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  1. It was always hilarious when they drugged BA to get him on a plane.
  2. Why? That's how is mother handles him. That's the only way stubborn Sheldon can ever be able to do anything new. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  3. I don't see Amy like that. She's learned over the years how to manipulate Sheldon and at what point to stop.
  4. Yeah, that's how it works.
  5. They don't have to. If one doesn't want to sign, then they have that money to add to the one left to bring them close to 1mil/ep. Either one can be written out... "in a special The Big Bang Theory episode, see the gang deal with a death among their group. When a mutant virus escapes in Bernadette's lab, Howard is left to raise Halley as a single father, like his mother was left to raise him,.... Stay tuned this season on The Big Bang Theory!" or "in a special The Big Bang Theory episode, see the gang deal with a death among their group. While accompanying Bert on a geological expedition to get a break from Sheldon after a fight, an avalanche destroys the vehicle Burt and Amy are traveling in.... Stay tuned this season on The Big Bang Theory!" or Amy or Bernadette can be walking down the street and a piano falls on them from the third floor of a building.
  6. You obviously are not versed in Indian culture. Which is fine. But that's why Raj is RESPONSIBLE for his sister while away from her parents.
  7. Although Raj sort of rejects Indian tradition, he is still Priya's brother and is tasked by his parents to look after her in the US. ANYTHING Priya does is his business. AND if you go back, the fact that Leonard, who promised at some point in the past that he (and Howard) considered Priya off-limits, was in fact banging his sister, in his own house, Raj may have been a little pissed off at Leonard consciously or subconsciously.
  8. Wow! I thought I had a lot of free time....
  9. And if S10E01 were just the parents sitting in the background at the wedding, everyone would be complaining "oh they brought in a bunch of relatives and did nothing with them". It was mix of the parents stories and the wedding.
  10. If Leonard knew the "full facts" why would he be more uncomfortable than what he thinks now. As far as the group goes/knows , Raj and Penny had sex. But they didn't. What boundaries is it crossing? Yours (et al)? Obviously not theirs because the characters are written as 21st century "millennials" (or close to). While the guys are a little more old fashioned, Penny is not. Leonard knows this, understands it and (tries to) accept(s) it. It may bother him, but he keeps that to himself. Who knows, maybe the writers will have the repressed feeling come out to end the new arrangement.
  11. Nice? You mean nauseating. They're adults, not little kids. Married couples don't (normally) do stuff like that. Now, psycho stalkers.....
  12. OOOO. maybe something really big is happening and they asked the audience not to say anything.
  13. So... all this Raj and Sheldon stuff. But is there a TR?
  14. He also didn't tell Penny about if he pooped on the boat. Did he lie to her? We have to assume he did (poop). But Mandy said it was just one kiss. We (and Penny) know Leonard romanticizes everything.
  15. If Leonard was drunk and not even aware the ONE kiss was coming, there'd be no time to fight it off Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk