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  1. But she never cheated on Leonard. So that's beside the point. Leonard also cheated on Priya with Alice. Penny also cheated on brothers. In Cannon Leonard cheated on Penny. And I don't think that changes that. Because of other isolated instances.
  2. I had a lot of Sympathy for Beverly in the s9 Finalie. Bev may be difficult to live with or even be married too. But nothing justifies cheating.
  3. Not sad just the real world.
  4. Ren and Stimpy
  5. Cheating can be down to environment, genetics, past behaviour etc. in Leonard's case a bit of environment and past behaviour. I don't think Leonard's generally a cheater. But in the past he's had a history of being susceptible to attention from the opposite sex. Alice etc.
  6. But if it was the other way around. I'm sure they would make Sheldon interfere in Lennys business. Uneccessarily. ETA: Pretty sure their was a new episode this week. Is that next week?
  7. Ha funny watching Season 4 ATM. Funny it's Almost status quo these days The Hofstadters in 4A. But their was a time when the Leonard/Priya relationship was status quo. Was this thread existing back then? Lol I can only imagine what was the topic of conversation here. I joined this forum August 2013. Just watched the episode where Priya asks Leonard to pretty much disown Penny. And that sad scene where Penny says bye Leonard, and puts her right hand on Leonard's face. Kaley was very good then in creating drama with words not actions. Leonard was clearly still in love with Penny. But had fallen for Priya, and imo was on the rebound. It's just fun watching the earlier seasons. Having the security of knowing now Lenny ended up together.
  8. Of course Leonard cheated. He was a dog who lied for two years. I always laugh at the suggestion. Oh he was just drunk. Mandy attacked him. He's a victim. Yeah right. Was lupid enough to not tell Penny for two years. So I don't see how him being drunk makes a difference. I'm pretty black and white though. If you even think about another woman while In a relationship with someone else, I consider that cheating. So you can imagine how I feel about a drunken kiss. Where he broke his tooth. So to Then drop it the day they were about to get married? Oh how convenient. Let's be honest if This was Penny having a drunken kiss. We would be all having a different conversation. But he's made up for it. So let's leave that where it belongs in the rear mirror. Really the same Sheldon who has shared pretty much every private detail of his life, or anyone's really willing to listen? He discussed his private sex life (or lack of) to everyone. Sheldon set the precedence here folks.
  9. Ship Zone

    Yayyy they're smiling!
  10. Or that and she's a domesticated, bored housewife. They some reason deconstructed her character when she got engaged to Leonard. Should be seeing fun married life plots. Tbf though they have only had two fights This season.
  11. And it tore the group apart. Because Leonard and Penny weren't together. By disowning Penny. And everyone hanging Out with Leonard and Priya. Sheldon forced to leave his comfort zone to hand out with the guys. It was only when Leonard and Priya started to decay. Things returned to normal. And When Lenny reconciled in the 100th episode. The Atoms and Nuetrons fell back into place.
  12. Amy even told Sheldon In s4. Leonard is the nucleus of the group. Where he goes everyone follows. And as it is. Lenny are the centre piece couple of the show In 4A. So I agree Leonard. And to a lesser extent Lenny. Are the glue that keep the group together.
  13. Not really it fit the story. They were trying to get rid if Sheldon. So I thought it made sense
  14. I'm mixed feelings about this. Love the show and the characters. But Stories are drying up. Can the tptb get even 2 or 3 gens out of 48 episodes? Past 39 episodes since 9.1. Suggests no. But who knows. I would say they would announce it with the Sheldon pilot. Guess time we'll tell.