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  2. Not really. After 7 years fully on the show, they have jumped the hoop in order to request parity.
  3. This is an interesting result to compare to the BBT negotiations. Happy that our results didn't come to this............
  4. Ship Zone

    Yes. Live in the moment!!!
  5. It ties in with the LEGO Batman Movie coming out soon. It's a WB movie.
  6. Ship Zone

    IDK. Did you draw a picture of these thoughts?
  7. We were discussing that the end of March is really all the time they have to make an announcement or prepare for the series finale. Perhaps maybe the hiatus between April 5 and April 17 there will be an announcement. Bets?
  8. The last 3 dates are up 4/4/17 ★ 4/18/17 ★ 4/25/17
  9. Actor

    It's always amazing how everyone says the same thing about Jim, each and every time.
  10. Ship Zone

    Mm mm. Imagination says Amy is going to propose with trains. Y'all can't tell me differently. Man, the next 48 hours is going to be so great!!!
  11. Ship Zone

    OMG. The writers are reading this forum. There was a hint in 10.11 that Sheldon loves trains and think trains are sexual foreplay. Trains were mentioned again my Mary in 10.12 There was foreshadowing and I super happy distracted today and hope Mayim submits another photo. Super happy distracted today. Imagination so far away The tent and coat is from production as they wait for the scene. I don't think it's part of the story.
  12. 3/7/17 ★ 3/14/17 ★ 3/28/17 More dates!! Only 3 more to go
  13. Ship Zone

    And the next move should include trains. 100% guarantee
  14. Ship Zone

    I agree that Stuart was getting the hits hard on Raj. Sheldon and Amy went to Texas to finally let his mom know that they’re living together in sin. LOL