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  1. Republic of Ireland
  2. Spice World (1997)
  3. Thanks, so far so good; I know the company my agency sent me to and their site in Waterloo seems to be the type I like the best (with stairs and lifts rather than ladders and scaffolding).. So that's alright. That's a win in its own right ; not to mention this thread winning post.
  4. Nederland
  5. furniture catalogue
  6. bonding for the
  7. I won, and due to an error in communication and understanding from student finance, I won't get paid until I enrol into year 2 (what kind of stupid rule is that)? so anyway, that and a bill for £270.00 I've got to pay on the 1st of February (car road tax) that I was depending on payment on the 2nd of February to take care of; I could sell the car (but not gonna happen, I like it); I could if I can't afford £270.00 pay £156.00 for 6 months worth of road tax or £20.00 and have a monthly direct debit... I have therefore no choice but to go back to work; I have secured myself a job tomorrow on site in Waterloo tomorrow morning at 8am... Sucks that I have to go back to work, sucks even more that I have to complete my year 1's assignments before I get paid again from student finance. - but yay!.. I won. (Looks for a beer or something, IDK).
  8. You Could Be Mine By Guns N' Roses "reminds me of how I lost my virginity.."
  9. Quatermass and the Pit (1967)
  10. Gus
  11. Turns out the movie I'm excited about (The Founder) isn't being released where I am until February 16th 2017; alas, the wait goes on.
  12. avoid scary stuff
  13. Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)
  14. The planetary body of Mars has so much iron, oxidation has covered the planet making Mars 'the Red Planet'; Mars' dust is in fact rust.
  15. skyline