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  1. Hi Mike! wondering about your mom, I know she was sick. Winner right here!!
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Ship Zone

    Yep, I have seen Jim pulling that sled. 1,001 times. Nope. Nothing wrong with that back. Or legs, or butt, or arms or... Hey I am not sure if this is the correct place to mention this. Any of you fan fiction writers want to write about Shamy and the summer. It could include many of the fantastic ideas from above/previous pages. I will need some summer Shamy...just a thought. I would totally read it.
  4. Ship Zone

    You are fantastic!
  5. Ship Zone

    Only a couple days until we find out from nice people who wish to spoil us....hopefully.
  6. Does not bug me...if Penny really wanted to be there.
  7. I really like this...
  8. I hope it is on the blooper reel that is released...
  9. Perhaps they could take cooking classes together...(sad attempt at humor). I would like to see Lenny have more date nights. Just the two of them. I would enjoy seeing a picnic in the park as a date....
  10. As a fan of Sheldon and Shamy, I would not object to having them happily in the background once in a while for the greater good of the show. I enjoy Lenny just fine. My question is what would you have the plots be about? They don't have much in common like Shamy does where they can do expirements together, work together and make up games... perhaps the new job episode will offer some new options for plotlines.
  11. I've seen all of them in each episode. Are they not in the remaining episodes? That would not be right...
  12. It goes both ways. Many fans think Lenny are all that is needed for this show. I think the show is strongest with all cast members. Not just Lenny or Shamy.
  13. Bernie and Howie? They had a baby. Howard has grown a lot the past few years.. Amy has grown as well. I think they all have in their own ways...
  14. Ship Zone

    I love everything about this