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  1. Ship Zone

    I'm not against for a proposal on the part of the woman, (They did it "a little" with Penny) but in this case the problem is "press Sheldon" so I don´t think they do something like that, and I will not lie you, I die of love for another speech of love from Sheldon (Like the heartworm one) and Amy´s face when he definitly ask her "Amy Farrah Fowler, will you marry me?" *sigh* (Omg writers come on, do it!!)
  2. Actor

    They are the cutest! They seem so happy, Happy Birthday Todd! ♥♥
  3. Ship Zone

    Oh yeah right!! This week is the best or what? I can´t wait to see those moments! They are so happy and make me very happy too!
  4. Ship Zone

    So I need to say that I'm very happy with this episode, for one part it's a very crucial thing to know the feelings of the girls! (The ShAmy part) the ring, of course, if we think of it a lot just imagine Amy, If were me, I can't imagine knowing for almost a year that my boyfriend had a ring but the proposal never comes up (so hard for her). I think this is a way from the writers to show us that the proposal it's coming and I think that Sheldon is going to give us a clue in the next episodes! other scene, Amy looks hot for go to a party? Woo I can't wait to see her, Mayim it's a very pretty woman and she will be amazing with good clothes. And the tag scene of course, it's this a dream? OMG Jim it's working out very hard so I can imagine what is going on under that's flash t shirts!! Woo! Can't wait to see Amy's face looking to a hot Sheldon! And the last, I know we all had a lot of theories since the Instagram photo about the train and anyone was very close to the reality but anyway I'm so happy because they look very happy together, more and more intimate and close, and that's the important thing, the proposal may can't come but for me they are already a happy married couple
  5. Ship Zone

    Guys, Who is refreshing the website all the time to read some spoilers? I´m so anxious, I can´t wait!!!
  6. Ship Zone

    Oh, good! Thanks I didn't know that they project the taped scenes too! Lucky for us a Shamy fan from tumblr is in the taping so certainly we can have a report!
  7. Ship Zone

    I know, so many possibilities and all are so good! I was thinking if Shamy recorded their plot yesterday maybe we´ll not know much about what happens on the train for the report, We may see something about why they are going or something of what happen if they return soon and tell to their friends! On one hand it gives me a little of anxiety but on the other hand it may be good and we will have the surprise (maybe a proposal so they want to keep the secret until the date approaches)
  8. And if every couple have a good valentine's day (Raj too) so no one need to be disappointed! Just an idea ...
  9. Ship Zone

    Happy taping´s day fellows! Today is an exciting one, maybe one of ours theorys from yesterday was right or maybe the writters surprise us with something better, anyway I hope it's an episode that we enjoy it! Have a nice day and cheers for Shamy!! ❤ ❤
  10. Ship Zone

    That´s perfect for them! Can´t wait for more details!!
  11. Basics Name: Ana Age: 27 Birthday: January 15 Sex: female Eye colour: brown Hair colour: brown Height: 1,64 m Any pets if yes what are there names: A little hamster named Mrs Patata Favorite Drink: Coca-cola Food: Sushi Colour: Turquoise Store: Amazon (and Aliexpress for silly things) Either/Or Spender or saver: Spender Books or movies: Movies (more series) Sweet or salty: sweet
  12. Ship Zone

    That sounds very romantic and combine so well with them ❤ Ok now that I read about the overalls, I can´t take of my mind a Sheldon in a train conductor costume! *OMG*
  13. Ship Zone

    Sounds possible, maybe they went to a romantic picnic and they get lost! that will be hilarious!
  14. Ship Zone

    Totally, just with the both together is already perfect! ^^ but come on, can you imagine a proposal? OMG i get nervous just thinking it! haha for myself (keep calm, you can do it!!) *sigh* It´s so difficult, I'm very bad in that, haha! I´am more the kind of fangirl that can´t take out a idea of her mind for days, cry and roll in the bed with crazy ideas LOL *is so fun too*