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  1. Ship Zone

    So....a woman who Sheldon hasn't seen in 8 years, who he ordered out of his apartment the last time he saw her, suddenly shows up to aggressively pursue him while his girlfriend of 7 years is conveniently away at Princeton!!....Good grief!! Maybe I'm being a bit harsh here but I hope it plays out better than it sounds!!
  2. Ship Zone

    The spontaneity of their sex life is far more important to me than the frequency. I like the thought that they're making love when they're turned on by each other and in the mood rather than a date on a calendar dictating when they should " do it ". And, like others, I don't need to see them rolling around in the sack every episode ( although I wouldn't mind seeing that a few times during a season!! )
  3. Ship Zone

    I think the writers have been very careful over the years to keep Sheldon a likeable character even with his quirks and sometimes inappropriate behaviour. I can't see them doing a " Sheldon cheats on Amy " storyline that would run the risk of turning the audience against him and possibly even hate him! On a side note I mentioned to my hubby about the possibility of Sheldon cheating and his reaction was " Sheldon?....Cheat?....For f*cks sake!! " lol
  4. Ship Zone

    Add my name to the list of those wanting to see the back of that couch! Every time I see Sheldon sitting on it all I can think is " you poor look so uncomfortable!! "
  5. Ship Zone

    Maybe this time next season we'll be here asking the question " how many times have Shamy had sex now?? "
  6. @Bigbang.daily..thank you so much!
  7. Ship Zone

    I'm so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ship Zone

    I'm wondering if there's a goodbye scene between Shamy as Amy leaves for Princeton and,if so,do they share a lovely goodbye kiss?..or mutual ILY'S?..or both??
  9. Ship Zone

    @Judith..thank you so much for the makes me feel a whole lot better!!
  10. Ship Zone

    I've been out all day and have just caught up with the spoilers on the DT....that is not what I expected to be reading at all!!!! I'm off now to read what you guys think about all this!!
  11. Ship Zone

    Happy birthday @April..hope you're having a really lovely day!!
  12. Ship Zone

    A fun,lighthearted,drama free episode..I enjoyed it! And, of course, the TAG scene was adorable!!
  13. @luminous..thank you and your friend so much for the TR. It really is appreciated!!
  14. Ship Zone

    Just watched it and....I loved it!!!! Shamy perfection!! Amy called Sheldon " babe ".....I had to rewind that to make sure I'd heard right!! Now I'm off to read all of your wonderful comments....and rewatch the episode again!!
  15. Thank you @Itwasdestined and @snow*flower for the info!!