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  1. Non-Show Discussion

    When it comes up in discussion I praise it. It's just not discussed that much. I also like season seven and season four. Season five and three are about equal to me. The point was I was very enthusiastic about the show in season six. I was never missing repeats, even though I had the seasons. I was writing fan fiction, finding everything I could on the show That enthusiasm was still there for season seven. It was season eight where I started to lose my enthusiasm, simply because of how bad, I thought, season eight was. Seasons nine and ten aren't much better. After three years of what I consider mostly crappy stories; indeed, if any stories, for Lenny, I've become quite cynical about the shows ability to do anything decent for them. The show does Sheldon and Shamy now. I would guess, from the messages, it was because you feel like there is something wrong with me now, compared to previously. And they saw that as a personal attack. The Oh my.... was a bit snarky. But, I left the post up.
  2. First off, I want to thank those that reported posts INSTEAD of answering them. Now, let me make this clear, anyone, who is generous enough to bring spoilers to the forum, should be thanked, period. When it come to spoilers or information from a taping, WE GET WHAT WE GET. If you want to ask politely if there is any other information, fine. But if there isn't, or that person doesn't want to provide the information, personal attacks on the person providing spoilers will not be tolerated. Nor should you generalize what other ships are doing. While on that subject, spoilers go in the discussion thread. I moved several posts from the Shamy thread, to the discussion thread. YES, the moderator moved posts to where they belong. If you have a question on that, PM me. Now, lets talk about those who answered posts, instead of reporting them. Over 30 posts have been hidden or edited. I spent about an hour and a half this morning straightening out a mess, and another couple of hours tonight. Warnings, are being discussed from this morning and this evening. Those whose post was outside the rules, and those who replied to that post, again outside the rules.
  3. That's because it was included in a post with comments that got the post hidden. I try to edit, but when faced with 5-6 reports and approval of several other posts, I don't have the time and just hide them. Sometimes, I hate getting up in the mornings.
  4. Like both weddings? Or are you claiming interrupting sharing a tootbrush holder is the same as interrupting a wedding, twice at that. You mean when Amy interrupted Lenny eating after their engagement? You mean after Amy threw him out of her apartment? Yeah as did Leonard. If so, then why do we get what feels like condescension with "Oh, it isn't that bad", or "it's funny"? Let's look at seasons six, seven and eight. You may have had a problem season 6, but at least they had plots together. Season six was a big Lenny years, but Shamy only had four less shows with plots or major scenes than Lenny. Season seven was pretty even over all, but season eight. Yeah, Shamy had more than twice the screen time that Lenny had. Shenny had more screen time than Lenny. And almost half had Shamy plots or major scenes. The scene where Sheldon and Amy were shown, was not interrupted. It was only into the tag, when Shamy wasn't even shown, that it was interrupted. You want to compare breakups? Shamy spent nine episodes broken up, and every one of those episodes had something to do with the breakup. I really don't see how that compares to the 40 episodes Lenny spent broken up, where less than five or six had to do with their being broken up. Not to mention Leonard in a serious relationship with someone else. How serious was the relationship with Dave for Amy? I would have thought Big Bear and Valentino were good. This isn't true. See season eight. Or season nine, where they almost had twice the screen time of Lenny. I'd like to know how you think anyone else dominated when they have, more than or almost, twice as much screen time as any other couple. Hopeful is something that's been driven out of a lot of Lennys. We thought we were set up for a good season eight. Wedding planning, moving out etc. You see how that worked out. Then season nine was going to be good, because they were married. Then season 10. Plus, in each of those seasons, complaints about how things were going early in the season were met with "It will get better in the second half". After a while, when you keep getting told it will get better, and it doesn't, you quit believing it will.
  5. Ship Zone

    I know someone going, and will get info from them. We spent the afternoon setting things up to make sure our accounts can talk.
  6. Week 31 Final Ratings For Friday, April 21, 2017. For broadcasts, 20 April, 2017 * Indicates a repeat At 8:00 PM, the repeat episode of TBBT*, 10.09, The Geology Elevation brought in a 1.3 with 8.45 million viewers. This was even with the overnight in demo but down 1.2 points from last week's new episode. For viewers, the 8.45 million was up by 50,000 from the overnights, but down by 3.44 million from last week's new episode. In a tie for first place, for demo, was TBBT* and Scandal with a 1.3 This was even in demo from the overnights, but down 1.2 from last week's first place show. In third, was a tie between The Great Indoors* and Masterchef Junior with a 1.0. This was even with the overnights, but down three tenths from from last week's number three show. For viewers, TBBT* was number one with those 8.45 million viewers. This was up 50,000 from the overnights, but down 3.44 million from from last week's number one show. The Great Indoors* was second with 7.19 5.47 million viewers. This was down 130,000 viewers from the overnights, and down 1.72 million viewers from last week's second place show. Scandal was in third 5.11 million, up 60,000 viewers from the overnights, but down 1.73 million viewers from last week's number three show. I'll point out the obvious that a repeat of TBBT and a repeat of the show following TBBT were both in the top three in demo, and were the top two in viewers. Tensor
  7. Non-Show Discussion

