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  1. Ship Zone

    Sunday evening is my tbbt rerun time on tv as I have told you. I have rewatched earlier "The Locomotive Manipulation". I don’t know how many times I have watched this episode so far as it is one of my shamy favourites and it is incredible the sensation of butterflies on stomach it gives me everytime I see Sheldon kissing Amy on train. I wonder which shamy biggest moment might happen in next taping. Or in taping after. Or... Can't help myself, one part of my brain is overloaded with possible shamy scenes before season ends. I know, lol! Spidey, be cool!
  2. Ship Zone

    This! Sheldon and Amy when met did not have any need to trick to other to something that was not very clear, as they could not be more honest as they were to each other in their meeting. And I did not see anything mean as they told to Bert how they met: it was online in fact and although Bert is friendly with shamy, all details that involved shamy first meeting imo were a bit personal to explain to him. Maybe as they bond more with Bert if it is the writers's intention with Bert being a frequent presence on show, he found more details. Actually I think Amy always knew about Raj and Howard help, they surely teased Sheldon merciless about that as Sheldon still deny the girl who is a friend but she is not my girlfriend thing. That's one of the things that made me falling in love with shamy relationship since first scene and imo made them the best couple of the show: their honesty for worse and for better is always strong and unconditional. And also that sense of privacy they have as they need to fix things in their relationship. Okay, I love them even more week after week, can't help myself I think you are getting an important point. Maybe all of these reference would lead to a a their first something like a commitment with a ring. <3 Btw my laptop is getting some trouble to work ... man, if I dont have it fixed before friday, I think I will get mad, lol! * crossing fingers for fixing it*
  3. Ship Zone

    My apologies, I did not get the joke in first place. A non native english sometimes thinks too much about grammar and spelling and missed the point. Guilty here, hehe.
  4. Ship Zone

    So we are talking about different things. And I did not make the mistake then. Glad for that. Thanks. I must confess I was getting confuse here, lol. Now it is all settled
  5. Ship Zone

    Thanks for pointing out. I wrote "her" instead "his".
  6. Indeed! Bert is an iconic rock star without a guitar!
  7. Ship Zone

    Speculate is the best, isn't it? I like your idea here. I wished we could see everything related with ep 20 and 21 right now, lol. I know, I have to be patient! Btw, girl I am so grateful for your shamy fics ! They have been the perfect gift while I wait for more news about tapings and new episodes. Your Sheldon melts my heart as much as the real one. Love it! Thumbs up!
  8. Ship Zone

    I wonder if the 10.20 might be more a relaxed plotline than something huge to shamy or to any other character, even it has something from Sheldon's Texas. We are getting closer to season finnale, next taping is ep21 so only three more to end. That crazy mixing of kidergarden, flags and zoo might be something for we remember, the timing for a big step that sloths can not do , like a contrast between fast and slow motion about something, you know... just saying Omg and it is only Saturday yet, lol!
  9. Actor

    Imo it was more something like a joke between them than something offensive. I have seen Kaley to do the same and both context were relaxed kind. They are like everyone else as they do same things like most of us do among friends or co workers in a relaxing moment.
  10. Ship Zone

    Bert is cool. And I think he is a nice presence on show. I dont fear just be cause he fancied Amy in past as he had proved he got over her that he could do some damage to shamy relationship at present. I think he has potencial for be a good friend with Shamy. Maybe they could hang out together and some hilarious moments could come up to us. I just love shamy goodness mixed with hilarious moments. Usualy are awesome moments to remember
  11. Actor

    Aw, so cute they were there, hehe! From onr of funniest tbbt episodes imo! Love it!
  12. Actor

    It was so funny, haha! And Mayim's regrett for her reaction? Priceless!
  13. Actor

    These two are so cute! They make this fan so happy! <3
  14. Ship Zone

    Awesome indeed!! The icing on the cake would be a fwf proposal!! *grin*
  15. Age is not being smooth to Kevin, he seems so old this season... Anyway, will Stuart go to the zoo too? Getting curious and curious!
  16. The most mysterious tbbt plot ever, lol! So a wild western dance is probably on rocks for us... * so curious*
  17. Thanks very much! IG posts help so much our fun around here
  18. Actor

    Happy Birthday, to Jim Parsons! It is so cool he and Mayim be good friends
  19. Ship Zone

    A perfect collection of Jim/Sheldon gifs for celebrate Jim's special say. Thanks for these, @April A very Happy birthday to our beloved captain Jim Parsons! Hope he had a wonderful day between work and his most private birthday celebration Sharing this photo because I love his blue eyes so, so much! *fan girls* Nice touch of his stumble there too, hehe *grin*
  20. Actor

    Mayim rocks! <3
  21. Indeed! There is something ZZ Top on Bert, lol! Beard rock stars!
  22. Ship Zone

    Fair enough. Aunt time spent with niece is not so much as time spent with mother or father so the chances of great stories tend to be yours, parents For comedy purposes, we know almost everything is possible. And last but not least, shamy+ baby+ zoo, even a bit unrealistic, it could be hilarious, dont you think?
  23. Ship Zone

    Shamy might visit zoo with Halley as they might think she should contact with nature as soon as possible and it is something they both enjoy to visit. As bonus we could find out shamy enjoy to babysitting Haley but in not very conventional places for her age. And a visit to a zoo doesnt mean it could be the whole day. First time I went to a zoo with my niece she was one year and half old and although she was older than Halley and already walked , we were there just for the morning. A baby in a stroller could spend nicely a morning there with her lovely uncle Sheldon and aunt Amy
  24. Ship Zone

    I sense shamy cuteness ahead, with or without proposal! <3 How is suppose I calm down after this? My brain is overloaded with speculation. Am I freaking out?
  25. Ship Zone

    Cool! I have not read yet half of the posts made this afternoon, I was afraid I lost something. Thanks for make it clear. And you know, you are so welcome to our thread .