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  1. Actor

    Another lovely moment from Mayim's cats
  2. The audience of a taping really must have a memorable experience for the fun they had as they watch the episodes and also for being witnesses of bts like Mayim described in this IG post. Those of us who have had the luck of attending tbbt tapings must have had a one of kind experience. Glad for you, guys. I wish I could have that chance though
  3. Ship Zone

    And that peek was awesome! Love the guys talks as they interact in cafeteria, usually they turn to be nice scenes. And was me or the tone of Sheldon’s voice as he said Amy had a glimpse of pride for they were working together? Or maybe it was just the tone one person in love uses as they say so 's name Can't wait for this episode! Isn't friday morning yet?
  4. Imo a great point. The beauty is not a universal concept. Each one of us has a very own perspective about beauty or sexyness. Just because society tendencely try to make people follow certain beauty patterns that mean most of people have to agree on that. The reality doesnt work like that. That's why there are so many unnhapy people because they cant reach the "perfect body" or the "perfect beauty". Or the perfect relationship which wrongly imo is connected with a pretty face or a hot body or a sex machine type. One of the reasons I started to follow tbbt with enthusiasm was precisely to feel those guys and those girls could not be perfect in called conventional beauty or conventional social behaviour but they try to be happier as the way they like. Course what makes me feel atttracted in therms of beauty or sex appeal doesnt mean it is what should be. Feelings dont follow a rule and don't have to please the others people interact with in their lives. People make their own rules about their relationships and people may be happier as they feed their self esteem with the feeling they are beautiful and clever people who deserve to be happy as everyone else. No ifs, no looking at others and think he or she is who is beautiful and sexy, they are who deserve all chances from the world to be happy. Everyone is in same ship, as they deserve the best chances about everything. Like Leonard and Penny. Sheldon and Amy. Bernardette and Howard . And Raj.
  5. Actor

    Great photo! Love the blurry effect!
  6. Ship Zone

    It would be really cool if writers for two next seasons could get back that nerdy tone to all characters that sometimes fails in the show . Amy 's hobbies are really cool imo, they could be so much explored than they have been lately. Love especially her thing with music . I love listening to harp and it is always cool when she can play it on screen
  7. Ship Zone

    A good thing from 10.21 is there will be fwf!
  8. I meant the interest of last scene imo as something for looking foward to next season. Course I would prefer drama free for everyone but drama free with something powerfull to looking forward to seeing in 11.01.
  9. Ship Zone

    I agree about these jokes. I know they are running jokes for the show but I dont have fun with them, especially now as it seems Sheldon took steps backward everytime he is involved in these jokes. But well, it is a show pattern, and I can not do anything about it , lol! What was reported on 10 .21 makes it likely to be not one of my shamy interactions favourite episodes but I dont want judge without see how it plays on screen. About 10.20, it sounds really fun as we will see Sheldon dancing ( well, more looking foward to seeing Jim's moves, lol). However I rather prefered it was something we could see shamy dancing, like they did in season 4. Course something more like them , I mean more season 10 shamy but I must confess Sheldon dancing witout Amy was a bit disapointing... Soft kitty , I have to agree again with you. The song is lovely but imo it is too much connected with childish Sheldon from earlier seasons. However it might work in a very sweet way as Amy is playing it for him so I am really looking foward to see it
  10. True but last scene from 9.24 was about why they did not pick the phone and replied back the messages to their sons as it implied they could have hooked up. A last scene of a season about guest characters imo was not one of best seasons finnale from tbbt.
  11. True! I just hope the 10.24 will be much more interisting that 9.24. I was not interested at all if Mary and Alfred hooked up or not... I wonder if Bert would be a support character like Stuart for next two years of the show.
  12. Thanks so much for all info about this one! I was so curious about it and it seems a funny one too
  13. So glad you had a wondetful time! And the episode seems so funny, that's very cool! Thanks so much for all info
  14. I was so sleepy when I thanked you minutes ago that I forgot to ask if you had a great time. Hope you had