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  1. Ship Zone

    Cranky is fine to me. But not over-the-top, Sheldon-is-a-crazy-nutbag-and-everyone-around-him-normal-and-reacts-to-his-antics kind of plot. I hate those where they just write crazy stuff for Sheldon to do and have everyone else stand around rolling their eyes. It's trite, predictable and boring. And I definitely don't want to see that now that he's living with Amy and they're in such a sweet spot in their relationship. I was assuming "journal" means those notebooks he uses for work, rather than a diary type of thing. But I might be wrong. I really hope this isn't going to be just an episode to plug the spinoff because I have no interest in that. I also struggle to see Sheldon being homesick for Texas since he hates it there. I also can't think of line-dancers anymore without thinking about that horrendous episode from the latest X-Files season, that traumatized me for months. So it's like my body is preemptively preparing me for the worst. LOL! So I'm still hoping for feverish dreams.
  2. Ship Zone

    Oh, some tidbits! Thanks for digging. With no episode for two weeks and no spoilers, it was going to be a long boring week. It all sounds very confusing but better than nothing. Maybe Sheldon has some feverish dreams about going to the Western bar? LOL! I only hope it's not going to be the annual "Sheldon acts like a giant annoying jerk and mistreats everyone when he's sick" episode. We should be past that nonsense.
  3. Ship Zone

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I am honestly fed up with it too, and Leonard's current snark in particular. The medication jokes aren't funny at all, and I do agree that Sheldon right now is for the most part a sweetheart and doesn't deserve all these jabs. Especially when he's said far worse things in the past with less consequences. I'm just saying that I was surprised re-watching the early seasons how common those jabs were even back then. That we talk a lot now about people getting meaner but actually even back then they were. There were a lot of jokes when Sheldon wasn't around about how much the guys enjoyed not having him around and tried their best not to have him around. And even back then it was clear that Sheldon often couldn't help it, although we were missing the part where he tries to work on it as much as he does now. And the fact that Sheldon was less aware of the jabs back in the day doesn't make it better, IMO, because regardless of whether he's aware or not, it doesn't reflect well on the other characters. Amy's literally the only character who's never mocked him or taken jabs at him. I guess I just wish the show called them out on it for once, and pointed out how, although these are comments and jabs people do make in real life too and they don't always mean to be cruel, it's not a cool thing to do.
  4. Ship Zone

    I just watched it and I think I would have liked it much better had they cut Beverly out of the episode. I'm sorry, but she irks me beyond belief. Christine is amazing, but I'm tired of the "cold-hearted jerks are always geniuses" stereotype she represents when all she does is spout pop-psychology nonsense that is less professional than what you find on Tumblr and the most "scientific" citations she comes up with are Freud's. And it felt like a lot of drama shoved in just for the sake of drama when there's very little to justify it, especially when it comes to Shamy. Sure. Sheldon's the one afraid of commitment after he suffered through a breakup and couldn't get over her and after he's been the one insisting they continue living together and agreed to continue living together again. Sure. Sure. Like he doesn't already have a lot of more realistic, scientifically-sound and IC reasons to be stressed by someone taking over his room. Having said that, I did like the plot about Raj trying to find a place to live (although I'm still not convinced by this sudden financial crisis), I liked how the gang tried to help, I liked how Sheldon tried to handle his conflicting emotions, I liked how supportive and rational Amy was about the whole thing, and I agree that the bedroom scene was fantastic and I liked that Sheldon couldn't sleep over it and how much he wants to feel secure in his relationship and how proud of it he is. But this is definitely not an episode I'm going to watch again. As for people being meaner this season than in previous seasons? I don't think so at all. I'm rewatching S1-3 at the moment with my roommate and I was surprised by how many times we turned to each other asking "why are they even friends with Sheldon if they hate him so much?". I think it's a bit of an issue with the show overall. Some of the jabs they make about being happier without him have been there since day one. I don't like them, but they're not new.
  5. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I can see that. It's tough, especially given how they're both little spitfires when it comes to their work. I mean, I wouldn't even put it past the writers to end it on yet another cliffhanger. But I doubt it would be anything serious, they're not going to recycle the same plot from S8. But what I love about it is that they both maintain their individualities in their relationship and their work is so important to them that they're not willing to compromise it. Remember when Amy was all "First of all, I'm a scientist", back in S7? Even when Sheldon asked her if she wouldn't choose to be the first woman on Mars over their relationship, Amy didn't deny that she would consider it too. Their relationship is a wonderful thing, but I think it's very dangerous when a relationship becomes a thing that encompasses and overshadows everything else, and I like that their passion for science hasn't taken a backseat in their relationship. But, ultimately, they don't need to choose because they are just so well matched that they're going to find a way to slot things together in whatever form they come.
  6. Ship Zone

