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  1. I really adored Shamy in this episode. All season long there's been a consistent progression of showing how happy they are together. The kiss was "Shamy-hot" but obviously meant for laughs as well. I really loved the I'll miss you part, of course. And I don't know, it's the non-verbal, non-physical things. Just seeing them together, they look so happy and in love. For all intents and purposes, they're already married. It will just be a formality at this point, lol. But nonetheless I'm waiting with bated breath for that proposal. I also liked how when Leonard lost at the chess game, Sheldon felt the need to move his last chess piece and take Leonard's piece, haha. Always has to get his closure. I also thought Howard was very funny in this episode, too. And I've been liking Bernie a lot more lately. Her chronic meanness seems to have gone away, haha. For the lenny parts, I see a lot of people saying how this is completely coming out of the blue and how Penny is totally in the wrong. And I have to say, I've seen almost this EXACT scenario in real life with my very own parents. Don't get me wrong, I think Leonard is very much in the right in this circumstance. He's always been the one who's tried harder in the relationship, way harder than Penny ever has. All throughout this episode I wanted to ask Penny, "Well what have you ever done for HIM?" But I think Penny's concerns have very little to do with Leonard and their relationship. A few years ago, seemingly out of the blue, my mom started saying all the time how my dad doesn't try in their marriage anymore, and that it doesn't appear he loves her anymore. My dad and I were baffled, because we couldn't see where she was coming from at all. But my mom was persistent, and it led them down a pretty rocky path, but ended up being better than ever. Anyway, it ended up that the problem wasn't with their relationship but with my mom herself. She was dealing with her own personal issues and projecting them onto my dad. And I think Penny is doing the same. I think she's unhappy with where she's at in life. She doesn't like her job, her friends are all seemingly happier than her. I don't think she's unhappy, she's just sort of stuck. I mean, ten years ago she was the hot party girl who was moving to LA to become a movie star and she had her whole life in front of her, and here she is settled down and married and working as pharmaceutical rep. When you have a dream your whole life that doesn't end up coming true, it makes you rethink a lot of things. And she's been saying for a year now - since the Big Bear episode - that she hates her job. Kinda personal story, but it's just my thoughts.
  2. Ship Zone

    Shamy is so perfect right now. Like, literally perfect.
  3. I echo these sentiments. I'm also still holding out for a Shelnard make out.
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm a hardcore feminist and all that jazz, and I think women should propose more if they want to. But in this circumstance, I really hope it's Sheldon who proposes. Amy is very much a progressive woman, but she still likes traditional practices such as the man proposing to the woman, and that's totally in her right.
  5. Ship Zone

    So happy you had a great time! Thanks so much for the info! <3
  6. Ship Zone

    Right, exactly. I saw this more as the writers trying to find a way to drop in that Shamy clearly aren't engaged yet but it's still very much a thing that will happen, and also that Amy clearly wants to get married. I don't think Amy is unhappy in the slightest, but since Penny was complaining about her life the normal thing for a girlfriend to do is to join in and share some kind of deficit in her life as well. I think it's perfectly normal for Amy to be blissfully happy but also really wanting to take that next step.
  7. Ship Zone

    Omfg guys, SHIRTLESS SHELDON. I'm so freaking happy because literally yesterday afternoon after watching the latest video of Jim working out that his trainer posted (holy crap those arms tho, kill me) I thought to myself, "God, please let there be at least one shirtless Sheldon scene before the end of the show." And we got it!! I mean, sweating, pouring water over his head.. IN SLOW MOTION I know a lot of us were hoping for a proposal, but IT'S CLEARLY COMING. They are dropping major hints right now with Amy getting upset that she's not engaged yet. Girl, it's happening soon. I'm honestly so happy to hear her vocalize that she really wants to be engaged. Like Kerry said in the other thread, it's been a while since we've heard her express that she wants to marry Sheldon. Which is a good thing because it means she's happy with where they are right now. However, they're definitely ready to be engaged. They're in the best place they've EVER been, and there's really no point in waiting. They want to marry each other. It's pretty stinkin obvious. ETA: Also, I just can't get enough of this domestic Shamy, too. Seeing them in bed together, in the bathroom together. How f*cking adorable is that???
  8. Ship Zone

