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  1. BTW, Jim´s acting is imo much better if he is paired with Johnny. The moments where they were together (like in the klingon scenes) I could feel the old TBBT vibe. And it prooved to me that Johnny is one hell of a straight man. And he can stand alone much better with other actors as Jim can. For instance I like the brief moments he and Mayim share. The two are outshining the pairing Jim and Kaley at the moment, like the scene where Sheldon revealed his past (explaining the knocking). Which is suprisingly, because that was one of a hell comedic duo.
  2. First of all; I am not the one wishing it will end. though I understand some have those feelings-wishes. To me it´s a hypothetical discussion. I will not further go on, only by this reply. Constructive imo doesn´t mean agreeing on on someones opinion. It is respecting different views. And that can be a negative one. why is this thread otherwise for. Only to be constructive, on the positive side? That some, and sometimes me, ventilate our negative feelings doesn´t mean, at least to me, that we/I don´t respect the fact many others do like the show entirely, or in parts. I like Howardette too. I like Amy, and I love Lenny. And I don´t want the end yet. And if, than I am the first to stop watching again and hoping, wishing all who continue watching have a great time. But why should someone not show his or her "disgusted" feelings on this thread? About the Shamy, I often said I don´t like the Sheldon part, but I really like the Amy part. And that is not the writers fault imo. but Jim´s. I am deeply dissapointed in his acting this season. Frankly it is overacting to me.
  3. @FileXxX well I haven´t read all the posts. But I think, from what I read, that most of them just saying they hope it will stop. It´s the same I hope that the makers will stop producing Brussels sprout, to use your example. But wishing and hoping, is something different than ruin it for another. Someones feelings and thoughts can be negative, but doesn´t necessarily mean it must happen. This thread is as I see it pretty much a place to regulate all the positive and negative feelings. It´s pretty simple, in this world, thank god, people can have different opinions. Which can perfectly stand next to eachother. I don´t understand all your comments, but respect your opinions and I am sincerly glad you can enjoy the way the show is written nowadays. I sometimes can, and mostly I don´t. Do you have to care about it, no of course not.
  4. It´s not everybody. But the ones who don´t like the road the show is taking. Is that so hard to understand, even if that´s not your opinion. Sometimes some things are simple in life: if I don´t like something, than I must quit or the one what´s not to like has to quit. As for me (and solely to me), I have once decided to stop watching before after I didn´t like what the writers did with Lenny. At this moment I won´t because I still have hope that things will turn positively. But I really understand some feelings of people who want the show to its end. To me, I am indifferent. But I am too hooked on Lenny to stop now by myself.
  5. Ship Zone

    Love that scene, it is the beginning of a new and better Lenny 2.0 :).
  6. Ship Zone

    I can agree 80% with your opinion. Though one major difference is, what some already pointed out, in those episodes we didn´t only see them fight, and be good in the tags, but also talk about it. And what did we get in the last episode? A cucummer nonsense and Lenny asking if Sheldon could help out with writing down the RA (hahahaha, sarcasm mode). Anyhow if they need a RA for god´s sake, than SHOW us god dammit, about WHAT they need in the R.A. On what subjects. Actually we know they can argue on a funny way. The Beta Test was THE example. Where it was childish, it was fun to watch how they play that out. How Leonard did some ridicule propositions and Penny countered that with some overreacted suggestions and rules. But the main thing was they did it together!!!
  7. Ship Zone

