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  1. It seems to me the kid to play Sheldon will be too old by the time the show airs. If Lenny was getting "demoted" than neither would of signed for two more years. As to Mayim being a main character has her million dollar an episode been announced? It seems to me Mayim should be worshipping the ground JP stands on.
  2. She did although the kiss was unexpected. Sort of the point of my the story is we don't know exactly how long Leonard/Mandy kiss was? Leonard had been drinking and time kind of moves at a different pace. It appears Mandy kissed him. Since no one saw we will never know. To me the bigger problem was He didn't tell Penny. Was it because he was guilty? Scared of her reaction? Didn't know long the kiss was?
  3. Not necessarily. Just got married and was standing in the wedding party line for people to congratulate you. My ex girlfriend (who was there with her husband) came up. It's not unusual to give or get a kiss on the cheek. She comes up and plants a kiss right on the lips in front of wife and family. Wife wasn't happy though she knew it wasn't my fault. I'm not sure how I could of avoided that.
  4. And Sheldon has what four or five degrees and what does he have to show for it? His career has been a total bust.
  5. Is that any worse than telling Kripke that Amy enjoyed his genitals in season 6? Or Telling Lenny if Kripke asks that coitus with Amy is frequent, intense and whimsically inventive?
  6. She has just moved to 4b. She is obviously going to get more lines for a while. In the nerd world she is going to be popular. Outside the nerd world Penny is always going to be the more popular "hot girl" while Amy is going to be the unnoticed "ugly duckling".
  7. If Lenny storyline is over so is Howdette's. They have repeated the Shamy once a year coitus numerous times. If they can't write a Lenny storyline maybe they need some new writers.
  8. But isn't that her purpose? I mean they have sex once a year.
  9. JMO but is welcome change to see some other couple fighting than lenny.
  10. Ship Zone

    Thought it was a pretty good episode for Lenny tonight.
  11. That was terrible. How one character, Sheldon, do so many insensitive/clueless things in one episode. The Raj storyline wasn't any better. I could see it as a storyline in season 1 or 2. But after ten seasons how can you not know your rent, credit card bill, and how much you pay for food. Then to have the nerve to say the guys look ten years older and 4a is a dump. Wow.
  12. I haven't seen the million dollar an episode contract announced for Mayim and Melissa.
  13. Raj bringing a surprise date to 4A. IMO Alex was popular with Lenny fans in season 6 because Penny stopped thinking of breaking up with Leonard after that. I could see a Raj/Alex relationship working.
  14. Bringing Alex back makes sense. She is probably Dr. Jensen now. Raj can talk to women and Alex has an interest in astrophysics.
  15. She is a supporting character because she is unnecessary without Sheldon. Her lesser pay also reflects that.