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  1. Week 27, Syndicated ratings, Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Based on week Twenty-five numbers, 06-12 Mar, 2017. Top Ten in Households: Show Household Rating Judge Judy 6.9 Family Feud 6.7 Wheel of Fortune 6.5 Jeopardy 6.4 TBBT 5.1 Law and Order:SVU 4.0 TBBT Weekend 3.7 Dr Phil 3.5 Entertainment Tonight 3.2 Family Feud Weekend 3.2 Top ten in 25-54 Women: Show 25-54 Women Rating TBBT 3.3 Family Feud 3.0 Judge Judy 2.7 Law and Order:SVU 2.4 TBBT Weekend 2.4 Wheel of Fortune 2.2 Jeopardy 2.1 Modern Family 2.1 Family Feud Weekend 1.7 Dr Phil 2.6 I've gotten the question as to why the 25-54 rating. For daytime shows, the women 25-54 is the more important ratings. As you can see, TBBT still does rather well with this demo. There is a show called Weekend Adventure. It is a group of nature programs broadcast during the day on weekends for kids. I've pulled it as it is not late Afternoon/early evening programming. Tensor
  2. Five days to go before the season starts, and so I have this ready for the season, this is the first post in the Season 10 ratings thread. Similar to the last couple of years, here are the plans for the ratings, while TBBT is on Monday: Monday's will have the Live + 3 and the Live + 7. Live + 3 is usually delayed by a two weeks and Live + 7 is usually delayed by three weeks. I usually get the Live + 3 on Sunday so that will be up first, most of the time. I usually put the Live + 7 is up around noon EST (1600-1700) UTC. Tuesday will have the the Live + Same Day ratings. This includes the overnights, including households, demo, and viewers, along with the final daily ratings for TBBT. Households is usually out around 9:30-10 AM EST. The overnight demo and viewers is usually out around 11:30 AM EST. The final daily ratings are usually out around 4:30-5:30 PM EST. Wednesday will have the top ten programs for the previous week for demo and viewers. Also, around noon. Thursday will have the syndication ratings for two weeks previous. Again, around noon. Friday will usually be an off day, but I will occasionally write a post on some kind of ratings information. Other members, if they have the data, have provided the ratings for other countries. In the past members have provided ratings from Canada, Germany, and The United Kingdom. Once TBBT moves to Thursday, on the 24th of October, the order changes a bit. The post for the top ten programs for the previous week moves to Tuesday. The syndication post moves to Wednesday, and the overnight and final ratings posts move to Friday. Thursday becomes the day where an information post will go. While the times listed above are the usual times I get the ratings, holidays, and various other things sometimes delay the information. If it will be delayed (or even not available), I usually try to let everyone know with a post. As I've done for the last several years, I'll be putting up a post on what exactly those terms (Live + SD, Live + 7, demo, etc) mean, and how the ratings are gathered, so new members, who don't know those terms, will be able to follow along. And, of course, if anyone has a question, feel free to post it in this thread and I'll do my best to answer