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  1. But Amy is a fleshed out character, she has a lot of defining characteristics, she has a full name (something that even Penny was denied before becoming a Hofstadter), a career, a back story, hobbies, interests, a personality, virtues and shortcomings, etc. The problem is not that she isn't developed as a character (she is), the problem is that the writers are ignoring that on purpose to be able to use her (as you said) just as a foil for Sheldon, just as Leonard and Penny are being neglected and seem to be activated only when they are going to interact with the golden boy, despite being main characters. Currently, the only ones that are breathing by themselves are Howardette and Halley's nannies, and they are saved basically because they aren't Sheldon's partner (Amy) nor his de-facto parents (Lenny).
  2. First bolded part: Yet, She and and the other girls had never been interested in comic books either, but the episode when they ended up heatedly discussing about them was fun and refreshing, I know that Amy suddenly excited about going to Comic Con would be OOC, but there could had been an inspired twist in the plot that could had explained her changing her mind, as had been said, CC is a big and varied event, for instance, she could had been excited at the chance of cosplaying, after all it has been established as kinda her thing, isn't it? Second bolded part: Girl, you are preaching to the choir! count me among those who would absolutely love Amy to be treated as an individual character on a regular basis again, so much I've started to feel unhappy at the amount of screentime she shares with Sheldon, because most of the time she only acts as her straight man. I'm also aware that in the current state of affairs, if she doesn't share screen with Sheldon, she basically wouldn't appear, as the Lennys of this board can sadly confirm.
  3. I'm sorry, but I didn't read any posts of people coming at Amy for not wanting to go to CC (and you know how protective I am of Amy). I read Serena's post not as an attack to Amy, but as a complaint to the writers for making them unecessarily confrontational over someting that instead could had been used a common ground so both could enjoy that trip to the convention, instead of the same old tired joke of the suffering partner finding the man's nerdy interests ridiculous. I know we just have a little snippet and there's still the chance for that to happen (altough, knowing the writers, I won't keep my hopes too high) So, am I right @serena_1995 ?
  4. Funnily enough, I was just reading the comment section at one of the sources for the renewal news and several posters there were saying that both girls deserved a rise and one of them saying that Kaley could have been easily replaced by other actress, also that the only one that deserved the 1 million was Jim and yes, some more saying that nobody deserved anything because the show was not funny at all (as usual). Not making things up, true story. Please note that that's not how I feel (except for the well deserved pay rise for Mayim and Melissa), I value all the characters, I'm not trying to throw shade to any of the actors, nor to say that those guy's opinions are more valid than yours, I'm just contrasting your take on the general audience's perception and what I've just read.
  5. And you probably won't. Altough IMO it would be fair, to compensate a bit for so many years of scandalous underpayment (as opposed to the other five) and because, like it or not, they are a very important part of the show nowadays. But since as a general rule life isn't fair, they probably won't get such a high rise, but any increase in their salary will be a clear indicative of the interest the network and the producers have on keeping them on board, and that will mean they regard them as valuable for the show.
  6. Sorry but no, her lesser pay reflects that the negotiations for her salary and Melissa's took place and were done before the negotiations that gave the other five's salaries an insane boost were closed, and as a result TPTB/CBS were really lucky for having two actresses in contract for three years doing as much work as the others (sometimes even more) and just having to pay them almost ten times less money.
  7. You are forgetting the fact that she is a supporting character, yes, but she is paired up with the writer's favorite child, so, there's always a chance. We know much more about Bernie's family, for instance, and she is also a supporting character and is not even paired up with one of the main three. Actually, it would be refreshing. You may not be interested (you want Lenny, I know), but given that you will most likely get tons of plots revolving around Sheldon, would you prefer to watch another dozen of the same tired stories of Sheldon-missteps-and-learns-something-he-had-already-learnt-past-season or an episode where you can see something new, for a change? Personally, as an Amy fan, I would like to have at least one or two of those future episodes focusing on her. I know, difficult, but hey!, a girl can dream!
