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  1. Ship Zone

    If they get engaged maybe that could be a good time for her to do it should someone say something on those lines again? Though I expect if we see them married on the show at some point they will still have those gags. To be fair though I don't think we see as many of those type of gags as often as we did in the past, but we still do get them. Without question we are seeing Sheldon get more annoyed with those gags. Well maybe 'get one's claws out' is a bit too aggressive lol. Though Amy having a claws out moment might be pretty tame lol
  2. Ship Zone

    As always great breakdown of the episode @April Wanted to specifically talk about this. I'm not a fan of conflict especially on this show but after all these years of banter/snide comments about Sheldon in front of Amy I wouldn't mind at all seeing her claws come out and put people in their place one day for a brief moment. Not going to lie I have dreamed of Amy putting down Raj, for example this season in the Geology episode he gave her a pretty good excuse to do so lol. I remember discussing with you during your excellent season reviews about the comments over the years and how it has got to Amy at times. IIRC there was some discussion at the time that it could have possibly played a role in their break-up, Bernadette in particular has said some barbed comments. Your idea is probably better, a reasonably toned defense and argument. The likelihood is they will keep those gags going, just one of the cheap running ones you have to just live with and the show is full of them for each character.
  3. I know people are saying that this whole 'I feel like you are taking me for granted Leonard' thing has somewhat come out of the blue, but has it? Been racking my brain trying to remember if there were any signs there that this might have been on the cards and that the writers perhaps planned for something like this situation to occur. Well what about the Comic Con convention storyline earlier in the season? I think you could argue that Leonard showed perhaps some signs he was taking her for granted in that episode. When he regaled to his court of young nerdlings on how he managed in his words 'to land a stone cold fox'. IIRC there was also the bit at the end of those scenes when he was bragging about her earning way more money than him. Could this episode have been the one that set this whole underlying issue between them in motion?
  4. Overall I enjoyed the episode, it had a bit of everything some sweet and funny moments but also some drama when trying to raise a real life issue. The writers were trying to address a real life issue that many couples do experience at some point through their relationship. The whole subject around losing some spark in their relationship, perhaps becoming a bit complacent and the shift from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife is a very real issue. I have seen from real life experience newlyweds or people pretty early into their marriage having moments similar to what Lenny are going through. I think they will be fine in the long run, just got to work through these issues. Loved Shamy in this one, Mayim especially continues to have an amazing season in terms of dialogue and she is acting her socks off. Shamy's PDA I enjoyed seeing it immensely. If you had said that kiss had happened in say Season 8 then you may have a point that it was out of character but from everything we have seen this season and the rapid growth of their relationship it's perfectly in character imo. The miss you's were my favorite Shamy part of the scene, it was adorable and using math to try and quantify is so them. They really are in a great place right now. Laughed so much at Howard trying to sort out the squeaky floorboard situation. Is Simon underrated? The guy seems to be able to do everything and his physical comedy is just so good. When I had read the TR I immediately hoped there might be some Mission Impossible shit going down lol with them trying to find a way to get to that spot. So I was so happy to see the scenes of them dreaming different audacious ways to try and get there lol. Wasn't the best episode this season but overall I thought it was good.
  5. Ship Zone

    Yeah that was my favourite bit of the episode as well. Adorable and so them. Pretty much everything was perfect with Shamy in this one. So happy to see them do a big time PDA. This episode just reinforced in the minds of viewers how great a place Shamy are in right now!
  6. Some people have made the argument in the past that if he wasn't on the show say next season nothing major would be lost. Not sure I agree (I think it likely wouldn't feel the same) but I think those people who hold that view have a pretty strong argument right now backing their viewpoint. Howardette have their new baby, plus Stuart is living there now and can help Bernie or Howard around the house or with the baby. Don't know if he still actually works at his comic book shop much these days or not lol. Shamy in 4B and Lenny in 4A and ever since the baby Shamy and Lenny are interacting a lot. Which is a good thing, I love PAmy this season! Raj at the moment seems to be sucked into babysitter mode or then every so often they give him a storyline involving his romantic failures but then back into babysitter mode. If they can't sort out his clusterfuck of a love life then why don't they give him something to do with his work? He must be a pretty world renowned astrophysicist working at a place like Caltech and remember the magazine cover? Channel Raj into his work writers! Give him something to do with that. I find his lack of doing anything meaningful so frustrating.
  7. Ship Zone

