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  1. Ship Zone

    Thanks for the subtitles
  2. Ship Zone

    i have so many arguments against that, but of course my point of view in a real life situation, for comedy porpouses all is possible. I have a very good story at the zoo when my daugther was 2 too, and at the amusement park at 3.
  3. Ship Zone

    I'm assuming halley is 3 months old, Spendind a day outside with your 3 months old baby, specially if it's the first one, involves leaving home like if you were to spend a week in the desert, you arrive at the zoo with the baby sleeping and at the second enclosure she is crying like mad, one hour later you have visited all the toilettes, two hours later you are overwhelmed because it's hot and you are afraid she gets dehydrated, buy lunch time you are tired of pushing the baby car, takes half an hour arguing with your husband and has seen two animals. My own experience
  4. Ship Zone

    It's a possibility, but believe me a baby at the zoo at halley's age is a bad bad idea
  5. Ship Zone

    If it's not the zoo i'm unable to fit the sloth with his habitat in any other logical way, It's like the western bar all over again
  6. Ship Zone

    I was in Costa Rica in my honeymoon, the tour guide stopped the bus each five minutes pointed to the trees and said "look the sloth in the tree top? can you see it" I never could, so i came back home having seen 3000 brown balls at the top trees, they said they were sloths and I had to believe. keep the expectations low is a good advice, but I don't know how
  7. Ship Zone

    i've tried not tell but I'm weak. Proposal at the zoo? I read it once on a fanfic
  8. Ship Zone

    Here it's the picture
  9. Ship Zone

    The link works ok. my imagination is running wild
  10. I did't say leonard and penny don't have nothing in common, I said the writters have made their differences "their thing", you are comparing them with monica and chandler when to me they are Ross and Rachel. The point of monica and chandler's relationship was the long term friends who fall in love and overcome their issues together. Ross and rachel were the scientific nerd boy in love with the popular girl, saving the distances from Lenny is a similar paradigm, and they were in a "neither with you nor without you" relationship until the very end. I didn't mean they can not enjoy their lives together or find things to do together I meant the writters, at the end always come back to the old issues with them
  11. I don't know if it is lazziness, lack of interest, fear to change, lack of creativity or what but I do think that kind of "push and pull" relationship was not meant to last 12 years.
  12. Because they have built their relationship based in their differences, their only common ground it was their love and their insecurities about it, all the "will the nerd boy get the hot girl?" paradigm, once the nerd boy got the hot girl and their love and their insecurities were supposedly settled with the engagement and later the marriage, they didn't know how to write them anymore. In my opinion, they are unable to find common ground for them, something both of them can enjoy doing together so the keep bringing out the old paradigm: their insecurities and their differences.
  13. Maybe this is not the right thread but I hope all of you UK friends are OK
  14. Ship Zone

    Why are the making the announcement now? At this point we could have wait a few days or weeks more until it was a close deal for everyone. I'm a little scared now what if they don't sign?
  15. Ship Zone

    So,If we are lucky and we have someone here attending the next taping, we may get more spoilers before 10x20 airs, they show the previous taped episode right?