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  1. Yeah, also Raj (and Howard...and Leonard) have thrown digs about the Shamy relationship, specifically about Amy ruining her life by being with Sheldon. I just brush them off... Amy is going out of town...She got a fellowship at Princeton. Ramona will be romantically (?) pursuing Sheldon with the fervour of an Olympic swimmer (she is one). Eta: oops
  2. First of all I agree with Jonny about Sheldon...It would be crazy for him to cheat. Also I didn't see Jonny display any double standards between Sheldon and Amy, he was just talking about Sheldon. I agree with you about Amy though...I'm much more worried about her than S (my worry about him is almost non-existent). Even if she comes back from the Princeton trip and everything seems fine, who can guarantee me that the writers won't have her pull a Leonard with her revealing about that one time when she felt lonely and weak, etc etc? Or that there won't be a time jump where we actually see her at Princeton, being lonely and weak, etc etc? Also, everyone keeps talking about the act of sex as cheating. Personally, I don't even want to see any of them contemplate the act of cheating. That's a big no-no for me. Many people had a problem with Amy having dates (I wasn't one of them - I actually enjoyed the whole break-up arc) and as for Dave, he turned out to be a Shamy shipper so I think that's a big part of why people ended up liking him (that and the actor). Also Amy came across as going through the motions with dating and not terribly excited about Dave which must have also played a part. Putting that aside, yes, the double standard does exist and part of that IMO has to do with the characters themselves...Sheldon as a character has an exclusivity about him that's obvious in everything that he does, which includes his romantic behaviour/preferences/interactions. Amy on the other hand, is a character that very early on her introduction was shown to be sexually attracted to a guy that wasn't Sheldon. Don't get me started on Shenny - the number of their scenes gets smaller every new season while the exact opposite happens to Shamy scenes, but apparently it's always these particular scenes that shouldn't be in an ep because they're stealing away from what could have been a Shamy scene...And then there's some other stuff - Leonard and his Star Trek talk, Leonard taking Sheldon on a walk and calling Hawking for him in 10.9, Sheldon calling Bernie little lady, and many other instances...imagine Penny in any of these scenes and then compare and contrast the reactions...Yeah.
  3. The thing is people who post spoilers can and will post whatever parts they want. It's unfair to assign an intent on the way they post when they just want to share. People have posted Shamy spoilers in the Shamy thread before but they got removed to the discussion thread. Did it cross your mind that maybe nothing happened with Lenny in this latest taping? That wouldn't be the first time either.
  4. I don't get why after Amy told Leonard her jealousy wasn't the romantic kind and Lenny got engaged you'd have a problem with Penny saying goodbye to Sheldon with Leonard right next to her, and them walking off holding hands, but you're entitled to feel the way you feel. Otoh, having a problem with Amy not saying goodbye to Sheldon period, I get. How do the writers undermine Shamy to give Penny power over Sheldon? Also, how do you know that Sheldon didn't take the cap off on his own? Or that Leonard didn't take it off for him or convince him to take it off? Penny putting it on the nightstand doesn't mean anything. Also, Lenny were acting as his parents in that scene, preparing him for sleep. I don't really care about Shamy being spotlighted in special episodes as long as they are other times. Sorry - where in the episode did you see Penny handle Sheldon better than Amy? Amy wasn't even given a chance to comfort him! I didn't have a problem with the birthday part because Sheldon said that he told Penny about his birthday because the rules demanded total honesty. Nothing about trust. Penny has never been shown to have a deeper bond with Sheldon, neither has she ever been shown to be someone Sheldon trusts more than Amy. I don't know what else to say here, we just perceive things very differently, it seems. Oh yes, I know very well you're not alone in thinking this. That doesn't change my opinion either. And of course you can have yours too, and no one can do anything about any of these things.
  5. I get what you're saying. I think that for me the difference is that while I am a shipper I don't possess all the qualities a shipper has. So sometimes I have a hard time with some opinions I read. I'm not fully acclimated to the ways of a shipper because that's just not how I function. I'll pm you cause I don't want to fill up the thread with talk about s7+9.
  6. I've never thought that Penny has intervened in the Shamy relationship more than what is appropriate. ***Also - WTF??? - the writers have NOT made "several episodes" about Amy being jealous of Shenny. It was one episode in s7 and that was because Sheldon was still fighting his feelings for her. In 9.21 Amy she said that she gets annoyed - not the same as being jealous - with certain behaviours that were either about babying Sheldon or that didn't come from Sheldon. The writers had her use the word annoyed instead of jealous this time to show that the jealousy is gone - it wouldn't make sense for it to still be there. Leonard also got annoyed when Amy informed him of these things but in the end the episode was all about petty arguments about harmless stuff that ultimately isn't a big deal. Why can't Penny say goodbye to Sheldon? What she did wasn't romantic in any way. Leonard also got to tuck Sheldon in in the Anxiety episode. She ran to the bathroom because Amy and Leonard were behaving like idiots. Also Sheldon and Penny are allowed to hug. Yes, Amy didn't get any physical affection in that episode, but is it really that bad? As a shipper I don't feel like I've lost out on anything because of Lenny neither have I ever thought that the writers are trying to imply that Lenny are the experts while Amy isn't. Any time Leonard and/or Penny have been involved in the Shamy relationship it's made sense to me. ***I didn't mean to come too strong on you, shamyyellow, it's just my frustration after I've read this one too many times, or worse, the suggestion that Amy would still be jealous of Penny in s10.
  7. Ship Zone

    Yes, the 9.11 they showed at the taping had them about to kiss and then the scene was over. The kiss was a complete surprise! I guess I shouldn't complain if it doesn't happen in this episode. There's the dirty talking so they might want to leave the cuddle for another time. There's still time.
  8. Ship Zone

    I'll make sure to dedicate my beer to them I think there's still hope for a cuddle scene. The bed!kiss in Opening Night was a hidden part.
  9. Sorry, there's nothing I can do about it. Plead with the writers.
  10. Ship Zone

    I hope Molaro gives us the cuddle scene they cut from Opening Night. I'm gonna die but I'll go out with a smile.
  11. Nah. Luckily for us the writers have proven that when it comes to Shamy the well of storylines is endless. Also @Bigbang.daily thank you for answering. I'm really sorry to bother you again but I can't help my curiosity. Do you know if in the goodbye scene Shamy will be alone?
  12. First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH. Sorry but because of the typo I want to make this clear --- you mean the once a year deal is over or something else?
  13. The amount of screen time Shamy has gotten in s10 is crazy. Especially if we take into account the decreased episode air time and the number of characters.