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  1. Ship Zone

    Three Lenny moments from season 10...just because
  2. Ship Zone

    Ah...the moment when their eyes met. I can tell you a story about this scene. I saw it together with my girlfriend for the first time in the fall of 2011, since we only discovered the show around that time. To know how it all began we bought the DVD's for seasons 1,2 and 3. When we came to "The Jiminy Conjecture"I still remember very well how my girlfriend reacted, when this scene appeared on the TV screen. After Penny's "So we'll just be friends'" she uttered an disappointed "Oh, no" (in german ), but shortly after it became a joyful yelled "YES...WOOHOO" and she jumped up and down clapping hands, then she hugged me so hard we both fell off the sofa.
  3. Actor

    It is, indeed. Kaley to Mayim: "...wish Jim a Happy Birthday." Mayim's reaction: But there came an "I love you" from Mayim in the direction of Jim directly after that.
  4. Actor

    I'm still slightly confused as for the Omaha World Cup 2017 finals from March 29 to April 2 and Kaley's intentions to visit them. In this IG posting she sounds quite confident to be a spectator there during the whole event. But what about the table read which is on Wednesday, March 29 and the rehearsals on Thursday and Friday? Hmm...we'll see.
  5. Two IG postings related to episode #20
  6. Actor

    Kaley's birthday greetings for Jim
  7. Actor

    ...and Melissa's
  8. Actor

    themelissarauch I'm so in love with this @bigbangtheory_cbs guest star...Paco the Sloth! themelissarauch #TBT to me and my childhood BFF, Lucky #nationalpuppyday
  9. Actor

    themelissarauch I had such a wonderful time getting to know the incredible kids and faculty at The Ardella B. Tibby School! So much fun reading with them as a part of #readacrossamerica today!
  10. Note by Tensor: This thread is for discussion of the shows renewal. Due to the way the software moves threads, this post, by Luminous ends up as the first post, even though I started the thread.
  11. Ship Zone

    Yes, I still believe that Leonard and Penny are meant to be too.
  12. Well, to be honest, before I start to think about Raj and his further development, I want him first of all out of 4A as soon as possible.
  13. Actor

    Yep, it's Kaley in the middle.
  14. Ship Zone

    The cat's alive! I chose this picture (my drawn version) as cover for my first published fan fiction. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read it. Special thanks @5Mississippis, @hokie3457, @SRAM and @Strawberry PopTart Fan (I guess the guest reviewer is you ) for reviewing. I'm encouraged to write more.
  15. Second and last chapter is up. Thanks to all those who read and/or reviewed.
  16. This is my first published fanfiction. Nothing special. Just a fluffy, lighthearted Lenny story set in season 1. Characters are not necessarily IC. Maybe someone finds the time to read it.