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  1. Ship Zone

    Btw, thank you so much for the report you posted earlier here @2L344. You have a great memory and it is so nice to know your thoughts about each detail from episode's plotline. Really, reallly appreciated
  2. Ship Zone

    Overall it was a funny and nice episode. There were a few nice friendship moments I really enjoyed to see, especially the ensemble scene as the decision of Raj of not going to SDCC was very mature for his economical limited conditions at moment and the support guys showed to him but Sheldon was touching and nice ( his reaction was ic from him imo). What lead me to the detail about shamy relationship that I did not like much it happens yet. Sheldon is getting to be a better friend to everyone as he was trying to help Raj but it doesn't mean he would change his ways of think and react about his own things and surprised me a bit that Amy was expecting Sheldon would behave like Howard and Leonard about not going to SDCC. They are really in a good place in their relationship as they are honest to each other and compromise to things in ways that both turn to be happy but there are things that are litle realistic to expect from each other as there are things that are inhereted to them and Sheldon is not the type of doing what others do in a situation he would not enjoy at all. It doesnt make Sheldon a mean person, is the way he is and certainly he would not thought less of Amy if she do something he was not into, and certainly she does a few ones. I know it is a question of time as these kind of things run more organically between them as a couple but it was the only thing that worried me a bit but surely they would do it fine in upcoming similar situations. Anyway, I loved how Amy now is a more confident woman when interacts with Penny. It is nice to see how they get along so well in a equally way and Penny also seek Amy's advices as Amy had always done about Penny. It is really nice to see how both Sheldon and Amy are grown people emotionaly and socially these days, it makes me proud of our adorable couple! Sheldon is a treat indeed, lol! I really love how he is determined to act in his best way without stop being himself, that sequence of dialogue on stairs as lenny was bickering and he was whispering to Amy about what they knew about lenny wishes to go to SDCC was awesome. And Amy is not a less of a treat, the way she revealed the whole true was so Amy 's style, lol! And last but not least the tag scene. First I am with Amy on this one: SDCC had never been her thing and Sheldon should respect that ( I think he does and a Batman statue might have helped to increase that respect, lol). Second, Sheldon knew very well what he was doing, lol! There is a seducing Sheldon pattern after all, lol! Who dare to think the man has not sexual desire as he thinks of Amy's erogenal parts often and he even cathegorized them? Priceless! The complete scene was hilarious, it turned better than I thought it would. Amy's face as she heard the beauty praise as she knew what was coming for Sheldon being saying things like these was so funny! And thankgoodness there was no hint of she might be frustrated for his attempt that had other reason but sex behind of his actions, it was very spott on how she handled with the whole thing, hehe! After all he would not have sex for SDCC , right? I just hope we could see one day a scene like this between shamy again as Sheldon use not only one but both arms to seduce his woman!
  3. Nice photo of all gang
  4. Actor

    When we let a cat doing this to us and he wants to do that, it is pure trust
  5. Ship Zone

    My apologies for insisting about the desks issue but I think they are not strictly necessary for a scientist or science worker do a good job if they need to work at home. People adjust their needs to the free space they have for them and it is impossible to most of people to have the ideal conditions at work place than they are able to have them at home as they need to work on in a most demanding project out of work schedule. Similarity we could find in two common examples: the children who have a bedroom for themselves and the children who have to share them with their sibblings or the students who have space for have a desk at home and the students who only have study conditions in a public library. All of them may develop healthy and being suceed if they adjust well their needs to the conditions they have. As Sheldon would be focused on his work tasks he had to work on at home, he could do them sucessfully even in kitchen island of his place if it was the only avaiable spot for that! As Amy could use her microscope as it is on cofee table and she sat on couch if she needs to work on it not having space for a desk at this moment in her and Sheldon's place. When people wants much do something, they make it go They have so much fun together as they perform these characters! Love their friendship! <3
  6. Please, no!! It would be worst than a nightmare! Season 4 finalle was imo the worst tbbt end of season ever! I still dont believe the writers went for there, pure denial from my side, I know...
  7. Ship Zone

    I think it was Mayim who was being spoken about and not Amy.
  8. Ship Zone

    Hum, I think they are very cofy in their bed. Smal beds have their advantages, you know. Closer to share warm About desks, they work most of time out of their place and there are many apps in laptops that allow much academic work without the need of a paper sheet or a pencil. Then Sheldon who might need to do more calculus than Amy has a whiteboard for that, which I see she using if she needs to .I dont have a desk at home either and manage doing the work I bring home in my laptop.
  9. Ship Zone

    Hopefully you will be right on this! Batman statue needs darker colors furniture to match, lol! Seriously, I am with you about the Batman statue. It could be just a joke but at same time imo would make sense having it in their apartment, as it is something Sheldon loves and he would be happy having in at home. As his home is where Amy is, it makes sense as she is understanding about it ( even in first impact she might have been a bit surprised for another man in their apartment, but plastic kind made, lol). Amy has her harp, her microscope, Sheldon has Batman statue, Got longclaw in their apartment among other things of them: they really symbol their place is made by equal quatity of things that allow them to call it home. What does mean a bolt-hole?
  10. Ship Zone

    And like is said in sports here, " in sucessful team it must not exchange any player"!
  11. Sexy and cute at same time! Great job!
  12. Ship Zone

    Wow, that's impressive how some comments have missed the whole point about shamy and lenny la this season.*sigh* Btw, from all things that dont belong to shamy in their apartment, what I least like is that couch! I am crossing fingers for they do some furniture shopping soon. Because they need a couch that mirrors their style and that matches with their other stuff style. First to sign up!
  13. Ship Zone

    Jim does always a great job about keep shamies on their toes regarding the most important shamy questions, hehe! Our Captain is love! <3
  14. Ship Zone

    Happy new episode day! Jim is such a teaser, lol! <3
  15. Actor

    This is so beautiful! The words, the music, a mother and his boy as their family history is on them today and forever as they play together. A few tears were dropped here. This woman is indeed one of kind