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  1. Oh, I call BS. The writers just forgot he doesn't swim. I can of at least ten things they've pulled our of their backsides in the last two seasons. This was probably another one of them. I LOVE this term. Of course, I knew some guys in an Irish band called Fiddler's elbow once...but I just had to say this. But they still gave the ep four out of five. So that's not the only thing that matters. to them, and probably to most people.
  2. I didn't think of that. Well done. It ties in then to him missing Amy the whole ep.
  3. Ship Zone

    I am so happy I don't know what to do next. Everything I've heard is absolutely perfect.
  4. I felt that way about Sheldon's mom and Leonard's dad after they made such a big deal out of it. This happens all the time now. It's one of the reasons I didn't really want a renewal. I wanted them to start tying some things up and go out on a high note. I find than unnecessarily harsh, but I know tensions are running high.
  5. Didn't intend to intrude on the finale talk but I Just came home from work and saw the sneak peek of this week's ep. Zach says, "What are the odds of running into you here?" and Penny answers"Well, it's a bar, so... pretty good." And whenever I mention something about Penny's drinking I get slammed. I find that a little ironic when the writers keep going there. Now going back to read the pages I missed.
  6. Ship Zone

    But they don't write the scripts. Does anyone here still trust the writers at this point?
  7. Ship Zone

    I wish she would be pursuing Sheldon for revenge. She's got her Phd now. Why can't she have been the one to mess up the guy's military contract?
  8. Oh, yeah, I do, too. Not for sex, though.
  9. I saw someone say earlier two or three months. That's not that long. I can't see either of them cheating, but, as much as I adore Amy, if one of them was to cheat, I think it would be Amy, rather than Sheldon. But not the minute she gets out of town. I can't see that at all.
  10. Yes, although since I like Sheldon best of all characters I lean more toward Shamy when that's how the discussions go. My favorite season is six because there were so many scenes with everyone together, or the girls together or the guys together.
  11. Could she come back from Princeton pregnant? As for Ramona, I've thought about it for days and if she now has her Phd I think it's entirely possible she has something to do with the boys losing the project. Some of us feel that way about Lenny but we try not to be this rude about it.
  12. Didn't some of the others forgo raises so there would be money to give more parity to Melissa and Mayim, or am I remembering wrong? If they did and then the girls didn't sign, I can't imagine them being happy about it.
  13. But she said she regretted not following up with a specialist. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who went to see Rain Man and then asked me if I could get my son to count cards.
  14. I think he does. I've thought that since he went shopping with Bernie for Christmas presents and was telling Bernie what he loved about Amy. My Asperger son adores Sheldon. He thinks Sheldon's the only person on TV like him. They will never admit they're writing him like that, but Jim has admitted playing him like that.
  15. Best post I've read all day. Thank you. That's IT! just like they tried to make Bernie like Howard's mother. It's so lazy!