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  1. Ship Zone

    As am I. Ever since I watched the promo several days ago, I've stayed completely away because I have absolutely nothing positive to say. Now I really don't have anything to say. Maybe we can make a Lenny thread where the Shipper rules apply but we can be negative and rant? The Poop Deck? Anyway, I'll be in absentia as well.
  2. Debate Zone

    Arrrggghhh! I am soooo frustrated right now! HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the god-damn promo! The TR was bad enough but seeing it acted out is THOUSANDS of times worse! And the latest TR! Canonically, I could believe it if Penny was the one slobbing around, not being romantic, and minimizing the relationship. We've already seen that! So I could see Leonard as the one being upset. But it's Penny who's upset?! Why, why, why do they always have to write Leonard as the bad guy?! They've given us the can opener*, the boat kiss**, and now this! I am so pissed off thinking about it I just feel like karate chopping something! * ** Not trying to be a Leonard Apologist but I had no problem with the can opener because all the original data was kept and IMHO Sheldon caused his own problems with the e-mail w/o verifying the data. And for the boat kiss, will I think Mandy was the aggressor/initiator due to her 'Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?' but I know that is entirely supposition only part. I'm leaving now so I can break something!!!
  3. Ship Zone

    Gah! Just checked and we have another taping on Tuesday. Being conditioned as I am, for the past few seasons I've always kinda/sorta dreaded them. Now I REALLY do! So I'm doing the right thing -- sending husband out for Mojito supplies! Feeling Carribean today. Have all the necessaries except for the lime and mint and can take my aggressions out at TPTB by crushing the ice.
  4. Ship Zone

    Oh no! mjc45 and giggsy! I am at a loss! giggsy I knew from FanFiction and mjc45 was always such a lovely supportive presence in our little group! RIP, dear Lennys.
  5. Ship Zone

    True … but she did love her shoes!
  6. Just like me! Tuning in for two and half seasons hoping that Lenny would get a decent storyline and equal air time.
  7. Ship Zone

    Hmmm … not the prettiest visual but Leonard is really owning that scruffy/quasi-sick 'it-looks-like-you're-recovering-from-the-flu' appearance! In the TR it said that Leonard's wanted to turn Sheldon's room into a game room? My Head Canon: next episode, we see construction guys going in and out of the room making Leonard's much desired game room! He gathers all the gang for the reveal! The guys are all jealous, happy and excited, with junk food loaded in their arms, just waiting to see Leonard's spectacular new game room! Leonard opens the door to reveal … a beautiful walk-in closet for Penny complete with wall-to-wall shoe racks fully loaded with gorgeous new high-heeled shoes! He could say something like, 'I've been buying so many pairs of high heels, they think I'm a transvestite! They congratulated me on having the bravery to embrace my alternate life-style!' To me, THAT would be the ultimate Romance Ninja move!
  8. Ship Zone

    Hey! I resemble that remark!
  9. ^^^^^ Oh veejay! You know me so well! My love of that cutie Leonard! See? With his adorable little cheesy smile, I'm feeling better all ready!
  10. With every Suppository Sheldon inserted into Lenny, every Sheldon and Shamy-centric/Lenny marginalized or fighting episode we get, I ask myself that very same question. I detest the writing anymore, the Sheldon focus, and for me the show has minimal laughs. It doesn't even resemble the show that got me hooked in the first place. I have absolutely no idea why I'm still watching.
  11. Ship Zone

    Hmmm … perhaps they should had looked to their newly created Relationship Agreement. Quite possibly there was an addendum or proviso to address such a situation. SMH sadly. The Lenny Relationship Agreement is already failing them.
  12. I'd sign it.
  13. Ship Zone

    Oh my dear Lennys! Here we stand, in the waning hours of our latest TR. And, as usual, after being conditioned as a 'Lenny glass-half-emptyist, just-let-me-smack-my-head-repeatedly-against-the-wall' at the way they have minimized (for two and half seasons) and bizarrely written (writing up and embracing an RA) our beloved OTP. I find myself getting tense and white-knuckled as for what may be laying in wait for us. But I do find ample comfort in being with you all and in my realization that TPTB are just a bunch of myopic, un-original Clowny von Clownsticks who are clueless and couldn't find a good Lenny story even if it landed right on top of their rainbow wigs or on their overly large red squeaky shoes, or was hand delivered to them by a bunch of folks riding up to them piled on top of a midget car.
  14. Ship Zone

    ^^^^^ This. So much. Yeah, I'd like to see that 'smart and beautiful' baby line fulfilled but to be honest, I am so over Leonard and Penny as parents. They (and we) have been force-fed it in their proxy role for ten and half seasons now. I just want them a happy, loving, stable couple at this point.
  15. Ship Zone

    ^^^^^ bfm, I think that was absolutely exquisite and perfectly done!