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  1. Pardon the interruption ... Just wanted to note that this thread just hit 11,111 replies! Very cool! Congrats, wowbagger for bringing us to that very cool number! Observation concluded … return to your discussion.
  2. Thank you, Itwas! It truly sounds like you and Mrs Itwas had a wonderful time! Damn! I would have loved to see your dance! Loved your report -- that it was a funny episode and no one character dominated! So very glad you had a wondeful, joyous time! PS -- Maths? Really?
  3. Ship Zone

    Itwas and Mrs Itwas! Have a wonderful time! And pfffft! No worries about positivity! At this point, I'm not too sure how much we expect! It's just a thrill to know we have actual Lennys representing tonight! That's the headline! PS -- if you get the chance, tell Johnny I think he's adorable and I really, really want to see him in a hospital gown! <Karen once again rips down that pesky Freak Flag that flies above her head>
  4. Oh boy. In a word: no.
  5. Ship Zone

    Itwas! Have a wonderful safe journey and a glorious time at the taping! Bring us some Lenny luck!
  6. Ship Zone

    I totally hear you, Lagernisse. It pisses me off that when we talk about glorious, fun Lenny moments, they seem to be largely in the past, from Seasons 1-7. We do have some Season 8-10 Lenny gems but they are more isolated little moments. If it helps, here are pretty much the faces I've been making regularly at TPTB.
  7. Ship Zone

    It's quiet. Too quiet. So here are some fun Leonard and Penny moments. My favorite kiss -- from Jiminy. Leonard and Penny decided to just be friends. Ah! The best laid plans! They gave a platonic parting hug and then their eyes met. And what they saw there was the heat, desire, passion, want, need, devotion, and love that their souls bared. No force on Earth can stop it. The Universe has spoken! Our lime kiss … my nearly first but second favorite! Alcohol fueled passion! One of my favorite things! And the engagement! Sigh. TPTB here DID Lenny one of the many Lenny disservices. The dialogue was fantastic but the long awaited engagement WAS anti-climatic. BUT then Leonard pulled the ring out of his wallet that he had been carrying for years and we had the Return of the Romance Ninja! And Penny got her sweet, delicious, very desirable Strawberry Pop Tart! For me, no 'Will you marry me?' in a gondola in Venice or top of the Eiffel Tower could better it. Sweet, wonderful, surprising, joyous, and Pop Tart-licious!
  8. Ship Zone

    Sigh. I really, really wished that Leonard popped out from the other side of that shower curtain. What could have been a lovely, surprising Lenny moment that would tickle all our hineys with the pleasure of lovely innuendo just became an uninspired missed opportunity.
  9. Ship Zone

    You say you want a Lenny Revolution ... Well, you know ... We all want to change the show ... You tell me that it's evolution ... Well, you know ... We all don't want the Sheldon Show ... But when you talk about the kitchen island ... Don't you know that you can count me out ... Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … You say you got a real solution ... Well, you know ... We'd all love to see more Lenny ... You ask me for a contribution ... Well, you know ... We're as vocal as we can ... But if you think that TPTB have minds that don't rate ... All I can tell is brother you are great! Don't you know it's gonna be ... All right, all right, all right … Taking profound liberties … my deepest apologies to the Beatles and their fans.
  10. Add my name to the list of those who have been, with a few exceptions, sorely disappointed with the way Lenny have been written and minimized for the past three seasons.
  11. Ship Zone

    Hope you're feeling better, Tonstar!
  12. Ship Zone

    That would be the best use of the kitchen island in three seasons.
  13. Ship Zone

    http://www.jibjab.com/view/NVHoufYEsMIzlwGcY1pz PS -- I'm not techy at all and it took me all day to do this but if you hit the link, you can see them dance. I hope.
  14. Ship Zone

    Applause! Applause! Beautifully said, Strawberry!
  15. Texas - looking bar on IG, CNN earlier this week had an article on the upcoming 'Young Sheldon' show, I'm thinking that this 'recollection' may just be a 19 minute promo for the new Sheldon show. Or maybe Leonard and Penny just argue about something.