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  1. Ship Zone

    I really agree with this part. TPTB have been consistent for the past few seasons with their dismal treatment of Lenny and the mindboggling unbelievability of the plots. What keeps me here is the joy, wit, warmth, support and companionship of my fellow Lennys. I am a glass- half-empty-ist and have no crystal ball, but I really have the feeling they are building towards something I really I don't want to see. But whatever lies in wait for us, I know I will get by because of everyone here. What john2p said: Thanks to you all.
  2. Bon Voyage and joyous travels, JE7! And should the site get locked down in your absence, I shall think of you and say: 'We'll at least it wasn't JE7 this time!' Think of us here battling it out in The Thunderdome! And thank you for the excellent report 2L344!
  3. I agree with this as this was my take-away from the episodes too. Leonard was drunk and seasick, and Mandy, based on her comment 'Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?' makes me FEEL LIKE Mandy was the aggressor and pounced. This was not a desirous, consensual act. And, despite breaking her tooth, she didn't even remember the event or who she was kissing! IMO, Leonard's number was up and Mandy swooped down as she SEEMED to working her way through any willing partners on board. NB -- I'm not casting any judgment on Mandy here either as she is a young, beautiful woman with a strong sexual appetite. As to the physical act, as long as both (or more!) of the partners are adults and consenting, I have no problem with that. Again, IMO, Leonard would never cheat on Penny, drunk or otherwise. And, after eight seasons of only being supportive and devoted, this episode was total character assassination just for the sake of the 9.1 scenario and punchline: Leonard: I can't believe I'm spending my wedding night with you. Sheldon: Really? I never imagined it any other way. Of all the not-Penny women in Leonard's life, Alice was my favorite. If I wasn't a Lenny, I'd be a Lice. The Alice encounter doesn't bother me for several reasons. The first kiss was initiated by Alice as Leonard was talking -- she started kissing him as he was mid-sentence! But for Alice's actions, I don't see that Leonard would have ever been the aggressor or initiated the act. What's more, he was shown to be completely guilt ridden over the event and even went to Penny for advice and/or permission. Even after speaking to Penny, Leonard was still shown to be very guilty and conflicted. But when push came shove, when he was actually there in Alice's arms, a gorgeous woman who desired him, he couldn't do it. He could talk all he wants about being a 'player', sleeping with one woman while dating another, but he couldn't do it. Actions speak louder than words. He left Alice, a woman who genuinely seemed to care for him and totally accept him as he is and confessed to Priya, who was not only ashamed of her relationship with Leonard but tried to change him as well. I love Penny but I have to agree with this too. Penny has been shown to have a rather cloudy moral compass at times: She had sex with her boyfriend's brother to get revenge on him; Made out with the captain of the football team while his girlfriend was puking; Drunk slept with Leonard while dating Zack; And there was her comment in 9.2 about 'knowing the previous guys she dated weren't above cheating because that's how we met' but then we fall into the grey area of supposition on how much she knew about their availability. Whether she was lied to or an active participant, we don't know, but, based on what we know of her past behavior, an argument could be made either way. For me, the Alice episode was just that: a good guy fluctuation. As for Mandy, the damning part was Leonard's two year silence on the event, which Penny forgave and went on to marry Leonard in that travesty of a ceremony (which was the real crime).
  4. Ship Zone

    Spectacular work as always, luminous! Adore that you have totally captured the love, tenderness, warmth, and need that is between them as well as the very moment when that desire all combines and becomes the act of physical love! Fantastically beautiful, amazingly tender work! Love too how Leonard's thumbs are hitched in Penny's waistband and Penny is making short work of Leonard's shirt! Spectacular, amazing, incredible work as always, luminous! Penny: 'Leonard, sweetie, I hope you don't mind but I've invited the Season 10 Lenny Thread to join us.'
  5. Ship Zone

    Hear! Hear! It's not that Lennys are negative, pessimistic, or over-reacting. It's just that we have been ignored by TPTB and forgotten by the writers. We have been forgotten and uncared for. But there is one group that hasn't given up on us. We ourselves. Even when things are/were bleak, we all hung in there, cheering one another and our fellows on, with the fun and silliness like we've had the past two days, creating books and imagined trips to NYC with all the broken furniture to boot. What TPTB and the writers didn't/won't give us, we've given ourselves. We remember the past joy and revel in it while we hope that there is better still yet to come. And even if it is not to be, if TPTB have deemed that Lenny has reached their high-water mark, and we are only to be given little gems like we were in last week's episode, there is not another group of people that I want to celebrate those small canon moments with while we have laughing fun and re-create new ones from our shared imaginations. To you all, my fellow Lennys! Despite the neglect and indifference from TPTB, we still find joy and persist.
  6. Ship Zone

