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  1. I'll tell you why I don't included S7: it's because S6 is the last one I like in it's totality save for 1 or 2 exceptions. From S7 on it was too uneven for my taste and that is why after S6 I makeup stories in my head of how things have progressed. I liked the Prom episode, also the one in which Leonard gives the speech to the graduating class via Skype, the engagement one, and a few others as well. I even liked 7:24 when Sheldon leaves. What I do with the few episodes I like, I include them in my fantasies about how things have progressed, and the rest I simply ignore them. Lately there been so many episodes that I don't like that it's easier to pretend things are how I imagine them and not how they truly are.
  2. Ship Zone

    I really like your last paragraph. I mean, I think they will probably not do it because it makes too much sense, but that could be a perfect explanation why they have been fighting so much as of late. The "cliffhanger could be Leonard saying:" I'm going to take care of this" or something to that effect, and in the beginning of S11 it could be resolved as him and Penny going to medical appointments to determine the root of the problem. Besides that we could see Leonard reassuring Penny that whether she's capable of getting pregnant or not, he still loves her and will be with her. Then he could suggest adoption (if they can't get pregnant) and mention that being someone's biological mother is not a guarantee for good motherhood, and make a joke about his mother. Furthermore Penny could make a joke that if she knew she couldn't get pregnant at all she would have had a more relaxed early youth. I know, I know, I'm just getting carried away. I was thinking... if you get close to Kaley, or Johnny for that matter... perhaps you could tell them how much we would like to see something more similar to the Lenny stories of yore. Yeah, I know it's in the writers' hands but it can't hurt to try, right?
  3. I know, I know, I was just joking around. And I agree. I don't that anything will change in terms of quality. In fact I think that from now until the end of season 12 we will see an even further decline in quality if that's possible. As I've mentioned many times, in my mind I pretend that the actual show ended at the end of S6 and from then on, I've written my own ending.
  4. Ship Zone

    Thank you! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Maybe since they don't have enough people living with them Lenny invited Bert to also live with them. Maybe he shares Sheldon's old bedroom with Raj. Hhhhmmm 3 episodes?
  6. Oh, yeah, I totally get it. I don't like him now and I never did even if he's been smoothed over a little lately. However, I think all characters in general were less mean to each other in the earlier seasons.
  7. OK....I actually like Amy. Sheldon, not so much. He is a jerk because that's who he is. He's always been self centered and selfish, and while Amy might have influenced him in a good way, he's not going to become a good natured human being all of a sudden.
  8. 1) The box of mementos was special but not as the first "I love you". 2) The engagement was special but not as much as the first "I love you". 3) The 2 weddings were shit (IMO), mainly but not exclusively because they were both interrupted by Sheldon. 4) Don't bother. We clearly have different opinions on this so let's not waste each other's time.
  9. No he is not, actually.
  10. And it is beyond me how you can say that seasons 7-10 have been essentially the same when they do not even resemble S6. S6 was special, magical and Lenny were adorable. They didn't fight as much and it was them against the world. Also, when in the last 4 seasons have you seen Penny be as loving towards Leonard as in The Holographic Excitation? Do you remember also that during season 6 Penny said "I love you" to Leonard for the first time? Was there anything as special in the seasons that followed? I don't think so. So how you see S7-10 as similar to S6 is beyond me. Not to mention that that was the season that Howard was dungeon master and did all these imitations that were soooo funny and spot on. For me S6 was the best season of the whole show run.
  11. A lot of people would contend that Sheldon still is a jerk, actually.
  12. I would assume the only reason is that their contracts are on the same renewal cycle.
  13. We, and more importantly they ( at the time) lived in America, so the only thing I needed to be versed on (which I am and was at the time), is American culture.
  14. First of all what his sister does with her body, since she is an adult woman is no business of Raj (unless their relationship is incestuous), and secondly even if we assume it is (which I straight out reject) if his sister is going to hook up with someone, shouldn't a friend of his be one of the best choices since it is someone he knows and knows to be a good honorable person, who is also his friend? During that whole arc, to me Raj was acting more like a jealous boyfriend and not a brother. TBH, it felt a little disgusting. But Raj poked his nose into the Priya /Leonard relationship countless times!
  15. To me they're vomit inducing, but to each their own. Do you plan to sleep for a very long time? Wait, wait.... damn it! The guy in the GIF didn't wait for me!