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  1. Ship Zone

    It's that darn Gollum picture that has me thinking all day about big things possibly happening tonight, there could have pictures of several items in their place but it was the Gollum which has far as I know been in their place for a while. Honestly without it my expectations would have been something a lot lower even with them clearly doing a bedroom scene. Facing an Internal struggle here to keep my expectations low dammit lol
  2. Ship Zone

    Jim does this thing where he purses (I think that's the word, purse or pursed) his lips to stop laughing, seen it before in some of the bloopers. You almost see it in that promo just before Mayim turns around lol
  3. Ship Zone

    Good questions. I could easily see the writers being ok with them building up the hype, nothing is really revealed for certain in any of those photos anyway they could mean anything really. Getting a will they won't they out there into the fandom is a good thing from a show perspective. IF there is an actual proposal in tonight's episode don't you think they might pre-tape it? To make it a surprise, have the audience produce a natural gasp and then go into rapture? I guess they could just be doing a dress rehearsal. But it makes sense to pre-tape that scene if there was a proposal tonight. But then I know nothing about how they actually film this show really. Have they used pre-taped scenes before and shown them to the audience for big events?
  4. Ship Zone

    I get why people would want to go unspoiled especially in a proposal situation. Me? I would want to know about it, enjoy talking about it with everyone, then actually watching it at US pace, then enjoy talking about it again and then watching it again at UK pace lol. Maybe I am just weird? Kind of enjoy knowing about something and talking about it just as much as watching it lol. Whatever works for each person but knowing about it wouldn't spoil it for me. For example I knew about the MRI picture discussed it for a while and still almost shed a tear and experienced the feels when I actually watched it lol. Spoiled or unspoiled I hope whatever happens tonight produces some Shamy goodness either knowable now or eventually later for some people.
  5. I remember him most from Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China and of course in the 'Hell Money' X-Files episode. Had some great lines in this show as well! Happy Birthday to Mr Hong!
  6. Ship Zone

    I wake up this morning, see last night pics and automatically think with the Golem picture this is surely a possible hint at the ring considering Golem's significance in 8.24 and it has not been mentioned since. I then think it's probably just me that thinks that (wanting badly to see them get engaged since I learnt about the ring lol) but I then check everywhere, tumblr, twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc and lots of people think it's going to be about the ring LOL! All I can say is I REALLY HOPE it is, I so want to see them get engaged. I think it's about time, they are in such a great place and everything pretty much seems to be clicking with them to make that next step. Get them engaged asap and then have a few episodes/scenes before the season ends showing how happy they are about being engaged, have the group be happy for them (no snarky shit, I am looking at you Raj!) and have Amy showing her ring off etc. Saw the extended promo this morning that was posted sometime yesterday? The writers are such teases, Sheldon is clearly being flirty or suggestive and they kind of put in a PG rated innuendo inspired dick joke in there lol. I have no doubt I will laugh at the scene but will also cringe because sexual innuendo in comedy often leads to something sometimes, it hasn't really yet with these two.
  7. Not sure I fully agree with that (the idea that Amy has took away all the punchlines), has Penny possibly lost some? It's possible to argue that though I think they both have had great jokes in dialogue this season, though she clearly has had more dialogue and screen time this season for sure compared to the past. I remember all the discussion at the time during the hiatus of 'What happens if Amy ends up living with Sheldon'. I believe the consensus at the time was that it wouldn't really change much, with her being paid less the the big three the show would have found ways to not increase her screen time despite from a character standpoint you might actually expect more. I even recall myself suggesting some ways the writers might have her not around so that the big three would interact just as much, for example having to work late in her lab one evening or having an early start so she wasn't around. Obviously the writers decided to embrace the living changes and actually give her more screen time, and i'll admit my bias because I love her character so much that I welcomed what they have done. She's with Sheldon more which is paying off and I really like the PAmy interactions, always have but this season they are even better. I think both of them have had the punchlines and snark on point this season for examples the dialogue when Penny revealed Bernie's pregnancy at work, the party at Bert's, the wall shop dialogue when Amy lied about her apartment, the morning after when Shamy had their first night in 4B and Leonard injured himself dancing the worm, giving the painting back to Penny in 4A etc. In terms of sarcastic comedy they might be the best pairing on the show these days, I think their dialogue and their acting together has been really good this season. So no I don't see an issue here, they both seem to have great dialogue and snark. The LA (and perhaps also the Howardette pregnancy) has provided an opportunity for them to both interact more and I think it's been a major positive for both of them.
  8. Ship Zone

