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  1. It's Colonel Williams.
  2. I hate to sound like the disgruntled, "bring back the good old days', the current show sucks, type of fan... But, who would have imagined ten years ago that TBBT would be dominated by discussions of relationships, babies, and whether, or not, Raj is gay? I watch the show and, as Sheldon once queried Amy, I ask, "What has happened to you?"
  3. Thank you! I believe this is spot on!
  4. Same with Sheldon's notebook. If it contains classified material (drawings, equations, formulas, etc.) it would be similarly controlled. He would not be walking around with it in his bag, or taking it home.
  5. Penny said that her 'go to' move to get back at another girl was to have sex with their boyfriends. Perhaps that was just meant as humorous sarcasm. But, I don't think so.
  6. You left off Dave Underhill. If he was going to take naked pictures of Penny it is likely they were having sex.
  7. Claire seemed too smart for Zack. I can see Zack with Missy since according to her mother she is, "Dumb as soup."
  8. Maybe she could get hired as the spokesperson for Priceline. I'm sure she could do just as well as that girl they have now...
  9. She might could work in a yoga studio... She demonstrated her business acumen with the Penny Blossom idea. Sheldon pointed out that Penny would profit only $5.19 per day. Sheldon: “There are children in the sneaker factory in Indonesia who out-earn you.” Penny might be suited for any number of low skill jobs that benefit from a (mostly) bubbly personalty. She could work as a yoga, or workout instructor. There are a lot of tanning salons in the LA basin. Perhaps she could work the counter at a car rental agency. Fact is, Penny is not qualified to do much. She learned the pharmaceutical job and is doing well. So, instead of looking for another job that she thinks will lead to quick success and lot's of money, she should consider trying to identify what she wants to do and go to school or take a training program, Real estate might be good for her.
  10. Penny is unhappy at the only job at which she has achieved any measure of success. She was a bad waitress and she couldn't succeed as an actress. One commercial and repeated roles in 'Serial Apist' to show for years of trying.The pharmaceutical sales job was a gift. No other way to see it. She bombed her interview and got hired in spite of that. To her credit she actually worked hard to prepare for this job, and maybe that will show her the way to succeed at something else.
  11. Thank you! Post corrected....
  12. I'm sure there are telescopes in India he can use.
  13. I'm not clear on how giving him a boyfriend would be 'good' for the show. In the U.S., TBBT has avoided many of the controversies and criticisms of other Chuck Lorre productions. TBBT is not TAAHM, or Mom, which are more typical envelope pushing CL shows. Nor, is it Modern Family with its 'let's make a statement on society' agenda, (which is why the writing receives few, or no, award nominations). Where the 'good' would be is something I am missing. Fact is; It would not even be 'good' for the show to give him a steady girlfriend. TBBT already has two many characters sharing not enough episode time. Adding another person to the mix will likely just exacerbate this situation. Raj, while decidedly metro-sexual, has shown no leanings towards being gay. He was appalled when he accidentally kissed Howard. He was very happy to sleep with the girl he picked up in the bar. His relationships have failed because of his behavior, not because he is unhappy with women. He may be gay. His parents certainly have said they suspect it, but the show itself has steadfastly painted the opposite picture. But, if it will win you a point with your dad, bring on the boyfriend. Brilliant!
  14. Thanks! We are fine since we actually live outside of Atlanta. My commute to work is west on I-20 towards Augusta, so I'm fine there also...
  15. Is that necessarily so? Penny is a sales rep. Who does she actually work with? She would have a supervisor and her co-workers would be other sales reps. For the most part, hers would be a solitary job spent traveling a route consisting of doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals. The people there would be customers. The people she is known to hide her wedding ring from. I work on a secure compound. My wife has met my co-workers at a few functions and she knows of them from our conversations. She does not actually know any of them. How well is Leonard expected to know the other sales reps from Penny's company? Why would he know them at all? We have not seen any instances of Penny bringing them into her social sphere of friends. Penny knows Leonard's co-workers because they have become part of her world through Leonard. Not because she has put any effort into meeting them. They were brought to her. Howard and Raj have always been around. Kripke met her in 4A. Leslie she met in 4A. She met Bert through Amy. If Penny brought her co-workers around Leonard then he would know them. If she spoke of them, apart from gossipy stuff, then he would at least know something about them. Knowing, or not knowing, someone's co-workers doesn't necessarily make you a good spouse. Loving someone, and demonstrating that love through actions, words, consideration, sacrifice, and a myriad of other ways does. Using that metric, Leonard is 100 % better at being a husband than Penny is at being a wife.