  8. Ship Zone

    So, every time Amy mentions something sex-related it's either a) Just a medium she uses as an aid for bonding with the other girls, b )An example of the unfortunate habit of mocking the frumpy girl the writers have, c) Just another running joke, the one about the sheer absurdity that anyone could ever fancy Sheldon or d) A throwaway joke. However, every time Sheldon mentions sex, it's an unequivocal sign of his burgeoning and increasingly uncontrollable sexual desire? Okay, point taken.
  9. Ship Zone

    Hummmm, no, actually the syllogism is much simpler: Proposition 1: Women with average libido like to have sex more than once a year. Proposition 2: Amy is a woman with average libido. Inference: Therefore, Amy, as a woman with average libido, would like to have sex more than once a year. Okay, now you may tell me I don't have enough information to claim that Amy is a woman with average libido (as a reference to over-average and below-overage), well, I tell you that the show had gave me much more evidence of Amy having an average sexual drive than a below average one, as some fellow shippers had told me. Let's also remember her sexual awakening was not with Sheldon, but with Zach, and her reaction to him was honest, she was aroused by him for real, it was not her trying to be like the "cool girls". Then there was Penny, I don't care how many other factors contributed to her crush for her, or if it was only temporary, she truly fancied her. Then her love and desire focused in Sheldon, and that desire, we perfectly know it, is intense and real. Now you had also told me that she is much talk and no action, that if she really wanted to have sex that much she would had had it much earlier, or won't have lasted that much in a sexless relationship. Well, I have a couple notions for you: Emotional Stuntedness, Social Awkardness and Undesirablity. We all know how she was rejected and ostracized in her youth, how badly she suffered bullying and how her mother controlled her (the closet of sins), we all know she also had always been an odd duck, with weird hobbies and interests, not good qualities for popularity, we get to know she was always alone because girls and boys rejected her. Let's also add the ugly factor of undesirability the show had been putting on her, she's not only plain and has a ridiculous fashion sense, she is also unbelievable hairy and make gross noises, I mean, ugh! So, mix everything well and you have a coctel that says: "Yes, she remained a virgin just because she had a below average libido", yeah, right! The other three main guys had many of the same treats, and had little to no action, even when they all were real horn-dogs and were trying all the time, so, having an active sexual life is not just a matter of low or high libido, don't you agree? Then the fact that she stayed in a sexless relationship. Add to the mixture the big problem of being in love. When you are in love, you are fixated in a person, and the desire to be with that one tend to won over the primal desire or the tendency to saciate a merely physical need. Amy was that immature, inexperienced, emotionally stunted, socially akward and hairy virgin that also was madly in love with a man that had issues with physical contact who also remained very unwilling to cooperate to overcome said issues for a long time, but that also gave her hopes of changing, given that she had waited for such a long time, she probably thought she could wait a bit more. So, she stayed because she loved him, plain and simple, she hold back her impulses, that doesn't automatically mean she didn't have them or that they were very low. Love and unexperience was also what probably prevented her to go on a sexual scapade during the break up and what make her get back with him when he asked. Please note that l haven't used the Evil!Writers card to explain my reasoning. Until now. l have BlG problems with the once-a-year deal because it's a thing the writers are doing without caring at all about Amy, unlike other stuff that you can find an explanation in the same narrative (even if you have to squint really hard with some) this one doesn't. They just want to keep their Sheldon weird and, as usual, they don't care about her needs or desires. They make seem like everything is fine by not talking about it, while at the same time they plant insidious seeds of doubt, before birthday sex it was frustration and passive agression, after birthday sex it's coyness, but it's still there, her eagerness to touch his bare legs, her dissapointment when he just wanted to try his new laptop, her hungry stare at his naked body and the train fantasy. She is just there to lust after him but not to act on that lust, even when there's virtually no reason for her to keep holding back, she would just need to ask, but she can't, because she doesn't have a voice. Then, when someone come and tell me that l don't have to worry, that by all accounts she is very happy and that she doesn't have that much of a sexual drive anyway, l'm sorry, but l can't believe it, because logic and what the show had been telling me through the years tell me otherwise. And no, l'm not saying the only thing she cares about is sex, nor that all the other nice stuff going on between them pales in comparison, but it is an important ingredient, not because l say so, but because TPTB had make it that way, the show had focused much, much more on Shamy's sexual life than the other two couples and the single and mingling guy combined, and they just have done it twice! l just would like that the whole situation were more balanced for the two of them for real, is that too much to ask?
