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  1. Joyce Kim, Leslie Winkle, Dr. Stephanie Barnett, and Priya Koothrapalli were all seen in episodes. There have also been some one-offs that didn't turn into relationships, but you are correct concerning the French girl. Mentioned once and then apparently forgotten.
  2. 'Howling Mad' Murdock. Classic TV character. Agreed on all of those. The Cheesecake Factory provided some classic scenes. Thinking about Sheldon and the laundry room raises questions concerning Shamy and how they manage their laundry. Would Sheldon entrust his laundry to Amy? Do they do their laundry individually, but at the same time?
  3. I can relate to your point until you get to the last sentence. While there are undoubtedly intelligent people working at the university in non-intellectual fields, (Sheldon's janitor teammate from the Physics Bowl comes to mind), it is unlikely that custodial hiring decisions are made based upon the perceived intelligence of the candidates. I am hesitant to raise this question after seeing the comments on Indian culture in the Raj/Priya discussion, but would Raj actually consider a relationship with a menial laborer? He himself said that in his parents home they refer to the servants as 'untouchables'. How pervasive would this mindset actually be in his outlook towards blue collar workers?
  4. One thing I haven't seen mentioned in these discussions is that Raj is afraid of Priya. She has demonstrated a willingness to cause him physical pain if he crossed her. How sincere he may have been about 'looking out' for her may be up for debate, but there can be no doubt about her disregard for his counsel (bluster) and readiness to put him in his place if he became a real obstruction to her fulfilling her agenda.
  5. Totally agree. And, the intrusion of Sheldon into the middle of it really didn't help.
  6. I applaud your imagination but shudder at the idea that TBBT would fall prey to the myth of the tyrannical military absconding with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon and their invention. Why not have a jealous Kripke sneak into their lab and steal the invention? The cliff hanger can be when the three of them go to work the next day and find it missing. Next season's premiere can show them sweating out the search for, and eventual capture of, Kripke before he can meet with Joyce Kim and hand the device over to the North Koreans.
  7. The only thing Penny lacks is maturity. She needs to grow up and take stock of her life. She pursued her 'dream' while lacking any actual ability or real training to prepare her for success. She demonstrated a lack of any real skill at being a waitress and is not really suited for any sort of professional occupation. If she's any good at her current job she should consider herself lucky.
  8. At this point the better way to do it is send Raj back to India. He's a total waste of time and if given a chance would happily stab Leonard in the back and have sex with Penny. That's who this character is... Why would heterosexual Raj and heterosexual Stuart fall in love? If TBBT wants to bring in a gay, or bi, character then let them do it. Nothing has ever suggested either of these characters would be so inclined. Get rid of both of them and bring back the transvestite cop that used to live in 4B. More comic potential there than in Raj and Stuart combined. Apologies if that sounds a little snarky. This time wasting on Raj, combined with pointless and contrived Lenny drama is getting to me...
  9. Time Machine
  10. The next Lenny breakup (including any kind of separation) needs to be the last one. How much of Penny's crap is Leonard supposed to take? Penny needs to grow up. Yeah, she's a failed actress. Big deal! Fact is, nothing ever really suggested she wanted to be a working actress so much as she wanted to be an empty headed, vacuous, self admiring, Hollywood star. She wanted to be famous. Sadly, for her, she's a character on a TV show since these days Hollywood is full of people that have achieved Penny's goal in real life. She's unhappy? Why? Her husband loves her. She has a good job that pays well. It may not be glamorous but it's better than she should have. What is she looking for? How is her life so unfulfilled?
  11. Lice? Leoice? Leonice? Allen? Good thing he eventually ended up with Penny...
  12. Leonard's behavior with Mandy was unacceptable. Whether it was cheating on Penny is something I haven't really decided for myself. Leonard's behavior with Alice was a little more troubling. He wanted something real and tangible. Priya was half a world away and, to be honest, she was ashamed/afraid to tell her parents about him. That was a part of their relationship the writers never dealt with and they should have. Not excusing his pursuit of Alice, but I certainly would have been fine if he'd decided to break up with Priya and THEN go after Alice. Is kissing cheating? That's an individual judgement everyone has to make for themselves. It certainly is not conducive to a healthy relationship. I suppose most people would agree that it would have been worse if he'd had sex with Mandy, but then we'd have to debate what constitutes sex. According to some people in this country, Bill Clinton did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky... Cheating gene? Sorry, not buying that one. Everything has to be explained away this day and age so that no one is responsible for their own actions. Human beings are flawed and many things can tempt us into making bad choices. But, they are still choices. Some have cautioned that Penny should watch him because his father cheated on Beverly, and because Leonard has now kissed two women while in a relationship with another woman. Yet, it is Penny who has admitted her 'go to' revenge technique has been having sex with other girls boyfriends. It is Penny that intentionally removes her wedding ring while flirting with doctors to sell pharmaceuticals. Perhaps Leonard should be watching Penny.... Oh, and if Leonard cheated by drunkenly kissing Mandy, then Beverly cheated on Alfred when she drunkenly kissed Sheldon...
  13. LOL! One can hope...
  14. Any man that actively hopes for his best friend's relationship to fail because he wants his girl for himself is a bad person.
  15. Amy has never hidden her disinterest for science fiction and her disdain for the world of comics. She expressed her feelings very clearly about his affection for comic books: Amy: Sheldon I'm disappointed, as a brilliant man you're entitled to a vice. I could understand frequenting an opium den or hunting your fellow man for sport, but this? Lame-o! So, I'm not sure why anyone wants to bash on her for not being over the moon about Comic-Con. BTW: Does Sheldon accompany her to harp concerts, renaissance poetry readings or anything else that interests her?