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  1. Sure, but I am allowed to talk about your opinion, am I? When Raj moved in with Lenny, it was clearly a mutual decision and neither of them had a problem with that. They both didn't even consider what happened between Penny and Raj a few years ago, yet it was brought up continuously in the last few weeks. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but to me, it just looks like you're trying to picture it as a problem while it is not a problem for the characters themselves and that#s something I want to talk about. You're the one who just said that, not me.
  2. Yes, but here's the thing: You're not Leonard and Leonard is not you. You make it sound like Raj is one of Penny's ex-boyfriends and she lets him stay over without Leonard's permission. In reality they're all friends and they offered him a place to stay and that's all there is to it. There's nothing weird about it. The characters have moved on a very long time ago.
  3. So, they should take all the fun out of it?
  4. Thank you, what a great post.
  5. Non-Show Discussion

    Yeah, but what does season 8-10 have to do with season 6? Clearly you don't talk that fondly about it anymore, even though you continuously praise it to the sky for being so much better than any other season. Just recently you put up a whole list comparing season 6 episodes with season 10 episodes, telling me how much better everything was back in the day. What am I supposed to believe now? Edit: I forgot to ask: Why on Earth did people report my previous post? It's a sincere question and I didn't attack anyone.
  6. Non-Show Discussion

    You know, just for the sake of it, I dug through the entire season 6 finale thread and found some interesting posts of yours. The magic of having an entire archive of episode threads, right? It definitely doesn't match with your current point of view. Even found a sarcastic comment directed at another poster. Oh my... What happened to you? You seemed to be so much cooler back then. For those who reported this post, it's OK, I approved it. It allows me to answer the questions-Tensor
  7. "The Colonization Application", "The Graduation Transmission", "The Earworm Reverberation", "The Line Substitution Solution", "The Cohabitation Experimentation", "The Birthday Synchronicity", etc. all contained tender, uninterrupted scenes. All from season 8 - 10, the apparent downfall of Lenny. How does the interrupting make it less tender or less heartfelt? It doesn't take away anything, I don't get it.
  8. I didn't. I guess that's all we'll talk about today in the season 10 opinion thread. Cool.
  9. You already said that.
  10. I thought it was funny and it didn't feel forced at all. Sheldon's presence didn't bother me at all. Unrealistic, as they knew nobody was allowed in Sheldon's room.
  11. Well, Leonard is Sheldon's best friend. He wanted to say goodbye, too. It was a beautiful scene nevertheless.
  12. Ship Zone

    A source told me that it was just stated as a fact that Raj moved out/moves out. No particular reason was given. I asked if a fight drove him out of the apartment and the person said that was not the case at all. His move is actually a very minor part of the storyline, but handled in a funny way. Said person wishes to stay anonymous, but I'm allowed to share this info.
  13. Wait, what is everyone talking about? Did I miss something?
  14. That's like comparing apples with oranges. Dr Plimpton or Alex are not close friends. Raj is.
  15. What exactly did she remind him about? The whole thing between Penny and Raj in 10.19 was platonic. They couldn't possibly emphasize that even more. So, where is this coming from? It's not like she ever rubbed what happened in 4.24 in Leonard's face.