  10. Ship Zone

    See, I used the term "asexual" because, in essence, asexuality is the lack of need to perform sex, which had been the kind of attitude Sheldon has displayed so far, I mean, until this moment he had never expressed his desire to have sex just because he feels like he needs it, the closest could be when he wanted to "make a baby" at Amy's lab, and still, that example remains ambiguos, precisely because procreation was still the excuse. That's why I think that the writers had unintentionally created a portrayal of a romantic asexual in Sheldon, I say unintentionally because I honestly don't think they are interested at all in giving asexuality a representation, but that it was a happy accident in their intent to keep him "unique", they want him to remain dettached to sex, even when involved in a romantic and now sexual relationship. It all is still subject to change according to their whim, of course. Even so, you may be right about the spontaneity thing and how difficult it's for him to not have some sort of control at any point of his life so, you may have a point here too. And I agree completely with you, it's a pity we don't have practically anything of Amy's POV, I really think it would enrich a lot the narrative, also, they are wasting the great comic potential they have with Mayim/Amy, I mean, I feel for the rest of the characters that are also being ignored, but, being completely selfish, if Amy is going to be front center either way for being Sheldon's partner, I wouldn't mind if she were used more effectively.
  11. Ship Zone

    Thank you for your kind words Spidergirl
  12. Ship Zone

    My hands are perfectly okay, thanks for the concern hon. Let's just agree to disagree. I'm aware that I have a very unpopular opinion. Most of the time I prefer to hold back my comments and lurk, but everybody need to vent from time to time, I guess. Whoa!, that was short!
  13. Ship Zone

    But that's exactly my point!, No sane woman (high or low libido) would have stayed in a relationship like hers for such a long time! Let's leave aside the sex aspect, during a good portion of those years she stayed in a relationship with a man who didn't treat her properly and showed no respect for her, and she was shown just there enduring and enduring blow after blow, why? perhaps just the faint hope that someday he will change? , in reality, just a masochist would have voluntarily accepted such situation, I mean, being in her shoes, would you have accepted being with a man who treats you with disdain, hire people to talk with you so he doesn't have to, can't/doesn't want to give you a minimum of physical affection (a kiss, a hug) and have to be forced/coerced/tricked to spend time with you?, would you recommend your sister/daughter/friend to stay in such relationship? Anyway, she stayed, because this is not reality and she is not a real woman, she is a character, and those who write her decided she was not anymore that strong and quirky girl they originally envisioned, but merely a nagging punching bag for an unnecessarily cruel boyfriend who also did a 180 degrees change in his treatment of her. I suppose that she not only had a super-low libido, but also an unbelievable low self steem. But that's so 6th, 7th, and 8th seasonish! you would say, now things are quite different, Sheldon has effectively changed (for the power of love) and is much more open to kissing, hugging, intimacy; he doesn't mock her anymore and likes to spend time with her again, as in the begginning of their relationship. So, I guess her sacrifice was worth it (fulfilling that old and dangerous fiction trope that even the most terrible of men will change with the love and patience of a "good woman"). It's okay, I'm not denying or denigrating the good stuff, I'm merely pointing out that there's still unbalance, simply for the fact that one of them is still portrayed as asexual and the other as sexual, and they had not stablished a fair middle ground yet, as simple as that. I came up with the example of a super-sex-charged schedule before just to point out how terrible it would be for a person like Sheldon to be involved in such situation, with the hope that it will help to make my point. Would you be able to say: "Well, seems like he didn't dislike sex that much after all", or "Come on!, who wouldn't enjoy sex?, everybody loves it!", or "But they enjoy other activities together , maybe that's what makes it up for him, even if he's having much more sex that he maybe would prefer to". Not quite right, uh? Well, that's how I feel about the situation Amy is living right now. Even if her sexual drive is just one iota higher than Sheldon's, the current schedule is still unfair for her, and there's not excuse for that anymore other than the writers' whim, they are still in that once a year thing and no talking about it for the same reason Leonard and Penny didn't move across the hall and Bernardette's pregnancy lasted 10 months, even in none of that made sense and sorry, but I feel that saying "But Amy looks happy and she had never