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  1. I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed it because I like these characters and enjoy watching the actors bring them to life. There were several very funny parts and the chance to watch Leonard and Sheldon interact one-on-one was very welcome. I liked it when Leonard turned the tables on Sheldon over the tea, and I found Sheldon's comments to Leonard to be reminiscent of earlier times. The Shamy and Howardette parts were fine for me. The kiss was OOC for Shamy but it didn't bother me. I found it fit in for the purposes of juxtaposing the two relationships at that point. I also enjoyed the cucumber water scene. Very Sheldon... The nursery floor bit was pure fluff but it was fun to watch Howard and Raj. Simon is a great actor and it's fun when they give him something to shine with. As opposed to Howard acting more like Bernadette's child than a grown man. I hated the Lenny story. Penny was absolutely cruel to Leonard. The portrayal of Leonard sitting around in his underwear was totally OOC as was the Penny dream sequence. Reversed, they would have been closer to the truth. The writers have made a mess of these two and it just isn't getting any better. They have made Leonard come across as having an "I got the girl and now I can relax" kind of attitude. He was rather smug at the fan greet and didn't act at all like he appreciated Penny. Penny, for her part, has never put any effort into their relationship. In fact, she has historically put more effort into helping him with his other relationships than she has ever put into making something work between the two of them. It doesn't help that the show has created this idea that they're together because 'he wore her down'. Something both have said more than once. These two are the premise the show is built upon. Surely the writers can do better... As for the idea that Penny is projecting her own issues into the relationship: I don't care. Boo-hoo! She's just got it so bad. Penny has a good, well paying job in spite of having no qualifications. She bombed the interview that she only got because of Bernadette. She isn't happy doing the job but has no other prospects that will likely provide anything close to a similar opportunity. She was a terrible waitress. She failed as an actress. She has no education above high school and most likely didn't do well there. Considering where she was in the pilot episode, it seems that her life now is immeasurably better. Is Leonard perfect? No, not even close. But, compared to the other occupants of Penny's life, he's a veritable Mac-Daddy...
  2. This saddens me greatly. Mike, you will be missed.
  3. Debate Zone

    LOL! Well played! Yet, since my scene followed after yours, somehow her perception evolved over time There is no dispute that she originally saw it that way. Yet, Sheldon does almost nothing that isn't intended to primarily benefit himself above all else. As she found out concerning the RA...
  4. Debate Zone

    I am with you on this. The RA is unnecessary, and was always intended to benefit Sheldon. Same with the roommate agreement...
  5. Ship Zone

    I have theorized in other places that the transformation of Penny from the bubbly airhead to what she is now is due to Chuck Lorre's original vision for the female lead on TBBT. Perhaps the idea is to write her out and bring in the original, rough, woman of the world, that Chuck wanted in the first place... She could pick up Leonard on the rebound... No. I am not serious... Or?
  6. Ship Zone

    Which is, of course, the truth. But, it is customary on the forum to discuss Lenny as if they're real people. Therefore, I followed that tradition...
  7. Ship Zone

    LOL! No, he's not. But, they have established and maintained an ersatz parent and child relationship with him. While I don't really believe that the absence of a 24 hour a day Sheldon presence in their lives is the cause of any relationship issues they may have, it is a change and one that would require adjustment in a number of areas in their lives. Lenny's issues are deep rooted in the dynamics of their relationship. Penny is the goddess that Leonard put on a pedestal for a long time. She came to expect his pursuit, aid, understanding and adoration. He learned to count on her acceptance, and appreciation, of him for who he is. Now, they have to function as equals in a marriage. A major change that has taken time to occur and they are struggling to adapt.
  8. Lived
  9. When TBS reruns the pilot episode the Sperm Bank scene is removed.
  10. TBBT would not be the same without Sheldon. IMO, the show would not survive without Sheldon as most people would stop watching. I don't think the majority of people that complain about Sheldon actually hate him. The issue that I have these days with 'Sheldon being Sheldon' is that he has supposedly grown into a more socially aware human being. This makes the behaviors which tended to be tolerated or excused from the earlier seasons now unacceptable. Season 1 Sheldon could say something that many would find grossly offensive but it would be overlooked by his friends because they knew of his limitations concerning social interactions. The same comment in Season 10 is no longer that easy to explain away. We are supposed to believe that he has advanced in his understanding of socially acceptable behavior so, we expect his actions to match that new level of understanding. And, we find his friends continuing to accept the cruel, condescending, and insensitive things he says and does to be illogical and frequently unbelievable. Which leads to a lot of the 'anti-Sheldon' sentiments you see on these boards. Just my thoughts on the OP's question...
  11. Not a thing. Many people feel the same way.
  12. Mary Ann - Gilligan's Island
  13. Little Richard
  14. Evil
  15. Orphan