it. I'll also have a post on how TBBT did last year (I did one at the end of the year, but I'll put a shortened version here), compared to 2014-15 and 2015-16, along with how it did compared to other shows last year. There will also be some information on how TBBT repeats did last year (hint, the repeat ratings were higher than the average of all the first run shows). And toward the end of September, I usually get an estimate of the ad rates for the coming year and I have done a post comparing the previous years and the ten shows with the highest ad rates. Tensor Tensor
  3. This thread is for discussion of Season 10, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 10 topics, should go into the non-season 10 thread.
  4. Week 27 Weekly Rankings; 21 March, 2017 Ratings based on Week Twenty-six numbers, week 13-19 March 2017. There were no Broadcasts of TBBT this week, due to the NCAA Basketball tournament. The top ten in demo follows. (Repeats are designated by a R, Specials or Special Times are designated by a S, P indicates series Premiere ) Non-series sports programs removed. Show 18-49 Demo 18-49 Demo Viewers This is Us (F) 3.4 4,365,000 The Batchelor (F) 2.7 3,477,000 The Voice (Mon) 2.6 3,387,000 The Voice (Tue ) 2.5 3,257,000 The Batchelor:After the Final Rose (S) 2.4 3,115,000 Grey's Anatomy 2.0 2,587,000 Modern Family 1.9 2,390,000 Survivor 1.7 2,225,000 60 Minutes 1.6 2,084,000 The Voice (Wed) 2.6 2,031,000 The top 10 in viewers: Show Total Viewers NCIS 14,157,000 This is Us (F) 12,836,000 The Voice (Mon) 12,180,000 The Voice (Tue) 11,711,000 60 Minutes 10,847,000 NCIS:NO 10,430,000 Little Big Shots 9,579,000 NCIS:LA 9,095,000 The Batchelor (F) 8,413,000 Grey's Anatomy 7,909,000 Tensor
  5. This is the Shamy Season 10 discussion topic. Spoilers are allowed. As this is a Ship Zone, Special Rules apply. Basically, supportive statements about Sheldon, Amy, or Shamy, in season 10, are allowed here. In depth discussion or negative statements of other ships or members of ships, or other seasons, is not allowed, and should go into either the specific season discussion topic, the non-season 10 discussion topic or the Shipping Lanes topic.
  6. We've seen her mother, she's part of Amy's family. So, your comment that, "We won't see Amy's family" is incorrect. In fact, all we've seen are parts of everyone's family, we have yet to see anyone's entire family,
  7. This is the SPOILER FREE Shamy Season 10 discussion topic. As this is a Ship Zone, Special Rules apply. Basically, supportive statements about Sheldon, Amy, or Shamy are allowed here. In depth discussion or negative statements of other ships or members of ships is not allowed, and should go into either the season discussion topic or the Shipping Lanes topic.
  8. This is the Lenny Season 10 discussion topic. Spoilers are allowed. As this is a Ship Zone, Special Rules apply. Basically, supportive statements about Leonard, Penny, or Lenny, in season 10, are allowed here. In depth discussion or negative statements of other ships, members of ships is not allowed, or discussion about other seasons should go into either the season discussion topic, the Shipping Lanes topic or the specific season or non-season 10 discussion.
  9. Actor

