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  1. Actor

    Yeah it can of course be an offensive gesture but I don't think it is in this context. I have seen several videos now/pics with the cast members giving each other the finger, so just assumed it was an ongoing gag with them.
  2. Ship Zone

    Was thinking maybe if Bert is perhaps a guest of the latest FWF installment could it have something to do with his work? Looking it up briefly they do use flags sometimes in geological survey's as markers. The flags are usually just one solid color and you can get different ones, maybe Bert has his own color key of flags lol, like a white flag for a granite deposit etc. More FWF is always great! Wonder if Footprints on the Moon are featured again or if it was just a one off? Leaning towards it was a one off special appearance to celebrate a new filming location.
  3. Bert being in 4A would be unusual (but they could be just rehearsing, wine props could be from another scene etc). Seems like the couch in 4A is a good place to go through some lines and interactions rehearsals lol. Penny did seem to get on ok with Bert at his party when Amy and Penny were the only ones to turn up. Maybe Penny invited him over?
  4. Ship Zone

    Judging from both Mayim's and Melissa's reaction I would say yes it is a real sloth.
  5. You saw Bernie's family, she I assume is classed as a supporting character by your criteria? Maybe we never see any of Amy's family, but I really hope we do.
  6. Ship Zone

    Could be anything but as far as I recall the only zoo reference in the show in any storyline depth involved Shamy in the tiara episode (Sheldon's Koala face lol), so a good chance this might involve Shamy. Interesting whatever the context, and we know there will be something pre-taped going into the next filming because of a live animal.
  7. Ship Zone

    If Sheldon has this level of state he wants to achieve/or personal target he wants to attain before he proposes or say he has some concerns or fears then it will have to be brought up in some way and that seems tricky. Like many others I am not sure I like the idea of perhaps Amy bringing it up why it hasn't happened yet even though I could fully understand why she might. Would probably involve some drama at first even if by the end it gets resolving in a fantastic way. I like more the idea that he goes to someone for advice or someone not Amy perhaps brings the issue up which might explore why he is holding off at the moment. Something that could be done in a really beautiful and heartfelt way. I know we raised the idea of perhaps someone outside the Lenny/Amy dynamic perhaps raising it or maybe even being there for advice should Sheldon seek it and I like that idea a lot. Raj would not be a good option considering how he mocks their relationship though he can at times say things from the heart, so that leaves Howardette. I kind of like this idea of Sheldon perhaps hanging out with Bernadette in some way, they talk about future's and perhaps the subject gets brought up about his own future, though it would have to be delicately done of course. What about if Shamy go over to Howardette's and in some storyline way Howard ends up doing something with Amy and Sheldon ends up staying with Bernadette (or vice versa), could maybe explore the proposal issue from two perspectives perhaps. Then Sheldon comes to a decision and the following episode he goes ahead with it? At the end of the day it all comes down the writers and how much they want to explore it, they may just have Sheldon one episode actually propose without any backstory prior to it.
  8. This! Wasn't a fan of the drug joke in that episode, but to make things worse they have also now continued to run with it and have added it to Leonard's snark repertoire. Each time you see Sheldon making some progress or trying to improve there is a fear at the moment that a drug quip will come out of his mouth. Just Ugh! Whilst there has been some friendship strengthening or boosting this season (Penny and Amy easily) there has also been some friendship erosion this season (Sheldon and Leonard), no doubt about it which must have been intentional by the writers. Hope they decide to bring it back at some point, otherwise it's a missed opportunity here to actually increase the friendship of Sheldon and Leonard now that the nightmare at times of living with each other is out of that aspect of their relationship. Focus on the good times, having fun writers please when it comes to that relationship more.
  9. Ship Zone

