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  1. Ship Zone

    I would be happy to see them try and do a bit of furniture shopping specifically for a couch in a b-plot storyline. Sheldon did seem keen to get rid of it, and of course if it goes it has to be replaced. Had Amy not pointed out Penny might want to keep it I suspect they would have replaced it by now . Just got this vision of him sitting down on every one in the store lol
  2. I think you are right that probably does play a part in it. Also these snarky barbs between them used to have say a laugh after them with the others also laughing, they all seem more straight-faced now. Like Sheldon in the past would deliver a bit of snark to Howard or Raj and Leonard would laugh, or Leonard would deliver one to Sheldon and Raj and Howard would laugh. Less of that gives off a vibe that they kind of actually mean them more. When the girls are sarcastic to each other or are snarky you get those glances, laughs and smiles. Body language shows they are taking the piss out of each other, nothing serious to it or nasty. PAmy in particular have been putting on a masterclass of that this season.
  3. I see the guys together and at times I do wonder why they are still friends. And it's not like I am pining for the days before they had girlfriends or wives when they did perhaps more stuff together. They do actually still hang out and do stuff together. Granted I do miss paintball, (why can't they all do Paintball? I want to see Bernie going all John Rambo!), D&D, Halo Nights - still don't understand why they can't do them anymore. They hang out, interact and do stuff together but the spark is just not there anymore and I don't understand why. One of the great mysteries of the show for me, this shift in tone. It's not because they have gotten older and are all pretty much in relationships, they do get alone time still in a boys/girls split storyline or scenes. It's perplexing.
  4. Can feel the friendship there in just that small .gif... Such a shame and rather sad that the guys can't display that sort or level of friendship/give off that vibe anymore.
  5. I can see her having a baby in Season 12, perhaps in the finale so Leonard can say his line or in a flash-forward scene for all the characters deliver the line with Leonard and Penny sitting on a couch around their children doing something very brainy. For that to happen she would have to get pregnant sometime late season 11? Though the writers have shown they can add a few extra months to a pregnancy if they need to lol. Obviously if Kaley gets pregnant in real life they will have to likely put it into the show, not sure the kitchen island would hide that bump lol.
  6. If they are going to decide to try for a baby before her career is sorted out then I have got to question their judgement. Unless you think maybe she has a pregnancy scare, something unplanned?
  7. If they are having a quiet 10.23 then I expect them to have more of a storyline in the finale. There is no way they are having just one storyline in the season finale (even though in the summary they only mentioned one).
  8. Ship Zone

    I agree and like we have been saying for a few days now I don't think they can pull that type of storyline off at all. Not with how happy he has been in his relationship all season long. It would be a massive wtf! Nothing about it would make any sense. Storyline narrative over the course of this season and everything we know about him as a character.
  9. Can anyone make out that part of the set? Looks like part is visible.
  10. As far as on screen chemistry there aren't many better. John and Aeryn from Farscape are the only other one that could compete for me. Though I have also heard great things about John and Delenn? from Babylon 5. Did you know there is strong evidence that the term Shippers actually originated with Mulder and Scully? When the show was on and it was the early era of the internet the show was one of the first to have a real online community and discussion boards. You had shippers as in relationship/pers people who wanted them to get them together and non shippers who wanted them to go no further than a working relationship.
  11. Was that the one about the Vancouver weather causing bad hair thanks to moisture? Took Gillian a while to explain the moistness lol
  12. All adds to the legend of it, and the speculation (i'm sure they know what they are doing) lol. I'll never forget that interview last year Gillian had with a magazine when the interviewer tried to bring up did they have a thing off screen and Gillian was like well of course there is a mutual attraction between us, but we never acted on it. The way she said it was like in another lifetime or another set of circumstances yeah we would have hooked up lol. With the legendary chemistry they had millions are convinced still something must have gone on at some point lol.
  13. Howardette would also be an interesting one, maybe I just missed it but they don't seem to actually kiss that often, they seem more like the hugging type lol? Feels like a very rare occurrence.
  14. You've just got to love their reaction to the announcement:
  15. Ship Zone