    That's about three hours from me.
  10. 'The Allowance Evaporation' - Season 10, Episode 16 Airs Thursday, February 16 at 8/7c on CBS. Sheldon and Amy have their first fight since moving in together and Koothrappali is shocked at the realities of financial independence when he stops receiving support from his father.
  11. Non-Show Discussion

    Yes, it was already posted. In the season 9 discussion thread, as it's about the 200th episode. It actually might be better int he Non-season 10 show discussion thread, since it is about a season 9, episode.
  12. This is the topic is for off-topic posts from specific season 10 discussion topics . Extended off-topic, non-show discussions may be moved here. It is recommended that if you wish to start a non-show topic, that pertains to the entire forum, use the Chit Chat Topic in the Chit Chat Forum.
  13. M and M are not likely to get parity. At least not this year and even next year. It appears the rest of the cast took less money, to get M and M closer to parity.
  14. Ya know, I did that same analysis a couple of years ago, I included Simon and Kunal, and I think I used better numbers(at least the speculation from Trade papers). Of course I wouldn't have had season 11-12. Maybe I should stop writing here and start writing for web sites. At least I would get the damn number of episodes right.
  15. We don't have a NSQ in the states. Basically when you get hired at a university in a tenured track position, they look at education, research, and published work(which is an extension of research and can include those works for the general public). I suppose someone could jump disciplines, but I can't remember anything like that (except for some closely related fields, if others know of examples, please let us know). Basically, if you go into physics, unless you change fields completely (along with the education and research) or make a serendipitous discovery in another field, you will get hired and move up in physics, although it doesn't have to be at the same university that hired you originally. You can get hired into a tenured position at another university, but they generally don't like to do that, as it creates friction with the department. Not saying they won't hire someone like that, if it does happen, it's usually someone pretty well known, or has a made a major discovery, and it's to bring in research money to the university. Yeah, I knew that, but for some reason my fingers aren't cooperating this morning and afternoon. They are going to keys on their own, as I have to correct lots of spelling mistakes today, I may have to just soak them in coffee, as drinking it hasn't seemed to work for them today.
  16. Can anyone else see his Brother in a chicken suit, chasing Sheldon?
  17. Positions within a department are tenured. Positions within a department are tenure track. The number of tenured positions in a department (and a university for that matter) can change, if another position is endowed. A full professor (which Burt is, as there are no qualifiers before the Professor), would be tenured position. And, a new Professor of Geology would come from Associate Professors of Geology (which could, depending on the university's rules, also be tenured). There would be someone in the Geology department, who is tenure tracked, that would get the Associate Professor of Geology, if that is tenured. Technically, none of the guys were really up for Tupperman's position. They were up for the position of whoever replaced Tupperman, simply because only a tenured position would replace a higher ranking tenured position.
  18. Nope. For one thing, I doubt Sheldon would want to be a professor of Geology. For another, it's not his field, and I'm sure there are other more worthy candidates in the Geology department. For a third, I'm also sure there are associate professor who are in line before a junior professor, wherever that falls in the pecking order.
  19. Hmmmmmm, Burt has tenure.
  20. Actor

    FEI events are streamed, if you're willing to pay for it.
  21. I still don't have the Live + 7 for last week. That said, I will put up this week, and if I ever get it (when it gets to a week late, it usually doesn't arrive), I'll add it in the above post. Week Twenty-Seven Live + 3, Week of 20 March, 2017 Based on week Twenty-five numbers 06-12 Mar, 2017. CBS broadcast episode 10.18, The Escape Hatch Identification. Premieres are designated with a "P", Special are designated with an "S", and Finales are designated with a "F". Demo Show Live + 3 lift Show Live + 3 Total This is US 1.8 This is Us 4.8 TBBT 1.5 TBBT 4.3 Grey's Anatomy 1.2 The Voice (Mon) 3.3 Modern Family 1.1 Grey's Anatomy 3.1 Designated Survivor 1.1 The Voice (Tue) 3.1 Scandal 0.9 Modern Family 3.0 Survivor 0.7 The Batchelor 2.7 Black-ish 0.7 Designated Survivor 2.4 Bull 0.6 Survivor 2.4 Chicago Med 0.6 Scandal 2.3 Viewers Show Live + 3 lift (000) Show Live + 3 Total(000) This is Us 4678 TBBT 16,923 Designated Survivor 4333 NCIS 16,922 TBBT 3848 This is Us 15,832 Blue Bloods 3701 The Voice (Mon) (P) 13,755 Bull 3071 Bull 13,457 NCIS:NO 3056 The Voice (Tue) 13,242 Grey's Anatomy 2876 Blue Bloods 13,121 Modern Family 2776 NCIS:NO 12,120 NCIS 2746 Hawaii Five-0 11,804 Scandal 2556 Little Big Shots 11,128 Tensor
  22. Ship Zone

    As a reminder to everyone, as this is a ship zone, derogatory or negative comments about those characters in other ships is not allowed. I've hidden several posts, and edited several others. If you must comment on other characters, Shipping Lanes would be a good choice.
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    What makes it funny, is she now uses more references to the show than I do.
  24. As long as they do it on Saturday, it should be fine.
  25. Non-Show Discussion

    My wife is watching "The Wolf Man" on the SyFy channel. Hugo Weaving is in it, and she said, hey, there's Mr Smith, and the head elf, what was his name? Oh yeah Elrond. Me: yep, you got it. Mrs Tensor: how the hell did I know that? Me: LOL you sound like Penny. Mrs Tensor: yeah, I know, I know, like the Star Trek shield thing or Star Wars day thing. Me: How the hell did you know that? Mrs Tensor: Shut up.