    I would love to see Leonard searching Google again for some lovely new inhaler worthy ideas!
  7. Whatever job Penny does, I just want it to give us some laughs. Although she was unhappy, I always enjoyed it when we visited The Cheesecake Factory. There were a lot of laughs there and good memories. Her pharmaceutical job? None. Unfunny and boring. Truly a comedic black hole.
  8. Awwwww! That is so sweet! I know your wife is honored!
  9. Awwwww! That is so sweet! Did you ever get the tattoo? OMG! LOL!
  10. Ship Zone

    OMG! What an absolute treat it was to read this thread today! Tonstar -- I LOL at the Mario/Princess Peach connection! Yep! That's them! luminous -- Adore the collage! All the weddings -- including Penny's imaginary one! The Snowflake Chronicles! Beautiful! Desdemona -- ROTFLOL and ROTFLOL at your scene! Absolutely wonderful! I would LOVE to see them act out something like that! batman -- Awwww! Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Wonderfully done! Adore both the page and the book cover!
  11. Ship Zone

    And to me, they don't look like they are acting in this photo. It doesn't look like two actors smiling for the camera for a promotional photo. Their smiles are genuine and they are radiating tenderness, warmth, and love for one another. It is as if they are baring their souls as they stand in ane another's arms and the camera caught it. Remarkable, beautiful photo! One of my absolute favorites!
  12. Ship Zone

    And don't forget her Knight in Shining Armor …
  13. Welcome to the Forums, or as JE7 recently called it, The Thunderdome! And no, you are not alone. There are a few of us here that share your view.
  14. Ship Zone

    Look at me, my dear fellow Lennys! I am covered in warm fuzzies! I thought Lenny was wonderful last night as it had my two absolute requisites: 1) they were adorable and; 2) No Sheldon! (and I cannot stress #2 enough -- as a matter of fact, in an aside, I always equate Sheldon with #2. But, I digress). Loved the opening for several reasons -- the guys spinning the disc while seeing how long Raj could hold his breath -- harkened back to the days when the guys would do their fun science-y stuff but combine it with athleticism or group play (the time they were breaking the balloons with lasers or playing Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess). Loved this! Loved this! Loved this! That whole scene, to me, felt like 'back in the day writing'! Loved how Leonard explained the physics of the disc to Penny, while Penny showed her best patented 'don't wanna-be-interested-but-interested' moves. Loved her getting involved in the bet but losing! Lenny was night was tremendous! Although it was the usual, tiny gems, I'm very glad they were there. TBH, I was afraid of the 'but then you have to marry one of them' comment but, to me, it wasn't said snarky or in a derogatory manner, so it played all right. Loved that they: hosted the evening with friends at their apartment; loved Leonard having a go at Howardette, suggesting Raj could stay with them. (LOL at Howard's 'I brought imported beer. Why don't you like me?) and then Bernadette's bitchy 'Stop being so helpful!' when he suggested the garage. The pay off was the laughing 'OMG face' Penny gave Leonard while he was rattling their cage. Loved too the quickly and privately mutually shared 'Whew … Yeah' as they dodged that bullet when Raj didn't accept their offer to stay with them. It showed that they were totally on the same mutually supportive page! Take that Randall! Tiny gems for Lenny last night, tiny gems. But in those tiny moments, it was so reaffirming to see their love for one another, their mutual support, and respect without a droplet of snark or argument to be found! SEE THAT WRITERS!! WAS THAT SOOOO DIFFICULT?!
  15. Yeah. Not gonna happen. I was a Lenny even before there was a Shamy. Leonard, Penny, and the ensemble dynamic, the brilliant writing is what is what got me hooked. TBBT has morphed into The Sheldon Show, which I find unfunny and insufferable. The writing has become sloppy, painful, predictable, and inexplicable to the point that sometimes I often wonder if the writers have ever watched their own show. The story arcs are too slow to play out, the plots are predictable, and the characterizations have gotten redundant and flat. So why do persist and continue to watch The Sheldon Show? I watch because I remember the brilliance that was TBBT and hope that the writers attain that originality and cleverness once again. I watch because I love the chemistry between 'realist' Leonard and 'dreamer' Penny. I watch because of Johnny and Kaley and the desirous heat that they bring to the screen. I watch because I love the companionship of my fellow Lennys and the joy that it brings. I watch because I want a Lenny voice and POV to continue to be heard on this Forum despite being vastly outnumbered by both the Shennys and Shamys. So, like I said at the start of this. Leave? Fuhgettaboutit and find 'your happy place elsewhere'? Pffffft. Yeah. Not gonna happen.