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  1. Ship Zone

    I dont want to sound negative but I think it will be unlikely to have sex and engagement together this season . That ring imo might come up in first half of season 11. But I could be wrong, of course.
  2. No worries, hehe But I hope you are strongly wrong!
  3. Ship Zone

    Me too, Anita. In a few days we will know all true. Shamy shipper strength is our super power
  4. Ship Zone

    Tbh I can not imagine neither Sheldon nor Amy cheating each other whatever the circunstances that could lead to that. Writers like taking risks but I doubt they wanted a huge discontent reaction from the audience for something that could turn as unfixed to shamy relationship . As many of you have been saying it took years for Sheldon and Amy became intimate to each other as they were not very socialized people and they are very quirky people as well, especially Sheldon. Besides they have a low sex drive. One of them having sex with someone else just because they were away from each other a few weeks, months would be like they suddenly changed of personality, I mean, it would not be Sheldon and neither Amy. Fans love them the way they are, it would not make any sense to destroy in one episode what had taken several seasons to anchieve. And If Ramona would be only a motive of Amy felt jealousy? As the gang got worried, maybe for Ramona be around Sheldon even for professional motives and being Amy away, it might turned to happen a miserstooding and Sheldon for fixing it go to Princeton seeing Amy? Imo jealosy Amy has a nice comedy potencial and a funny season finale is rather prefered than a too dramatic one. It could be better for ratings but a sitcom lives from laughs and funny stuff could feed a hiatus of such nice talks about characters next steps in next season. I could be very wrong but imo the big cliffhanger of the season is still hidden. I just hope fans can spend a nice hiatus as excitingly wait for season 11. It maybe not very realistic but imo it is possible to happen
  5. Obviosly I meant after season 10.
  6. Hope you did not mind I pointed it out.
  7. Agree! And do you mean Ramona, right?
  8. Sorry but I can not put a scenario where Sheldon exists without Amy. So I can not answer to your question as some speculations are not likely in my tbbt fan pov. If she 's gone, it is very likely I am done with the show.
  9. Same here. However that line could mean Sheldon now is aware he is not a perfect human being as he thought he was in past and as Amy is going to be in a place filled of genius minds type that she could find someone else from their work field as interisting or more than he is. I believe it is likely to be a drama tease quote.
  10. Even Mayim could have not signed, thing I dont believe that happened btw, I think it would be the most ooc excuse for justify Amy absense in Sheldon's life.
  11. Same here. Imo two seasons are enough to settle that because if Penny got pregnant somewhere in s11, the baby could born in s12. As I dont believe much at moment honestly that the show goes beyond s12, it would be a nice solution for more babies from lenny or shamy. Or they could show the babies in end of the show. I would not need to see the babies growing up in scene. A few flasbacks would be really cool imo.
  12. Unless the babies scenes were made with howardette and lenny always together in scene for the babies be in situations we could not seen them but hearing them . A lenny baby would make sense for the show premise of smart and beautiful baby quote for lenny but imo that baby would not make sense as we could not seen him/her. I dont know, it is a interisting question if the show had two babies before its last episode.
  13. I love Pamy since always. They are now even better as their friendship works in a more equally way. Speaking about characters interactions l would like much the show could explore more group plots like the "The Love car displacement ", one of my fav tbbt episodes for the comedy of the interactions and the dialogues which were gold imo. There are so many potencial situations that would work in great episodes as the group is bigger and more involved in things like work and family. If they could still do things in group like nerd and geek stuff would be really cool!
  14. Ship Zone

    What I know is a summary had been tricky before. Until I know more about why Ramona could be a concern, I am cool. The gang sometimes overeact things for comedy purposes, LOL!
  15. Ship Zone

    Tbh I dont believe they will ruin shamy but the unknown sense of how Ramona will play out a role in finale shake my nerves a bit, hehe! However I trust shamy feelings for each other, whatever would happen, they would make it. Sheldon as many of us have been saying and well , he would not betray Amy in any way. She neither to him. He wont be like his father and now he is well aware about how his feelings for Amy are important to him and to her as well. Amy had proved since always she had only eyes for Sheldon, so from both I have no worries they would always following their hearts. We cant say the writers dont know how to make the aproaching of a season finale very exciting, lol!
  16. Actor

    I love Kunal's smile!
  17. Thank you so much for the additional info. It is very appreciated.
  18. That's so cool! You know, I have always had a shipper soul, hehe! My friends and I were very active to ship offline couples from tv like Dempsey and Makepeace and Maddie and David from Moonlight as I was a teen. When internet became a usual thing for everyone have acess in my country , one of the funniest things were my times as Ron and Hermione shipper online and the great discovery of fanfics, lol! Glad to know the shipper therm was created from such amazing tv show like X-Files . A nice shipper comunity online is something really cool and I am really glad to have found this one which allow me to have also great conversations about other tv shows couples I love like Mulder and Scully! Cheers to Internet!
  19. I must confess the premise of the show did not get me curious but after hearing for all these years their chemestry as Molder and Scully was brilliant, I had a try. And now I am hooked, love these two!
  20. Ship Zone

    The most wanted shamy shopping household itens wishlist imo : a couch and a bed. Hope seasons 11 and 12 could bring them for our couple. Sheldon deserve a big bed after 10 years sleeping on short ones!
  21. Ship Zone

    Agree! And the couch's back height is horrible for their back. They need to get a new one more suitable to their health. And also more suitable for their snuggling on couch time!
  22. Ship Zone

    Looking foward to seeing the shamy goodness indeed! Amy seems to be helping Sheldon about something that bothers him and he is listening her as usual! Love that! Three days left to the all true about 10.24! So exciting!
  23. Ship Zone

    That's a shamy shipper through and through indeed, lol! I am one too but my nails are simple without nailpolish!
  24. Ship Zone

    About the bold part, imo makes all sense as they choose to have sex as their goodbye activity. Shamy is now a couple emotionally bonded who also knows how to express physically how much they are bonded emotionally. A situation like a temporary separation from external reasons like work made them to handle with the situation as their relationship is stronger than ever. It is a situation quite powerful emotionaly speaking. It is natural for a couple wishing to make love before saying the temporary good bye as a way to show how much they love each other, and shamy are right now in that relationship level and imo it is the perfect way to they lost themselves in their emotions and show physically how much they desire each other as well. And finally to realize that both want to express their love physically more than once in a year because they share emotions in their daily that would make them feel more into the need of make love to each other in a more regular way than they have been made so far. And imo there might not be a pregnancy scare in their way. That's about time to let shamy living their sexuality fully before they get engaged. Babies might happen later for them.
  25. Actor

    March for Science, that's so cool!