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  1. From TBBT You Tube Channel...
  2. Ship Zone

    Have you seen the IG videos of Jim pulling the weight sled, there's nothing wrong with his back. I think it is because the couch is so low to the ground and has such a short back, that it can make it difficult for someone as tall as Jim to gracefully get up.
  3. Bill Prady and BBT writer Eric Kaplan (in the red hat) at The Science March - LA
  4. Actor

    From Jim's radio guest on Twitter...(HW = homework/NK = North Korea)
  5. Ship Zone

    An engagement would have felt awfully desperate to me on Sheldon's part. Like, you know I have a ring and I haven't given it to you yet, but since you are leaving town for 3 months, here take it. Instead of "don't fall in love with other scientists, we would have gotten...Ha, now you can't fall in love with other scientists, I've got you locked down. Them having sex instead feels more organic, like they've been building to this all season.
  6. Ship Zone

    With no projects on his plate, what if Sheldon returns to his Caltech office only to be assigned to work on a project with Dr. Nowitzki?
  7. Ship Zone

    For the finale we've got the usual 18-21 minutes where you would normally have a group scene, and a H/B scene, and a L/P scene and a S/A scene. Now throw in some Ramona tension. They are not going to bring Ramona back for a Caltech cafeteria table stroll by. They are setting something up and I think it has to do with the gyroscope project. Reduce S/A to a Scype scene and you free up time to create the Ramona story.
  8. Ship Zone

    I agree. Mayim and Melissa are too ingrained in TBBT culture now. You don't disassemble a show's DNA in (what may be) it's final two years. Add to that, in interviews Jim expressing his dismay at the S/A broken up arc sent a pretty strong message as to how much he likes her, both as a person and an acting partner. I'm sure the same goes for Simon regarding Melissa. For all we know, they've already signed. I said it here before, they might be waiting to make an announcement at the Upfronts in NYC on May 17th. The entire cast usually attends, it would be the perfect moment to woo advertisers in front of a big crowd and the press. (Purely speculation on my part)
  9. Ship Zone

    This is all in my head but...Shamy discussing their plans for the summer..the calendar events are all real. A: Okay, so I'll fly back at the end of May so we can spend Memorial Day weekend together. S: Then I will come out to you on June 14th so we can be together for Flag Day, it's kind of become a tradition. A: Then I'll head back to Pasadena for the Independence Day festivities on July 4th. S: Perfect, that coordinates with " International Kissing Day" on July 6th. A: Oh, my....what's left? S: Well, I was planning one last trip out to you for National Girlfriends Day on August 1st, we should celebrate that day one last time. A: What's that supposed to mean? S: Never mind..... A; Well that's it. My fellowship will be over shortly after that and then I'll come home. S: Yes, then you'll come home.
  10. Ship Zone

    Said the same thing weeks ago....but I am totally shocked by what the writers came up with, that never occurred to me.....Bravo