    I'm really hoping the season finale is big on this project too. I would love it for it to be the episode where they get to a breakthrough of some sort. I would also love it if they got so wrapped up in it that nobody hears or sees them anymore and they start worrying. Especially after the way they've been not so nice with Sheldon lately. I also do wonder whether they might get a bit stir crazy working together and living together 24/7. But I'm sure they will work it out in their own unique way as always. They've literally ironed out every single kink in their relationship this season, there's no way they're not going to make it through whatever challenge comes their way now.
  7. Ship Zone

    I'm not reading the report because I don't want to know all the details, but what I'm gathering from the comments sounds pretty exciting! I also was under the impression he was imitating/exaggerating what Amy (unconsciously) does that he finds attractive, but it might be that he's just trying to get his way ala Brain Bowl too. To be honest, I don't mind whichever way this plays out and, again, I don't really care how often they have sex or not. I don't think sex is the only form of intimacy they can enjoy, and they can still find each other attractive and engage in other 'activities' when they feel a bit randy, to quote Sheldon If they got rid of the stupid "deadline" though, it would be much better because that makes less and less sense with each of these episodes. I'm really excited that it sounds like they're working hard at calculations together! Oh, man! Can this get any better? Also, if they managed to get Gillian Anderson on the show to play a scientist I might just spontaneously combust for real. I was just tweeting about her and AFF yesterday in my International Women's day tweet. Two of my favorite fictional ladies ever.
  8. Ship Zone

    ARGH! I forgot it's March Madness season! *cries*
  9. Ship Zone

    Yeah, it's quite common in my field, at least. Even theoretical work in neuroscience usually goes by order of contribution, rather than alphabetical order. And YES SNARKY BANTER! I just love when they get all sassy at each other about their respective fields. I am actually really tempted not to read the full report and just go into this unspoiled to surprise myself with it. We don't have to wait that long for this one, right?
  10. Ship Zone

    Yes! I've been saying for years that it would be a total waste for this show not to play on the Curie symbolism with Shamy since they're literally the only couple on the show that can do that. Howard and Bernie could only feasibly work together if they build biological weapons (LOL). But physics and neuroscience these days are a total power couple in academia! Furthermore, they could get Howard involved later on too if they want to play around with neuromorphic circuits. (I need to stop before I get carried away). Regarding authorship... You can have joint first authors when both authors have contributed equally. It's usually a little asterisk by the names that is footnoted as "these authors contributed equally to this work". What would be good to see for a change is a plot where there's finally a move on from the usual "Sheldon wants all the credit" stuff.
  11. Ship Zone

    I really hope it's an arc that lasts at least until the end of the season. Or one of those plots that pop up here and there across next season. There's a lot that can be mined here and, if they are to be realistic, it's not the kind of stuff you work on for a week and then drop it. In other news, I was digging through my wishful thinking list of articles where I dreamt of a Shamy joint project and I wonder if the plot has anything to do with this: https://phys.org/news/2015-08-neural-qubits-quantum-cognition-based.html
  12. Ship Zone

    I only have one thing to say about this plot, and that is: This has literally been my #1 wish for YEARS! I have been desperately tweeting articles to Bill for ages hoping that he would get the hint! LOL! And this is EXACTLY the topic I had in mind!!!! You have no idea how much I've been spazzing all morning and I can't get anything done for the excitement. I can die and go to heaven now, the show can get cancelled, the apocalypse may come (although, if it could wait until I see how Game of Thrones ends, it would be much appreciated) and I couldn't care less. *runs around the room flailing like a maniac*
  13. Ship Zone

    We also need not to forget that Amy for the first year or so of knowing Sheldon and being with the gang was also extremely similar to him. Her understanding of him stems from that too, it's not like Amy arrived a regular girl who wouldn't have entertained the idea of befriending Sheldon had he not been "domesticated" by Leonard and Penny already. Leonard and Penny did wonders in opening Sheldon up to the wider world by not shunning him just because of the way he is, but Sheldon did the same for Amy. Had Sheldon not stood his ground when Amy first came along, Leonard and co. WOULD have shunned HER and today we wouldn't have the more confident and socially skilled Amy we have. Because it was through exposure to the gang that Amy evolved as a character too. I don't see anyone as a "keeper", really. They're just people who, most of the time (although I have to say my patience with the jabs from Leonard especially is starting to run low), accept each other for who they are and that helps everyone feel more comfortable and secure and as a consequence not as anxious of stepping outside their comfort zone.
  14. Ship Zone

