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  3. Last week I was working in a neighbourhood I know/love (I was on a site on Oxford Street near Soho).. That was pretty cool.. I didn't really feel like taking pictures; but I did enjoy it there.. My job there was complete and on my way home from work last Friday, I got my details of my next job starting Monday (today); When I found out; I was beaming; big smile, excited etc... It's a site I've heard of and have never seen before in my life (only because I never knew where they kept it).. ((Had I have known, I probably would have passed it already just to see it)).. (((Once was tempted to go look for it)))... ((((But when I found out work was sending me there)))).... I was beaming with a huge smile / excited over the weekend for work on Monday... I'm working right now (for the foreseeable future)... At Abbey Road Studios doing my job there... I took this Snap very quickly on my way in... I used that zebra crossing and everything this morning as I had no choice; but when I used it, it was just another zebra crossing to me, all be it the one outside Abbey Road Studios on Abbey Road. I was looking for the site/Abbey Road Studios... and as I was crossing I saw it; and realised where I was and went into work. At lunch I took this snapshot... I can add this to the places I've worked on now.
  4. Zambia
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  7. Yo, Professor, I think you need to get your machine looked at..
  8. Could time just stop or is time infinite? - Correct me if I'm wrong but - I know time is relative to mass. I know speed is relative to mass in a way where the faster you go, the less your mass is so the faster you approach the speed of light, the less your mass becomes.How fast is a singularity? It's faster than light so it's dark - right?Hmmm...So if speeds are limits then limits are limits so, what is the limit of time?Could it be like a camera captures a still image, could that be a perceived effect if we ever reach the end of time?
  9. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK of GB and NI
  10. Junction City, Lane County, Oregon, USA
  11. I'm in the mood for some Spice Girls 'Viva Forever'
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  13. Mother Goose and Grimm 'Grimmy'
  14. 101 Dalmatians: The Series