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  1. Yeah. I was hoping she now works for the govt. and is the one who scuttled the gyro project. She'd be a great villain.
  2. Ship Zone

    He's already asked Penny to protect him from her on one occasion....
  3. Ship Zone

    Ramona was very funny and, I think, could be a terrific villain. Most likely in reference to the govt. project or to be misinterpreted by the gang [this is, after all, a comedic show and misinterpretation is the stuff of comedy.]
  4. Ship Zone

    And they also talked about having kids on Mars. Martians.
  5. Ship Zone

    It's ironic, since Sheldon and Amy discussed having kids before their first date. I've been thinking the last episodes of the show will be a flash forward.
  6. Ship Zone

    It was most certainly not an amicable parting of 'ways' [or whatever 'it' was].
  7. Ship Zone

    The ratings for nearly everything on television have dropped, so, TBBT still leads in its category. Even the NFL has had significant ratings declines. And, at this point, TBBT is also competing with itself in that it is syndicated in nearly all major markets. I get an hour at ten o'clock every night and two hours on Sunday nights 8-10. And I've pushed a car. While he does well pulling/pushing a weight sled, I see folks doing it regularly at my gym. It's not as tough as doing free weights and difficulty is also a function of what kind of surface the sled is on.
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    We did that with a coffee machine at an office where I worked. We even photographed the unfortunate event for our boss, who was out of town when the tragedy occurred. He doesn't fit on the couch. He doesn't fit in the bed.
  9. Ship Zone

    Because the other stuff you can do via Skype.
  10. Sheldon was always waking up Leonard in the middle of night to say weird stuff. So, yes, it's intrusive, and that's always been part of his schtick. He's intrusive. Now, Amy is the target of these midnight missives. Sheldon had no business being at the airport. Penny is blunt enough to tell him 'No'. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is his 'thing'.
  11. Ship Zone

    I think she should Skype him while wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt.
  12. Ship Zone

    I'm wondering if there is any significance, re Leonard, in choosing to have Amy go to Princeton, rather than to somewhere else.
  13. Or Penny asleep in the same bed as Raj. Or Bernadette in the same bed with Leonard. Endless possibilities.
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    The episode with Ramona was very funny. She's batshit crazy. This could be fun.
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    Driving makes NO sense for such a short haul. Academics can mail stuff at a "library" rate between academic institutions. No auto train goes East-West.