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  1. Ship Zone

    for me it is the opposite. The date night clothes while nice, look a bit, soulless , ordinary and conventional. I love vibrant colors on Sheldon, full of life. but my favorite ones are related to numbers and math and physics. That is what makes Sheldon who he is. I loved Gravitational waves t-shirt he wore , the number 73 T-Shirt and also the melting Rubik's cube one. I don't want Sheldon to change his dressing style too much , just like I don't want Amy to change it too much either. i like how Shamy accept each others' dressing style.
  2. Ship Zone

    I didn't see him as outrageously flirty. I felt Sheldon was genuinely excited about the list of panelists at Comic Con. Although, whether it plays out flirty or not, or whether he wants to have sex or not, I actually kinda feel sad for both Raj and Sheldon. i know Sheldon is inherently selfish and does things alone, but I also know he would enjoy someone to share the CC fun with. CC was always a group thing . Lets see how it plays out. maybe he can ask Stuart.
  3. Ship Zone

    I understood her motives to some extent , even though I am not a fan of the episode. Sheldon is her grandson(and she does not seem to treat him as a grown up), did you really expect her to be reasonable, fair and objective ? Of course she is going to be unreasonably biased towards Sheldon and would not want to see Sheldon get hurt again. If someone claimed they were my loved one's "best shot" i'd be upset too. It is understandable that she is protective of Sheldon. She loves Sheldon and as much as he was at fault for the break up as Amy, she will be biased towards Sheldon, based on how close he is to her. Amy broke up with Sheldon , and what guarantee did she have that Amy will not break up with Sheldon again ? Amy's comment about being Sheldon's best shot and Amy mocking the family ring as a "hand me down" did not help matters. The good thing is that it was probably knee jerk reaction from both , and by the end of the episode they both seemed ok. Amy really did want the ring and also admitted that the break up helped her grow too. And Meemaw has probably realized that Amy had valid reasons for the break up, and that Sheldon is a grown man and i don't think they will bring up this drama again.
  4. i watched Passengers with my boyfriend on Valentines' Day, not a great movie if you ask me . visually stunning but the premise was a bit creepy tbh.
  5. My current favorites : 1. Curb Your Enthusiasm 2. 30 Rock 3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 4. Silicon Valley(need to see season 3)
  6. Ship Zone

    Awwww.......although I hate Sheldon's driving license reveal and the promo joke, Jim looked so cute in both scenes
  7. Yes absolutely sarah . Thanks !
  8. Where did I say they have ruined everything? I said specifically they did great job in the fall of last year. I also said Sheldon takes little interest in what Amy likes. They don't have to like 100 % of the things ofcourse . Maybe my wording was poor but I was just merely suggesting that having Shamy go to Cc would be a refreshing idea ,since no one else was going and maybe they can find something like a TV show or movie panel there which they both like. Like a road trip or something later on which can be followed up. Otherwise why even make the episode about Comic Con ? It would be better than the joke with Sheldon's pants IMO . That's all ! I'm more not forcing anything . In general, I would love for the dynamics to change a bit, because if they don't, things are not going to be fresh and if they are not going to be fresh, it will be difficult for 2 more seasons. Yes the train rambling was exhausting to watch. I thought it was quite irritating. That's why I don't see how it can be construed as a great shamy scene !
  9. Men and women don't have to like the same things, but you can pick up interests from your partner. CC is pretty much a mainstream event now with so many celebrities and panels and discussions . I hate CC is just a tool for the writers to use it is to make sex jokes, nothing more. The latest joke about Sheldon's pants is just uninspired. Why don't they let Amy flat out tell Sheldon she wants sex ? What is stopping her ? Why are they not giving her a voice? Why do they want Amy to be seen as a silent, long suffering, sex starved martyr , who also intermittently acts like Sheldon's annoyed mommy who shoves taffy in his mouth and drugs him so she can shut him up ? I can't even understand how anyone can consider the scenes in 10x15 where Sheldon is excitedly reading about the train trip to Amy as great Shamy scenes. Amy looked absolutely tormented by Sheldon. Some say, it is great that Sheldon wants to include Amy in his trip, but what good is it, if Amy would rather be anywhere else ? Shouldn't it be something that makes both of them happy ? From what is being portrayed in the 3 of the 4 February sweep episodes, it seems Amy hates most of Sheldon's hobbies. Sheldon doesn't seem to show interest in her hobbies either and lies about driving. Amy doesn't even get sex from the relationship. Like, I sincerely want the writers to show me, what joy does Amy(and Sheldon) get from this relationship ? They were doing a better job in the fall of last year. yes, Sheldon should now go by himself. He can drive ! But it would have been interesting if Amy decided to go to Comic Con with Sheldon. After all, Sheldon threw in a surprise brunch for Amy, even though he didn't like brunches .Why can't Amy do the same and surprise Sheldon with a trip to Comic Con ? A fun future shamy road trip to SDCC would be a great idea.
  10. I think Lenny might be improving now. But i'm not holding my breath for long term. From the preview of next week: I love that Penny is being supportive and actually considering going to Comic Con for Leonard ! And after that, I think Leonard is totally justified in staying back with her and not going to CC. It is like they are both ready to make compromises for each other and give each others' interests a try.Unlike Amy,I like that Penny is being portrayed as supportive of Comic Con(at least she wants to accompany him !). And i read in the TR, that Penny also acknowledges the efforts Leonard makes. That is some positive progress for Lenny. Such a shame that for Shamy, the comic con is just used as an excuse to make " Sheldon implies something , Amy incorrectly assumes as sexual" jokes. It is like the writers are obsessed with stale sex jokes when it comes to Shamy and they are willing to ignore what joy they get from each other, what brings them together or their intellectual eccentricities for the sake of it.
  11. So who is the most favored person in all of this ? I'm still confused lol.
  12. WELL SAID ! Season 9 was a train wreck, even more than season 8. IMO, the writers only changed the living arrangements because they thought season 10 is the last. Now that they are guaranteed more seasons, i fear they'll become complacent and lazy and they will either give us recycled plots or, even worse, introduce unnecessary relationship drama to prolong certain things, to the point that when those things actually happen, I'll lose interest. Hope I'm wrong though. Me too ! I'd like more science and sci-fi references !
  13. Some confirmation from CBS that they are "close" is a good sign. I'm afraid the writers will get lazy if renewed for 48 more episodes.
  14. LOL !!