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  1. Penny high fiving the guy in high school was long ago. I'm not sure Penny is really coslutty considering the suggestion came from two people who never had sex. And the drinks on me line was just funny. if you want to analyze things let's look at Amy. She was in Boy Scouts for two years. Suggesting that she had gender identity issues. She went to party Got drunk and had more clothes on. It seems to suggest that guys didn't think she was too attractive. And finally Amy spent 3000 dollars on a painting of her and Penny. She said a little soap and water would wash off the clothes and they would be both naked. Suggesting that she was a lesbian.
  2. When something gets removed that's usually the reason. It's certainly happened to me more than once.
  3. I didn't see your original post but you must have referred to another poster.
  4. It appears the discontentment about the show isn't reserved to one ship.
  5. Agree. JMO but that line sounds like a Carlos line. (I'm sure he'd laugh. If I'm breaking rules here you can delete this)
  6. JMO but Amy purpose on the show was to be with Sheldon. She wasn't suppose to be attractive. Their relationship was suppose to be "a relationship of the mind". I think her attractiveness to people like Stuart and Barry was she was a female nothing else. The idea to me about them was the only person for Amy was Sheldon and vice versa. Again JMO the break up in season 8 was the final straw. When they were looking for other people I lost a lot of interest. They were just like everyone else on the show. And I didn't think that that was their purpose.
  7. The funny part in 6.2 Sheldon begged Penny not to break up with Leonard. I think Sheldon deep down thinks his relationship is inferior to his and he can't deal with it. The rest of the characters know he is full of shi* including Amy.
  8. It doesn't necessarily need to be older stuff. But as mentioned before a reused storyline whose lead is a seldom used character.
  9. This is what I was referring to Rachel. What kinds of results. Kind of insinuates that Penny looks bad.
  10. To see the stars of the show. There is certain characters that aren't favorites but I rather see them than a recycled storyline with a once in a while character. It seems obvious that TPTB can't or won't come up with stories with the characters that the fans fell in love with.
  11. It could be different if it was an unique. As mentioned Raj/Emily, Howard/kristy and even a similar like Sheldon/Ramona has already been done. Ratings are down and people aren't on this forum as they used to be.
  12. You know the show needs to end if you are giving Bert a storyline.
  13. Sounds familiar. Raj and Emily 1
  14. Ship Zone

    Since I got the like I must haven been right.
  15. The problem is , and I m sure tensor could find the number, is that Lenny actual alone time has been minimal this year.I would hazard a guess that Shamy for example has 5-10 times more alone time compared to Lenny. You may be correct in thinking they haven't consistently fought this season but then again when your not alone as much its harder to fight.