    Got to remember that Sheldon is a main character both in screen time and how much Jim is getting paid so a lot of time so naturally a lot of stories are told from his perspective or he often makes the moves. Though this season if we are talking about screen time Amy has had a lot more and you have seen examples of a shift in some scenarios to her. But like others have said the show since pretty much day one has had the narrative that Sheldon is the one who has to budge or change the most in certain situations and old writing habits die hard. With all that being said sure in some stories I wish they had switched perspective or seen a reversal of roles but it hasn't lessened the quality of the show in my eyes nor has it reduced the enjoyment I get out of it. In terms of people criticizing Amy for showing desire for her boyfriend especially in the tag scene. Well I don't get that notion at all, I think it's perfectly fine, in character and natural. She is madly in love with him.
  8. Ship Zone

    Yeah they were all having something to complain about when it came to progress in that discussion and Amy wanted to chip in with something related to her life. I do think it's likely that she has been thinking about the ring and wanting to get engaged, but I don't think there is any major frustration though that it hasn't happened yet. She's not going to push, but could I see her perhaps talking more about it to Penny or Bernadette at some point the longer it drags on. What if there is no proposal yet and we are quite a way into Season 11? In their universe never mind ours that is a long time between knowing about the ring and an actual engagement. It's unlikely in my view that it doesn't happen this season but you just never know. Would she propose? I get the impression she wants Sheldon to do it and not the other way around. Not that there is anything wrong with a woman proposing before someone thinks I am playing to a stereotype here. And like @mirs1 said with the way the ring was revealed makes it more difficult for Amy to broach the subject or even propose.
  9. Once again you get something interesting with Raj in the previous episode and there is no immediate follow up. I am not a writer but if I was I would have had him in the following episode at least trying to take on board what the exes had told him and dating again. Stuart still could have been involved in the babysitter storyline.
  10. Ship Zone

    Yeah loved that bit of the sneak peek, saw a bit of the old school Amy there. As outside observers we all know things are going great between them right now, but Amy also acknowledging that to the girls is also great to see. Positively gushing about Sheldon like the old times but clearly for more substantial reasons now. Happy to hear that Sheldon is asking her about her day, I used to bang my head at times during their early relationship when he showed no real interest. Of course it led to some nice moments like the tiara, but I much prefer this Sheldon 2.0, one that cares more, even the smaller things. And we still have the passionate kiss, miss you/no I will miss you more and the flirty hello when they meet up at the spa to look forward to!
  11. Ship Zone

    Thanks for the info Bella and I am happy to hear you had a great time!
  12. Well said. Amy over the years has mentioned she wants to get married to Sheldon so it shouldn't surprise anyone that she wants it more than ever. I agree I don't think marriage would change her much at all, it's not like she is going to become a stereotypical old fashioned housewife after marriage, she will still pursue her career.
  13. You think Penny actually right now wants kids? Because I am not sure she does, she doesn't know what she wants. And from a writing perspective I don't think there are going to be anymore kids on this show anytime soon anyway, it's pretty much what they said.
  14. Actually I don't think Penny not knowing what she wants is at all out of character for her, she has always been like that especially before she was married. For example I remember vaguely that conversation a few seasons back when she said to Leonard she imagines a lot of things like getting married or breaking up (can't remember the exact episode or quote but at the time it was quite striking she would have said that as they seemed happy, iirc they were walking up or down the stairs). But to come out with stuff like that now? I guess I just need to know what has triggered this, what is the root cause? If Penny is having a crisis then fine, but the writers need to show us why! The last time I was this confused about her character was in 9.12 when she was talking to Dr Gallo and she was intimating that she missed when life was so much simpler.
  15. Could this whole thing with Penny be a bit of a messy way of sorting out her career? We all know the writers talked about perhaps revisiting her career at some point. Sometimes you can have issues in one part of your life that impact other aspects of life and in some weird ways. If Penny is suddenly unhappy at work again and is bottling it up I could totally see it bleeding into and affecting her home life.