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  1. Well yes I agree with you. Ive said before I would love if we hear Lenny are going to see a marrage thearapist. We don't need to see episodes revolved around it. But little references. And Lenny talking about it would be nice.
  2. 1. Penny never exclusively stated it has anything to do with Leonard. She obviousley complained he was being complacent latest episode. But next episode it seems deeper then that. 2. Yes. But Penny often suppresses things. And once again this is a writers issue. They well make Penny communicate when they see fit 3. The RA had for Penny not to keep things from Leonard, and not to get restricted once she reveals stuff. But Leonard in the next episode. Lied to Penny, that he is okay with the whole Randall thing. So what is the difference.
  3. I thought it was obvious why she is unhappy. I woulden't say she is not happy anymore. I mean she moved to Pasadena in 2007 to be a big movie star. But the writers have never really addressed these issues earlier on. I mean around Barbarian Sublimation. Instead of making her hang out with the guys. Work as an waitress for the next 5 years/seasons. They should made her look at finding her passion, a profession. Acting does seem to be her passion though. But no here we are 7 years later. Married in love. But completely unfulfilled in other aspects of her life. She lacks self actulization. Tends to happen with girls like Penny, who have an external locus of identity. I did feel around Season 6 The Monster Isolation. Hey their you go, she can act, in a play sense. But nope dropped it never seen again. Then they gave her the awful Serial Apist. That only found cult success because sleazy guys living in their basements think shes "hot". That was degrading for Penny. Then of course same season Season 7, her part in NCIS was cut. Heck she could of outburst at Leonard then. And then this season, in the CC episode. You know the one, where he treated Penny like a "Trophy Wife". But nope she supressed it. Nothing in her life turned out like it should. And Kaley has always been so incredible at realistically portraying a struggling actress. But now she's at a point in her life, where she needs autonomy. I think the writing is the problem. Has been for a long time. Penny seems to me, lacks balance in her life. Her only passion is Leonard. But I Think she really needs to get over it, considering where she was in the pilot. She's a damn lucky woman.
  4. Amanda Bynes Show, The
  5. I also LOVED Lenny's scenes last night. One of the very few. I find it boring when Lenny are happy. I know weird. Just I find them interesting when they have material and they have something. Lenny are not getting screen time, isn't that what most Lenny's want ?I agree with Johnny Marrage is not guaranteed happiness. I think the show are depicting the reality of a young married couple, so it is relatable. It is not Lenny of years gone by. So it is hard to accept, but it is what it is. Interesting to see how it develops in the next episode. And i am looking forward to seeing Claire . ETA: Interesting I was looking at the polls. To see what are the most popular episodes this season. And 10.01 The Conjectual Conjecture, and 10.04 The Cohabatation Experimentation are. With 32 and 46 votes respectively. Lenny's wedding, and Living Arrangements changed. Makes sense. Last episode The Romance Recalibration. Very good is winning so far with 11. I Think We need to look at the definition of Very good. Because the past three seasons, and this season has varied from bad-good. I wouldn't define the last episode as Very Good. I voted Okay, and I was being very very nice.
  6. Ship Zone

    But he said he loves the scenes, so clearly he likes the scenes.
  7. Actor

    Johnny being political again..
  8. Ship Zone

    Hmm it seems Penny lashing out almost is a reflection of her projecting her own issues onto their marrage and Leonard. It's almost like her tolerance for anything. Is very limited. I agree with the posters saying boo hoo get over it Penny. She's got it good. So clearly Penny's immaturity is still a huge problem. So normally she prob wouldent gone all guns blazing. But she was clearly frustrated. And has been for a long time. Leonard could of helped. With actually being happy Penny was home. Hi. Boy that took some effort lol. And I don't think the RA we'll be mentioned that much. We know it's not next episode. So not sure when they well use it. They don't next episode. What's interesting is Leomsrd accuses Penny of hiding her feelings. Yet Leonard is the one who does with the whole Randall thing. This arch was not as bad as the taping suggested. So I'm betting as one of the taping reporters, said next episode is not as rough. So I'm betting it well be fine. As for Johnny and Kaley promoting this episode. They may have been busy. Johnny Doesent promote the episodes ALOT.
  9. Posting just the actress who plays Claire . Call me Shallow but I hope Claire comes back and Raj tries and go steady with her .
  10. Underdog
  11. I don't think Penny was overlooked, nor was Leonard the bad guy. They did point out that Penny is not trying too. When pointed out he has been doing the heavy lifting since Day One. I thought Penny's claims were quite justified, as were Leonard's. The show weren't picking on Leonard, nor were they using him as a punching bag. I did not see that at all. But that is jmo. I mean their marrage started out with him cheating on her reveal. Then gradually through out the season, suggesting he doesen't have to try anymore he is married. The Comic Con episode, suggesting he has already won Penny, so he is not going to try anymore, as he bragged to his Young Proteges if you well. So I am just saying as baffled as we can be about Penny's outburst, and as baffled as we can be at why Leonad is getting the brunt end of the stick again. I see where TPTB are heading with this. Completly agree Lenny is the entire premise. And Penny's immaturity is disenabling her from seeing how good she's got it. I mean its not like they are old married and with kids. They are young and in their prime of their lifes. Writers need to start writing them like that.
  12. Actor

    Oh no your completely right. From what I hear that was the main reason they split. Kaley wanting to go public with their relationship. And like you said Johnny adamant he did not want to do that. I mean this is the same woman who had a mock wedding lol. And Kaley is a very public person. So you can understand ultimately that was going to be an issue. But its great they are still such great friends, you could argue best friends from what I have seen.
  13. Ship Zone

    TBH I don't think the episode was even that bad. I thought Penny was too mean. But that could be an writing issue. I think they need to start harsheing Penny a bit. They did with Bernie when ppl complained she was too mean with Howard. I mean they dropped the "She's Easy" jokes. Other then one Sheldon made in 10.04. I don't think this episode was like Penny randomly accusing Leonard of these things. I Think it was building through out the season. Since the Comic Con episode. So it could of been underlying. Then she had that dream, so subconciousley it was always their. Then she wakes up to the reality of Leonard playing video games without a care in the world. Leonard did nothing wrong, let's just state that. This is all Penny's issue, she overreacted. But it also I Think comes from a place of a state of wanting. As absurd as it was. It is probably what they both needed, a kick up the backside. Penny to stop suppressing her emotions, and be mature about it. Leonard to not treat his marrage like a walk in service. Like texting Penny from the toilet, LOL. So you know both showed alot of growth in this episode. I Do understand the most negative opinions on this episode and Lenny. But I Think it was neccessary. I mean it would be great if it was la de da drinking coffee at Central Perk. But this is real life . I just think they need more balance. I am fine with them having issues in their marrage. But I think it gets a bit toxic as a viewer, when your not seeing love too. Have a bit laughs in their too. The Tree Sequence was great. I Think they need to pace it out more too, and show better consistency. They are not an old married couple. They do not have kids. Lenny need to realize how good they have got it. And maybe Penny needs to find some career success, her passion. So it balances out her life with Leonard.
  14. I've read the PM.
  15. Ship Zone

    Yeah I thought this was a very positive Lenny episode. They both showed tons of growth. We may want Season 3-7 Lenny. But reality is that time has come and gone. And I think Lenny are going through what every young married couple go through. It's realistic.