    Makes sense from say a real life perspective that a boyfriend and girlfriend need to know if they are comfortable being able to live together and everything that encompasses before getting married. But overall I'm with Amy I don't know why it hasn't happened yet, the writers haven't explored it or why not yet but I could speculate or make guesses. I don't see how much longer they can drag this out, but it's kind of canon that everything has been done really slow during their relationship (though the living arrangements and other things this season have showed like a rapid speed increase compared to the past) but they are kind of stretching it now. My money is still thinking it happens this season, if not then we will have a whole summer to debate and speculate why it hasn't been brought up lol. Until then just seeing what unfolds, zero worries lol.
  10. Parents casting is fine but I would need to see another storyline with Randall in it to decide whether to judge if he was a bad casting or not, could be down to the storyline which really wasn't that great. Actually wouldn't have minded seeing him turn up and staying for an episode or two to judge his character/casting better. Nothing to stop them introducing her sister in a future storyline, but you can say that also about Leonard's siblings, Amy's family, maybe even Howard's dad if they want to be really bold etc.
  11. Thoughts and prayers going out to those affected by this afternoon's events in London near Westminster.
  12. It probably comes to no surprise to anyone that I don't agree in regards to the Sheldon bit but I fully share your sentiments when it comes to her as a character in her own right and I do really enjoy her interactions with the girls. PAmy in particular has been a real highlight for me this season, I feel they are much more like actual friends than they have ever been.
  13. I know I mentioned the weirdness in some episodes and I may have to warn you there are some very weird ones lol. They weren't afraid at times to tackle some wacky issues or themes. It can be a bit wacky and a bit weird but it sure is an epic space opera romp with amazing characters and setting lol. I really hope you like it, I just hope I haven't bigged it up too much lol.
  14. I thought it was interesting when they introduced her in that episode as she was very different from any of the types he has been with before (background, an older woman, single mother). But I know people on here and on social media didn't really take to her, perhaps she was so different that it was difficult to process or see her being with Raj with the type of person he is? But also I know there was some questions about their chemistry but that was just one episode, however maybe they were right and the writers noticed that as well? I would be very surprised if she comes back, but I would have been interested to see where it might have gone had they explored it.
  15. Going back to this discussion about Raj and his possible endgame for him that @joyceraye raised, I think it's clear they either a) have something planned for Raj a point they perhaps want to get him to (god only knows why they waited 10 seasons to finally change him) or b- he's going to try and change but perhaps ultimately fail, Raj will be Raj (but that would go against a lot of the themes of the show people changing, growing once they start to try to etc). I don't foresee them bringing back one of his ex-girlfriends as they seem to have moved on and I am not sure a changing in Raj's character by taking on board what they told him will win them back. Too much baggage with them you would think. My prediction right now assuming they are invested in having a life transformation story would be that over these next two seasons you do see him change first financially/working on his spoiled financial status then working on how he treats/respects women. He will probably still struggle to find that special person or the 'one', but perhaps towards the end of Season 12 he finds that person (that would drag out the story, perhaps allow them to do a low cost casting of an actress). Then as I have always envisioned they would do for each character have a flash forward in time scene where you see a happy Raj settled down perhaps with children with that woman. Of course if Raj can't be changed and that's the story they want to go with it then the ending could be anything. Maybe he lives the bachelor life with the occasional love interest over the years which may or may not make him happy, maybe he ends up going the arranged married route which could bring him happiness or perhaps lock him into a loveless marriage, perhaps he does end up with Howard in like 30 years from now lol. I don't think the writers will want to end each characters story on a sad note. What are your predictions for Raj by the end of the show?
  16. I've watched the occasional episode of Stargate SG-1 but never got around to watching all of them and especially when Claudia and Ben were on it. Definitely on my watch list at some point, I do know there was also some Farscape references in there (iirc wasn't there an episode where they dressed up as Farscape characters as a homage?). lol when I actually watched the Season Four/Series Finale the first time many years ago I had to go out for a walk I was that upset/distraught about it, never done with that with a show before or since. Only watched the miniseries once before (will watch it again on my current re-view when I get to it, just starting season 2 now) but it does give a better closure/ending to the series. I would recommend watching that as well. Still think it ended way too soon, should have gone on for several more seasons but that's the way it is sometimes with tv shows. Season 1 is kind of a building/setting the scene and creating the chemistry season, 2-4 absolutely amazing and the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries is also very good. But that's just my opinion lol.
  17. They were getting what 20% of what their co-stars were getting before this new deal? That was an obscene pay gap. I hope they get as much as they possibly can with this deal, longevity be damned they have earned it most especially this season. Mayim and Melissa imo have probably been the real stars this season, enjoyed their increased screen time and storyline involvement a great deal.
  18. I probably wouldn't be here now if they hadn't of added the Amy and Bernadette characters, i'm a true believer that the show would have ended years ago with the original format. I watched the occasional early season episodes when they were aired but it wasn't until last year that I found this forum and watched every episode from start to the present. Doubtful I would be posting on this forum if the show had ended years ago. I think they all make the show what it is and any loss of characters or the actors who play them would damage the show irrevocably. Again I am hopeful everyone will be back I just want to see it confirmed or set in stone, as it stands right now it's not.
  19. Claudia is extremely good in this, the chemistry she has with Ben is the stuff of legend. Whole cast is great, the show can be a bit quirky at times, some weird episodes lol but that was kind of the universe setting. Some of the Henson puppets look a little dated now as do some of the effects but it's the cast that really makes it stand out If you are a fan of sci-fi or say Space Operas I would definitely recommend it though it's a show that people either end up absolutely adoring or can't seem to take to so there is no in-between lol. I loved it from the beginning but a lot of fans think the show really takes off and becomes great around season 2. If you watch it I really hope you enjoy it. About halfway through season 1 at the moment and having a blast.
  20. I think it's fair to suggest waiting until it's official that they are all back. I do think they will be back as well, but I want to see it confirmed that's all.
  21. 'Expected to sign' is the term used, which could have come from any source or just speculation. But it's clear that it's coming back for two seasons, i'm just going to hold off popping the champagne corks until I know everyone is back that's all. No Mayim or Melissa means I am probably done, so I need to know.
  22. Just speculation but could them announcing it be used as a way to put pressure on Mayim and Melissa to take the offer they have been offered? Like this show is happening for two more seasons whether you are there or not? Still won't be content until I know everyone is on board with this officially.
  23. The Young Texan Tribulations? Nah not catchy enough, though perhaps accurate if canon is to be actually preserved.
  24. Ship Zone

    I hope you are right vonmar, would be nice to go into the season finale with Shamy being stress free and also happy. I share your view they could add some drama this season finale, hopefully not Season 8 finale levels of drama (that really is one of the saddest episodes in recent years). I don't want to be feeling depressed on the TBBT front going into the summer hiatus.
  25. Actor

    Fingers crossed it goes smoothly, I know she is taking some heat at the moment with not show related stuff. Hopefully people that are respectful of different people's views make up the vast majority of people who watch it and ask questions/send comments. I'll probably catch up on it later.