had really that much of a sex drive anyway" is just making up excuses for them. There's nothing bad about Amy fantasizing about her boyfriend and finding him attractive per se (I've never said that), but, by the way, how many times had we seen Penny or Bernardette having a sexy fantasy about their respective husbands? As I have been lectured here, Amy is, with difference, the one with the lowest libido among the girls, so I have to wonder why she is the one that is most frequently talking or thinking about sex in one way or another. Something else, Amy had that fantasy, great, why is she still being portrayed as needing to get satisfaction behind Sheldon's back?, why can't she ask him to put on his conductor attire just for her?, with him knowing and participating of it, as with the HP roleplay, even if it didn't culminate with the "holy grail of p-in-v" as you call it, what's holding her back?, just because it's not her birthday yet?, what kind of nosense is that? The bolded part, let me see, apart of the make out session that occurred off-screen, the reglamentary birthday-sex and the goodbye kiss before going to the spa, what other sorts of physical amorous activities that undoubtedly have Amy totally satisfied there had been? See, my own dissatisfaction doesn't have to be with the amount of sex/kisses/etc. Amy could be getting, once again it has much more to be with balance and with the disrespect the writers have to her as a character. With this last thing I know it's quite hard for me to ever get satisfaction, Sheldon is the writer's priority, if not even Leonard and Penny, the other two main protagonists, are getting the proper attention, what can I hope for tertiary character Amy? Now, regarding balance, same story, however, since they are paying attention to them as a couple (because a half of it is Sheldon, of course), I have the hope they will reach a more or less satisfactory middle ground some day.
  14. Ship Zone

    The bolded parts, that's where the problem lies for me. They "seem" happy, but, do we know for sure they both are? Let's see, Sheldon, with his well documented aversion and disdain to sex who just had discovered it could be a pleasurable activity but that doesn't seem to feel the need to practice it too oftenly, yes, I don't feel particularly worried about him having to stick to this once-a-year schedule. But what about Amy?, the one of the three main girls that always seemed to have the highest libido, the one that wanted so bad to experience sex, the one who seemed so prone to excercise self-pleasuring activities, the one who is constantly shown having romantic and sexy fantasies, the one who felt an innocent group hug among friends was "kind of hot" and even displayed a good amount of bicuriosity at one stage of her life, one who confessed being dissapointed nobody took advantage of her while she was drunk at a frat party (I know, stupid joke, I hate it too) the one that reportedly leers at her boyfriend's naked body, are we really sure that she has no desire to experience sex a bit more often (I mean, at least two times a year!), how do we know she is "happy"?, just because she doesn't openly complain? Let's reverse the situation, let's suppose Sheldon's words after that first time were: "I enjoyed that more than I thought, I could even do it again tomorrow!", and instead the "once a year" we have a "once a day" deal. Let's suppose we get to know they are having sex in a daily basis, Amy is happy and he doesn't seem *that* annoyed, just once in a while he does a little comment that suggest he would like to break the deal and skip sex for a day, but overjoyed Amy doesn't catch the drift. They are shown enjoying time together, but doesn't matter how enthrilled they seem to be with whatever activity they are doing, we know it will eventually get interrupted for them to hit the bed again, then one day Amy surprisingly says she doesn't want to have sex, but only because she has not get her contraceptive and doesn't want to risk getting pregnant yet. We get a dream sequence of a happy Sheldon being a train conductor being helped by an enthusiastic Amy, but the fantasy ends abruptly when we discover he's only dressed that way to fulfill his role of sexy conductor for her, as a preparation for more sex, of course. Then we get to know Amy has spread the word around Cal Tech about their hectic sex routine and Sheldon feels embarrassed and angry and calls her out, but when we think he's about to complain about the frequency of sex, turns out he's angry at her for not respecting their confidentiality clauses. Wee also get to se him being embarrased at the mocking of his peers at the university, because every time they call him a "dog" for his sexual prowess (I mean the opposite at the once-a-year digs), he feels they respect him less as a scientist. Now, knowing about Sheldon's personality and how he had felt about sex for almost his entire life and putting together all those little hints that suggest he would like to slow down the pace, do you think we could simply say "but he