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  1. Not to mention that Sheldon lacks the most necessary requirement to being a parent: putting your child before yourself. Sheldon's not very good at not being number 1 in his life, not to mention that I don't think he'd cope very well with being number 2 in Amy's life. Furthermore I think he's very immature and too selfish to become a parent. Don't think it's going to happen, though. Apparently you don't like when somebody presents you evidence that disproves your point. And it is not interfering, it's called posting. Everybody has the same right as you do to post their opinions, don't they?
  2. By the quality of the scripts I thought they had been on strike for all of S 10 . I'm not worried. If they strike long enough to not be able to start writing for S11 on time, maybe we get replacement writers and they might be able to re-capture TBBT's former glory. Who knows? Fingers crossed...
  3. No, I would not find it credible, but we all know very well that TPTB are not above character assassination...
  4. IMO not everything needs to be funny. I know it's a sit com but it can have serious moments, in much the same way a drama can have funny moments. IMO, the show used to be very funny and special because of the characters and now it's only marginally funny, and most of the characters have been destroyed to some extent. The only reason I keep watching is because of all of the time previously invested, out of habit, and because I used to love these characters...
  5. Why would the alternative have been Leonard and Penny saying goodbye in the apartment? Is there any reason on Earth why Penny wouldn't take Leonard to the airport by herself? And how do you know what the writers' intentions where? Did you personally asked them? A lot of the times we might think the meaning is particular one but that isn't always the case. For example: even without asking them I think we can all assume the writers' intentions are to write a funny show. However, what we see, the execution, doesn't always succeed in doing that, now, does it?
  6. I am soooooo glad that you understood what I was trying to say on my post, and I agree 100 % with what you are saying. Also, even when I want to "kill" the writers because of what they do to "my" ship, I don't hold any ill will towards any other ship because one thing has nothing to do with the other. The only thing that would accomplish would be making more people (real people) feel bad, and that's not the point. I'm sure we'd all feel better if we felt our respective ships were treated with the respect, and care that they deserve. I don't mean that things have to go perfectly for everybody or that comedy cannot arise from mishaps, but characters should be written consistently and not as lazily as we can see they're currently being written. Absolutely not! They insulted each other way less in during earlier seasons and the episodes were much funnier. The fact that they insult each other more is not a magical formula for success.
  7. You are 100 % correct.
  8. I understand what you're saying but the only character you should be mad at is Sheldon, because a lot of the things that diminish Amy come from Sheldon directly. I also think that part of the problem is that the writers' love affair is with Shamy in general, by virtue of association, but it really is with Sheldon in particular. I am responding to just this post of yours, even if I've seen previous posts you made on the matter, but I just glanced over them and haven't fully read them yet, so I don't know if you discussed this or not, but what really bothered me is how TPTB wrote the Shamy split because it was 95% from Sheldon's point of view, and last I checked a couple is supposed to be as close to 50/50 as possible. Everything you feel about Penny in regards to Sheldon we (Lennies) feel from the other point of view thinking that she should be having them with Leonard and not Sheldon, but... the writers are what they are. As far as Shamy being a special bond that nobody can touch, it would be nice if it were that way, but for these writers there's nothing sacred except keeping on making money with as little effort as possible. I liked TBBT more when it used to be a more coherent story but now (and for a number of seasons) the writers have been all over the place. All of this JMO. Your premise is wrong on 2 counts: 1) There were no laughs in the version presented in the show, since it was totally unfunny. 2) Even in sitcoms you can have tender moments. A sitcom doesn't have to have all funny moments, in much the same way that a drama or a romance can have funny moments as well. Like it or not, this, and all literature/tv/film etc.,are recreations of real life with circumstances and tone arranged in a particular way, and life rarely if ever is just one thing.
  9. Unique doesn't mean good. If Penny drops Leonard off with no Sheldon, then the scene would have had the meaning it was supposed to have, and while it might be similar to 100's of other scenes what would have made it special for me would have been the 2 people participating in it. Let me give you another example: When penny told Leonard he loved him for the first time, for me the scene was super special, not because it hasn't happened before in other sit coms but because it was Leonard and Penny and because all the shared history the characters had with the audience up to that point. A season or 2 later Sheldon told Amy he loved her and it didn't seem as special to me. Why? Because it wasn't? Probably not. It was because I don't care about Shamy that much. I recall that what I liked Sheldon and Amy's scene was how happy it made Amy feel, because I care more about her than I do about Sheldon (after Lenny, of course). We all watch the show through the lens of our own personal biases.
  10. You are correct, of course , but I can still have my opinions on what I like and don't like, can I not? Actually, if you really think about it that is all we can do in a forum, express our opinions on what we see (or don't see) in the show and discuss amongst each other why we think each opinion has (or hasn't) any merit. In reality, nothing you or I or anybody here says will make a lick of difference. Thank you very much for pointing out the obvious and irrelevant.
  11. Let me respectfully point out that Leonard and Penny have many things in common, and if you want to see good Lenny plots you can choose from seasons 1 through 6. That is what pisses most of us Lennies off: TPTB seemed to know how to write them before, and now it is as if they just don't care.
  12. It's cool that now Sheldon and Amy do it more than on her birthday, but.... couldn't the writers have had this episode earlier in the season so they wouldn't have had to make Bernadette have a 12 month pregnancy? Talk about bad story telling...
  13. It wasn't. Sheldon's presence ruined a beautiful moment that should have occurred with just Leonard and Penny, hence's the saying two's company, three's a crowd. Well nothing romantic but he had sex with her in Leonard's bed. Regardless of the circumstances even if I were Leonard and had forgiven Raj ( I personally wouldn't have in the same situation) I most definitely wouldn't want him hanging around my wife so close to the "scene of the crime" , so to speak.
  14. I agree with you mostly, except for the part where you say you don't care too much about Lenny, because I'm a Lenny through and through. What I think 3ku11 was referring to when he said the writers have loved Shamy for the past 2 seasons was the fact that they have received the best plots in comparison to Lenny, and that they have had the majority of the A plots. As far as how they're writing Shamy, I agree they're not writing it as well as they should, but if you think about it, they have written Lenny even worse, and to add insult to injury they have given them relatively little screen time. I think the real problem is that the writers are really in love not with Shamy or Lenny, but with just Sheldon. I think that while the Shamy split had to occur (even if the timing was off, IMO, by about 23 episodes), the way it was handled was atrocious, since it was 95% from Sheldon's point of view. When they solved it without really changing anything, that's when they really lost me. I don't think the reconciliation was earned at all. All of that being said I don't think the Ramona thing is much to worry about, but what do I know...
  15. Yay! Another Sheldon plot! NOT!!!!!