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    I agree I loved the I will miss you more sweet! I thought the kiss was very awkward, not very steamy. It was funny though, and very Shamyesk. In general, I found this episode to be fun to watch...
  2. Ship Zone

    Perhaps the baseball game when Howard was supposed to throw the opening pitch?
  3. Ship Zone

    Love conductor Sheldon
  4. Ship Zone

    Happy New Episode Week! So excited
  5. Ship Zone

    I can´t speak for all, but I´am pretty sure that all want a renewal for sure! My hopes for Shamy the rest of the season (and maybe another one more) are: - Amy´s plot about her job (because I love her at the lab so much) - More about Amy´s family (after a proposal maybe it's the right time) - A trip to a flag conference (or something like that) - More Roleplay Science fiction (Amy with the Star Treck uniform again!) - A proposal for sure (I´m diying just imagining it!) - Preparing things about the wedding (Do you remember Sheldon inviting people to Lenny's wedding? OMG! and Amy preparing the bridesmaids like when Bernie! So hilarious!) - Maybe see Jr (Sheldon´s big brother), meemaw and Missy again (I love Sheldon´s family) - And for sure Shamy´s wedding and their honeymoon in a sleeper car train! If something of this happen will be glorius! what are your hopes for the future, guys? My gut says they will do one more season. All the actors seem to want to return and they still have great ratings for the network. If they continue I would like to see an engagement and a Victorian style wedding. I would love to see a trip to see Amy's mom or Amy's mom come for the wedding. I would not like to see a pregnancy or baby...I want Sheldon and Amy to be married and enjoying each other for awhile first. I guess I just want more domestic bliss stuff to continue. Am I missing something? Kissing, legs lifts?? Where is this at?!
  6. Ship Zone

    I think they do still love each other very much. I think that Lenny is just experiencing a difficult time adjusting to living by themselves sans Sheldon. Kind of like how in many instances when a child leaves for college mom and dad may struggle because it has been about the kids forever. (Sheldon, in this case). Could Penny somehow be looking to fill the "empty nest" by allowing her brother to live with him who may or may not be needing taking care of until he gets his life in order again? Perhaps Sheldon was providing a buffer from Lenny communicating efficiently about needs, wants and desires. I think it is just an adjustment period for the two. They have never taken care of just each other since being married or living together.
  7. As someone with Autism I relate to his character. I understand his struggle to read emotions, body language and verbal language that is not cut and dry an direct. I love that he is working to improve himself and is trying to better understand the social constructs that surround him.
  8. Sheldon is my favorite character and I would have no interest in the show without him being there.
  9. Ship Zone

    After checking out some other forum rooms I have decided that this is the room for me. There is too much negativity about the show and it's characters otherwise. Kind of a downer....I guess I am kind of surprised to see that on a fan sight.
  10. Ship Zone

    I am thinking that also since nobody was horribly excited with having a baby on set. I think it is a great way to honor Howard's mom. On Shamy I would love to see an episode where Amy is really missing Sheldon from him working late on the NASA project with the guys and Sheldon sneaks away early because he is really missing her also. Plenty of cuddling and such my sharing a blanket watching a movie. Just domestic bliss kind of stuff I wonder if the will get engaged/married this season due it possibly being the last season. I hope so...that they get engaged. Not that it is the last season.
  11. Ship Zone

    I would love to see some Shamy spooning and coitus more then just once a year. They live together now after all. My season 10 bucket list . I love that everything is picking up steam for them! Also, on a different subject Howardette is my second favorite couple. Do you guys think they will show the baby or always just heard but never seen? Isort that allowed to be asked in here?
  12. Ship Zone

    Hi, I am new to this forum but am a huge fan of TBBT. Shamy is by far my favorite couple. This has been such a great season for them. I just wish there wasn't so many re-runs this month because time stands still for me without new episodes. I hope that they will have some new stuff for awhile now. Counting the days until the Romance Recalibration episode. In the mean time I saw Hidden Figures and it was amazing! You all should run to the theater to see it!
  13. Ship Zone

    What I noticed in Sheldon and Amy's apartment in the brain bowl episode Penny's fridge pictures are gone. Weird to see no pictures on the fridge...Hoping to see some Shamy ones soon. Sheldon moved his white board across the hall in to new place. and finally Kunal left a troll on the bookshelf in Amy's and Sheldon's house. I guess a little fun aimed at his new movie with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Slowly but surely becoming the Shamy home.
  14. Yes. Thank you they were posted shortly after I asked. Thanks for responding back.