    I would say it's very likely, but who knows. Maybe ratings hold up well (compared to their rivals, or that other CBS shows flop and so they still want to keep this one going) and they are tempted to do one more final season. Something to not really think about I guess until Season 12, we will find out during that season if this is the end or not.
  16. Ship Zone

    Well said. The 'Show DNA' is like their go to excuse lol. I kind of understood when they said that for the living changes, but for some decorations? That excuse won't fly with me lol. I think decorating a place and adjusting it to your tastes makes it even more feel like your home and it's like a natural thing to do (kind of weird and unrealistic if you don't right?). With all that stuff still around it can at times feel like just renting it off a friend lol. They have done a good job with placing both Sheldon and Amy's belongings around the place and the bedroom looks more to their taste (would look even better with a new bed/headboard IMO). I would get rid of the couch (maybe it could go in a gaming room in 4A should they actually do it?), some of the other furniture, new lick of paint here and there as well.
  17. Ship Zone

    Even mirroring his cheesy grin lol
  18. Ship Zone

    DNA of the show Kathy, DNA of the show lol Last interview I saw said they wouldn't really be making any major further changes (would the couch come under that?). I would guess it is seen as a pretty iconic piece of furniture and had its moments on the show though not as much as the couch in 4A clearly. I guess they have laid the groundwork to replace it, Sheldon did say he didn't like it and yet he still sits on it and hasn't mentioned it since lol.
  19. I don't think it will happen, when I read the comments on social media I get the impression those insults go down well with the vast majority of the audience. But yes I would definitely welcome less insults from everyone. Too many barbs for me this season I think a lot of the snark game writing has been a bit off, I hope they tone it down a bit next season. Of course not with Penny and Amy their snark game has been great, very playful nothing nasty. Maybe get whoever is putting the most input in those lines to work on some of the others.
  20. Ship Zone

    Couch talk! Much prefer that over finale fears and the return of the maniac lol. Aesthetically I don't like the look of it, it's just not very them. Also from a functionality and comfort level point of view it doesn't look comfortable, especially for Sheldon who is way too tall and now 'buff' as the female audience tell me including my sister lol. Maybe if they won't get rid of the shape or the frame they could get it reupholstered?
  21. I think one could make a strong argument that the reason why for all of the characters they have had times when you have had a storyline or scene that you think should perhaps not involve others most notably scenes involving couples is because the concept of 'friendship' is the primary driver of the show, the main thing they want to convey to the audience first sometimes and not necessarily romantic relationships. I mean the show has a clear strong friendship foundation to it, this is a very close, tight-knit group of friends and always will be. Of course you do get episodes or scenes with couples on their own where they they do share moments just the two of them but the vast majority of episodes you don't. I guess what I am trying to say is there are times when the writers want to highlight the friendship factor more than anything. Maybe someone more articulate can expand on the point I am trying to make here.
  22. Ship Zone

    From a character standpoint delaying to get engaged doesn't make much sense to me, but from a show perspective with the renewal it kind of makes sense to delay the engagement until season 11. Then likely have a wedding perhaps in Season 12. I am just as ecstatic and happy that they removed the annual joke as I would have been had they got engaged. Actually thought the engagement was a more likely outcome out of the two because we know how much Molaro liked that joke. For the past few weeks I never thought there would be two choices on the table in the first place. I think they made the right choice.
  23. Ship Zone

    Sure, if she doesn't sign a new deal then i guess they could use this Princeton storyline as a way to write her out. But I don't think they have come up with this storyline because they think she isn't coming back. Does Melissa also have a storyline in the finale that could be used if needed to write her out? Because if it turns out she does then I guess I could then buy into this theory that storylines are taking into account uncertainty over the future. For the record I think both will be back, too much to lose for everyone involved. CBS and Warner Bros loses, fellow cast members character's lose out, Mayim and Melissa lose, viewers lose. Everyone loses lol. They simply have to get it done.
  24. Ship Zone

    As far as we know not yet, same for Melissa.
  25. I haven't been checking his twitter for a while, presumably something blew up on it recently my guess is political related. You only have to check say the official facebook page for the show and the actors are getting all sorts of grief at the moment on it. Such a shame in 2017 that people's different opinions or views on something aren't respected.