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  1. The dad was okay. The mom was okay. The brother was a total disaster to me, the worst miscasting since Meemaw. I didn't care about any of them though, and I didn't and don't care if I ever saw any of them. I certainly didn't spend the whole ep wondering why the sister didn't come. Howard's brother, yeah, I'd like to see him again. But Penny's? Never would be too soon.
  2. EXACTLY! It's like the janitor being smart enough to help in the physics bowl. I wasn't here then. Did that throw people off then the way Isabella does now?
  3. I will regret to the end of the series that they never followed up with Yvette the vet. They really could have done something with that and totally blew it. I saw SO MUCH potential in that.
  4. Six is my favorite and I am not at all a fan of Lenny. I loved the Cooper/Kripke Inversion, the Bakersfield Expedition, The Contractual Obligation Implementation, The Parking Lot Escalation...tons of things happened that made them more group eps. That is the season where Shamy really took off as well. I saw The Closure Alternative as advancing Shamy as well as The Fish Guts Implementation and the Spoiler Alert Segmentation.
  5. The drama between the parents was between Sheldon's mom and Leonard's dad. Personally I thought Penny's parents were a waste of space and her brother was the worst casting since Meemaw. If you liked it I'm happy for you, but it did nothing for me.
  6. So true. Even the wedding was not cute since most of it was taken up by the drama between the parents.
  7. I'd rather have product placement than more commercials.
  8. If he had not, would they have gone ahead and had sex since he already had the condom on? I've often wondered when that scene comes up.
  9. If I ever meet you I'll have to give you a hug and/or a high five. Your choice.
  10. If I had faith in what the writers were doing with the show NOW I'd have more faith that they could pull this off later. But I just don't at this point. I wish I could. Like Kathy2611 I was amused to see the majority of people on the facebook page coming out very much against it early yesterday. I wonder if they look at that to see what the comments are at all?
  11. Debate Zone

    I do not trust the writers to do this well AT ALL. I just do not trust them any farther than I can throw them at this point.
  12. As much as I love The Big Bang theory, I still think this is probably one of the stupidest ideas anyone connected with the show ever had.
  13. This is what I hate about their marriage. Penny and Leonard fight all the way to Vegas for his first and her second quickie wedding and she still marries him. They should have put the brakes on, worked out the issues they had and then they could have had a nicer wedding, for family and friends instead of having to do the whole thing twice. The marriage seemed to be in trouble for me as they went to do it. He was definitely giving her an out as I see it. This reminds me of the old saying, "When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don't get to decide that you didn't." But again, she married him anyhow, so she obviously didn't care that much that he lied, or didn't lie but concealed something from her.
  14. Debate Zone

    I totally agree.
  15. I gave this some more thought and this is just not discussed enough. joyceraye has a great point here. Sheldon would no doubt approve a book, but a flowered shirt? No, and if he's not in charge of the money anymore, does anyone really expect Raj to get control of his finances?