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  1. Ship Zone

    Sheldon was actually the one to say they met online, which also goes along with what @Desdemona said above, how it sounds a lot better than "my friends created a dating profile for me, then blackmailed me into meeting Amy when I didn't want to." Just saying they met online seems a much simpler, more acceptable answer. I feel pretty certain that Amy very quickly found out it wasn't actually Sheldon she communicated with online, possibly even that day they met. Sheldon had already told her he'd been blackmailed with the dirty sock. Perhaps he elaborated further during their talk.
  2. Ship Zone

    Since we're talking about how far Sheldon has come over the years, I think it's a perfect time to ask. We all know how much more self-aware he seems to be now in his emotions and the emotions of others. What I can't help wondering is if that's the reason he has held off proposing. How much of it do you think is intentional and/or connected to his thoughts on marriage? I feel like he has truly made such an effort this year in how he relates to Amy and to the gang, even if they (the gang) don't seem to notice or appreciate his efforts. I think he might be trying to improve some of his shortcomings before he proposes, but I'm not sure how conscious he is of it. It would be awesome if the writers addressed this when he actually does propose, but I don't really think that will happen. Was curious on everyone's thoughts?
  3. Ship Zone

    Good question! Now I'm curious, too.
  4. Ship Zone

    Love the new promo pics! The one of Amy blowing her nose looks hilarious! It's very cute how they turned 4B into their workspace with all the whiteboards. Can't wait for this episode!
  5. Ship Zone

    I'm hoping to see a continuation of them working together, as well as a proposal. I NEED Sheldon to propose already! We've been waiting two years. And since it's such a big Shamy card TPTB have to play, it wouldn't surprise me if they do hold off until the season finale. And I'm not even picky on where it's done, how it's done, as long as we get something heartfelt, and Sheldon says her full name when he proposes. That's a must for me. Even though we've seen so many amazing moments between them this season, if they end the season without a proposal I would be pretty disappointed.
  6. Ship Zone

    Happy Taping Day to everyone! And hope everyone had a good Pi Day! There's a small group of us in the fandom that had wanted this particular Pi Day to be Shamy's wedding day, for a lot of reasons, which I had listed in one of my fanfics. Alas, not to be, but still holding out hope for an S10 proposal! Very cute IG pic! Although the inversion is throwing me off a bit!
  7. Ship Zone

    Yes, good point! And thank you!
  8. Ship Zone

    Hi, everyone! Loooooong-time shipper/lurker here. I've hemmed and hawed over joining this forum for a long time, but here I am! I see that the Shamy thread is indeed a happy place, as it should be since our babies have been so adorable! Someone had noted recently how Sheldon has been sitting on both sides of the couch in 4B, and the more I think about it, the more I like that. Although he still has his spot in 4A in some capacity, the fact that he doesn't have a designated spot in 4B shows that he doesn't NEED one to feel secure there. Amy is his security now. She is his spot (I swear if he says this when he proposes my fangirling level will go through the roof!). I just think it screams how comfortable he is being there, and I love that.