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  1. I don't remember if they dressed up but there were definitely some Farscape references in one of the episodes (I think the 200th). You should watch Stargate, it's great entertainment and of course RDA is in it (up until s8). Though it's similar to Farscape in that the effects are outdated and also I should warn you about Michael Shanks' acting lol. Anyway, IMO it's still a great show to have fun watching. Yeah I get the frustration, thankfully it hasn't happened to me with a tv show yet. If I can find the miniseries I'll definitely watch that too. Thank god they did this because otherwise I wouldn't have considered that show (no closure, you understand :D).
  2. I've seen Claudia and Ben in Stargate SG-1 though they weren't a couple there. I loved that show, including all the weirdness and the bad effects etc so I'll probably love this too. I read that Farscape ends on a cliffhanger because it got cancelled. Have you watched the miniseries after that?
  3. Charmed Only the best show EVER. Also I liked Xena and Hercules a lot. Oh and the Nanny of course.
  4. The Nanny is imo the best sitcom ever.
  5. I'm thinking of binge watching this show during Easter. I really like Claudia Black and I've heard great things about this show.
  6. Agreed. For me the highlight of the episode ( putting my shipper goggles aside) was Randall's "cops, cops - be cool" line - because of the delivery - while the novelty of all the guest stars has worn off. And that was like the last line of the episode.
  7. Ship Zone

    Off the top of my head: 1) Their Cal Tech argument in Zazzy + Cohabitation argument. 2) S6 Valentine's. 3) The hoarding episode. 4) S8's Christmas gift exchange. 5) "We can find out together" scene . 6) The fort episode. 7) S10 hallway scene + HP tag. (<ignore) 8 ) Their scene in Amy's apartment in Rhinitis Revelation. No one ever mentions it and imo it's very underrated. Better stop
  8. I imagine they're making a lot, no idea about the numbers though. I usually don't pay attention to sponsors etc. during the episodes but this is, well, blatant
  9. Howard though holding that Pampers package facing the camera just so...
  10. Ship Zone

    Also I really like the way Amy's dressed here.
  11. Ship Zone

    I'm expecting this to be one of the best of the season. Sorry but they're just precious.
  12. Ship Zone

    I don't expect Sheldon's brother to appear in 10.20 because TPTB would have started advertising his casting by now.
  13. @luminous thanks for digging these up!
  14. Ship Zone

    I associate Light Years by Editor's Children with the break-up. I don't think I can link but go listen, it's a beautiful song. *I imagine it's from Sheldon's POV.
  15. Easy Living - Uriah Heep