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  1. Ship Zone

    Oh I know your dillema, it's been mine here too all day too, lol! I have been thinking of Gollum since earlier and it's like an agel and a devil inside my head: Angel: "It might be one more bedroom goodness scenes of them, Spidergirl. Relax! Not big deal, Mayim is enthusiastic because she is a fan of shamy like you. Besides she is a Lord of rings fan as well!" Devil: "No chance, Spidey! They won't handle with one more year without hanky panky! They are in bed, for nerdiness sake! Gollum knows about the ring. Sheldon might propose in bed! Oh wait, no, he would not do that. Ring first, party after!" The truth is the time I 've spent watching "Daredevil" on Netflix did not distract me from this train of thoughts, lol! I think I should have been working this week after all, lol! *repeats to herself to keep expectations low*
  2. Ship Zone

    Have you enjoyed this episode?
  3. Ship Zone

    S10E9 "The Geology Elevation"
  4. Ship Zone

    Indeed! And he just loves to tease Mayim merciless too, lol!
  5. Ship Zone

    I know, I love it! And Mayim if she had to look at Jim 's eyes more than 2 seconds as she had turned around, it would have been surely a take to waiste as she would burst in laughs!
  6. Ship Zone

    I am so with you on this! As I have said earlier I could not be unspoiled at this moment about any detail and the kind of interaction as the spoilers bring to a fan is so interisting and fun, as we discuss them until last drop of it, lol! At this moment of the season shamy might be getting themselves to very important stuff, like an eventual engagement, my thought after these IG posts from Majim. Engagement, sex, spooning on bed, whatever it could be that bed scene about, I must confess, I want to know everything in detail! Because even knowing detailed taping reports from fans about what happened in every week , it never spoiled my fun and emotions as I see all details on screen. Usualy they seem even better as I see Jim and Mayim performing those amazing reported details by the generous members of the forum who attended to the tapings. So yeah, I feel today like it was a celebration day of something great in my life, lol! And after all it is what is about, love should be celebrated everyday and our shamy is doing it now in a daily basis <3
  7. Ship Zone

    You are a brave fan, girl. I could not be spoiler free about any detail at this moment if my life depended on it, LOL! I think I finaly manage a nice calm state in a taping day, hehe. Looking forward to knowing all goodness that bed scene might hold . Because all their cute moments always make me smile and made my day brighter <3
  8. Ship Zone

    Agree to disagree then. There are a few great science shirts indeed! I have this one, one of my favourites:
  9. Ship Zone

    I feel I might have not explained myself well about the t-shirts, my apologies for that. I don't think superheroes ones are immature, I am myself a comics fan and love some of them and I wear some alike them in my days off. What I wanted to say was in these days fits better imo to Sheldon as he is more mature that he wears less than these that I connect to earlier days than these maths and physics logos which might represent a nice balance between his hobbies/ his love for science. Sheldon is wearing and I wish he still wears a few superheroes t-shirts , I meant mostly I was enjoying the character progress in all details, even about his clothes. I hope my point was clearer now.
  10. Ship Zone

    I don't want Sheldon changing his clothes style either, I have just said what I like to see more he on. And I love some of his t-shirts, especially these models most of you mentioned, as the superheroes ones these days don't suit him so well imo and I didn't mean the size but the mature intention behind the progressive changing on Sheldon 's t-shirts logos, which are more fitting with his character growth now. Wow, the night was excitting around Mayim's IG, hehe! Love both photos but it is not fair! When I have decided it would be the best decision as I keep my expectations low, we have bed scenes and Gollum around, the last one who saw the ring for Amy for next taping?! Oh boy this is not going to be easy to this fan today, lol!!! Haping taping day, everyone! May the shamy happiness be with us!
  11. Ship Zone

    Agree, they look very different on him. It is funny but now I dont like much to see him on superheroes t-shirts and prefer as he wears one like that he was wearing in tag scene of this week episode. It reflects he his more mature, you know. Well, what really suits Sheldon now is shirts like that one he wore in date night in last week episode for his well built body. But I guess Sheldon without his t-shirts would not be Sheldon, lol!
  12. Actor

    Same here!!
  13. Ship Zone

    Sheldon sat on opposite side he was used to sit in any couch...love this litle changes he now embraces without stress. And Amy sits so close to him <3 @Judith, another new t-shirt!
  14. Ship Zone

    Yeah, maybe they be up very late tonight as everything is a big late. I wonder if we might have many shamy photos as the few seconds of them in promo are realy powerful, lol!
  15. Ship Zone

    Check your inbox.
  16. Ship Zone

    I know what you mean. As @anicez said so well , we feel so integrated in this fandom as we can share our thoughts with people who understand our level of adoration for these characters because we are alike in that field. And imo this is a good therapy for those less good things of our lives. Anyway, hope you feel better really soon and may our couple help you so much to get back all joy.
  17. Ship Zone

    Me neither, lol! Mayim's face as she turned around and Jim hinted the list was long, they cracked me up! It is a terrible teasing from writers but can't buy Sheldon would not know what he was doing. Writers must proove me I was wrong in upcoming episodes...or not!!
  18. Ship Zone

    The extended promo of next episode is up! One more Sheldon quote in tag scene can be heard :"It's long isn'it?" Writers got carazy, lol!
  19. Ship Zone

    Please, please! If they were reading a book, gosh, it would be one of my must see shamy scenes on screen! I just love this built up of options!
  20. Ship Zone

    I get always enthusiastic about a taping but honestly my expectations are low about what kind of bed scene could be. However I just love shamy bedroom scenes as they have been always great as our couple talk about important stuff to their relationship as they bond even more. So my expectation is more shamy goodness for I keep in my favourites memories from them this season Btw, about majim performances, well it might be one more of these scenes they do just perfectly and I love that! <3
  21. Ship Zone

    Yeah, Jim usually post recent stuff in his IG and usually we get the right vibe he wanted as he shared the post. Imo as he and Mayim shared same photo means certainly a great shamy vibe in next taping as they enjoy to connect with shamy fans . Can't wait to see what was about <3
  22. Ship Zone

    I thought you would like to see this, if you had not seen it yet. It is not about the one that's airing though ..from Jim 's IG about probably next taping
  23. Ship Zone

    Course I would be over the moon if shamy made love in this taping and I really hope they can make it asap without any previous plan but I must confess that SIS would put me over the moon too! It is really something powefull for we see Sheldon initiating it and see Amy's happiness for that , it would be just wow! Let them making out, spoonning and passionate lovemaking and it would happen a healthy earthquake in fandom! Just saying, lol! * dreaming face*
  24. Ship Zone

    Nothing wrong indeed! Actually many of our shamy dreams have been coming true this season , so the dreams we are sharing today here could come true too! *crosses fingers * Edit: passionate lovemaking is a powerful image! Love that! <3