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  1. Why sheldon in 3a I thought it was 4a due to fact that 3rd floor has a bike where as in th promo pics there's no bike
  2. Does anyone know why In 23 why Lenny apartment is empty
  3. There is a high possiblity Amy could be pregnant due to the thing in ep 23
  4. I here a big chance of Amy saying no due to her work and the Romona fling but in previous episodes she has made it clear that she want some to be marrit's and sheldon has expressed his feelings for having a baby I think in s11 ep1 amy will say to sheldon I'm pregnant from what happened in 23
  5. Did sheldon only propose do get rid of Romona for his life it's not really clear why he did it
  6. In s11 ep1 Amy may be pregnant encuas elf what happened in 23
  7. I think she wil, say no because of Romona and her work but she has said she wanted to get married so who knows
  8. In the ep any lenny thing and what's Romona trying to do,be sheldons girlfriend or using him for science
  9. Everyone is saying lenny bay it could be a shamy baby because what happened in 23.What do u prefer lenny or shamy baby
  10. I recon if sheldon going back to he lenny apartment it would be a funny ep because Leonard and penny would make a roomate aggrement what will make sheldons life hell like he did with Leonard
  11. The picture of the outside set look a bit like priceton also do u think there could be a shamy pregnancy as they in ep23 they.. On the final ever episode I hope they will do a 20 years in the future but so we know how there lives pan out i think in the final ep Lenny will get pregnant and the final line will be the smart and beautiful baby's line thing Also the Lenny pregnancy I think it will be now because there lives in s10 have being bad so they might leave it on a high What's the project mayims working on
  12. So romona(the characters not actor) is a swimmer was this before or after she met sheldon.Is mayim being replaced
  13. Judith-I don't understand the swimmer bit if anyone else know please tell thanks also how do u link posts
  14. Few questions what the thing with swimmer all about why is penny going out of town whats now happing with Romona
  15. I think it's going to end badly with Romona and I hope they relive the classic line from the first ep with Romona. Penny:sisters Romona:just bite me