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  1. I don't have a issue with Penny spending time with friends,and no she doesn't have to do everything exclusively with her husband.However in the next episode it goes beyond spending time with a friend it's her actually doing loads of things with Raj.while essentially ignoring Leonard.
  2. Actually we don't know if Leonard is interested in these things or not he's never said anything about them as far as i can recall,yes he did refuse to yoga with that morning but that doesn't mean he never does it with her.Penny said in ep10x17 that he always making an effort to do things he doesn't enjoy,so to me it looks like he does do these things with just doesn't like them. There is a difference between Leonard going off and doing stuff with the guys and Penny doing stuff Raj, i'm pretty sure if Leonard was doing stuff he likes with another woman who was friend Penny wouldn't be happy .
  3. But should she be doing these things with Raj though?,i mean i understand that having someone else to do things she likes is great,but what about Leonard he's going to feeling neglected while she's busy doing all these things with Raj
  4. At the start of the season i was enjoying the show but this second has me not wanting to continue watching the show anymore all this bad stuff happening between Lenny just doesn't make sense.How can they go from being okay living alone but then from ep12 onward they suddenly can't,having more arguments in short space of time than they have ever had.I don't think Raj living with them will help them,i said in another post that what's happening in the next episode would happen as soon as i found out he would live with them.I think Raj could be the reason for whatever is going to happen between them in the finale,which i think will be one of them walking out on the other ,but which i don't know. Of course i want to completely wrong and Lenny are over whatever issues are plaguing them,but i think that's wishful thinking.
  5. I don't really know how i feel about Raj living with Lenny,the first thing that came to mind was what happened the last time Raj lived in 4a,i know that won't happen again i hope anyway.But my issue is he's probably just going to be butting into there lives like Sheldon did we will probably hardly ever get scenes with just the two them by themselves.How long will he live there is a problem i don't want him there till the show ends,i'm hoping no longer than the end of this season,but i guess i'll have to wait to find that out.What i do expect though is the tptb having a episode where Leonard is jealous of how well Penny and Raj are getting along and he feels left out.
  6. A poor episode the only thing that kept it from being rubbish was all the scenes in 4a
  7. Ship Zone

    Okay this is a random thought that popped into my head and got me thinking ,in 5x13 Leonard asked Penny out five season later in 10x13 Lenny are apparently having issues.So i thought in the following episode 5x14 Lenny have there first date after getting back together so i was thinking maybe in 10x14 Lenny will celebrate 5year anniversary of that date.What do you guys think?
  8. Ship Zone

    Have a Merry Christmas you guys are the best
  9. I'm sorry but Penny is nothing like Leonard i season 1,i understand Penny's p.o.v too she wants her romance ninja back but i find it ironic her saying he's taking her for granted.Isn't that how she's always been with him,and what about Leonard's p.o.v ?what things has she done for him ?maybe Leonard's stopped being that way because Penny hasn't done anything .
  10. Ship Zone

    I want to see scenes like this again so simple yet so adorable and sweet
  11. Okay first of all i want to apologise for bringing up the last taping report,but i've only just gotten the courage to read it.Well i'm not happy and i can understand every Lennies frustration with it i hated everything about it.It felt like i was reading a representation of how they have been treated in the show.You have the other couple that have been getting all the attention from tptb and getting good stories and screentime,and here getting sweet and lovey dovey scenes.Then you have the Lenny who tptb can't be bothered doing anything for,get very little screentime and minimal story,and here they are with angst.On top of this we have the other couple making out,mutual i miss yous and flirting in front of the Lenny.They have never done anything like that infront of Lenny yet here they are,like the tptb are trying to drive home the point they're a better couple.Now the RA well again we have the other couple moving beyond needing it yet we have the Hofstadter's relationship devolve into needing one. Also i might of missed it but it didn't say if Leonard & Penny had any input in it or did Sheldon just decide what to put in.Now while i don't agree with them having a RA if it brings us more Lenny stories and goodness.The optimist in me would like to see it bring a return of the Lenny from the latter half of season 6.However the pessimist in me thinks they'll just sweep this under the rug and Lenny will continue to be the way they have been written so far these past few seasons. I apologise for the long post but i needed to get it out of my system,i may of misconstrued what i read i guess i'll find out when i see it.
  12. I'm sorry but i have to disagree with this as i don't think Penny was ever snarky with Leonard of those episodes and she is definitely worse now than then,unless we both have different definitions of what snark is.
  13. Ship Zone

    I love this hug from Penny,you could feel that she was using it to express how she felt about Leonard leaving for 3months
  14. Ship Zone

    This is my favourite Lenny hug