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  1. Ship Zone

    good news,now I am spoiler free now,haha, I watched the 1013,I am happy for sheldon and amy,their teenager style fasinated me.not to mention the" I miss you",I believe I am not the only one recall the episode 5x19 in which howard and brenie said the samilar thing.the x and x+1 lines are so romantic that I almost forget the pain when studying math.
  2. I find in this episode Howard is really cute,I like the H/B/R scenes. and I don't like sheldon teasing leonerd and their marriage. I rated very good,though I wanted to rate good.
  3. Ship Zone

    God,I love this sentence so much. yes,these three gulps make me believe in him really physically wanting her . (gifs from other fans on Tumblr .) thank you shamy fellas. thanks a lot to the gulps ,without them ,I could not imagine what were Amy waitng for ,for years. I've been too late to catch up to so many spectacular shamy discussions. But my English is poor,so that's it.
  4. Episodes

    speaking of Amy's character, I agree with @ camelliayao "Her personality is whatever the plot requires it to be." in 6x07,for example,amy was impolite to Will at first,acting like a real "pain in the ass",But I never blame her.she is just a tool to help the storyline. The wedding thing confused me too.Staying late in Leonerd's,until S came back,she asked leonerd to go to the wedding.Someone said it was Amy wanting to make sheldon jealous,er,which freaked me out .It sounds horrible so I choose not to believe it no matter how realistic it is. But I still think Amy cared more about her and penny than her and sheldon in that period.
  5. Episodes

    I was told that the line" Faisal is my fiance" is the writers' mistake and the writers hope we can forget that "fact" Amy had a fiance. Is that true? when and where the writers say that? maybe you know that. thank you .
  6. Episodes

    In 1x02 sheldon: gravity,you are a heartless bitch. however,in 8x12 Sheldon: son of a bitcuit.(replace bitch with biscuit) which reminds me of the episode 6x07 where sheldon said "A-S-S". I think it's inconsistence. it's very common in the show. In 1x01(not pilot),L said to S "you are a semi pro" while in 4x24 Amy: I was proposing you massage your muscles with you own hands. S:still sounds like a lot of unnecessary touching. alright,at this moment, I have to admit masturbation involved necessary touching. but,in 4x 15 Amy: Technically, Faisal is my fiance. imo this is a complete bullshit just used to make laugh. I Like you focus on the details, I appreciate that. in some ways I love the small details which make shamy precious and unique.
  7. Ship Zone

    I don't know,I just screamed when looking at the photo...the kiss,their hands, their legs...I assume a lot of night dreams waiting for me...
  8. Ship Zone

    611 811 something changed.
  9. Is it the first time in whole sences leonerd doesn't talk to sheldon in a single episode?even in 7X11 leonerd say" hi buddy" to sheldon.Am I wrong?
  10. Ship Zone

    My English sucks but I just can't repress my feelings anymore.when seeing this episode,I found myself experiencing"mental orgasm" again ,(I don't remenber what details brings it,it doesn't matter,I love all the details)yes,I call it doesn't very intense as same as before, but enjoyable.shamy gives me lots of mental orgasm.this is very impressive to me. I don't want to say I even force myself reach mental orgasm by recalling shamy stuff or reading shamy fictions before falling sleep.Before seeing this episode,I saw the TR(not seeing details),I just was a little exciting because ,you guys know, it still happens in Amy's birthday, and I feel disappointed about that.But After finishing watching, I found I could't find out something wrong about shamy stuff anymore. it seems like I'm the first time into their relationship when I am watching them. It's just so realistic,like they are real people in this world. It's just so beautiful and make it up things I can't get from a fiction. I have been into shamy for only four months, I have been customed to read comments from this forum without saying something.I owe you guys a word, thank you.thank you for your enlightening,touching,or whimcally funny comments. I'm a passenger,just for shamy,I'm here now.
  11. addicted
  12. NHIE had sex with someone who owned an Ipad or other Apple Products.
  13. At the end of this episode,leonerd told sheldon to keep the secret.Sheldon can't keep secret,right? I'm a little confused.
  14. Howard say FWF has no audience kind of hurts me.and raj,when other couples talking,is a little lonely.
  15. I want to say maybe sheldon don't want to hurt other people,but objectively speaking,he do hurt others no matter he wants or not.By th way,I don't hate sheldon.