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  1. Because there are limits to how much they think they can beat up on Leonard and Penny? Hard to believe, I know, as generally they have no restraint. The thing is they make jokes. Some good, some bad. The first husband thing was funny but didn't reflect well on Penny. The Mandy thing didn't reflect well on Leonard at all and wasn't that funny, but they ran it for a couple of episodes. I think to bring up the joke about Penny would distract from the current jokes they plan to tell. But don't worry, they have more seasons. Plenty of time to circle back and punch Leonard and Penny again on that particular issue.
  2. The existence of the Billy Graham rule?
  3. Generally the bubblegum does lose its flavour, eventually. They have had an excellent run. The L/P crowd have The Holographic Excitation and The 43 Peculiarity to cherish forever. But that was back in season 6. Has there been anywhere near as much joy since for L/P fanciers? Did anything good happen to L/P this season or even since season 7. My selective memory fails to recall anything other than the bummers. It's been Leonard as Charlie Brown and the writers like Lucy, pulling the ball away. Oz is still at 10.14. I've read nothing to make me wish to catch up any faster.
  4. Because of too much other swamp fever inducing internet reading, I now keep thinking of this show as a metaphor for ideological conflict. Sheldon stands as the reactionary "strongman" who breaks convention and protocols unapologetically and Leonard represents the polite, consensus minded, progressive. In TBBT Sheldon steamrollers his way through civil society and generally wins the brass ring for his efforts. The nice guy, however, finished last, now standing ineffectually behind the kitchen island and with his one moral lapse wagged in his face in perpetuity (Though I can distinguish away the enormity of his lapse, it was a huge -and crass - "feet of clay" moment that irreparably degraded the standing of the character ) However, in terms of execution, when thinking about which character could build a sustainable independent lifestyle, I feel that Leonard's example would prove the more likely path to success. Sheldon needs the privilege of compliant minders. But, the thrill from Sheldon winning has apparently been pretty satisfying for much of the audience, hence the show's success. Maybe things will turn in the future seasons. Or it's going to be just more of the same. I don't know. But I do know that, for me, two more years of watching Leonard & Penny behind the counter as they are watching Sheldon clown around on centre stage will be unappealing. It's not at all compelling now.
  5. Gosh, I am blushing. Thanks all.
  6. You forgot the caps and the expletive. But yes, as we are all imperfect beings striving to be better, but failing (and if one thinks one is perfect already then lol) , it is not difficult to imagine the circumstances around the "Boat Kiss". Leonard is not that extraordinary. However, the purpose of deploying such a plot twist in this context was, I believe, entirely commercial/venal. I'd think of it as an exercise in "calculated misery", not a creative choice per se. As one of our Australian politicians,who is now languishing in prison, said, " someone has to get paid". They got their cliffhanger and the follow up. Ka-Ching!
  7. Back in 2012 (?) I wrote on this site that TBBT would never be about them dropping the kids at crèche. Writers said "challenge accepted!". I'm ok with that. It's the Sheldon snogging and the L/P dysphoria that messes with me. Never saw that coming. Is Russia behind it?
  8. Australia is back to getting the tapes by sea mail. A Christmas tree and an L/P written agreement were the last things I saw. I didn't see all of the episodes though, as I had literally had my eyes closed and hands over my ears for large parts, once I realise what I was going to be shown. The thing I loved was fed into a metaphorical meat grinder. Can they spin off Howard & Bernie please? They have charm. The tree story could have been a whole episode on it's own but they have to run the whole troup and flaunt the clown. And I saw a little of the signing thing through fingers held over my eyes, while rocking back and forth moaning "no... no... no...". It was a bit like the last scene of the movie "Life", when you realise that the wrong capsule got back to Earth. In space no one can hear you scream, but in my living room...
  9. One must remember that Raj is the embodiment of monied entitlement and privilege. Richie Rich rich, as I recall. But in a puppy suit.
  10. Debate Zone

    It's ok. The beneficiaries are happy for you to "hate watch" too. They know that love and hate are both passions that hook people. They are just pleased to have people hooked. Hate watching does however get exhausting after a while. It took me a while but I finally realised they are not writing L/P so badly because they just want to torment me. And now I have real things to vicariously be worried about. Maybe Sheldon could perchance discuss the fundamental and inescapable physics of the greenhouse effect. If they can persuade people that Sheldon can change his sexuality then maybe they can use their persuasive powers for the public good. Then the show could go out in a blaze of useful glory.
  11. This episode was the gift that keeps on giving. Lots to unpack. Makes people think. I don't know if the creatives knew what they were doing when they wrote it. But it's my favourite for its impact.
  12. Well, we are still at 10.10 in Oz so I don't know about that. But as long as they lead with Sheldon and Amy I'm not that interested anyway. They have, to my mind, left the L/P pot off the stove for too long. That's me of course. Others have different views and that's fine... if you like what they serve now then that's ok. I suppose I miss that old L/P thrill, but I have moved on. Like the show, really. They could show Leonard gleefully chasing his wife around that damn kitchen island, but that's not what they want. It works for them as is, so *shrug*. Nog out. Peace. PS. Forget about the five or six years as being a threshold. I have it on good authority that even after 29 years, chasing around the kitchen island is a real thing.
  13. Well, he has been shown to be a hoarder. That's hardly rational. Before he was getting the laughs from being hyper-rational. Now it's the other way. They changed the show without changing the set or cast, to get the longer run. Are we even sure Leonard and Penny are besotted anymore. It's hard to tell. But Sheldon is a petal strewing pants-man. It still sells though. Good on 'em.
  14. This made me laugh so much. Sheldon then had no malice... it was illogical. He did have purpose. I liked the guy trying to live rationally. But hey, they needed more material.
  15. I'd like to suggest that an appropriate assessment of risk and the consequent cost and implementation of risk mitigation is not really a luxury or a philosophical discussion, but rather a reasonable approach to allocating scarce resources. Again, look at the global comparatives. There is likely room to cut the fear factor and keep citizens alive a bit longer, until that missile arrives, I'd suspect. Totally off topic. Enjoy the show.