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  1. I can understand Penny's complaint about her personal life to some extent. Leonard has gained weight, he seems to have a belly and he didn't eat broccoli. He said he doesn't have to look attractive anymore whereas Penny does make efforts to look attractive. Also, during their visit to the convention, Leonard kept bragging about landing Penny like a trophy while her so called fans were humiliating and disrespecting her. Their marriage started, with Penny learning Leonard cheated on her , and didn't tell her about it for 2 years. While she forgave him, and was able to move on from it, it was still unpleasant for her. So while upto season 7, i agree Leonard made more efforts , but ever since they married, Penny does have some reasons to be unhappy in her personal life and feel like she is being taken for granted. Having said that, I do feel that it was OOC for Penny to long for mushy romantic stuff, because she was never that kind of person, neither was she one to do big romantic gestures for Leonard herself.
  2. Ship Zone

    Yes, those snide comments by Leonard about throwing Sheldon out of the car and Bernie's barb about Sheldon not being real, just seemed out of place in an episode, and even a season where I have seen Sheldon genuinely try to improve himself and be sweet. It would have made sense in season 5 or 6 , but not now. You would think, after Sheldon agreed to give 25% of his earnings to Bernie's kid, she would be nicer . It just seems the writers can't come up with more clever things for Leonard or Bernie to say, so they default to the lazy, "let's roll eyes " at Sheldon jokes, no matter how outdated those seem. I guess they sometimes roll their eyes at Amy saying weird stuff too, but not to the extent of Sheldon. Good thing is that writers have been showing that Shamy enjoy each other, quirks and all, so this is probably not an issue for them , how others perceive them.
  3. Ship Zone

    I think Sheldon and Amy along with Howard , quite added to the cheerfulness and comedy of this episode , which could have otherwise easily become a downer about another married couple fight between Lenny. The sweetest , corniest yet quite a brilliant joke of the episode was when Sheldon said if x is I miss you , then he misses Amy x+1 . And Amy's reply about using parenthesis with x+1 , in attempt to indicate she will miss Sheldon even more was utterly adorable and the whole thing was very charming. The Godzilla showers jokes and Shamy just simply having fun with each other, in the hotel was great. I really loved that Shamy were just being themselves , with Sheldon enjoying his love of burocracy and Amy taking harp lessons and showing up fully dressed under her robe in the spa LOL ! Loved the makeout but what I loved even more was that smile that Sheldon gave Amy when he looks down at her and gently says he misses her, he has a beautiful smile but he rarely shows it. And that flirty way he said "Hello , Amy" in the spa, just killed me ! Overall they just seemed pleasant , mature and adult yet very quirky and funny. I also liked that Shamy are gushing about each other, and honestly it didn't feel like a temporary honeymoon phase or anything out of character. The writers have shown how hard they have both worked to make it succeed. Obviously there will be more roadblocks ahead, but in 10x13, Sheldon and Amy seemed strong enough, to overcome those things now , than ever before .
  4. Howard was so charming and that plot was just utter genius ! Really laughed out loud at Howard zip lining, swinging from a rope and then using a slingshot lol ! The physical comedy was on point . And later, when he devises a method to calculate a non-squeaky path to the crib, it was the perfect blend of comedy and geek ! Sheldon and Amy were quite charming and romantic, I really loved their exchange of what missing each other means in terms of algebraic equations . Totally in character and very brilliant , they are two peas in a pod. Sheldon was very likable in this episode, he comforted Leonard with tea, tried to comfort him with games and then also, his input was nice. Penny shouldn't say "I'm fine " if she is not really fine. Best moment was when Amy was fully dressed in the spa and then later when Sheldon mentions the "nostalgic clause" lol. I'm a sucker for burocratic jokes ! It was totally in character . Shamy are both scientists, very literal minded and it is perfectly plausible that they would express that they miss each other in terms of math equations. And yes, they love each other, so ofcourse they'll miss each other. They showed similar behavior in "The Sales Call Sublimation" during their "I miss you" on Skype.
  5. No ! You shouldn't feel bad.your post made me laugh, I see no reason you should have removed it . Penny singing a duet with Sheldon would indeed be hysterical -think of the english sea shanty -"Blow the Man Down" from "The Work Song Nano Cluster" Lol. Actually the whole group began singing it lol.
  6. Ship Zone

