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  1. Ship Zone

    They're out.
  2. Then why did you falsely accuse me of saying it?
  3. No, I didn't even see the press release on CBS. But, again, that has nothing to do with spoilers prior to the Taping report. I was referring to the TVLine article. Like I said, I never said press release. I want to make sure you are clear on this, as you have falsely accused me of attributing something to the title, when I haven't. All I said, was there could be other things in the show, that are not mentioned in the spoilers (or in fact, even in the press release for the show), or referenced in the title. Or are you claiming, because the press release only has Sheldon, Amy, and Ramona, that the only plot in the final is going to be about Sheldon, Amy, and Ramona? That there is no possibility that anything, or anyone else will have any kind of plot line, in the final. Just a Sheldon, Amy, and Ramona plot, that's it. Is that what you are saying? Because I'm saying there could be something else in the final. For example, here is the link, and the actually comment about the show that will be broadcast this coming Thursday: “The Cognition Regeneration” – Leonard isn’t thrilled when Penny considers taking a new job offered by her ex-boyfriend, Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, April 27 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network Are you claiming, like the final, the ONLY thing in the episode on Thursday, is going to be about Leonard Penny and Zack? No other plots are happening on Thursday?
  4. Lol, actually true, it's your contention that's is false. I never said press release, I said spoilers prior to the TR. they don't put out a press, until after they tape it. But, by all means, if you have access to the spoilers prior to the taping report, I'll gladly apologize. That's not an official press release, that's just spoilers, prior to the TR, based on what they were told. Exactly the thing I was talking about, as there weren't any hints about Lenny in those type of articles. Also, can you point out where he said he was basing his speculation ONLY on the title? Seems his speculation, as was mine, was based on the previous history of how they handled things before. Although I'm leaning toward a pregnancy or a pregnancy scare, instead of a breakup.
  5. You might be wrong, I don't think my contact is who you're thinking of. PM me with who you think it is.
  6. Yep, we have someone going. I'm in contact( just wished she have a good time)
  7. Just like we knew, prior to the TR for 3.19, that it was all about Wheaton, Sheldon and the Bowling Match. There wasn't anything about Lenny, so it was a stretch that the title had anything to do with Lenny. The spoilers for 6.08 were all about Sheldon, Raj, and Howard, with a bit about Leonard being jealous. In this case the title had nothing to do with Lenny, but it was a major Lenny episode. You can't say yea or nay based on the title. You may think it's a stretch, he may not. I don't think it's a stretch, based on the previous history of the show. Feel free to state your opinion or speculations about the episode. But, unless you have some actual information about Lenny in the episode, knock off belittling others speculations.
  8. Doubt it. There is the other picture of seven chairs, six with names, one without, the one without more than likely Rikki's. Also, since Amy is supposed to be at Princeton, why would they need Mayim on a night shoot with the rest of the cast, whose characters are in Pasadena?
  9. By that picture, Bernadette. Raj and Penny, with Howard, Sheldon and Leonard together.
  10. Interesting post by Rikki: It appears Mayim and Kevin weren't needed tonight.
  11. Thread is now open.
  12. It seems like the link was the real problem. it was like a 100 yard dash with the Shamies had a 50 yard head start. I think we know that anything with Lenny or Shamy can be discussed but not seeing the link caused all the comments on the Lenny end.

  13. Yes, posts were moved to the discussion thread. They were moved because the post contained a link to both Lenny and Shamy information. If someone decided to talk about one or the other information, that is simply that particular person, talking about what interests them. Both couples can be talked about here in the discussion thread.
  14. Ship Zone

    I was refering to the Raj comment, molaro highlights, about them breaking up. It doesn't need Zack to be there for it to be the reason and for it to happen in 24, that was my point. PM me if you want to continue.
  15. Ship Zone

    But we don't know what happens in the final with Lenny.