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  1. Ship Zone

    Haha thanks guys, I not going to be spoilers free, just I don´t want to know HOW he does, but I really want to know the rest of course, I know is complicated but I´ll try!
  2. Ship Zone

    Happy taping day! I'm going to be very careful reading these days the forum because if it the proposal I don´t want to know how he does, so maybe I´ll be out for a while if that happens, I want be surprise because is a big moment!! *sigh* have a lovely day and we hope we can have a fun episode, yay!
  3. Ship Zone

    The sin closet has my name in it! so bad, bad girl! LOL
  4. Ship Zone

    Can we talk about the way Sheldon pass his fingers softly for the paper? like he is passing his fingers on Amy’s body? *sigh* OMG! If someone had doubts about if he knows what he was doing ... HE KNOWS, and he knows to do it VERY WELL!
  5. Ship Zone

    I understand you so much, I know sounds silly for alot of people but this two give so much hapiness that is crazy, and when I found the fandom I felt so welcome and integrated, that gave me happiness in a difficult time, all here share the same feeling and it's wonderful that we can have a place to talk about, if you need something or just someone to see fluffly shamy episodes "together" (even via internet) I´m here!!!
  6. Ship Zone

    Omg! My face turned red like a tomato and I laughed like very loud, so embarrassing I was at the street LOL Dr Copper you are going to kill us!! Now we know why Mayim and Jim laughed after taping this hahaha!!
  7. Ship Zone

    OMG Yes please! is one of my dream´s scenes for them, just reading in silence in the bed, so comfy and "married" or better if they are the kind of couple that read to each other in turns *sigh* smalls dreams but can be true, look at all we have this season! yay!!!!
  8. Ship Zone

    I hope you are right! I really want to see them in bed again (hopefully spooning! yay!)
  9. Ship Zone

    I don't want to disappoint anyone but when I saw the photo of Jim´s insta I thought that was for the last episode, when she was in bed and he appears with his whiteboard, in a rehearsal before the taping, it´s not the first time that they take a photo but they show us days later. I know i´m the bad now, but if I´m wrong we are going to have a bed time scene so PLEASE PLEASE I hope I´m wrong. And PLEASE give us SIS!! (Sheldon Initiated Spooning), I want to see that more than a sex scene (I´m crazy! LOL)
  10. Ship Zone

    I don´t think that Sheldon was going to proposal in 8x24, he had the ring yes, but as he said in the meemaw episode "I was thinking of giving it to you, but then you broke up with me", he actually went to ask her in the 9x07 when he saw Dave kissing Amy and that was devastating for him but I think that was the first try for him (that we know). I do think that in Christmas meemaw and Amy became more closer, I would love to hear a reference, maybe Amy cook some meemaw´s recipe and she remember the good time she had with her in Texas on or something like that. Happy Birthday @amethyst, have an awesome day!!!
  11. Ship Zone

    Yes, I don´t want to wait other season neither, or worse, that the writers start to tricking us with romantic dates or specials moments that looks like it can be the proposal time but end with not ring at all! That's not cool writers, please don't play with our hearts!
  12. Ship Zone

    Not just record in ratings, in gifs, tumblr explode and a lot of hearts attacks of fangirls! Hahaha
  13. Ship Zone

    hahaha OMG that will take all the episode just for him spoken LOL maybe a toast?
  14. Ship Zone

    Hey, How I Met Your Mother did an entire season about Barney and Robin wedding´s weekend, so why can we have that too? LOL
  15. Ship Zone

    I think that Amy is more for a romantic but intimate wedding, with her princess dress and her tiara, harp music and a lot of flowers, but I think that Sheldon is the one that is going to get crazy, always when he prepares things he wants to invite a lot of famous people so in his wedding he will want all the physics, Sicfi actors and more hahaha Stephen Hawkings for sure! LOL I can´t wait to see all the clan Cooper in "Gomorrah, California" and maybe if we are lucky we can meet George Jr yay!!!