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  1. This is kind of sad, how shallow and superficial are the people in this "outside the nerd world" you speak of.
  2. Ship Zone

    Gollum has been visible on the first shelf of the bookcase next to the bedroom door in 4B for quite a while. This is not a new prop placement.
  3. Ship Zone

    Not his "come-hither" PJ's, but I'll take it....lol The IG version....
  4. Actor

    Jim filmed an episode of Chelsea Handler's Netflix show Chelsea also works with Jim's LA trainer Ben Bruno
  5. Ship Zone

    It's a white window shade with a beach scene photograph attached to it. Some people don't like the look of plain window shades, so they decorate them.
  6. Ship Zone

    I love the way they look at each other... Seat 42F
  7. http://seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-10-episode-17-photos-the-comic-con-conundrum.html
  8. From TBBT You Tube Channel...
  9. The Leonard/Priya relationship tore the group apart. Leonard actually asked Penny to move away. That's canon also.
  10. Not true really. When Leonard and Priya were together it was a mess. Everything was fractured.
  11. According to the original source of TBBT renewal news Deadline Hollywood the focus of the negotiations was re-signing the original five. Once they were close to that goal they turned their focus to signing Melissa & Mayim. Actually three things are happening at once... Talent contract negotiations, license fee renewal talks between CBS and WBTV and negotiations for The Big Bang Theory prequel series, Sheldon, which is in the works for next season. (Lorre, Prady & Molaro will be involved in the prequel) Also keep in mind as both Jim & Johnny secured WB production deals in the last round of negotiations, Johnny also has landed a pilot at CBS for a comedy called Living Biblically, which Johnny will executive produce.
  12. Actor

    From the clothes it looks like they filmed a new Intel commercial today.
  13. Actor

    The Oscars are one week from tonight...LA LA Land is expected to win Best Picture. Gold Derby has Hidden Figures at 40:1 odds to win that category. I don't think that anyone involved in Hidden Figures will be crushed by a loss there. The film has succeeded on so many levels. At the box office, Hidden Figures is still hanging in there...in it's 9th week since its release, the film is #6 in the county and has earned $142 million domestically and $21 million internationally for a total gross of $163 million. The film was made on a slim $25 million dollar budget.
  14. Ship Zone

    I'd be happy with a little Skype scene where S/A announce their engagement to Mary and Meemaw.
  15. Ship Zone

    I think he will. His beloved Meemaw's ring has to be on his beloved Amy's finger.