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  1. That does not mean they don't exist. You knew who they were The unaired pilot story has some differences in the Leonard and Sheldon character that can be ignored, but who's to say that Leonard didn't know/date Gilda before the story takes up with Penny moving next door? Or that they didn't help out Katie who they found on the street before S1E1? That's why they can come back and with a quick sentence, Penny, et al find out who they are. Leonard and Sheldon were roomates before Raj and Howard joined the group and before Penny moved in. Oooo! I just came up with a story. Some more angst and drama for Lenny. Later everyone....
  2. I think they should bring Gilda back for an episode. or maybe Katie. Just throwing that in there.
  3. Me too. If Raj were to get back with any of them, I'd rather it be Emily. I don't care if she could do better, I don't care if Raj deserves her. I would rather watch her weekly than the other exes.
  4. They should have no problem buying a $1m house and getting a mortgage. Leonard must be pulling in at least $100k and Penny being one of the top sellers at her job must clock in at $150k or more. That stupid thing over a little money Leonard has saved separately was just for that episode
  5. That was sarcastic Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  6. Right, because Howardette has a house and a baby and they've been written off.
  7. You know, I don't remember reading in the TR if Leonard and/or Penny ever SIGNED the RA that was drafted. Maybe they read it and said we don't need this.
  8. I'd prefer Emily v2 2.0
  9. I doubt they'll bring this up, but having her brother live with him could jeopardize his security clearance on the guidance project. And really, what drug company is going to hire a recent ex-con who was in jail for making crystal meth?
  10. Yes, but to be fair, when he woke up that morning, he didn't know it was going to be his wedding day. And besides, he didn't cheat.
  11. I am not too familiar with the Scientology stuff, but from what I saw, that's basically what an e-meter does, if it really does anything at all. It reads responses to questions. Read "Sheldonology" by S. Lee Cooper
  12. Wait... so now Sheldon is a Scientologist? with his own e-meter? And why does Penny have to check with Leonard to get a job interview for her brother? This just doesn't make sense.
  13. I'm sure they don't have in their contract that they have to appear in each episode. Some of them may have play or pay clauses.
  14. Excuse me. Where did (anyone here) get that everyone's contract stipulates that they MUST appear in every episode? That's ridiculous for a studio to agree to that. They don't know what's to come in the storyline. I don't believe that they have that in their contracts.
  15. Someone upstream was complaining that Amy drugged Sheldon and took him across state lines against his will. That is NOT what happened. They were going to Texas to visit Mary. She just gave him something to keep him calm during the trip. And they used to do this to BA every week and everyone laughed