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  1. Actor

    Snow dogs From Kaley's IG stories: Kaley and Karl after a hot yoga session
  2. Cool! I'm a Saarlänner too.
  3. Actor

    Johnny at the CBS Photo Booth during the 2017 People Choice Awards
  4. Ship Zone

    Just two pictures.
  5. Ship Zone

    another gif Leonard patting Penny's back
  6. Ship Zone

    Gif service "Dream kiss"
  7. Why not! We already had a PAmy kiss.
  8. From People Magazine
  9. The tag says #TB(B)T. Throw Back () Thursday. From the clothes Kaley, Johnny and Kunal are wearing I would say it's from the taping for "The Birthday Synchronicity".
  10. From Entertainment Weekly: The Big Bang Theory first look: Raj's girlfriends return!