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  1. Ship Zone

    I'm sleepy and spechless and happy and I might explode from feelings right now. thank you @kazzie and @shamyyellow and everyone who provided spoilers, and congratulations to all my shamy fellows.
  2. Ship Zone

    If they are deleted, I'll cry
  3. I think nothing prepare you to be a parent
  4. Ship Zone

    Happy Revolução dos Cravos day.
  5. Also the space is an issue for a shamy baby, there is no room for a baby in their apartament. If they were to have a one they had to switch apartaments with lenny or move out. so if any couple were to get pregnant lenny is a more logical option to me, more time in the marriage, and a room for a baby. Yo mean josé. Or Paco
  6. Ship Zone

    i can't do that, I shouldn't do that, I have a full work day tomorrow, but now you have planted that idea in my mind
  7. Ship Zone

    Happy taping day for everyone and peaceful, nightmare free night for those in non american time zone .How am i supposed to sleep tonight? I don't know
  8. Ship Zone

    Molaro is hinting trouble for both couples, a posible break up for lenny and the ramona thing for shamy. One of them has to be resolved and the other has to be the cliffhanger
  9. Ship Zone

    In the shamy's pre break up relationship i could see ramona threating the relationship, not in a romantic way, but convicing sheldon the romantic distraction are getting him away from the nobel prize. Sheldon breaking up with amy with his head filled of lies it could have been plausible in the past, he tried over a table. But now, post break up sheldon knows what he risks losing, so she can manipulate him, for whatever reason she has, using science, he may be oblivius, unaware, but I think that in the second he realizes what is happening, by himself or with help, he is going to react
  10. Ship Zone

    That is truth, but that synopsis is about the pre finale, it implies zack can be the cause of their break up and we know that is not the case, at least in 10x22 and 10 x 23. And we don't know if he is in the finale, but I don't think he is, it would be almost the same plot for 2 couples
  11. Ship Zone

    Ok, did you read the lenny sinopsis for the pre finale?. It's designed to fear the possibility of a Lenny's break up and we know that doesn't happen .to the unspoiled people zack is showed like a threat and he can't be less harmless in the episode. Get my point?
  12. Ship Zone

    I'm very curious about what part amy is going to play in the episode, she is away so it has to be via skype, is she going to find out about whatever got the gang concerned about ramona in this episode?, who tells her, the girls? Sheldon? How is she going to react?
  13. Sheldon is famous for spilling secrets. The bar is more shocking
  14. Ship Zone

    Of course. But I think ramona's return points more to sheldon. I don't think that the "don't fall in love with another scientist" line is relevant. I see it like a joke
  15. I'm still thinking that the synopsis for the finale is carefully worded to make us think one thing and not expect the real thing