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  1. That's true. You're right. It doesn't support the 22 degree claim. And it wasn't my intention to support the 22 degree claim with that GIF. I just thought it's funny and could make this thread less tense. Apart from this, I still think that Amy can spread her legs more than 22 degrees. And I agree with those people who say the 22 degrees line was just a cheap joke.
  2. OK...persuaded. I'm back.
  3. This is getting way too serious for my liking. I'm out for now...
  4. My gosh! This gif wasn't intended as a proof. This isn't a trial.
  5. This thread is really funny at times.
  6. Yeah, I know...Pete Townshend style...but I still think Amy can spread her legs more than 22°. ...I just wanted to post this gif.
  7. LOL Yeah, I think it's safe to say that Amy is able to spread her legs more than 22°.
  8. Happy taping day everyone!
  9. Ship Zone
  10. Yep. Old school. S10 S4
  11. From TBBT's official YouTube Channel: