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  1. Disregarding A-Z, I will start with a word and the next person must use a word that is connected to it and so on For example Football Game Match But anyway I will start with Park
  2. Clock
  3. Going on from the songs list i shall start with Abba
  4. I like Bert, he's funny
  5. Love basil but can't stand David brent
  6. I'm probably in the minority here but I quite liked Priya, this is what makes this forum so great Everyone can have their own views on certain things and we don't necessarily have to agree Anyway am really looking forward to another 2 seasons and I hopefully will try to get to a taping next year with my future husband
  7. Of course but for whatever reason tptb are choosing to ignore any Lenny cuteness
  8. Some lovely pictures and Raj and Penny do look cute in matching shirts
  9. I will start with A Kind of Magic - Queen
  10. Ship Zone

    As long as we are doing Sheldon dancing.......
  11. Seeing as it has been brought up, the Chinese lady next to Leonard isn't Mandy is it?
  12. Ship Zone

    I like the idea of them working together, that makes me happy
  13. Maybe hate is a strong word but Leonard very definitely didn't want to do yoga with Penny in the season 8 premier
  14. Thanks this sounds like another fun episode
  15. Because Leonard hates yoga
  16. Penny and Raj doing yoga together sounds fun and it's nice she has another yoga buddy!
  17. Can be anybody from sport, tv, radio, music whatever you want Angelina Jolie
  18. Just interested to know which kiss us shamy fans prefer, its open to everybody to vote of course! Also if you want to discuss which is the best one
  19. I guess it's a good thing that Raj Has been focused on recently and he too can have a happy ending, though I would love to see more scenes with him and Stuart, they are comedy
  20. Hmmm well even if that might be true, I can't see her doing pharmaceutical sales for the rest of time, maybe tptb can have her explore careers that interest her
  21. Why not? Maybe this time she will be more successful with it
  22. Gotta be better than endless episodes of Lenny sniping at each other
  23. Does anyone think in the next two seasons the writers might explore Penny going back to her acting career?
  24. Actor

    Looking at the pics and video of Kaley helping Karl move to a new place. I think after her marriage to Ryan where everything was rushed she's taking (rightly) some time to just be with Karl and enjoy the time she has with him
  25. 2 more seasons sounds good to me