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  1. Hehehehe, the whole cast usually looks like they are having a good time.
  2. Mea Culpa. Although, there isn't much of a difference. Tis cool. Either way, that GIF doesn't support the 22 degree claim, which was my entire point.
  3. She quoted the post (including the picture) then said it was a Lenny siding with the Shamys . But, looking back on it now, I see she was just agreeing with it, which could be claiming it as proof.
  4. I didn't say you were using it as proof.
  5. The point of Kathy's post, was a Lenny agreed, using that GIF as proof. I simply pointed out, that particular GIF for any kind of proof, was an incorrect use of the GIF as a proof. It isn't showing Amy opening her hips, it's showing her moving her legs, in a normal walking mode. I didn't disagree with the pic April posted, so I have no idea why she was brought into this, or why checking April's post will help me understand the picture of Amy jumping. My post was simply a refutation of the picture the Lenny posted (and now says the GIF doesn't show her opening her hips 22 degrees), and Kathy, who was using it as some kind of a proof.
  6. Actually, that doesn't show her opening her hips more than 22 degees, that just shows her normal walking motion. Incorrectly, I'll point out. Besides, just because a Lenny agrees with other members, doesn't mean the Lenny and other members are correct.
  7. Week 28 Schedule; 28 March, 2017 Black indicates no show, Green indicates new episodes, Light Purple are reruns. Special date, times and information will be indicated with an asterisk, in Orange. Taping information will be in Blue. I will start each week with these colors. Throughout the week, changes will be made in Red (show dates that are TBD will also appear in red and will be changed when the info is available). This way, everyone can see what changes have been found throughout the week. I will be looking for the changes, but if anyone sees updated information, feel free to PM me so I can make the changes here. The first one I get a PM from will be credited for the information. Show Schedule 09/19 New 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture *Premeire (Taped as 10.03) 09/26 New 1002 The Military Miniaturization ( Taped as 10.01) 09/29 Rerun 0915 The Valentino Submergence *Thursday, 8 PM 09/29 Rerun 0916 The Positive Negative Reaction *Thursday, 9 PM 10/03 New 1003 The Dependence Transcendence ( Taped as 10.02) 10/10 New 1004 The Cohabitation Experimentation 10/17 New 1005 The Hot Tub Contamination 10/27 New 1006 The Fetal Kick Catalyst *Moves to Thursday 11/03 New 1007 The Veracity Elasticity 11/10 New 1008 The Brain Bowl Incubation 11/17 New 1009 The Geology Elevation 11/24 Rerun 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture 11/28 Rerun 0909 The Platonic Permutation *Monday, 8 PM 12/01 New 1010 The Property Division Collision 12/05 Rerun 0917 The Celebration Experimentation *Monday, 9:30 PM 12/08 Rerun 1002 The Military Miniaturization 12/15 New 1011 The Birthday Synchronicity 12/22 Rerun 0921 The Viewing Party Combustion 12/29 Rerun 0922 The Fermentation Bifurcation 01/05 New 1012 The Holiday Summation 01/09 Rerun 0923 The Line Substitution Solution *Monday at 8 PM 01/10 Rerun 0924 The Convergence Convergence *Tuesday at 9 PM 01/12 Rerun 1003 The Dependence Transcendence 01/19 New 1013 The Romance Recalibration 01/23 Rerun 1001 The Conjugal Conjecture *Monday at 9:30 01/26 Rerun 1004 The Cohabitation Experimentation 01/30 Rerun 1002 The Military Miniaturization *Monday at 8:00 02/02 New 1014 The Emotion Detection Automation 02/09 New 1015 The Locomotion Reverberation 02/16 New 1016 The Allowance Evaporation 02/23 New 1017 The Comic-Con Conundrum 02/27 Rerun 1003 The Dependence Transcendence *Monday 9:30 PM 03/02 Rerun 1005 The Hot Tub Contamination 03/02 Rerun 1006 The Fetal Kick Catalyst *Thursday 9:00 PM 03/06 Rerun 1007 The Veracity Elasticity *Monday 8:00 PM 03/09 New 1018 The Escape Hatch Identification 03/16 No