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  1. Great response to a great post (@hokie3457). I think the show is great when it goes to these places. "The seperation Oscilliation" is, to me, a good example. Although the resolution was too quick and short (I'll forgive that because they only have 18-20 minutes), it showed Lenny's feelings of inferiority: Penny has what is usually considered a beatiful body and Leonard what is usually considered a beatiful mind. Leonard lacks what Penny has and Penny lacks what Leonard has (this is a rather shallow description but these are their most prominent characteristics that are the basis of others' opinions on them) and they feel inferior and undeserving of the other because of that. This hurts their relationship and makes them unhappy. They realize that decide they should stop feeling this way and be enjoy their relationship.
  2. Well that is kind of what I meant by manic defenses. Not necessarily that he is certain that he is 100% inferior, but he is aware, at least on some level, that he is dependant on others. Devaluating them is sort of a defense against the fear of loosing them.
  3. Good post @hokie3457! Penny didn't marry him just because he kept asking and he kept asking out of love and devotion to her. (You'll get your like when I can give them again ><)
  4. Giving up doesn't mean not loving. When being with the one you love is so hard, IMO, giving up is vey hard but legitimate.
  5. Actually I don't have a problem with it being said as a joke once in a while but there have been situations in which Sheldon said it not as a joke. So he doesn't understand it is inappropriate but that means he does believe it or want to believe it (I see it as one of his manic defenses, devaluting others). As I said there were jokes on Shamy that I thought were too much. The writers take it too far sometimes.
  6. Definitely. But if we consider these off screen things, IMO, it adds to my point. Another guy would have given up on her. So these jokes are unfair and not well founded by what we saw on screen.
  7. Because the truth is he had to try again and again because of her commitment (and other) issues. It is more like he managed to survive her problems. So the jokes being on him seems unfair. I agree with most of your post, except that I don't think repeatedly saying,any times not as a joke, that they will/should break up is not due to not picking up on social cues.
  8. I agree. I hate the "he wore her down" joke. I think Sheldon's comments are worse but these were always there and "he wore her down" is a new thing that joins Sheldon's comments and the way they have been written this season, so it annoys me very much. (Apparently I have reached my 100 likes for the day. I guess this is what happens when you don't have time to follow the forum for a few days and have to catch up)
  9. I agree on that specific one. And I didn't think you were saying he never mocks them, just that it's not very often. For me it is too often.
  10. I disagree with the bold part. He mocks them a lot. I agree they had mocked Shamy and sometimes it was too much for me (e.g., "The Love Spell Potentiation") but I think Sheldon's derogatory comments on their relationship are more frequent and more frequently over the line.
  11. Non-Show Discussion

    Me and my sister, mostly individually, sometimes ask my mom if she wants to watch an episode(s) with us. Lately she has started to ask us. Yesterday she by herself played two. I'm so proud.
  12. I think she plays Missy.
  13. Thank you so much @snow*flower and @Itwasdestined !!!! I hope you both had a wonderful time. Well itwas it seems like you did, I was so happy to read that you were the stars of the audienece! A Lenny represantation, and what a represantation! About the episodes... I like Bert but it does feel like they don't have things to write for the main characters, except Howardette. Anyway I trust itwas that it was funny so I'm not mad at this choice, just worried about the show's future. I certainly don't like Sheldon putting Lenny down repeatedly (not once but various times throughout the episode!). I'm so sick of that, I can take it once in a while but it has been done way too much. Yet some wonder why Leonard jokes at Sheldon at times... I didn't read the Howardette plot to save me something for the episode. BTW: I have been thinking (before reading the TR) that Penny could have been a personal trainer and/or Yoga instructor. Interesting that Becca who shares a lot with Penny is. Regarding "The Recollection Dissipation"... I think my speculations were quite right... Another episode delivering the message "Sheldon is so great, everybody needs him". Awesome. Not. I understand he is brilliant and I don't have a problem with him getting recognized once in a while but again - too much. Reminds me of the 200th episode that was all about how awesome he is, I really can't take that episode, so boring and artificial. (Clarification: it's not "The Recollection Dissipation" that reminds me of the 200th, it's the whole Sheldon worshiping) Meanwhile, Leonard is consistently being put down and underrated. Sometimes I feel like some parts of the episodes on seasons 8-10 were written by Sheldon.
  14. Ship Zone

    I didn't mean it would be random, just that it is far from certain because it was only mentioned once without a lot of emphasis. I started thinking that maybe they had (at leat) 2 options for resolving the fighting arc, one for if it was the last season and (at least) one for if they get renewed. Maybe frustration about trying to get pregnant or something else pregnancy related was the last season option and then thry would have resolved it earlier and have her pregnany at/close to the finale. With the renewal maybe they want to do something else but the end result is unjustified fighting for too long. Their renewal resolution could also be "they just fight because they're a married couple" which is such an old cliché....
  15. I specifically wrote she could be mad at someone else. The fighting/barely appearing refers to the way they have been written throught most of the season, especially the latest 2 months.