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  1. so,,,,Amy can interact and be influenced by Penny and Bernadette , but if Sheldon gets influenced or comforted by or helped by Penny or Leonard or Bernie or someone else, other than Amy,...its the worst thing EVER ?? I don't understand this double standard- Sheldon must do everything exclusively with Amy and obey Amy at all costs, but no one bats an eyelid about the many times, Amy also has scenes with Penny and Bernie and shares stories with them or talks about her relationship with them instead of Sheldon. I don't understand this double standard. They are all friends. Amy is allowed to have friends outside Sheldon, and Sheldon is allowed to have friends outside of Amy. They may seek help or be comforted by different people in their life on different matters. I don't see a big deal in either case. although tbh, these things never bothered me before, until i read opinions so it might just be me.
  2. You might as well build an electric fence around Sheldon or lock him in a dungeon if you want him to interact with Amy and only Amy. I for one, enjoy his interactions with Penny, Raj and Howard too- when they are written as friends/mildly antagonistic but fun relationships . Shelnard i have enjoyed less TBH. I think Shamy have had enough scenes together and good writing , and i don't think it compares to how Lenny have been handled by the writers including Sheldon interrupting their moments. BTW is there anyone who doesn't particularly care about couples, but just watches for funny scenes and the comedy ? just curious
  3. Since when ?I think Sheldon was interrupting Lenny, as early as season 3. I thought there was too much Sheldon even in early seasons, particularly since Howard and Raj weren't very developed as characters to form an ensemble. Howard was a one note creep and Raj couldn't even talk much. So I agree , Sheldon is/was the breakout character and one of the most popular characters from the show. So it makes sense the writers use him. But IMO, they tend to overuse Sheldon too. In the season 3 premiere Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, Leonard and Penny reuniting was interrupted by Sheldon running away to Texas. I remember in Gothowitz Deviation, the plot was focused on Sheldon training Penny with chocolates and interfering with Lenny In Guitarist Amplification, it was about Sheldon throwing a fit in reaction to Lenny fight about the Guitar guy. . In Large Hadron Collider, it was about how Sheldon wanted to go to Switzerland ruining Lenny's trip, instead of a valentines day for Lenny. The Gorilla Experiment was more about Sheldon teaching Penny physics and making her diss Leonard ( instead of a Lenny-only plot). The Spagetti Catalyst was about how Sheldon was struggling to keep a dinner date with Penny, just after Lenny break up. And how Sheldon was treated as their kid. in Einstein Approximation- Lenny were interrupted from sleeping and Leonard had to get out of bed at night to get Sheldon from the ball pit . There were other Sheldon centered episodes with very less of Lenny, like Adhesive Duck Deficiency (S/P broken arm), Vengeance Formulation(Sheldon's foam prank on kripke), Bozeman Reaction(Sheldon moves to Montana because of a burglary) , Einstein Approximation(Sheldon wants to work at Cheesecake factory), The Excelsior Acquisition (Sheldon does to jail and meets Stan Lee), Pants Alternative( very Sheldon focused), and Staircase Implementation(mostly a Shelnard episode). many of my friends, who only watch TBBT casually, can quote Sheldon or refer to his knocks or his catchphrases. Many people do laugh at all these throwaway jokes and interruptions. I was looking at social media for the Bert episode, and a lot of people thought Sheldon having same blood type as Amy and harvesting organs was very funny joke. What I am saying is, not everyone analyzes the relationships and whether Sheldon is showing desire for Amy or not or other aspects of heartfelt scenes, that hard core fans and shippers sometimes do . it seems the writers want to make lazy jokes and cater to everyone.
  4. Yeah, Ramona is fun. I thought Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem was actually a great episode . it has many great quotes: Sheldon's footnote of "mirror-symmetry by likening it to the Flash playing tennis with himself" , the "Intelligent Labradoodle" , Sheldon's " Forks are for eating, tridents are for ruling the seven seas !" , Penny's "Holy crap on a cracker !" and Leslie Winkle's "Smithsonian Museum of Dumbassery" lol.
  5. Ship Zone

    I live near Princeton, to be precise I stay in the NYC metro area. It's almost across the country from California. Why not take a flight ? solitary cross country road trip? We will have to wait and see .
  6. Ship Zone

    So u want Sheldon to suffer ? But show nothing from Amy's side , how the separation affects her ? This would be nothing but using Amy as a plot device to go...."Look how it affects Sheldon ". Season 9 break up all over again. I don't like clingyness. I have already seen that when Leonard went away and Sheldon was missing him.
  7. Ship Zone

    LMAO that would be funny . Perfect! I really want Amy to do that I will give Ramona points for defending Sheldon against Leslie though. Leslie: So, Sheldon, I see you’re organizing your papers for the Smithsonian Museum of Dumbassery. Ramona: There won’t be any room until they get rid of the permanent Leslie Winkle exhibit. That was brilliant dialogue .
  8. Ship Zone

    Tbh, I have already seen everything good this season wrt to Shamy so I really don't care what happens anymore. I remember when I said I'm not very happy about the 2 year renewal . And that the writers will just resort to manufactured drama to prolong things. I think this makes it seem like I was right. I just find this plot direction to be pretty boring. That's all. I've already seen this with Lenny with North Sea and when Howard went to space leaving Bernie. If its going to be resolved in the beginning of season 11 or a few episodes in, then what's the point ? and If we are actually not going to see any of Amy's work plots in Princeton , then it's really not about Amy's career, but just a cheap ploy to use Amy again, as a plot device for Sheldon's growth and his issues ....."Sheldon learns to live alone; Sheldon learns to appreciate Amy , now that she is gone"....and what not. I feel like I saw enough of that , during the break up in season 9. Major Yawn .
  9. Ship Zone

    But since the writers have turned the whole "Sheldon trusts Amy " And "Sheldon fears failing Amy" and "Sheldon tells another secret to Amy that no one knows" into a full fledged sob story in the last 3 years, IMO Amy cheating would go against everything they have written and would reverse the trust Sheldon has for her. On the other hand, how many plots do you honestly have where "Amy fears failing Sheldon" or "Amy thinks she is not good enough for Sheldon " ?? Very few or none compared to the reverse. It seems to me that Amy is more likely to cheat.
  10. Hmmm about the Gif....i thought New Girl actually had a nice finale.
  11. Ship Zone

    I think I'm more worried they will have Amy cheat on Sheldon Leonard went away to North Sea, and cheated on Penny . Hope I'm wrong.
  12. Ship Zone

    Thank you very much for sharing !
  13. I am sorry you feel that way . you shouldn't feel unwelcome to this site . i feel no character is a "role model" per se, but that doesn't mean we can't all relate to some aspects of one character or another or find them sympathetic in certain areas . I am glad you found Sheldon to be relatable to your struggles . hope the next episodes have something positive to discuss !!
  14. Thanks for sharing. agree with you about Emotion Detector and Intimacy Acceleration.
  15. absolutely . The hug in Bath Item Gift Hypothesis is still one of the highlights of season 2 for me , and i think it is one of my favorite scenes of TBBT. Well acted , funny and unique at the same time.. LOL. nice one. "throwaway season". jokes aside, I do agree, with you.