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  1. Actor

    From The Houston Chronicle Jim Parsons giving away tickets for Houston 'Hidden Figures' screening Houston native Jim Parsons has followed the lead set by his "Hidden Figures" co-star Octavia Spencer and purchased all the seats for a Sunday screening of their new film to give away to Houston moviegoers. "Inspired by Octavia Spencer's buy out of a theater in Los Angeles last week for low income families, the rest of the cast and crew have followed suit," Ted Melfi, the film's director, said via email. "Jim parsons has bought out the showing in Houston, Taraji P. Henson has covered showings in South Side Chicago and D.C., Janelle Monoe has bought one in Atlanta, Pharell Williams has purchased two in Virginia, and Co-Producer Kimberly Quinn and myself covered two in Missouri. All showings are free on a first come, first serve basis." <snip> "Working with Jim Parson's you realize why is he one the greatest actors of his generation," Melfi said. His work ethic, attention to detail, and insane creative talent was an inspiration to myself and to everyone he worked with on this film."
  2. Actor

    From the SiriusXM Radio You Tube Channel...
  3. From Entertainment Weekly The Big Bang Theory: Johnny Galecki weighs in on sitcom's future The Big Bang Theory‘s future remains up in the air as it enters the back half of season 10 with looming contract negotiations for the cast. However, if there’s one thing fans can take solace in, it’s the fact that the writers aren’t ready to call it a day, according to star Johnny Galecki. (more in the link) (video in the link)
  4. Actor

    A little more from the ET Canada interview...
  5. Actor

    A little bit of Johnny from an AOL Build Series interview he did this morning...
  6. Actor

    From ET Canada Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid For Politics’ (But He’s Not Leaving ‘The Big Bang Theory’) Video in the link
  7. Ship Zone

    I posted Jessica Radloff's (Glamour) recap in the episode thread, but I want to bring this bit here... So, how did we get here? Leonard sensed that something was off with Penny, and when she said she didn't want to talk about it, he kept prying. Penny finally admits that she feels like he's taking her for granted, but Leonard immediately got defensive, exclaiming, "That is ridiculous!" Added Penny: "That's exactly why I didn't want to talk about it." To make matters worse, Leonard replied, "No, let's talk about it. I'm the one that has made all the effort in this relationship. Please tell me what more I can do!" Right, because saying you do everything is exactly what you should say to someone who feels like you've stopped trying. (Insert sarcasm.) And yet, who hasn't had that exact conversation at some point, whether with a significant other, a friend, or a family member? We're taught to express our feelings when something is bothering us, but how often does the other person calmly sit there and actually listen? Rarely, right? They often fight back and go on the defensive before really thinking things though. Cuoco and Johnny Galecki played the moment perfectly.
  8. From Glamour The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 13 Recap: Penny and Leonard Deal With Marriage Issues in "The Romance Recalibration" "Is it normal for the husband to stop giving a crap?" Whoa. And with that, Kaley Cuoco's Penny opened up a big ol' can of worms on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. (more in the link)