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  1. There was also something all over the news a few years ago about Neutrinos moving faster than light, didn't mean it was right. Do you have a link to an actual paper? Since ~70% of men and ~66 of women admit to cheating, I would say it runs in all families, making a specific gene in specific families rather silly.
  2. Her birthday was a couple of months after. It's December 2. There's also some confusion on her age in the next year, during Bath Item.
  3. And so? It doesn't seem as if TPTB really care. They write for who they want, and currently, and over the last few seasons, it's been Shamy and Sheldon that get the scenes from the writers.
  4. Ship Zone

    Posts discussing where unofficial images are located or how to obtain such images, are not allowed in open the forum, as they are considered a violation of our copyright policy. Only links to official sources are allowed.
  5. Many Lenny's have been saying Sheldon has been taking over the show, while Lenny has been downgraded. Over the last several years, she is on screen more than Penny. Is it really any surprise that Amy, who is Sheldon's partner, gets a higher percentage of lines compared to Penny?
  6. Debate Zone

    All season? What exactly do you mean by focus? The Wedding was focused on the guest stars, and Sheldon interrupting. Center of attention in 4A? There hasn't been very many Lenny only scenes in 4A. Unless you count the 30 second clips of them dancing. There was't all that many group scenes with Leonard and Penny in 4A. Can you point out all those center of attention 4A scenes? Most of the rest of the episodes were on other couples with some small Lenny parts. And then there is 10.12-10.14 which did focus on Lenny fighting.
  7. Ship Zone

  8. Week 22; Week of 13 February, 2017 Week Twenty-two Live + 3, Week of 13 February, 2017 Week 22 Weekly Rankings; 14 February, 2017 Week 22, Syndicated ratings, Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Week 22 Live + 7, Week of 13 February, 2017 Week 22 Early Household Ratings; 17 February, 2017 Week 22 Overnights and Demo Breakouts for 17 February, 2017 Week 22 Final Ratings For Friday, February 17, 2017. For broadcasts, 16 February, 2017 RETURN TO INDEX
  9. Week 22 Final Ratings For Friday, February 17, 2017. For broadcasts, 16 February, 2017 * Indicates a repeat At 8:00 PM, the a new episode of TBBT, 10.16, The Allowance Evaporation, brought in a 2.8 with 13.51 million people, down two tenths in demo and down 640.000 viewers from last week's show. This was up a tenth in demo and up 210,000 in viewers from the overnights. In first place, for demo, was TBBT with that 2.8. In second, at 2.1 was Grey's Anatomy. This was up a tenth from the overnights, and even with last weeks number two show. In third was tie between Scandal and The Great Indoors, with a 1.6. The Great Indoors was even in demo from the overnights while Scandal was down a tenth. Both were even with last week's number three show. For viewers, TBBT was number one with those 13.51 million viewers. This was up 210,000 viewers from the overnights, and down 640,000 from last weeks number one show. The Great Indoors was second with 8.01 million viewers. This was down 10,000 viewers from the overnights, and down 450,000 viewers from last week's second place show. Mom was in third 7.87 million, up 170,000 viewers from the overnights, and up 210,000 viewers from last week's number three show. Tensor
  10. What's interesting to me is that Sheldon admitted he spends less than 50% of his income. Since that includes rent, electric, water, possibly gas, food, hobbies, transportation, etc, it's hard to see why he can't afford to live by himself. He has uncashed checks sitting in his desk. As he spends less than half his income, he would still have enough as then his rent and other expenses would still be less than 100% of his income. Especially if he had a one bedroom, as without a roommate, he wouldn't need a two bedroom.
  11. Ship Zone

    I've been enjoying all the GIF, movies and idea over the last several days. I've been working on something, and it turns out it will, I hope, be a nice contribution to all the posts here. New Lenny Story, in fan fic. Please discuss or comment on it there.
  12. Here's a new Lenny story. Penny and Leonard travel to New Jersey in season three. You'll find out why. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12374345/1/The-In-Law-Initiation
  13. Let me make this perfectly clear, since some of you didn't seem to get the message. Talk about the show, not about other posters or members of other ships. Derogatory or negative comments about other posters, other ships, or members of other ships, or how others post, will result in warnings (as it did here). This applies not to just this thread, it applies to the entire forum. If you want to talk about the rules or have question, start a thread in "The Site" part of the forum, or send a PM to the staff. If you see a post that you think violates our rules, report it, don't answer it. However, remember that complaints about the show, how characters are used, in this season (and some of other seasons on a case by case basis), are allowed in the Season 10 discussion thread, and the Season 10 Shipping Lanes thread. They are also allowed in the specific episode thread, if the complaint pertains to what happened in that episode. Posts have been hidden, edited, and warning were issued.
  14. Do not talk about other posters, or their opinions on show. Any more talk about other members opinions, or how they post, will get warnings. Several posts have been hidden, and or edited. I kept this post to clarify the rules. Anyone who has a question, PM me, or start a thread in "The Site" part of the forum. Do not ask questions in this thread. Because that is where these type of posts go. If you want to talk about the show, talk about the show, not other posters. Exactly. Shipper threads are for supportive statements about the ship. This thread, the Shipping Lanes thread, and/or the specific episode thread are where complaints about a ship go.
  15. Actor

    Karl moving into a new apartment, with Kaley "helping"