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  1. Ship Zone

    Can't say I totally disagree but at least they were not arguing or fighting about the offer.........guess that has to count for something
  2. Tensor, in your excellent explanation of Penny and Leonard life, you mentioned their little touches and coziness together that makes them a real couple. Have a question I have wondered about. In some scenes, like if they are walking up or down the stairs, or sitting on the couch, or the example you stated in The Closet Configuration you see Penny take Leonards hand or clutch his you think that Kaley is directed to do this or does she just take it upon herself to enhance the scene. It always seems so spontaneous and natural and as you state loving.
  3. And thank you BFM and HOKIE for your concise analysis of the Penny/Leonard conundrum. Also, agree that some of the fanfiction stories are so good and imaginative it makes you wonder why the BBT writers cannot do it. Maybe going on strike will recharge their batteries.
  4. "From your mouth to God's ears"
  5. Yes Essentially an annulment erases the marriage off the books as if it never happened.
  6. Ship Zone

    Totally agree with your analysis. I also felt this was a good episode for LENNY showing their maturity as a couple and talking things out to resolve a situation. It does prove that the writers can show Penny and Leonard as adults and move along in their marriage. I too, was disappointed to not have seen their hugs and kisses after her phone call with Zack as per the TR. It would have shown their true love for each other. This could have been done in the tag scene but instead we got asshat Sheldon on stilts which had no relevance to the story at all.
  7. Ship Zone

    True This little snap shows how much she loves her man. I agree this episode was really the LENNY finale for the season. Hopefully, season 11 will bring more cute scenes like this one.............we Lenny fans certainly deserve it.
  8. That is possible but Johnny also has production deals and Kaley certainly would find work in commercials and other endeavors. Plus the fact that they both have a respect for the show and they have invested alot into it.
  9. Just goes to show the special bond they have for each other. Think they are as close as friends can be and believe she relies on his advice alot.
  10. I am more convinced than ever that Johnny and Kaley were not coming back for season 11 and were talked into returning with the promise of better scripts and storylines. I can only hope this is true and next season the plots will revolve more around them than Shamy
  11. Or maybe combining the two suggested storylines: a job offer and a pregnancy scare Which one will it be as a cliffhanger?
  12. Agree This goes along with other suggestions that an arc for LENNY will be trying to conceive during season 11....there have been worse plots than this in season 10
  13. Please don't give me agita (italian for heartburn). Have to go to bed
  14. Just throwing this out there.......Suppose Penny gets a job offer that takes her out of town for awhile, so both Amy and Penny are away and that would leave Sheldon and Leonard in apt 4a to contemplate "WHAT IS HAPPENING"
  15. Ship Zone

    Yes! This is so true. And I must say that was a very thoughtful insight on your post. Great job! Also, in that interview you mentioned from season 6 they both acknowledged that the "I Love You" scene was special to them as well as the story. I would imagine it was special because of their past history together. But the scene was done in only one take and they both seem to be absorbed into their characters. So, like you state hopefully there will be more scenes like this in the future episodes.