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  1. Ship Zone

    Good morning people!!! And what a way to start my day. Gollum+bed they are playing with my heart
  2. Ship Zone

  3. Ship Zone

    The view from the window looks like a beach or it's my imagination?
  4. Ship Zone

    There are promo pics out. There are only 6 that I have seen, 3 are shamy's.
  5. Ship Zone

    The drawing is spectacular. Congrats
  6. Ship Zone

    We haven't promo pics yet this week, have we?
  7. Ship Zone

    Come on! He has to know what he is doing, I don't buy he isn't aware of the sexual innuendo
  8. Ship Zone

    What is that? Klingon?
  9. Ship Zone

    We don't know. We just have a photo from Jim's IG that I can't download for the life of me. It's a bed scene with Jim and Mayim
  10. Ship Zone

    Haapy birthday tooooo yoooou Haapy birthday toooo yooouu Happy bitdthay amethyst haaapyyyyy birthdaaayyy tooooo yoooooouuuuu hot makeout and passionate lovemaking it will be. Good birthday wish!
  11. Ship Zone

    Really??? , I've changed a meeting to thursday so I could be here on wednesday!!!!, (yes I'm so obssesed). Well, while I'm trying to unchange it, someone wanna bet what we'll see in that bed scene? I say something coitus related, because dreaming is free
  12. Ship Zone

    I really really disliked meemaw, not only she was mean and unfair to amy, she was to Sheldon too. Spilling the beans about the ring in that way was a low blow and hurt both of them, I don't know in what terms they are now, but basing my opinion only on what we wached on screen she deserves to have her ring back and amy a new one on her finger.
  13. Ship Zone

    I wonder if the memaw debacle have something to do with the delay, that episode was awful and in my opinion It tainted the future proposal with that ring a little. The romanticism of the familiar heirloom lost its significance when memaw said she didn't want it to be in amy's finger. If they do that I'm getting mad, really really mad
  14. Ship Zone

    It has to happen sooner rather than later. I understand the delay after the break up, they were not ready, but at this point there are no reason for it they are almost married already
  15. Ship Zone

    Well I've always wanted taste the let it burn