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  1. I think Beverly is really the satan's voice in his mind. As pictured in many child comics. Leonard is and I think will be for ever insecure about himself and about his relationship with Penny. Though it's growing, the one who can trigger his insecurities the most, is the one who has caused it the most. And that willbe Beverly. It is known, that adults who has been mobbed in their childhood still feel the effect in their current time. Especiall y when they hear/meat the one who mobbed them or someone who is doing like that person. So it's pretty consistent (as some of the consistencies) in TBBT that Leonard will always act insecure with Beverly. And I think he always will be. From the serious side note; the "mobbing" his mother did was one of the worst someone can ever imagine.
  2. Ship Zone

    Both were cute and adorable. Liked the kitchen scene, great acting again by K/J. On the one hand I am sad they don´t go together to CC. I want defenitely see Penny as body painted she hulk. But I am very pleased if they show them going a weekend of together. Doing something exciting (well a little for Leonard).
  3. I agree with most of the opinions. I was amused. Indeed mybee to many stories in one. But overall a lighthearted feel good comedy. The Raj story is unbelievable but I guess it´s necessary as a set upt to get him a stabile relationship. The spoiled Raj was the main factor why the previous relationsships failed. I am so in love with the Lenny. They looked great!
  4. Ship Zone

    Hi Fellow Lenny´s. Let´s not be down of what the TR reflects. As a big whiney person, I am actually feeling pretty confident about our ship now. It sails in the right direction. Though it is in this thread the dream becomes reality :). Let me say I enjoy all your gifs, creativity a lot more than the current show. Thanks to you all!
  5. Well if that happens, it´s not only Raj who stabs Leonard in the back, it will be Penny too. It takes two to tango. Anyhow season 4 final was the main reason to me to stop watching TBBT for a long time. If the writers repeat that, I am out, but than for good. But let us stay strong and positive. I think even the writers (Lorre) know this is a dangerous line to cross. I think you are right. But it shows the despair of the Lenny shippers. The feeling that anything dark can happen, even the worst. Because of the absolutely evil and wrong writing of the writers.
  6. Man if that is the big bang, I am out too!
  7. I know, and strangely I am one of the biggest complainers about how Lenny has been written the last 2-3 years. But in a way this feels differently to me. Maybe it is a subject I had troubles with all the time and never been spoken out loud, or not so clearly.: the subject of the third person in the relationship of Lenny. But you are right, I really don´t know if the writers will adress this. Most likely not.
  8. I don´t know what to feel or to interprete this episode from the TR. As one of the main complainers about how Lenny is written lately I actually don´t feel that bad. If I have read it correctely between the lines, I think it can adress some major issues I personally have with Lenny (and a little bit with Shamy). I always have wondered why Lenny always needed a third person (mostly Sheldon, but sometimes Beverly, Howardette, Amy, Psychiatrist and even the Mandy girl) to adress their relationship problems. Sometimes it´s understandable. Everyone talks every now an than with friends-family about their relationship. But Lenny ALWAYS talks to others, like indeed they need a buffer to keep their relationship stable. Personally I hope by adressing it by Beverly, Lenny realize they need to talk which eachother. I know it´s a small hope, and as it is a comedy-sitcom, and knowing how the writers have written Lenny the last couple of seasons, it can turn out very wrong. But honestly I am glad they have mention it, for I hope they work this out positively. If not, well than it´s time to break them up. Because it will be more than beyond boring and annoying.
  9. wow what an extended and detailled report. Thank you so much. Actually the drama doesn't sound that dramatic. I mean those are the issues between Shamy and Lenny. It's good to have that spoken out loud. And I actually like Beverly's role. Always had, though I hated her sometimes for being such a mother for Leonard. I guess it's a classical I hate/I like you relationship I have with her :D.
  10. Thank you in advance. I hope you had a great time!
  11. Ship Zone

    @Luminous, thanks for giving me a sleepless night (again) . Wow that is some awesome and hot picture!
  12. Ship Zone

    Holy crap, this thread is a hot place at the moment, whew, it´s too bad that all of you aren´t writers of this show. Or maybe it is, because it won´t be valid for the youth restriction. But boy you all have a great phantasy!
  13. Ship Zone

    This is so true. And that's why he would be a tremendous tenure!
  14. Ship Zone

    At least there was no fight ;). But seriously there is always a sizzling chemistry between them. Their interaction is smooth, and they looked like a well oiled machine. Johnny and Kaley are superb comedy actors.
  15. Above average. I did like most of the parts around Raj. The opening scene did give me an old school vibe, and the spoiled story did have some great moments most of the part due to the interactions between Howardette and Lenny. Their reactions, comments and facial expressions were classic. But......Shamy....... I have thought a while about the news that there will be a 2 years of renewal. It gave me mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. The latter is confirmed by how Shamy was portrayed in this episode (and the last two seasons). As the main couple, they have become, it annoys me a lot. Especially the evolvement of Sheldon. It is an ungoing repetition of storys in two seasons of change. And my annoyance is keep repeating as well. Anyhow it reflects the mix feelings as I watch the show, from a sparkle of delight, to keep the remote control aside to turn off. The sometimes old school vibe, the other characters and of course Lenny keep me watching. But for how long....