    Late to the party and I'm pretty sure a lot has been covered already, but I too was pleasantly surprised by the tag compared to the impression I got from the promos. I really don't understand where people get the "poor Amy" vibe from. She knew exactly what he was doing, and I think she was more shocked by just how explicit he seemed to be willing to get than expecting sex. I thought it was adorable, the way Sheldon flirted (and I agree that he knew exactly what he was doing, his innuendos weren't unintentional) and Amy knew exactly what he was up to, and Sheldon knew that she knew but kept trying anyway. Speaking of Amy... I didn't find her expectation that Sheldon might consider staying home too all that presumptuous given the context, but at the same time it bugs me a little, for reasons linked to what I'm going to say below about Comic Con and "growing up". I don't think we can blame her for not wanting to go if it's not her thing, and I think it's good and healthy that neither her nor Sheldon compromised on something they feel strongly about. I've been in Sheldon's shoes, recently, having lost the company of the friends I used to do stuff I love with, and decided to do it on my own anyway just because I love it so much. I think nothing makes you more miserable than giving up something you love because you don't have anyone to do it with. And Amy does plenty of stuff with Sheldon that she isn't all that keen on (she went with him all the way to that train experience just two episodes ago, for example) that I don't think we can hold it against her if she doesn't feel like doing this one particular thing. I think both Sheldon and Amy have done plenty of things to make the other happy, as well as stuff they enjoy doing together (the Wizarding World trip, the aquarium last year, and so on). They're coming across as a very healthy and balanced relationship both as a couple and as individuals in the couple. But... about the writers take on Comic Con, nerds and adulthood... Well, let's just say these are the times I can see that even though most of the writers on the show are self-confessed nerds, they are also mostly 50-year-old men who still seem to cling to a very outdated and unrealistic notion of nerd culture, for 2017. I think if they have to go 2 more seasons, they might as well get on with the program and update their views a little. A much more satisfying conclusion to the episode than "the guys are growing up and have other priorities now" (which is freaking depressing, IMO) would have been to have EVERYONE go to Comic Con. Take the baby and do a group costume with the baby. People take babies and kids to CC all the time and by July, Halley won't be a newborn anymore. Everyone raises a bit of money for Raj so he can go too. The girls can take time to do something else during the panels they're not interested in and so on. THAT would have been a more satisfying "things are changing" conclusion. This idea that people have to stop doing things at a certain age is boring as hell to me. It's just 5 days, come on! And it's in San Diego. It's not like they had to travel all the way across the globe for it, or they would have been stuck in a conference center with nothing to do. But that's what I mean about the writers still living in the 90's when it comes to nerd culture, and gender dynamics more generally. As for the money issue. It's something that has always bugged me about how the show handles finances, especially in science, and I honestly don't understand why they do it this way since, having a professor as a science consultant, it would literally take no effort to ASK him about it and with a few minor tweaks, the story would still stand, the humor would still stand, but be more realistic. As far as we know, none of the guys/Amy are tenured professors, so while they might not make the same amount of money as a postdoc straight out of a PhD, they won't be making huge amounts either. However, there's no way that Raj is is such a dire financial situation if he had his father's money PLUS his salary for all these years. It's the same thing with the fact that the show thinks you are hired by the university and the university allocates its own money to you for your work, rather than you being hired on a grant or having your own grant (usually 4-5 years max per grant). I've been rewatching S3 recently and this stuff comes up often and I don't get it, because, for example, Raj being deported because his grant has run out and he hasn't been successful in getting a new one made much more sense than him being fired by the university because his research has hit a dead end, and it doesn't change the plot at all. Can they please use David Saltzberg for this too??
  15. Ship Zone

    The desks thing is actually the one thing that drives me absolutely nuts. I'm sorry but I agree that there is no way two academics can make do with a (small) kitchen table. Having said that, there's space in the area we never see, where the painting was hanging, to fit desks, I think. Not as large as in 4B, but if you get rid of the TV stand by hanging the TV on the wall, you can probably fit one desk there and one desk by the side of the door. As for Beverly... she's totally a phoney. I know BBT exaggerates professions for laughs but she's literally the further thing from even a remotely realistic psychiatrist as you can get. Let alone a successful one.