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  1. Ship Zone

    1st bold..he went to work, all week. I'm not sure why you even brought this up. 2nd bold....aches, pains, congestion, the flu is a cold that wrecks you physically. At Warner lot they have medical care available. I'm sure that no one was at risk.
  2. Ship Zone

    I love that episode... The most interesting thing about this episode was finding out later how sick Jim was that week. He powered through a long week on the train set they had built suffering from the flu and Mayim spent the week trying not to get sick because she had to keep kissing him....lol
  3. Anything to do with the cast salary is pure speculation. They never officially release cast contract information. And yes, that quote is an error. That Vulture article is nothing but clickbait.
  4. Wayne State CFPCA..The College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts at Wayne State University in Detroit is a leader in arts and communication higher education and research.
  5. Ship Zone

    No mistakes were made. Just different naming process here. Many daycare centers also offer pre-school as part of their programming. But once a child turns 5 they wold enter their local school system's kindergarten program.
  6. Ship Zone

    Halley is too young for kindergarten. In the US you enter kindergarten at age 5. It's more likely daycare. Caltech has a really nice one that children can enter starting at 6 months of age... http://ccc.caltech.edu/
  7. Ship Zone

    Okay, so we have.... Brian, Jim, Johnny & Mayim rehearsing on the 4A set with wine.....unless they were just hanging out there reading their scripts? We have a "zoo scene" with a sloth, maybe, which we thought might be a Shamy scene, but now may be a "take the baby to the zoo scene"? We have Jim & Kaley hanging out on the 4A set today and we can hear rehearsal happening elsewhere. We have a possible 4B "fun with flags" scene? Where does Bert fit into this insanity? What is happening? I'm out of guesses, unless we get more hints on Monday.
  8. Actor

    Kaley's IG Stories video is pretty funny.
  9. Isn't that the point. Do you think that fans of the show want totally a different Sheldon? I don't think so. So maybe they smooth off the rough edges a bit, but the core Sheldon is still there.
  10. Ship Zone

    Addio Giuseppe...you've been replaced with a much slower animal reference...lol
  11. Ship Zone

    I'm trying to wrap my head around these pictures.. It's only the 2nd day of the rehearsal week and it doesn't appear that they built a special set. I've seen that space before in pictures, that gallery wall up above, the P/A painting lives there when not in use. If today was a Monday, I would thing that they are pre-taping, but it's Thursday. It's possible they wanted a live animal for a scene they are planning and the only day the sloth was available was today, so maybe they are taping background action for a scene they will pre-tape on Monday editing in the sloth? Anywho..Paco isn't a koala or a monkey, but a sloth...what a metaphor for the Shamy relationship. lol!
  12. themelissarauch I'm so in love with this @bigbangtheory_cbs guest star...Paco the Sloth!
  14. That makes it okay? No...any joke about drugging Sheldon to make him more "manageable" is not justifiable. Not from Leonard and especially not from Amy. It imparts a disrespect for his heath, well being and could potentially be damaging to his brilliant mind. IMO the writers dropped the ball hard on that series of "jokes".