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  1. Ship Zone

    They look so relaxed and happy
  2. Ship Zone

    Remind me...what episode was this?
  3. Ship Zone

    I love iconic Sheldon best. Flash t-shirt and plaid pants. It would not feel right to me without his bright two color t-shirts. I hope they never change the way characters dress...can you imagine Howard without tight pants?
  4. Ship Zone

    Hope springs eternal I guess...just wondering why that prop and why now? I may be reading too much into it, just seems suspect to, a Shamy fan can dream right?
  5. Ship Zone

    Now I really wish they were taping tonight. I may die before Thursday from not knowing why this guy is back. And a bed scene also? This will be a great Shamy episode. I can just tell...oh, the anticipation is killing me!
  6. Ship Zone

    Shamyarmy2016 Is today your birthday? I thought I read on your post today is your birthday...if it is... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
  7. Ship Zone

    My hope is that they will soften Penny up a little and have her find her happiness again. I think the writers have made her too sarcastic, too mean. My favorite Lenny time is prom time. They were so sweet to each other back then...they should bring back the funny Dr. That Penny and Leonard talked to last season...
  8. Ship Zone

    YGTBK, IMOP, FWIW, Amy's SO is going to pop the big question. AAMOF I think he will be it before seasons end KYFC. OTOH, We now have two more seasons AFAIK, so it may just be SSDD until TPTB decide otherwise. SICR. TWF!!!
  9. I would love this.. For Lenny - More screen time, a road trip and some romantic/fun dates (picnic in a park) . More family from both sides. For Shamy - Another milestone met and meeting Amy's family. More Meemaw and Mary Cooper. More Amy fantasies. For Howardette - Great stories about raising a child, meeting Howards dad and finding out why Howard wears the alien pins on his shirt all the time. For Raj - Emily. I loved her... more of his hilarious parents and perhaps some siblings...but NOT Priya. I did not like the way she treated Leonard. More group gatherings and more cafeteria conversations More Stewart and Bert. Kripke also.
  10. Ship Zone

    I am dreaming here too...they are heating up fast. They are no longer simmering but approaching a boiling point.
  11. Ship Zone

    Bummer, I love being spoiled on Wednesday mornings...I guess Thursday will be extra fantastic then. New episode and hopefully some spoilers as well. Thursday will be a fun day in the forum I would love some Shamy friend just mentioned that spooning often leads to forking. so perhaps both lol!!
  12. Ship Zone

    She looks adorable in everything she wears...
  13. Ship Zone

    Hahaha thank you! Makes complete sense...
  14. Ship Zone

    Forgive me for asking this it may be really obvious...but what does OTOH mean? I am so clueless with this stuff like this. It took me a month to figure out TPTB meant the powers that be. I would love it if Amy wore Sarah Jane's dress. I think no matter the wedding it will be Amazing, charming and hilarious...