    Thanks Strawberry Poptart Fan . Glad you liked it.
  8. Ship Zone

    It´s strange I am not longer attached to TBBT as I was long time ago, but Lenny are the rock, the foundation I always lean on. I deeply wish better storylines and more screen time. But even with only 2 minutes, I get my weekly doses. Yes I am furious on the writers, what they have done (or better said don´t do; let our couple shine) to Lenny. But even with weak or badly written material Johnny and Kaley still manage to outshine the others. And that is actually a big achievement. If this series ends, I don´t care much, but for them it could go on endlessly. And it will by this thread and the great memories about Lenny.
  9. Coincidentally I have rewachted (and especially these scene) of Friends, and I have to totally agree with you. The writers of Friends did some tremendous job around Rachel and Ross . If I am honest, they managed to keep a amazingly high level in total of 10 seasons, with maybe some weak moments. About TBBT, it´s irritating the levels are so fluctuacting from beyond amazing tilll terrible, like last episode. I don´t know why they can´t be consistent. After 6 it is very instable to me. Still it got it´s glorious moments. But more honestly; I think it´s more due to the actors than to the writers atm. Some has referred to the why... It´s Molaro, he doesn´t think it´s funny what you suggest...... Poor creativity-poor writing.......and in the end poor Lenny, throwing them for the bus.
  10. Would love to read your thoughts about it :).
  11. I agree it would be nice. I honestly must say, her being unhappy has annoyed me since s7. I watched s7,8,9, in a fast marathon to catch up. But if I compare Penny then to season 1 till 6, it´s almost shocking. Cynical, almost alcohol addicted. It´s not fun to look at her solely. The only thing that keeps her straight is Leonard. And that is unhealthy. It´s a very unbalanced relationship, I realize as a shipper. And again I agree fully with @bfm. Penny needs to have a fullfilled identity as soon as possible. To make a comparison with Rachel of Friends, she had a fullfilled carriere, going from a selfish girl to a full grown woman. I wish Penny gets the same treatment. I really loved her in her earlier days. Still do, but I am hoping to see a happy woman. And I still don´t believe that her main issue concerns Leonards, although it is played out that way yesterday. But that is really weak writing. I know it´s a comedy, and I know I over analyse many times. but in this I am pretty sure, Penny is unhappy almost depressed since s7 and that comes from different reasons as from Leonard.
  12. One of my thoughts which occured to me while reading some @bfm comments. Is it healthy that Penny get her whole identity soley out of her relationship? I mean, I remmber her saying especially Leonard and her friends are her passion and everything she needs.By that time it didn´t struck me, and it was incredible romantic to me. But now I am thinking that could be the main factor of her inconviences in her relationship. Sure she wants a more romantic Leonard. The way he was portrayed, btw class act by Johnny, it surely bothers. But forcing into THIS drama, I don´t get it. Only if there are an underlying other motive. And that can be the fact that Penny doesn´t worked ou her identity of her own. So maybe this isn´t a relationship drama, but an individual drama. Ok that plays out in the relationship and sure Leonard can help by behaving like a decent person. But I think Penny has to concentrate on finding a passion of her own, that can be a job, or hobby or.... In that way the RA is the more ridiculous, only a way to fight the symptoms, not the realy causes. Anyhow, I am still intruiged by these two. It is interesting how the evolve. The chemistry is still there!!
  13. Agree! BTW a cumcummer isn´t a vegetable, it´s a fruit. That is a painful mistake from the writers to give it as a line for genius " besserwisser" Sheldon. To be on character, they should have given this line to Penny, where Sheldons gives a lecture about cumcummers and why they are a fruit.
  14. I am not into the hate. But I basically agree what you writing. To me, I am just indifferent. It was " meh". And I certainly agree about the OOC parts. And I was wondering too, why couldn´t they (writers) create a lighthearted drama like the Howardette stuff, you mentioned. Obviously I like that too. For instance, it would have been epic, if Penny had mirrored Leonard´s behaviour, by walking around in unsexy underwear, scratching manly her butt, and smacking and burping, maybe even farting, this would wake him up for sure and it could have been fun.
  15. Well, I won´t go into a discussion about what´s romantic or not. The main issue was, What efforts did Leonard put into the relationship. Obviously I find most of his, romantic, but that is a whole other level of discussion. Because that is for everyone on a personal value. Anyhow, it´s a non discussion. The main premisse of this tbbt till this season was, does the geeky guy get the pretty blond, and HOW did he doe this. With or without romantic efforts. I have watched the entire episode. My thought: I wasn´t amused as I was with the previous one. That I really liked. This one, was " meh", most of the time. But, I wasn´t that shocked about how Lenny was portrayed. Still I don´t find the RA necessary and it looks ridiculous. All the things named in there, why couldn´t they write it down by themselves, if they want an agreement. It´s not difficult English, as far I can judge, there are not difficult subjects. So I don´t see the purpose to involve Sheldon. And it confirms, it was only for the comedic effect. The fight itself, well I don´t know why it had to turn into that fight. Penny could have easily talk about it, without this drama. That is what bothers me, not the fight, but why did the writers choose to create a drama like this. In comparison to the other storylines, which I found funny lighthearted, I thought all the time, why couldn´t the writers not create the same light hearted story (like the christmas tree in the previous episode) with a conflict. This is for me a really questionable choice: why the heavy drama, which could be easily fun and ironic. Anyhow, it´s really a episode I don´t care, but not as much anxiety as it was 4.24. It is a meh episode. The good part is, Lenny got more screentime. That can be a good sign. Those two shine whenever together. Love them!