Show-NCAA Basketball Tournament 03/23 No Show-NCAA Basketball Tournament 03/27 Rerun 1008 The Brain Bowl Incubation * Monday 8:00 PM 03/30 New 1019 The Collaboration Fluctuation 04/03 Rerun 1004 The Cohabitation Experimentation *Monday 8:00 PM 04/06 New 1020 The Recollection Disappation 04/13 New 1021 TBD 04/20 TBD 04/27 TBD 05/04 TBD 05/11 TBD 05/18 TBD Taping Schedule 08/16 Taping 10.01 The Military Miniaturization (Broadcast as 10.02) 08/23 Taping 10.02 The Dependence Transcendence (Broadcast as 10.03) 08/30 Taping 10.03 The Conjugal Conjecture (Broadcast as 10.01) 09/13 Taping 10.04 The Cohabitation Experimentation 09/20 Taping 10.05 The Hot Tub Contamination 10/04 Taping 10.06 The Fetal Kick Catalyst 10/18 Taping 10.07 The Veracity Elasticity 10/25 Taping 10.08 The Brain Bowl Incubation 11/01 Taping 10.09 The Geology Elevation. 11/15 Taping 10.10 The Property Division Collision 11/22 Taping 10.11 The Birthday Synchronicity 12/06 Taping 10.12 The Holiday Summation 12/13 Taping 10.13 The Romance Recalibration 01/10 Taping 10.14 The Emotion Detection Automation 01/17 Taping 10.15 The Locomotion Reverberation. 01/31 Taping 10.16 The Allowance Evaporation 02/07 Taping 10.17 The Comic-Con Conundrum 02/22 Taping 10.18 The Escape Hatch Identification Wednesday taping holiday. 03/07 Taping 10.19 The Collaboration Fluctuation 03/14 Taping 10.20 The Recollection Dissipation 03/28 Taping 10.21 TBD 04/04 Taping 10.22 TBD 04/18 Taping 10.23 TBD 04/25 Taping 10.24 TBD
  8. He wears hoodies when he's single. They're prepping us...
  9. Actually, my reply has nothing to do with it. A post was hidden. The replies that quoted the hidden post were also hidden. Your reply did not quote the originally hidden post, so it was left up. If you had quoted the original hidden post, your post would have been hidden also.
  10. And those promos will be shown, when the entity that owns the rights to the show, gets ready to broadcast the episode. This episode won't be seen in other countries for a while, so there is no need to show the promo, until the episode airs in that country. Her abs indicate she's been showing results for a while.
  11. CBS only has licensing rights to the show in North America. Other entities own the rights in other countries, and those entities are the ones that require the geoblocking. For example, in the UK, the parent of channel 4 owns the rights for the UK. They are the ones who request CBS geoblock the previews for the U.K. On another point, for those who noticed something missing, this is a copyright issue and we don't allow explanations or recommendation on how to get around the Geoblocking in the open forum.
  12. CBS has announced the season 10 finale will be on Thursday, 11 May, 2017.
  13. CBS has announced the season 10 finale will be on Thursday, 11 May, 2017.
  14. Speaking of Muse gigs, did you ever see my link, with a Muse drum track?
  15. Week Twenty-Eight Live + 3, Week of 20=7 March, 2017 Based on week Twenty-six numbers 13-19 Mar, 2017. There were no TBBT episodes broadcast due to the NCAA basketball tournament Premieres are designated with a "P", Special are designated with an "S", and Finales are designated with a "F". Demo Show Live + 3 lift Show Live + 3 Total This is US (F) 1.6 This is Us (F) 5.0 Grey's Anatomy 1.2 Grey's Anatomy 3.2 Modern Family 1.1 The Voice (Mon) 3.2 Designated Survivor 1.0 The Batchelor (F) 3.0 Scandal 0.8 The Voice (Tue) 3.0 Criminal Minds 0.7 Modern Family 3.0 Scorpion 0.7 The Batchelor:After/final Rose (S) 2.8 Survivor 0.6 Designated Survivor 2.3 Black-ish 0.6 Survivor 2.3 NCIS 0.6 Scandal 2.2 Viewers Show Live + 3 lift (000) Show Live + 3 Total(000) Designated Survivor 4178 This is Us 16,912 This is Us (F) 4076 NCIS 16,896 Scorpion 2781 The Voice (Mon) (P) 13,852 NCIS 2741 The Voice (Tue) 13,181 Modern Family 2618 NCIS:NO 12,971 Grey's Anatomy 2618 60 Minutes 11,208 Criminal Minds 2609 NCIS:LA 10,905 Chicago Med 2557 Little Big Shots 10,659 NCIS:NO 2541 Grey's Anatomy 10,527 Scandal 2300 Criminal Minds 10,111 Tensor