    Yes, this is 2017 ! I was wondering if someone thought of Amy proposing to Sheldon . It crossed my mind too. But I would love to see Sheldon propose too, so I have no preference either way as long as it is romantic and in character. Sheldon has done many romantic gestures -he gifted her the lit-up brain scan , he named an asteroid after Amy, he cooked a surprise brunch for her, he defended her to others,he made that heartworm or Earworm or whatever speech for Amy in 9x10 and so on. The writers usually make a big show of Sheldons gestures. But it wouldnt be such a bad idea to see a romantic gesture from Amy, perhaps she can go ahead and propose to Sheldon ? It could be sweet, surprising and understated. If Amy has the power to put brakes on the relationship in 8x24, she also has the power to take the relationship to the next level ! But I suspect, the idea of Sheldon doing romantic gEstures is more appealing and would garner more attention, . As for the latest episode, apart from the JP shampoo advert aND Amy making hilarious references to Renaissance dancing, I don't think there is anything new to look forward to IMO. It does sound oddly gendered,but tbbt has always been like that.The men are supossed to be the ones to stumble, fall, be laughed at, make mistakes,prove their love for their women , and ultimately make gestures and also apologies. The women are passive recipients of all of this - they complain and sigh, when men screw up and they smile rewardingly when men prove themselves worthy of their love. It's usually that way , but i liked that one time when they subverted the trope with the Leonard and Penny one upmanship about who will propose lol.
  7. Yayy !! Congrats to Jim and Tbbt !!
  8. guys Jim Parsons won Favorite Comedic TV Actor at People's Choice Awards and TBBT won Favorite Network TV Comedy !! I voted for Jim, Kaley and the show. So 2 out of 3 lol. Congrats to Jim and TBBT !! :D
  9. Thanks @mirs1 Just saw a workout video of Jim doing sleds on IG as posted by his LA trainer, woo-hoo , now , I would love to see shirtless Jim pouring water over his head SLOW MOTION style !! ..if that is indeed true,....the tag scene will be fun and hot! Lol. The rest of the episode sounds okay, but will have to see once it airs. But does not seem like a valentine's day episode.oh well.
  10. he was so positive and supportive , not just for Lenny fans but also for all fans ! I still remember he very kindly offered us information for taping of Veracity Elasticity and Brain Bowl incubation episodes . i'll always remember his civility and generosity to all. condolences to his loved ones.
  11. Debate Zone

    To be very honest, you don't need an RA to be controlling and restrictive. Amy NOT allowing Sheldon a game room , even though he really wanted it, not controlling and restrictive behavior ? Is Amy managing Sheldon by drugging him, knocking him unconcious for hours , dumping him on a cart and not seeing anything wrong with it, not controlling ? The lying and making decisions ahead of time without consulting the other person , not controlling ? If both have a say in it, then to me, the RA is just a source of humor, burocratic references and it is unique - a document listing their expectations from the relationship . I wouldn't be opposed to a new and improved RA. Like I said, the presence and existence of an RA is not an offensive concept in and of itself as long as both have a control over it. What is offensive, is the unpleasant dishonest behaviour displayed by Sheldon or Amy and as we have seen this season, they don't need the RA for that. Amy is very much confident and assertive of her needs and from everything I've seen on screen episode after episode , there has been a massive improvement in their dynamic this season and whatever controlling and restrictions and unpleasantness that came along the way, it certainly did NOT stem from the RA but from Sheldon and Amy’s own behavior. So, I really can't see Sheldon as the only person benefitting from it in season 10.
  12. Actor

    Will Anderson Cooper and Jim Parsons be on, at the same time ?
  13. Very deeply saddened and shocked ! I've not been long on here, but he was one of the kindest and most generous posters here. RIP .
  14. Ship Zone

    It is kinda like the Shenny kiss. Love Mayim's leg lift ! I wonder if Jim lifted Mayim ? Hope so ! I feel,now, Shamy have had enough practice to kiss like pros LOL ! Regardless of how it plays out on screen, next episode will be amazing from a shamy perspective.
  15. Actor

    I'm assuming it will be about his political talk show on Jan 20 ! Jim is a great speaker, very intelligent and articulate. Hope it will be interesting and funny ! I like Seth Meyers.