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  1. Note by Tensor: This thread is for discussion of the shows renewal. Due to the way the software moves threads, this post, by Luminous ends up as the first post, even though I started the thread.
  2. Ship Zone

    This picture just served for visualization. But since you mentioned that other scene...
  3. Ship Zone

    All this talk about sexy time inspired me to start a new drawing. It's almost two months since the last one. So watch out for a new steamy Lenny drawing coming your way soon.
  4. Ship Zone

    Yep! We definitely need some Lenny sexy time again.
  5. Ship Zone

    Glorious! Yes, please make it happen @batman75. I would love to read it. With regard to the drawings. Of course you have the permission to use my drawings if you want to use some of them. (just add my forum username to it please. You can find all my drawings collected in an own thread - the link is in my signature) I'm sure the other artists also won't deny you the permission to use their drawings.
  6. Ship Zone

    Aww...that's wonderful! Hmm...a title for a book of Leonard and Penny's story? The Snowflake Chronicles (?)
  7. Ship Zone

    Transferring files from my computer to an external hard disk drive and going through some folders I found this Lenny wedding collage again, I made in September last year. I thought I re-post it.
  8. We can officially count on Kaley when it comes to two more seasons of TBBT.
  9. Actor

    Super cute picture of a teenage Kaley that I didn't know yet.
  10. Ship Zone that time when Lenny broke the bed in Penny's old bedroom. They were so proud of that. Look at their smug faces.
  11. The Euler disc in the writer's room
  12. Ship Zone

    Kaley delivered some funny facial expressions for the gif collection including another classic Penny eyeroll
  13. Ship Zone

    Just two captured moments Both really lookin' good
  14. Ship Zone

    What could happen to you, if you get free food and WiFi from your neighbors?
  15. Actor

    #tbt Kaley and Briana at the SAG Awards two weeks ago -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Yes! Absolutely! And they do it. And at times I am among those who feel disenfranchised.
  17. Well, strangely enough I can still connect the nice moments to the loving couple we came to enjoy and ship so hard without difficulty. So, is there something wrong with me? Do I suffer from some sort of denial of reality? I really want to understand the different perspective you mentioned. Again... I'm definitely NOT happy with all things regarding Lenny for quite some time now. But when I find nice moments and embrace them wholeheartedly, I now got the feeling I would have to exculpate myself for doing so. Even among my fellow Lennies I have the feeling I have to tread carefully, because expressing excitement or joy over a nice Lenny moment seems inappropriate.
  18. Nah! Won't happen! While I'm definitely NOT happy with all things regarding Lenny for quite some time now, I still find enough to enjoy Lenny or the show (because, believe it or not...I'm not just a shipper, but also a fan of the show as a whole). I know, among my fellow Lennies I'm in the minority, or maybe I'm even the only one who feels this way. I won't give up on Lenny. Forget it! I won't jump ship. I'm loyal to my ship, no matter how much TPTB are trying to defile my OTP. I love them too much.
  19. Regarding Leonard and Penny's bedroom: Leonard gave Penny a carte blanche to redecorate their bedroom ("decorate it any way that makes you happy"). When Penny showed Leonard the newly decorated room she admitted that she went "a little overboard" and offered to style it back at any time. But Leonard, whose first reaction indicated that he wasn't really excited about the new decoration, declined the offer immediately and showed again that Penny always comes first for him ("it's important to me, that you have the bedroom you want"). And obviously not all of Leonard's stuff is gone. His bookshelf with his collection of comic books and CD's is still there. You can see that in picture below.