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  1. Calling for a low of -17 C here tonight. Snow usually sticks around til mid April... Damn those Canadians and their politeness!
  2. Yeah, no. Sorry to be explicit here, but a hand job would involve repeated stroking. As well, premature ejaculation can happen without physical stimulation.
  3. Helping put on a condom is not a hand job.
  4. IQ tests are only really good for showing how good one is at taking IQ tests. JMHO
  5. Ship Zone

  6. For me, providing a humourous media platform, as you put it, is enough. Be that as it may, I have read stories about people who have gotten into science because of the show.
  7. I thought it had more laughs then the last couple. I didn't have any problem with Penny being somewhat envious of Bernadette. Seemed like a normal human reaction to me and I didn't take it as her not being happy about being married to Leonard.
  8. @serena_1995 3kull's point is that in an earlier season Leonard was referred to (by Sheldon, if memory serves) as the muscle of the group. It's kind of like when it was demonstrated that Leonard was the centre of the group some seasons ago, but that seemed to have changed when Sheldon's popularity increased and we were treated to that "where would our lives be without Sheldon?" episode.
  9. Or brought it up one piece at a time...think there's a Johnny Cash song in there somewhere...
  10. A better question would be; how much longer will Amy put up with it?
  11. Hmm. Didn't know they did a cover of it. Learn something new every day. She's not from here, though.
  12. I'm in Timmins, which is on the James Bay Frontier but the bay itself is still way north of me. 300 km or so.
  13. Except the town referred to in the song isn't in Northern Ontario. It's about an 8 hour drive south of where I am.
  14. Northern Ontario. So, like the North Pole but with trees and rocks lol
  15. Well, I do have to admit we've had a mild winter this year. Only a few nights of -30 C. Usually expect a week or two of -40 or so, not to mention wind chill.