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  1. Well said, we are lucky to get whatever we are given and very grateful for any details no matter how small
  2. For shamy fans at least we know they are together even if they are not going to be in the same state for a few months They are pretty solid right now
  3. Ship Zone

    I hope we get to see a similar image in episode 23
  4. This is something I will always agree with and I'm a big Sheldon fan but it was unnecessary for him to be there
  5. Ship Zone

    I think I was right to remain calm yesterday because I think I just used all my energy getting totally excited about this latest news Fiancee thinks I've lost the plot!
  6. Ship Zone

    Ugh if they do a dream sequence with Sheldon and Ramona that would be stupid No worries about shamy for me
  7. This time shamy are together and they are not breaking up, nothing has been implied that they will be breaking up either
  8. Ship Zone

    Ok I've slept on it after the initial wtf reaction to the news and I've decided that I am going to remain calm and not worry about what happens in a hiatus/summer where shamy are not together because this time they are together rather than some ridiculous break up Not being driven bonkers over a tv show again! Peace calm and Zen
  9. Well I didn't see that one coming
  10. How do you know that he didn't? There's a lot of stuff we don't see
  11. No idea, imo he more likely periodically checked the footage and came across the bit of Lenny but I doubt he sat there watching it, more likely fast forwarded through
  12. Sheldon had the cameras for security reasons not to be a pervert, that's just ridiculous Or are we going to accuse everyone who has done something like penny taking money from Leonard's wallet
  13. Weirdly I have reached 40 and just recently diagnosed with under active thyroid and type 2 diabetes, a drastic diet change is in plan now
  14. Ages ago in one of my fan fiction stories I had Penny doing a web series