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  1. Actor

    Yeah I didn't understand what was so funny about it either . The humor escapes me . But it's not uncommon , It's just a joke and it seems none of them find it offensive probably. Jim is a good sport . He seems so nice !
  2. Ship Zone

    I can't see a proposal happening in this one. The writers are not gonna make it happen in some episode airing in April . Ufortunately , I feel theyll save the proposal for the May finale. Probably with some eye roll worthy drama. They are super predictable, these writers. If I were in creative control , i'd have some drama free proposal kinda like the shocking moment in Prom Equivalency. Not sure why Bert's presence is a plus from a Shamy perspective ?? Unless you want more Shamy conflict. I thought the episode where Bert mocks their sex life and Sheldon spreads out their sex life gossip was one of the worst . So was the episode where Sheldon deals with Bert's grant. But I'm curious why he is in 4A.
  3. Ship Zone

    Yayy, FWF is back !! We get 2 Fun With Flags in one season lol . Btw is that a cake in a bowl ??
  4. Ship Zone

    Yes! Happy Birthday to Jim ! Cant imagine tbbt without him . He is so accurate about Shamy in his predictions . Love it ! and I think he has very beautiful eyes too :
  5. No , Amy drugging Sheldon without his consent is not ok. Not even in comedic sense. It doesnt matter if it is frequent or just one time. Just my opinion. Would you be okay if Leonard drugged Penny, knocking her unconscious for hours and then later treated it as light hearted goofy fun, while Penny looked confused ?
  6. Ship Zone

    Thank you ! That sounds hilarious, it looks like a very refreshing episode :-)
  7. Ship Zone

    Thanks so very much for the spoilers !! Btw doesn't Amy initially think that they should not insult each other and be cordial.....but it does not work and they have to throw all their calculations in the trash or something ? I know I'm nuts for enjoying Shamy and their intellectual snobbery, arrogance and superiority. But I understand people who might not. I just hope they are not downright cruel or nasty to each other just for the sake of being obnoxious. I like that it is grounded in intellectual reasons. I don't want it to be crude like Sheldon/Leslie all over again. Lol. This isn't a social experiment so I really can't compare it to Herb Garden Germination. Funny thing is that I liked Shamy in Herb Garden too, even though they were nice to each other and not really fighting. LOL.
  8. Yeah, Jim and Melissa had great chemistry. Refreshing to see how Bernie was enthusiastic about drinking ale in the skull of the Goblin and stabbing the 3-eyed Hell Prawn to make a sushi dinner LOL ! They both really got wrapped up in the D&D game. I also liked Sheldon's reveal of why he loves trains to her. It was definitely one of the more original plots of last season IMO, a break from the usual baby plots Bernie has been getting since 9.16..
  9. Ship Zone

    These Shamy pictures remind me of "The Eye of the Tiger" scene between Sheldon and Raj when Raj worked with FOR Sheldon. Hope this episode is funny and has some actual clever hysterical dialogues
  10. But shouldn't Raj be saving money ? Why is he shopping ? I love shopping too, but Raj is supposed to be having financial troubles.
  11. Ship Zone

    LOL. Almost EVERY comment on this IG is that she is in his spot. But she is not ! The image is inverted lol.
  12. Ship Zone

    happy birthday @Jonny
  13. Actor

    comment from VS model, Barbara Fialho on Jim's IG :D barbarafialho1 @therealjimparsons I ❤ You!!! It's always so nice to see you ❤
  14. Yup, "all kinds of stuff" is the correct word. it doesn't always have to be science based stuff. Those discussions about teleportation or how superman cleans his suit or S/L dialogue about whether they are living in the Matrix were fun. The scene in 4A where Howard tests a hypothesis that Sheldon may be a robot and when they made the foam from the chemical reaction and stored it in the vents of Kripke's lab were good too .not always realistic , but there were funny scenes. They don't need to rely on relationship drama or couples problems all the time for the jokes.