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  1. Ship Zone

    i think he has birthday sex planned for him he just won't tell us
  2. There's something irresistible about setting off for an excurs... More for Sagittarius

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  4. yes but amy is the reason sheldo n is half sane and half insane and i only spoke for myslef and the mayim fans
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  7. i said everyone has the shamy and Amy fans and mayim fandom and i said jim and mayim were MY reasons I watch the show
  8. what are you talking about everyone would miss amy without amy there is no shamy and sheldon would be a jerk still if it was not for her and sheldon became better becuase amy changed him and the show i would miss her mayim and jim are the reason i watch the show
  9. The only leash long enough is no leash at all, especially when... More for Sagittarius

  10. You may want to rip off your rearview mirror and never look ba... More for Sagittarius

  11. Ship Zone

    i can' t wait for this epsode it's gonna be the best
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