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  1. That ship never got out of drydock. It was NEVER a possibility (except in a Shenny shipper forum :))
  2. Not everyone shares that definition.
  3. What does that have to do with Penny's qualifications for her job? It is irrelevant to the topic.
  4. Well she doesn't have the brains for it. You know, IRL you have to have at LEAST at Bachelor's Degree to be a pharmaceutical representative. You can't get that at Pasedena Community College, especially if you only took one class there.
  5. Seeing that Mandy had already slept with at least one other members (probably more) of the expedition, that everyone there seemed to be getting drunk, it is more likely that Mandy initiated the kiss with Leonard. Of course, being drunk and being Leonard, he may have thought/believed it meant more to Mandy than it did (and we see that in the cafeteria scene with her). Verdict: NOT CHEATING As far as Alice, at that point the relationship between Leonard and Priya was a sham anyway. Until one of her siblings screwed up, she never planned on telling her parents and she was not in the foreseeable future returning to the US, let alone Pasadena. And she was banging her ex-boyfriend, albeit unknown to Leonard. There were a few kisses here. Verdict: POSSIBLE CHEATING (Because of multiple kisses) - But who cares, it wasn't on Penny.
  6. Hell, she banged Leonard while she was dating Zach (when she realized how dumb he was).
  7. It could be. With the right conditions. An above average (high) libido is hereditary. , Yes you can control it, but pair that with a Beverly who believes sex is either a chore or just to pro-create, and you get a cheater.
  8. I don't think it's implied or stated that Leonard's dad was an habitual cheater. Just the one time with the waitress. And not for nothing, if I was married to that refrigerator that Leonard calls Mom, I'd consider it too. And Leonard didn't cheat. One kiss, while drunk, while on the ocean away from home for a few months. A lot worse could have happened. It was just a kiss.
  9. Being a top salesperson where she is, she could be head-hunted as a salesperson for a cool company where laughs abound.
  10. Yes, it is.
  11. First, the teasing about comic-con was not in the tag. It was in "coming attractions". Second, I have a question. Weren't people complaining about last nights episode from the TR because Sheldon had to come to the rescue again and make a budget for Raj? Or was that just (sarcastic) speculation? Because I remember people arguing about it, but it never appeared on screen.
  12. I don't like Grey's Anatomy. I don't like This Is Us. I don't like Life in Pieces. I didn't like Parks & Recreations. I never wished any of them cancelled, because there are people who do/did like them. I just went and watched something else that I did like. This is my experience, nothing more.
  13. The point of ANY line on TV or movies or books is to tell the audience. That's not the reason she said it.
  14. That will NEVER happen.
  15. Apparently, he's had it for a while, maybe even predating Amy's debut.