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  1. You better watch out.
  2. Disagreed. Um, yes, the episode was about them in my opinion. If your definition of a Lenny episode includes 20 minutes of said characters spending time alone then no, it was not about them. But that's certainly not my definition of a Lenny ep. Clearly she wanted to tell him something, but she couldn't do it. The only explanation I have is a breakup, especially because she told the girls about the homeostasis. She had a change in mind and what else could that be? Does Leonard and Penny's well-being depend on the time they spend alone together, seperated from everyone else? I don't really get that thinking because this is a sitcom, not a soap. Also the group dynamic is a lot different these days, which is why I don't even expect them to have so much alone time. It doesn't bother me at all and neither do I think this is a sign of a bad relationship or sloppy writing or whatever. Being angry with someone and being unhappy with someone are two entirely different things. They were angry and annoyed with each other, but that's what couples do sometimes. They might have done that, but you'll never know until you try it yourself. Sheldon was always against the idea of kissing and hand holding. Now he's doing it on a regular basis. People change, and so do Leonard and Penny. Disagreed. There are plenty of scenes in season ten with just the two of them. Because there's nothing wrong with the episode. I didn't know I have to clarify that every time. And they're allowed to do so.
  3. Wrong. They didn't talk about anything in 6.06 and 6.15. The episodes ended unresolved. Which brought up the worst between them. I personally don't like the episode all that much because there's lots of tension. Nothing is resolved. An absolutely beautiful wedding with their parents as guests. The only reason why their parents were there is because of the wedding, that's why I believe the entire episode is dedicated to them. I don't care about screen time. But there's the "not talking about things" and the breakup was only prevented with sex. If that episode aired today, everyone would flip out. Again, you're talking negatively about the season ten episode while the season six episode should be essentially worse in your book. If the season six episode aired today, you'd ask why Lenny can't spend time alone together and why they have to spend time with Shamy instead. Again, there's lying, there's fighting, the episode ends unresolved and it doesn't bother you because it gets an idea across? A bit of a double standard. Also Leonard didn't try to push her. He went behind her back and read/rewrote her paper and she didn't like that he had so little faith in her. You're barely willing to put "a couple cute scenes" over "no interaction between them at all"? I don't get it. Why didn't you mention the mutual "I love you"? You made sure to mention it in 6.13, why not here? I liked both episodes equally. Episode 10.12 doesn't neccessarily show them "unhappy" together (they're fine in the present). Maybe a bit peeved, but not unhappy. I'm gonna tell you that I laughed a lot more about 10.12 than 6.12 and that's what I'm looking for in a comedy series. So, they had a disagreement, found a solution that works in their favor while being completely content at the end and you're putting the "showing her off as a trophy" above that? Whether or not the relationship agreement is out of character for them is debatable, but it's a solution that made them happy. Again, double standard. Them eating with Sheldon doesn't bother you in season six, while it would clearly bother you now. Penny didn't lie about the reason why her brother can't come. She was about to tell her father the truth (Leonard doesn't want Randall to move in). If anyone lied, it was Leonard who didn't tell her he's not okay with it. Wrong plot, but it doesn't matter. Which makes for about ten seconds of the entire episode, maybe less. The screentime, again, doesn't seem to bother you all that much. I disagree. I think the fact that they're secure and mature enough to allow Raj to move in is a plus. Also they kept showing the differences between all the couples in this episode and Lenny truly stood out to me because they were generally much nicer, more mature and loving. I refuse to talk about episode 19 because I want to see it first. Episode 8.22. And that's just off the top of my head. The box of mementos, the engagement, the two (!) weddings. I could go on.
  4. I'm not entirely sure what you want to see because Lenny isn't all that much different than in season six for example, just in a whole different stage of their lives, but at the same time, season six is highly praised for some reason. There were fights, there was lying, they were on the verge of breaking up at some point and Sheldon got between them all the time. All the things you complain about were present before, so why you'd suddenly refer to the last three years of Lenny as their downfall (while all they did was progress) is beyond me.
  5. I disagree. I'm completely happy with their portrayal in the last few years, with one or two exceptions.
  6. Well, you'd think the majority of TBBT's audience would be interested in a spin-off, but given that none of the original cast members are part of it, except for Jim narrating the story (wow), I can see why most people are rather against the idea. What makes me love TBBT is the whole cast and what makes me love Sheldon is Jim. Both these things are not gonna be present in the same manner, so why would I watch this? Just because it might have the same producers or writers or some random child actor playing Sheldon, the whole thing still means nothing to me. Not to mention that there will be no room for character development, unless they want to mess with the already known story, and I'm pretty sure they will.
  7. I hate how they keep calling it a TBBT spinoff while it has nothing to do with TBBT at all...
  8. I liked the whole thing.
  9. An otherwise crappy Lenny episode? If you're talking about the fact that they both went out of their way to save their marriage, that Penny was able to forgive Leonard while they both talked about their biggest fears (losing each other) and received a wedding gift from someone who's usually a major pain in the ass, then sure, I can see how that's total crap. The entire episode is ruined because of one meaningless comment that was supposed to make you laugh? I don't know how to process that.
  10. There is one coming up.
  11. To be honest, I believe everything will be back to normal in the following episode. Just like when Amy and Howard hit it off in the scavenger episode and didn't talk for like a whole season after that.
  12. Not even the wedding re-do? The whole episode was basically about them. Of course there are jokes and interruptions and all that, but isn't that what you expect when watching a comedy?
  13. Of course. The most recent episode was cute in my opinion. The wedding re-do being the most obvious one, but there's plenty of stuff scattered throughout the season. What do you even consider cute? I mean if you draw the line at half naked makeout sessions in bed, of course there won't be much to enjoy for you.
  14. I disagree.
  15. That's... what people usually do when they use protection, yes.