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  1. I'm only going to write Sheldon's plot for 1020. I can't quite share the other plot because my memory is so vague on it that I can't write it. It's a little gist. Sheldon agrees to work with Howard and Leonard together on the same day that Amy works with him. And during their work hours Sheldon is consistently running between his, Leonard, and Howards lab to Amys lab. He does surprisingly well and Amy is very impressed. We find out he gets sick from I'm assuming all the work he does (I might be wrong, correct if I am). Within the next day, Sheldon is lying on the couch of 4A, he wakes up and gang is beside him. Sheldon has forgotten what has happened to him from all the cold medicine Amy's given him. He freaks out because he lost his journal but Raj or Leonard tells him to track down where he was, through his phone. Sheldon's memory slowly becomes more apparent as is fades to him being at a bar where he's dancing and so on and so forth. Moments later we see them down at the bar, asking this friendly bartender where his journal is and he kindly gives it him the journal to Sheldon. The bartender tells him that Sheldon has told him and everyone at the bar the information within the journal but made them pinky swear to keep the information to themselves. At the end, Amy and Sheldon are sitting on the couch while Amy plays soft kitty with a little instrument. She also plays it in German and Mandarin. LOL.... FYI, the thing Sheldon is sucking on is... tea. He's drinking tea.
  2. You're welcome guys! I didn't wanna write too much since I'm not much of a writer.
  3. The gang discovers that Bert finds love with a pretty young lady who is into him for his money only. And Bernadette is finally ready to go back to work but struggles to do so while Hallie is going to daycare.
  4. Ship Zone

    When I was younger, I wore overalls and my friends claimed I looked like a farmer. Anyways, lets get back on topic. Can't wait to watch the episode... btw.
  5. Ship Zone

    Another ep with shirtless Sheldon. He's cute... even if the overalls might look a little weird to me.
  6. Ship Zone

    Were there any spoilers posted for 1015 about Shamy that's juicy?
  7. Okay, I'm not sure where to post this but anyways... about having another season, since it has not been established whether this season will the last season, it makes sense to me that it isn’t because everybody seems kinda clueless about it. I mean, that’s why it’s a clue for me because nobody confirmed it yet. Now, I don’t know much about writing but it’s getting late into the season which leaves them little time to write it and figure out a way of ending the story in a orderly manner (not that I’m saying they can’t necessarily do it tho). And I have this lingering feeling the writers have planned this whole story arc for the next season but has kept it a secret for awhile but hasn’t shared it with too many people. And ya know what would be a funny idea? It's if we find out there is a season 11 by watching the finale? Its if they confirmed it through a cliffhanger basically revealing it in an interesting way, like sorta hinting it to the audience with the storyline. But I really doubt that’s going to happen. Now, season 10 has really been revolved around Shamy/Sheldon which meant it’s not the most balanced season. I really feel like that season finale should include something of everything that basically represents the show. But what I do notice is that season 10 does explore how each of the characters have grown up. While I really appreciate the romance on the show more than the science… I want to see them more about it.. like Sheldon winning the nobel prize (because of some sort of discovery) or something because I really want them to be in a happier place other than just their romantic lives by the end of the series. I mean we know they talk about the science, but is it… enough?
  8. Ship Zone

    I wonder if they did it in the hospital, I just watched the episode of Friends where Rachel was giving birth and Chandler and Monica were doing it in the hospital.
  9. Thanks for the report. And I'm wondering... how far is Bernadette's baby bump? I mean, how big is it anyway?
  10. Hey, I have a question. Are we still only allowed one guaranteed ticket per season.
  11. Yeah, I no longer have that of a big issue with the Shamy break up. It's just someone mentioned that having a break up on television is WAY too common and cliched. This is like a problem arising before a big day (perhaps a wedding I should say). And speaking of wedding days, I totally agree that the Lenny wedding day had the one of the worse things that can happen before a marriage. I don't know, of all the issues that could happen before a wedding.... why this one? That's just a big no-no in my book.
  12. Ship Zone

    I just assumed when the break up occurred the writers were trying a little too hard to recreate what every happy story line needed before an even happier story line came along which was the coitus. Like, something bad happens before a wedding ceremony on a tv show/movie. But I'm not necessarily sure if this is really sloppy writing because depending on how you guys view season 8 is up to you. I started believing they broke up because the writers wanted to have a build up to the coitus moment with a pit fall. Anyways, I totally agree that they should be a easing there way into a more physical relationship (and I don't just necessarily mean coitus when I say that but what has been mentioned millions of times already). Sheldon should at least show Amy a little more affection. And the date nights thing... well, yeah, Sheldon sometimes prefer to enjoy his time elsewhere than his girlfriend makes him sound cold. Man, that guy really NEEDS to learn to have manners. And btw, I hope that they get married already so I could possibly finish up my music video.
  13. And while what I'm about to say is not too relevant but what you said about Leonards confrontation to Penny totally reminds me of when Leonard and the gang used to tease Sheldon about his relationship with Amy. It's a little like Shenny has replaced Shamy but the verison of Shamy that were just close friends. But I see how the Shenny relationship can benefit from one another. They're both learning stuff from each other especially Penny (not that she couldn't do that with Leonard).
  14. Yeah, I think it would've made sense if the guys sorta AT LEAST made little jokes about it. Or something along the lines, Leonard calling Sheldon him you dog, like in the Locomotive episode.
  15. I get what you guys mean, I know their sweet moments are not considered flirting or anything but for me it’s like they’re hinting these subtle things that are almost like their crossing a line without actually crossing THE line. I know, It’s annoying and I get it.