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  1. I have to agree with you on this because I love Kripke. Besides , there is a duel that I would like to know how it was unscheduled as Sheldon and Amy reunited! See Kripke's opinion as Sheldon lives with Amy would be priceless! BTWI feel I made up a word but it's okay!
  2. I win
  3. I' d like to see a plotline about Howard being more involved to share baby time with Bernie, like sharing some tasks but without Raj. I know he is Halley's godfather but I would like more parents / baby stuff, you know. I am sure it would be memorable cute moments and Howard promised Bernie to be more helpfull and less lazy at home once.
  4. Rush (2013)
  5. Hope you have a great time and the episode may be a very good one
  6. You are right, Carlos. And I understand what you're feeling too and if my ship was in yours position, I might wish the show end too. I say might because I am very difficult to loose hope about anything in my life but I recognise it sometimes is more like a torture than helpfull, lol. So I still believe lenny would reach their nice ends as I believe shamy would reach their as well.
  7. Ship Zone

    I wish I could have good ear for languages but I dont.. There are times the comments here help me when I have doubts, especially if Sheldon has spoken in his Texas accent very well prounouced, lol.Sometimes Sheldon speaks too fast for my english listening sake, that's why I have to rewatch some scenes a few times before getting the whole meaning of his words. Thank you so much for your explanation about soldiers quote. Now I feel I get perfectly well Sheldon's intention there and it is nice because it is the same I understood for the first time I saw 10.11.
  8. That scene is perfection, lol! I laughed so hard in Howard scenes in this episode! Great details indeed! I hope we can see more development about this cute family soon!
  9. My biggest fear as viewer and fan is if they decided to cancel the show when the tapings left might be 5 or 6 and suddenly everything ends without those stories about each character were not wrapped nicely or they were rushed to end. It would be so unfair the memory of the show be so good for years and then had the worst ending ever. I really hope all people involved avoid this posssibility with all their strenght.
  10. Actor

    Cat snuggles are the best things ever! Especially in winter time. Mine are the best snugglers, lol! <3 Mayim should know certainly as cat lover that having cats also is a great way to balance the good and bad energies around us. They are very sensitive but strong at same time. And very warm as we watch Tv on couch
  11. Ship Zone

    I have mentioned the things I loved about last episode but I'd like to say that I am in love more than ever for shamy casual affection. When they kiss it 's great but when they touch each other casually is gold. Like that Amy casual touch on Sheldon as she said for they gave a bit if privacy to lenny in hotel. It was so natural from her and he reacts in a way so confortable that my heart misses a beat I think I am going to watch the episode one more time! *sighs*
  12. Ship Zone

    That's why we are shamies, Stephen. Some love Sheldon, others Amy and others both. I love both
  13. Carlos, thanks for make clearer you were mentioned lenny. About the fight, I was only talking about last thursday plotline, not about further spoilers. Then your earlier post made more sense to me now. Btw, I agree about Penny hiding Leonard's stuff. It should have not ever happened indeed.
  14. Ship Zone

    Humm.....that' a big illusion Tbh I dont expect something huge for shamy for next taping. They could continue to show how they are doing even better , with more or less cuteness, more or more hotness.... this fan has been really happy lately. And because I feel things might be really great off screen as well for our shamy, if you know what I mean
  15. Ship Zone

    You and @Anita are the shippers closer to me. I know, it was a bit dissappoint... But well Amy has the best daydreams so I will handle well with that