheldon asks Amy to be his GF - train kiss - first I love you (prom) - Amy tells Sheldon she loves him exactly the way he is - Amy bakes Sheldon cookies for Christmas - first coitus - when they move in together - Amy's 2016 birthday (MRI, HP...) The list continues...
  9. Ship Zone

    I was at last week's taping and have been participating in the spoiler threads but want to be spoiler free after tonight's taping. Does anyone have any ideas on bringing more interest to this thread?
  10. Ship Zone

    It was cold in the studio last week. I went to two other tapings and didn't need a jacket those times.
  11. Chapter 16 is up.
  12. Have a great time!
  13. Yes, they do check. You actually go through two security checkpoints. If you have one on you, they will place it along with your ID in a bag, and you can pick it up after the taping.
  14. I forgot to post chapter 15, so here it is. Chapter 16 should be ready early this week.
  15. I forgot to post the chapter 12 update.