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  1. Lice? Leoice? Leonice? Allen? Good thing he eventually ended up with Penny...
  2. Leonard's behavior with Mandy was unacceptable. Whether it was cheating on Penny is something I haven't really decided for myself. Leonard's behavior with Alice was a little more troubling. He wanted something real and tangible. Priya was half a world away and, to be honest, she was ashamed/afraid to tell her parents about him. That was a part of their relationship the writers never dealt with and they should have. Not excusing his pursuit of Alice, but I certainly would have been fine if he'd decided to break up with Priya and THEN go after Alice. Is kissing cheating? That's an individual judgement everyone has to make for themselves. It certainly is not conducive to a healthy relationship. I suppose most people would agree that it would have been worse if he'd had sex with Mandy, but then we'd have to debate what constitutes sex. According to some people in this country, Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky... Cheating gene? Sorry, not buying that one. Everything has to be explained away this day and age so that no one is responsible for their own actions. Human beings are flawed and many things can tempt us into making bad choices. But, they are still choices. Some have cautioned that Penny should watch him because his father cheated on Beverly, and because Leonard has now kissed two women while in a relationship with another woman. Yet, it is Penny who has admitted her 'go to' revenge technique has been having sex with other girls boyfriends. It is Penny that intentionally removes her wedding ring while flirting with doctors to sell pharmaceuticals. Perhaps Leonard should be watching Penny.... Oh, and if Leonard cheated by drunkenly kissing Mandy, then Beverly cheated on Alfred when she drunkenly kissed Sheldon...
  3. LOL! One can hope...
  4. Any man that actively hopes for his best friend's relationship to fail because he wants his girl for himself is a bad person.
  5. Amy has never hidden her disinterest for science fiction and her disdain for the world of comics. She expressed her feelings very clearly about his affection for comic books: Amy: Sheldon I'm disappointed, as a brilliant man you're entitled to a vice. I could understand frequenting an opium den or hunting your fellow man for sport, but this? Lame-o! So, I'm not sure why anyone wants to bash on her for not being over the moon about Comic-Con. BTW: Does Sheldon accompany her to harp concerts, renaissance poetry readings or anything else that interests her?
  6. I don't think there are a lot Raj haters. More a case of people becoming indifferent about him. He's contributed about as much to TBBT as the sofa in 4A. He's generally not a good person and it's well established that he isn't likely to progress in any sort of positive direction. He may not be boxed in relationship wise, but he's pretty boxed in as being who and what he is. At this point I don't see him much differently than Stuart, Kripke, Burt, Will Wheaton, etc... Kunal is a good actor that does a great job playing Raj. Unfortunately, from Season One to date the character has suffered while story lines were devoted to the others. At this point I am not so sure the ship hasn't sailed on Raj.
  7. I suppose he did. If you count going home with an acknowledgement of debt written on his forehead in permanent marker. If you count Penny thinking Kurt decided to pay her back because he decided to do so on his own. If you count Sheldon composing a mocking, heroic ditty in his honor... It is indicative of the real world. However, the creators of TBBT said that part of the purpose of the show would be to celebrate these guys. When is that going to happen? Been 10+ seasons... The characters on 'Scorpion' are more socially awkward and dysfunctional than the TBBT characters and they come out on top in every episode...
  8. I have expressed at other times my disappointment with how the show treats the 4 guys. In the beginning it was promulgated that TBBT was going to be a sitcom about 4 unique, brilliant and intellectually gifted scientists. The humor would come from their often awkward interactions with 'normal' people, their geeky, nerdy pursuits and interests, and Leonard's pursuit of the pretty girl. We were told these 4 guys would be celebrated for their beautiful minds and uniqueness. This has never happened. In every encounter that pits them against the 'normal' world, they lose. Whenever they come up against a bully, they lose. From Kurt, to Speckerman, to the nerd bully Zarnecki, they lose. Their car gets stolen and Sheldon has a shake thrown on him. So, in that regard, I would say that all the show has done is reinforce the idea that guys like this are fodder for bullies and that might triumphs over intelligence every time. Just once. Once, mind you, I'd love to see them turn the tables on just one bully and come out on top. And, yes, they did bully Zack. They also apologized and befriended him.
  9. While agreeing with the overall point of your post, it's a little hard to feel sorry for Mayim, or Melissa. If they appear in every episode this season they will both earn $2.4 million dollars. There will never be salary equity on TBBT as the 'big 1 + 2' are critical to the show in ways that the others are not. If the reports are true and JP, KC, and JG have re-signed at their current rates then I certainly applaud their lack of greed. Glad to know $24 million per season is enough to tide them over... According to one source, all 5 of the original cast will now make the same amount per episode. Good to see Simon rewarded for his brilliant portrayal of Howard.
  10. Spot on! I care for and am invested in these characters. While I may not like some of the story lines, I watch because I want to see the characters. I don't like what they've done to Sheldon and really think they've ruined him, but every once in a while the real Sheldon shows up. I watch "Scorpion" for the same reason. The story lines are often stupid and unbelievable, but I enjoy the actors portraying the characters.
  11. Well stated and I agree with your viewpoint. This was a seminal point in the transition of the show to being exceedingly Shamy-centric. While it is not implausible to see the other characters being drawn into their relationship drama, it did cross into the dynamic of becoming too much. While I will always object to the artificially constructed Season 4 Lenny breakup, I did not have any objections to the Shamy hitting the reef. I honestly feel it was long overdue. Sheldon was a terrible person for Amy to be involved with and she should have dumped him long before she actually did. He is, for the most part, better now, but the relationship is still far too Sheldon centered for to be functional and healthy for Amy. Frankly, the question has to be asked: Why, knowing how he is and how his selfish behavior makes her feel, did Amy reenter the relationship at all? Is she that desperate? He is better, but he still sucks. Nothing in Sheldon's world comes before Sheldon. Nothing and no one. As for Amy being one of the 'big 4', I don't think that's accurate. I don't think there is a big 4. Nor, a core 5, any more. There's the 'big 1 + 2' at this point. Howard is, in my opinion, more important than Amy, who falls into a grouping with Raj and Bernadette. Just my rambling thoughts....
  12. I would prefer the return of Dr. Stephanie. Bringing her into the group dynamic would certainly add some interesting possibilities. Howard wanted her. Leonard had her. Penny knows Leonard had her. Bernadette can learn about Howard wanting her. Amy could discuss medical subjects with her. Sheldon wanted her for the away team. She might make a good match for Raj.
  13. Lol! Good points! Apparently, one of the things she always wanted was a maid. Not only does the style not say 'Penny', it's also way too clean and well kept... Agreed; Let's see it again. Of course, that would require moving Lenny away from the kitchen island...
  14. What gets me about this isn't so much that it no longer screams 'Leonard'. I am sure that he had to expect that when he said she could change the room. There is little about the bedroom I share with my wife that reflects my 'tastes', (or lack thereof). My problem with the room is that it also does not say 'Penny'. The bedroom in 4B never looked anything like this. To me, the bedroom is as non-Penny as the daydream she had about Leonard fixing her dinner, giving her multiple bouquets, etc... This room reflects way too much 'romance novel' motif. (Of course this was exaggerated for the comedic value)
  15. We're all pathetic and creepy and can't get girls, that's why we fight robots -Barry Kripke The man's words speak for themselves.