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  1. Ship Zone

    That´s totally looks like a kindergarten to me, thanks for share! Here the prove for the ones than didn´t see it: So ok, let´s see, I can totally see a plot about Halley´s first day at kindergarten, for the little we know about the last episode, Bernadette was coming back to work so this totally fits with that, or (more comedy) is not the first day and the teacher calls them because Halley is crying high or other funny anecdote. (that´s fits more with the style of the writters). I hope we can know more details on tuesday. Bert can fits well in a FwF plot, I don´t know where he is from, (maybe Australia? he doesn´t has accent, right?) but he can be their special guest or maybe something related to a geology and flags? I don´t know but sounds fun the three together. And the zoo part, I really, really want that is a Shamy plot at the zoo, maybe is the tag scene, because they speak about how slowly their relationship is in the episode and is the final joke. I love speculate about this, so fun!!!
  2. Ship Zone

    Yay! Happy Birthday Captain Jim, you made us so so happy!
  3. Ship Zone

    I love you so much right now!!!! Totally this need to happen! Shamy babysitting Halley at the zoo *sigh*
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm out of my mind right now, I don´t know if it´s for not have spoilers but this is so so exciting for me! Shamy at the zoo is my list of must and maybe I can see it? *OMG*
  5. Ship Zone

    OMG I´m not ok right now, my head say: SHAMY AT THE ZOO! and my heart say: PROPOSAL AT THE ZOO!!!!!!! I´m fangirling so hard LOL Now, I little more calm down, maybe a visit to the zoo with howardette with little Halley? that would be cute! I need shamy at the zoo! *sigh*
  6. Ship Zone

    Yes, Bert and wine, curious combination haha I wonder what is going on there, I can´t imagine what is doing Bert in 4A, in Shamy´s apartment can be but in 4B? is weird, Leonard doesn´t know him, right? I know Raj does, he went with him and Howard to the rocks symposium (or whatever was) and Penny went to his apartament for the "party" but still is not like a closer friend to invite.
  7. Ship Zone

    I think that all this advance in Sheldon in all this season is going to culminate in the proposal, it´s realistic and very organic, they are now ready for the next step (for much that I would loved that the proposal had happened before, I think was wrong, now it´s the perfect time, they know each other, they love living together and they love the other "exactly how they are" *sigh* He know he is ready and I hope we can see a conversation (maybe with Penny) about it. I like the idea of Sheldon/Bernadette and Howard/Amy plot and explore the two diferents points of view about marriage life, the most part is because I want to see these two (H&A) hanging on together again hehe (so funny the Neil Diamond car)
  8. Ship Zone

  9. Ship Zone

    Thanks @RJ1013 for the details, I can´t wait to watch it. This season it will be remembered as one of the Shamy´s gold seasons! and if we are lucky, could finale it with the (very) expected proposal!! Cheers for season 10! It´s a good time for be a Shamy fan!
  10. Ship Zone

    Hahaha I love all your moments!!!! OMG! I can´t decide bc all are perfect!!! but my top 10 are, (not in order) - 9X10 (You are my heartworm) - 9X11 (We can find out together) - 8x08 (The only conclusion was love) - 7x15 (Kissing is romantic) - 8x20 (it´s a big fort) - 5x23 (we´re playing doctor, Star Trek style) - 10x11 (A Gryffindor sleeping with a Hufflepuff? How scandalous) - 5x10 (Amy, you will be my girlfriend?) - 10x08 (make a baby) - 6x10 (you want to spank me?)
  11. Ship Zone

    Can be more cute these two little pies? *sigh* I one of the promo pics they are both smiling to each other at the sofa, made my heart melt!!! Can't wait to see the episode, this season is the best or what? YAY!!!!!
  12. Ship Zone

    I'm going to read the spoilers but I would like to participate here too, would someone like to make a marathon of Shamy moments? We can make a list and see the five more voted? for example, then we comment it, so we can make the wait until the next episode more easy.
  13. Ship Zone

    Yeah I have the feeling that in this episode we are not going to see them working in the project, but let´s see, maybe it´s another Shamy glory! hoping for Sheldon with a cowboy hat! *sigh*
  14. Ship Zone

    When people ask me, why do you spend so much time in the forum? It's only 20 minutes per episode, what do you talk about? It´is not boring if you know all the episode before watch it? ...... THIS IS ALL I NEED TO RESPOND! Thanks, I having so much fun just especulating from a video of 10 seconds LOL!
  15. Ship Zone

    I hope so not, for more that I hate that Sheldon had that bad infancy is part of how he is, I hope don't change his past just for the prequel, I'll be very mad if they do that!