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  1. Chapter 16 is up.
  2. A few months ago I wrote a short fanfic for a contest. Unfortunately the contest was canceled, but the creator, the wonderfully-talented @rgbcn, decided to draw a scene from each of the entries. Links to the story and drawing below:
  3. Chapter 18 is up. Enjoy the ready of your Easter/Passover/Sunday!
  4. New chapter is up!
  5. After three weeks without an update, I finally was able to post one today. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Ship Zone

    The toothbrush holder hug was the sweetest hug ever, not only on TBBT but including every other show/movie I've ever seen.
  7. Ship Zone

    Still not over how cute Shamy was in The Collaboration Fluctuation . I hope we see more of this project in the future.
  8. episodes

    Yes, they showed us a clip of the bookstore at the taping. Not sure the reason they cut it out. Time Maybe?
  9. Shamy proposals everywhere! We know what the fandom is waiting for :D
  10. Ship Zone

    I rewatched a few season 10 episodes today. I love how Shamy's relationship has evolved.
  11. Chapter 14 leaves off where chapter 13's cliffhanger ended. What did Amy see on her cousin's phone? Keep reading to find out.
  12. episodes

    It looks Like an older lady to me. Maybe Howard's grandma?
  13. Good idea going with an earlier tour time. Have fun!
  14. @fitzsimmons, were you at the March 7 taping? There weren't many standbys in line that day.
  15. Chapter 13 is up.