    Ooooh in my opinion there's nothing more romantic than stargazing. I don't know if this is the case, but it definitely fits with the circumstances, and holy smokes I would just about die if they went stargazing together.
  9. Ship Zone

    Oooh I definitely think Sheldon is wearing a train conductor outfit. Those jeans look so baggy on him that they have to be overalls. And when you add the bandana around his neck and the grease spot on his cheek, there really doesn't seem like many other possibilities! This is so exciting. :D I'm trying to keep expectations low, but since this is possibly a Valentines episode it's becoming very difficult haha. This looks promising for something very sweet and romantic. Is it tomorrow night yet??
  10. Ship Zone

    I personally really don't think they're at it like rabbits now, despite how loving and kissy they are lately haha. I don't believe it to be the case because I think when the time comes for their sex to not be a yearly thing anymore, there will definitely be a story made out of it. I just can't see the writers leaving that for us to presume is happening. Plus, other than the passionate kiss, there hasn't been any indication that they've had sex since Amy's birthday. So until we're told it's happening, I'm gonna assume they haven't done it since December 17th. Which is beyond fine for me. I don't think they will ever be the type of couple that do it like rabbits. And good for them. I do think at some point they will start doing it more though. I think it will follow a similar pattern as their kissing. They did it rarely at first, and now it seems they do it all the time. Every day, even. It's been a slow ride for them since the very beginning. I don't see that changing anytime soon haha.
  11. Ship Zone

    I'm personally pretty neutral about the RA. I wasn't upset at the idea that they had gotten rid of it, but the presence of it doesn't bother me at all. This season has been so unbelievably fantastic that I'm not thinking too much into these small inconsistencies. About the kiss picture. Holy crap. Such a passionate kiss, and all because they'll be apart for a couple days. I love how you can see his brow furrowing. And they're just touching from head to toe practically. However, it is pretty difficult to judge how a kiss will play out based on a picture. I don't know if this was the case for Shamyyellow's taping, but in the 8.24 taping they had Mayim and Jim perform the scene with the kiss, and then after they were done they had them "pose" mid-kiss so they could take several pictures. And it was pretty obvious because they were perfectly still while "kissing" and bright flashes were going off. So this picture of this kiss could very well not be taken from the actual kiss we'll see on Thursday. But perhaps Shamyyellow never saw them posing for a picture, I'm not sure! I think it will be hot no matter what. I can't wait to see it. :D
  12. Ship Zone

    Thank you sooooo much, Kerry! <3 Wow, is this the greatest Shamy season, or what? I think almost every single episode this season we've had at least one very cute Shamy moment, and more than not there have been just spectacular Shamy episodes all around. This is definitely another one. I may be a bit of a weirdo -- I don't respond to physical or "steamy" stuff as much as most people. Don't get me wrong, when Shamy kiss or make love I lose my mind because it's them, but I have to say these declarations of love and tender moments where they just simply show their love for each other in non-sexual ways (as in, a tender kiss on the cheek, but not like a makeout or sex) are my absolute favorite. I love love love that we have another ILY. And I love so much that it's casual. It's not a I'm-Saying-This-For-The-First-Time ILY and it's not a Getting-Back-Together ILY. It's just an ILY because they love each other. And I also love that they don't say it all the time, either. I think they probably say it more often than we see on camera, but I definitely don't think they're the types to say it all the time. They just understand that they love each other. But when they do actually say it, it's so special and tender. It's like the perfect balance. Other than that, I love how Amy is supporting Sheldon in this episode and comforting him. And I love that Sheldon so badly wants to understand other people's emotions to the point that he's clearly melancholy about his perceived failure at it. He really has changed so extraordinarily much. The writers just keep giving us gift after gift and I don't want to be greedy and ask for more, but I really, REALLY think a proposal is just right around the corner. I think they're waiting on renewals to determine whether it will happen sooner than the season finale, but I think it will happen this season no matter what. And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking excited for the proposal. :D
  13. Ship Zone

    Thank you so so much shamyyellow!! OMGGGGG I just can't even believe this season right now.
  14. Ship Zone

    I could be wrong but from the sounds of the taping report I think Sheldon initiates kisses 1 and 4 while 2 and 3 are more mutual. I mean I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure he initiates the first one after he gives her the gift though.
  15. Ship Zone

    I misspoke. It's about 10 miles from Glendale to Pasadena, but about a 20 minute drive.