seems happy!" being involved in such situation? well, as long as he doesn't openly complain about it, I guess. Now, I know it's a ridiculous analogy, but that's how I feel about it, mainly because I feel this whole situation is, again, catering mostly at Sheldon's needs, I mean, I'm not blaming him and I'm not trying to negate the fact that their relationship is a thousand times better now than seasons ago, I'm blaming the writers, because they only care about him and they want to keep him "weird", they have decided he's different because he doesn't care about sex the way the other guys do, so they use the once a year thing without thinking that it's stupid and disadvantageus for Amy, they are simply ignoring her, because it's illogical to pretend she has no problem with sticking to that rule, that's why they constantly have those freudian slips, her cheeky suggestions that go unnoticed by Sheldon and those sexy fantasies about him, because deeply inside they know she wants more, because that's how they have created her character, this, I mean, when they remember she is a character and not only one more of Sheldon's accessories. So, despite thinking it's OOC for her to accept this schedule (specially because at this stage of their relationship it would be as easy as ask Sheldon to do it more often and he would obligue, I mean, what's stopping her?), if they want to make me believe her sexual urges are not as high as I think and are much more in sync with Sheldon's, well, then just show it!, I don't want to believe she is happy just because she doesn't vocally complain while at the same time telling me she looks hungrily at him and takes every chance to put her hands on him, as if she still had the need to sneakily do it. I would like to see her bragging with her girlfriends about only needing to do it once a year and feel satisfied, and to look down at the others thinking, just as Sheldon, that she is superior than them for not being a slave of her hormones, and preferring a session of harp playing to an afternoon of hanky-panky, I mean, if low-frequency sex is going to be their quirk, let's do it equally satisfying for both, shall we?
  15. Ship Zone

    However, the main problem for me is not that Sheldon had never been portrayed as aroused by typical "sexy stuff" like lingerie and such, but that he had never been portrayed as aroused at all with regards to the whole coitus with Amy scenario. In my opinion, the closest he had ever been to been portrayed as hot and bothered and confused by his own feelings and reactions was precisely during their "Playing doctor Star Trek style" scene, and that's it, and that's why I'm not fond at all at any scene (no matter how funny it could be) that gives the impression that Amy is sex-starved. I also couldn't care less about Shamy being portrayed as "normal" regarding to sex to cater to the, as you call it, random Joe public needs. I would be the happiest camper if some day we have the most un-sexy scene with a fully clothed Amy giving so irresistible science talk that Sheldon feel the need to jump her bones, like in the Brain Bowl episode, but this time not because he wants to make a baby, but because he feels so overcome by love and desire for her and her alone, and that's it, no typical sexy stuff required, thanks. While I agree that the writers had tried to keep them different and quirky, the problem, as I see it, is that they keep boycotting themselves with their obsession with mentioning the once-a-year thing and always under a negative light, each time a character talks about it is to make a dig at it. And yet, they keep it going when there's absolutely no need to! I mean, again: they live together, they share a bed, Sheldon seems to show no more hesitation, Amy is constantly portrayed as wanting it, so, what's the problem?, why don't they just do it, no matter the date?, it doesn't make sense at all! In the other hand, if they really, really want to make it clear that Shamy is special and don't need sex more than once a year, then, please, no more ambiguity and negative connotations to their unusual sex life would be much appreciated. So, yes, I would like to be able to agree with you but sorry, for me, one of those that became invested in Shamy precisely for their weirdness and uniqueness and that had never wanted or needed a "normal" portrayal of Shamy regarding love or sex, the messages that Sheldon had ever wanted to have sex with Amy other than because he knows she wants it and that they both are fine with doing it only once a year are not clear at all. Honestly, I would have preferred that, instead of rushing with the birthday-sex thing just after the break up, they had took the route of them going really, really slow with the exploration of their intimacy with theim both committed to reach a point of mutual and unequivocal desire at some future moment (something like that what they had been doing with them getting used to live together before engagement and marriage) instead of this, literally, bad joke that is not funny and doesn't make any sense.