    Yeah hopefully it's something great but we have had several different types of bedroom scenes this season as it has been such a great creative setting. Could be anything really, from something romantic or intimate to them merely discussing something about their day good or bad. All I know is they have all been interesting so far. The writing in those scenes have been top notch and the acting by Mayim and Jim has been fantastic in them. I think you can tell they both enjoy filming them, but then they have always said they really enjoy filming scenes together (I think all the actors get on well and enjoy working with each other) and have had more of that this season thanks to the move.
  9. Ship Zone

    Low expectations, as it stands right now I have to assume 11.11 will probably be their next time. Follow the timeline until it deviates. Hopefully whatever their bed scene is it's something sweet or cute, they usually are when they both post photos on Instagram with them on a bed rehearsing.
  10. Announcement of the pilot and the renewal at the same time? I guess I could see that.
  11. Ship Zone

    I don't think there was any reverse psychology going on, she meant everything she said IMO. Blood runs thicker than water and all that, family loyalty can sometimes blind you to what's going on. I'll admit at the time a small part of me thought uh oh Amy is going to bolt after that venomous barrage, so glad she didn't obviously! She would have been well within her rights to not take this shit.
  12. Any thoughts on when it might be 'officially' announced? I think with key players involved kind of saying it's a done deal you would think it is but until it's official there is still some trepidation there. They haven't possibly jumped the gun have they? All these media outlets thinking the big 5 have signed their deals but are forgetting there are two other actors who possibly might be still in negotiations after those deals were inked? But then again If someone close to the show like Prady says they will all be back then surely he would know? Or could that just be an assumption on his part? Hope we get something official this week.
  13. Don't want to see her return to acting either, it made her so miserable and also the people around her at times. Nothing to suggest that she will, she clearly said in Big Bear or at least intimated at it that if she was to change her career again at some point it would not be back to acting. She clearly doesn't miss it IMO. A return to acting and making her successful would then pose questions like why are they still in 4A? The writers aren't going to explore that, those apartments are the core locations of the show.
  14. I've enjoyed Season 10 overall a lot more than 9 that's for sure. The start wasn't amazing to the season IMO especially with the guidance project that has never really captivated me but I think the LA changes really gave it a fresh shot in the arm with some amazing episodes. But recently I do think the show has dipped a bit in terms of storyline quality. But a dip for this show is different from many others, they are still like 6-7 or 8's for me when some of the earlier episodes in the season were pushing 9's or in the case of Veracity Elasticity possibly a 10. But that's my opinion and people get different things from the show or a particular story line might interest them more than someone else. I wonder if the writers got wind that a deal was close and slowed it down a bit? We have definitely seen some old storylines or themes being looked at again recently.
  15. Ship Zone

    I could understand where she was coming from he is her Grandson after all and knew that the break up hurt him deeply. Even if she doesn't know the specifics she will of course have a natural bias. The problem I had with his meemaw was the treating like a child of Sheldon or empowering it. Everyone knows what I feel about those child jokes or in this case put downs. In terms of the ring I just saw it as just heat of the moment talk, if Sheldon was to give Amy that ring, (which I fully expect him to do, the ring means a lot to his family as it has been passed down the generations and Sheldon can be very traditional at times) Amy will gladly accept it.