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  1. Skull, you need to read and acknowledge the PM I sent to you.
  2. Week 18 Overnights and Demo Breakouts for 19 January, 2017 Any comparisons for last week, that includes a "*", for either this week or last, indicates that show was a repeat. CBS ran a new episode of TBBT, 10.13 The Relationship Recalibration. It pulled in a 3.3 demo, with a 13 share and 15.05 million viewers. This was up 1.4 demo points from last week*, up six in share and up 4.86 million from last week's show.* From it's last new show, it was down three tenths in demo, even in share, and down 1.6 million in viewers. TBBT was number one in demo with that 3.3/13. There was a tie for second between The Great Indoors and Mom with a 1.7. This was up three tenths for The Great Indoors and up four tenths for Mom. In share, The Great Indoors had a 7, up two tenths and Mom had a 6, up a tenth from last weeks shows. For viewers, TBBT* was first with 15.05 million. In second was Mom with 8.51 million viewers, up 1.2 million viewers from last week's second place show. And in third was The Great Indoors, with 8.10 million viewers, up 850,000, from last weeks number three. In the 18-34 demo, TBBT was in first with a 1.8, up eight tenths from last week's number one show*. There was a tie for second between Mom and The Great Indoors at 0.9, even with last week's number two show and up two tenths from last weeks number three show. . In the 25-54 demo,TBBT was first with a 4.9 demo, up 2.1 points from last week's number one show*. In second was Mom and The Great Indoors for a tie at with a 2.6, up four tenths from last week's second place show and up five tenths from last week's third place show.
  3. Week 18 Early Household Ratings and Top 25 Markets; 19 January, 2017 Shows indicated with an asterisk (*) are repeat. TBBT* ran a new episode last night, 10.13 The Relationship Recalibration at 8:00 PM on Thursday. It had a 10.2 Household Rating (10.2). This was up four points in Households, from the last week's repeat episode*. In households, number one for the night was TBBT with that 10.2. In second was Mom, with a 5.5 Household. This was up seven tenths in Households from last week's episode. In third, was The Great Indoors with a 5.0, this was up five tenths in Households, from last week's third place show. I don't have the Top 25 for this week. I'll get to the overnight demo and viewers up shortly. Tensor
  4. Ship Zone

    His point was your thirties are not your twilight years. And everyone needs more than one person to balance their life. It has nothing to do with your age.
  5. Actor

    Big Bay City is her (and others) Limited Liability Company for her (and others) horses. The company owns several, and leases several other horses she (and the others) use on the jumping circuit.
  6. Poll: What did you think of the episode
  7. Week 18, Syndicated ratings, Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Based on week Sixteen numbers, 02-08 Jan, 2017. Top Ten in Households: Show Household Rating Family Feud 7.6 Judge Judy 7.4 TBBT 7.2 Wheel of Fortune 7.1 Jeopardy 6.7 Law and Order:SVU 4.3 TBBT Weekend 3.8 Entertainment Tonight 3.7 Modern Family Weekend 3.6 Family Feud Weekend 3.5 Top ten in 25-54 Women: Show 25-54 Women Rating TBBT 4.7 Family Feud 3.5 Judge Judy 3.1 Modern Family Weekend 2.8 Wheel of Fortune 2.5 Law and Order:SVU 2.4 TBBT Weekend 2.4 Modern Family 2.4 Jeopardy 2.2 Family Guy 1.9 I've gotten the question as to why the 25-54 rating. For daytime shows, the women 25-54 is the more important ratings. As you can see, TBBT still does rather well with this demo. There is a show called Weekend Adventure. It is a group of nature programs broadcast during the day on weekends for kids. I've pulled it as it is not late Afternoon/early evening programming. Tensor
  8. Sorry, I didn't realize this was missed. It's up now.
  9. 'The Romance Recalibration ' - Season 10, Episode 13 Airs Thursday, January 19 at 8/7c on CBS. When Penny feels that Leonard is taking her for granted, she decides to go on a spa weekend with Amy. Also, Wolowitz and Koothrappali try to fix a squeaky floorboard in the baby's room.
  10. So? I don't. I expect better from the writers, and when I don't get what I think is better, I point it out.
  11. As does the list of realistic choices go on and on. And I find it better if they do.
  12. Because the made the realistic choice to get married? Leonard made the realistic choice to got to the North Sea, etc, etc, etc. So why not realistic choices for other things? You haven't heard of satire?
  13. Actually, no it's not. We generally don't allow personal attacks or critiques about how or what people post, on the board. We want discussion about the show, not about other posters. That means, we allow critical posts about the writing and performances on the show, but generally don't allow personal attacks toward the actors and/or writers. It sounds as if you would prohibit any kind of critique about the show or the performances, because that would be taking a shit on their work. Here's an example, a while back, we had people describing various writers in derogatory terms (they were being called racists), based on what was in the show. But that isn't allowed. You could say the writing portrayed the character(s) as being racist. But, no one is allowed to call the writers racist, without some kind of proof.
  14. Well, there's no proof they've actually used it. Drawing it up, isn't the same as using it. So in that case, Amy is still engaged to Fasil, and any number of other one and done things the show has used. No. It's his opinion.
  15. Week 18 Weekly Rankings; 17 January, 2017 Ratings based on Week Sixteen numbers, week 09-15 January 2017. At 8:00 PM Thursday, CBS ran three repeat episodes during the week. On Monday, at 8:00 PM there was 9.23 The Line Substitution Solution, on Tuesday, at 9:30 PM it was 9.24 The Convergence Convergence, and on Thursday it was 1003 The Dependence Transendence, were broadcast. There were two prime time NFL playoff games. On Saturday, the game pulled in a 9.4 demo, with 12.03 million demo viewers and 29.82 million total viewers. On Sunday, the game pulled in a 12.0 demo with 15.38 million demo viewers and 37.11 million total viewers. The top ten in demo follows. (Repeats are designated by a R, Specials or Special Times are designated by a S, P indicates series Premiere ) Non-series sports programs removed. Show 18-49 Demo 18-49 Demo Viewers This is Us 3.0 3,877,000 The Simpsons 2.8 3,566,000 Modern Family 2.3 2,985,000 The Batchelor 2.1 2,707,000 The Goldbergs 2.0 2,522,000 TBBT (R) 1.9 2,418,000 Speechless 1.8 2,251,000 The Wall 1.7 2,226,000 Black-ish 1.7 2,176,000 The Middle 1.7 2,157,000 The Monday TBBT had a 1.6 with 2043 million demo viewers and the Tuesday 9:30 PM show didn't make the top 25 in Demo. The top 10 in viewers: Show Total Viewers This is Us 10,480,000 Blue Bloods 10,476,000 TBBT (Thur) (R) 10,261,000 NCIS (R) 10,090,000 Hawaii Five-0 9,690,000 NCIS:LA 8,584,000 TBBT (Mon) (R) 8,581,000 MacGyver 7,638,000 Modern Family 7,590,000 Criminal Minds 7,537,000 The Tuesday 9:30 PM repeat didn't make the top 25 in viewers Tensor