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    (4 pictures)
  2. Actor

    From Jamie Greenberg's IG stories
  3. Actor

    Nice selfie from a slide show posted by Kaley. Look at these abs.
  4. Ship Zone

    Yeah, that's cute. Lenny in sync. seat42f Like here...
  5. Ship Zone

    Two promotional photos for episode 10.22
  6. Actor

    New horse... Ruby
  7. Ship Zone

    Interesting fan art
  8. I totally agree. I'm certainly not completely happy with the treatment of my ship for quite some time, but I would never wish bad things for another ship. Schadenfreude is not my thing.
  9. The link was not embedded, but it works. Thanks for posting. Edit: Tensor fixed it.
  10. Debate Zone

    Three months ago in January Johnny did an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He also talked about Lenny (watch the video, that is inside the link) ca. from minute 6 on. The Big Bang Theory: Johnny Galecki weighs in on sitcom's future
  11. Ship Zone

    They definitely had a great time.
  12. Ship Zone

    Well, I guess Lenny are part of the "Raj is moving out of 4A" plot.
  13. It's on page 511. The once-a-year-sex-thing is history.
  14. No, just a guess.
  15. Hmm...the gang is concerned because Ramona could disturb the happiness of newly engaged Shamy?