    You can find a lot of even more interesting posts of mine in various other threads. Nope, if your in season six, I was a very enthusiastic supporter of the show. You should see some of the posts of mine that got hidden. I can be sarcastic and snarky with the best of them. It used to be allowed here, so you will quite likely find a lot of snarky comments in a lot of posts, prior to mid season nine. Several things. First, Season eight, nine and ten happened. I don't expect every episode to be about Leonard and Penny. I loved season four, and they weren't even together. But, I didn't like the way they were written, or mostly how little they were together alone in scenes (For example, Penny and Sheldon had more time alone, on screen, than Leonard and Penny did in season eight until the last show) over the last three seasons. Which should explain my dissatisfaction you see now. Second, I became a moderator, which I take very seriously. Tripper ran this board (and the site it's attached to) for seven years without one. Traffic got to the point where it was helpful to have a moderator to pair with his being the admin. As a result of becoming a moderator, my snark dropped. I do get my required level of snark at another forum, a general forum, with certain sections with no rules. Third, the rules were changed. For a while, in late season eight and early season nine, there were some rather snarky exchanges, that escalated into rather nasty personal attacks. Simply over differences of opinion. Tripper and I talked it over (Tripper has final say), and decided, Snarky, sarcastic, aggressive questioning, (the full list is in the rules) weren't going to be allowed. So, we added some rules to cut down on those snarky, sarcastic comments. We decided they weren't very productive. Hence, why you don't see snark from me. If that's not cool, it's not cool. I value Tripper's trust, more than being cool.
  8. RJ, this isn't about you, just my explanation for what you are asking. In my case, I get tired of hearing, "oh, that's not so bad", or "I don't understand why that upsets you". Most cases, the only way you can get it across is to make it about the couple they love. Someone doesn't see why Sheldon interrupting a Leonard and Penny upsets some people? Let's make it Leonard and Penny interrupting a tender Shamy moment. How well does that go over? Do you see why we don't like it? The problem is most of those have to be fictitious examples, as their aren't very many real show examples.
  9. Week 31 Overnights and Demo Breakouts for 20 April, 2017 Any show name or mention of a show last week, that includes a "*", indicates that show was a repeat. This will be helpful for comparing the numbers between weeks. CBS ran a repeat TBBT* at 8 PM, 10.09 The Geology Elevation. It pulled in a 1.3, with an 6 share and 11.55 million viewers. This was down 1.1 demo points, down three in share, and down 3.15 million viewers from last week's new show. TBBT* was still number one in demo with a 1.3, although this was tied by Scandal This was down 1.1 points from last week's number one. In third, there was a tie between The Great Indoors* and Master Chef with a 1.0, down four tenths from last week's number three show. For viewers, TBBT* was first with 8.40 million, down 3.15 million viewers from last week's number one show. In second was The Great Indoors* with an 5.60 million viewers, down 1.46 million viewers from last week's second place show. And in third was Scandal, with 5.05 million viewers, down 1.88 million viewers, from last week's number three. In the 18-34 demo, Scandal was first with a 0.9, down two tenths from last week's number one show . In second, there was a tie, at 0.6, between TBBT and Master Chef down four tenths from from last week's number two show. In the 25-54 demo, TBBT was first with a 2.0 demo, down 1.6 demo points from last week's number one show. In second was Scandal, with a 1.7, down four tenths from last week's number two show. The Great Indoors* was in third with a 1.5, down five tenths from last week's number 3 show. Tensor
  10. Nope, many of us realize it is a sitcom and the show has been able to pull off tender moments, without laughs. It's just for that particular scene wasn't, the attempt at comedy wasn't very funny to some of us.
  11. Well, he did give her permission, to enter the room. I'm sure he wasn't happy with the condition of the box, when he got home.
  12. Yep, and I'll say it again. I found it forced and unfunny.
  13. I'm glad for you. If you find it funny, that's great. I didn't, and found it forced. That's why I would have found it funny with them entering the room without knocking. And people have been in Sheldon's room before, without his permission, so that wouldn't be unrealistic. Penny during her role-playing phase. Penny when Sheldon was trying to figure out "Darling", and Leonard when he slapped Sheldon.
  14. I thought the lines were forced, and particularly unfunny. Just like Sheldon's presence in the scene. What would have been funny, was instead of politely knocking, while Shamy was playing their D and D "game" in Sheldon's room, Lenny should have just barged in and interrupted them
  15. Week 31 Early Household Ratings; 21 April, 2017 Shows indicated with an asterisk (*) are repeat. TBBT* ran a repeat episode last night. At 8 PM 10.09 The Geology Elevation. It had a 5.4 Household Rating and a 10 share. The HH rating was down 3.1 and share was down five points, from last week's new episode. In households, number one for the night was TBBT* with a 5.4, down 3.1 points from last week. In second was Scandal, with a 4.1 Household rating. This was down 1.3 points in Households from last week's number two show. In third, was a repeat of The Great Indoors* with a 3.5, down 1.6 points in Households from last week's third place show. In Share, TBBT* was in first with a 10 share, down five points from last week's first place show. In second was Scandal with a 7, down three from last week's second place show. The Great Indoors* and The Blacklist both had a 6 share to tie for third, down two points from last week's third place show, Tensor