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  1. And therein lies the problem. Plus he only invited people He wanted.
  2. Sheldon: "Yeah, there’s Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz and cable cars. We’re gonna have so much fun". yeah! A really great wedding present where the GTB includes himself.
  3. I don't know, Penny does have a proclivity to indulge in Schnapps, Peppermint or Peach varieties.
  4. Yeah! Another of "those" off screen moments that they're good at.
  5. But as he says later "He peeked" when asking about her tattoo, so his eyes weren't that closed.
  6. The entire sex dungeon scene and comic book store with ass less chaps discussion.
  7. I seem to remember in interviews with the cast and writers after the fact was that it was basically Lorre came in with the script and all the writers were "We're breaking them up!" And that's why I don't trust him.
  8. Ship Zone

    No she didn't. She hid his collectibles but didn't redecorate until after Leonard gave her the go ahead to do so, in the bedroom, just after she told him he may feel some discomfort from where the Pink Ranger was going to be put
  9. Looks like that eidetic memory is on the fritz.
  10. Culinarily they may be used as vegetables but they are still a fruit, cucumber is of the family cucumis sativus which is a subdivision of the genus cucumis (melon). I don't want an exposition, I just want them to quote the science correctly.
  11. Yep! As far back as S1E04 we had Sheldon giving a factoid on why "Tomatoes are shelved with vegetables even though technically they are a fruit"
  12. And the Bessewisser scientist wasting that time getting it wrong. Scientifically and Botanically cucumber being a fruit not a vegetable. Develops from a flower and has seeds on the inside.
  13. Interestingly at this point, a BBC series "Not Going Out" S8E1 had a lack of romance story on it after 3 kids and 8 years of marriage, aired this week and previous season had them getting married at the finale They managed to have arguments on the show all the way through but was very funny with it. The show isn't everyone's cup of tea but it showed what can be done with clever writing. It's beginning to seem like it's the writers on the show that are "phoning it in"
  14. R.I.P Michael, I will miss our twitter conversations, a true gentleman.
  15. After having cooked spaghetti with a little hotdog cut up in it for Sheldon the fastidious, which he enjoyed. Another joke from left field I believe.