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  1. I don't know about that. They could for Lenny do a Pregnancy Scare. And the cliffhanger reads "Is Penny Pregnant?". Could be a possible angle. Who knows, have to wait till the season finalie taping.
  2. Garfield
  3. Well I never said they were going to break up lol. None of the couples well. I would be shocked if Amy leaves the show permenantly. We all would. Same with Lenny. Lenny and Shamy are endgame. It is just going to be a rollercoaster to get their that is all.
  4. Loved Buffy. Yeah Yeah it is implausible. But it is a tv show lol. Was it plausible Walter White 50 year old Chem Teacher broke bad, and becomes a ruthless drug lord? No. But it is damn amazing. Might be time to re watch it on Netflix.
  5. Not sure TPTB have ever suggested or depicted Lenny are too childish to have a baby. I know in S9 last season. Penny inferred that. But tbh don't get that. Lenny have basically raised one big baby since season 1 lol. I think they are ready. But I think the show well use Season 11 to focus on Penny's career. If anything the show have shown Lenny are prob outside Howardette in the best place to have a kid.
  6. Why not? Penny gives birth in the series final, easy. I don't really see S8 finalie again. As the show has never referenced it since.
  7. Well I think they should sort Penny's career first. She needs that resolved. IF it is baby related. Then I Think it would be some scare. And maybe in Season 11 Lenny's major arch, is them trying. After Penny get's her career sorted of course, what ever that maybe. TBH when it comes to Lenny. I can't seem them having a planned pregnency LOL. I see it being unplanned.
  8. All this is speculation. I think we can learn from last season huh. I won't make a judgement on the direction of the finalie till the taping. It is pretty obvious though the theme for Lenny. Has been Penny lacking direction, and her lack of career impacting their relationship. I see the plot for them in the finalie career related, or possibly baby related. As for Sheldon/Ramona. Same again we don't know anything yet. Last time we saw her. Well let's just say Sheldon had more chemistry with Bev lol. She tried to get credit for his work. And Sheldon was stuck in her web so to speak. So maybe that happens again? I don't know. Amy is leaving for the summer it looks like. How well that effect Shamy? Well Leonard left for the summer over from 6.24-7.01. So guess it is Shamys turn. I well state, I do not want Shamy to have any angsty plots. Just to even it out lol. I love the show and all the characters, even Sheldon, even though he makes it hard LOL. I wish the best for all fans involved. Be that shippers, or fan of the science and original comedy.
  9. I don't know how you can say that. When their worst ever moment was 8.24, and they diddn't split up. So unless they top that, I Don't see how they can split them up, without coming back from it. I find this whole idea, or fear of Lenny seperating crazy. As they haven't since 2009. CBS Sitcom Married Couples generally don't split. And it dosen't seem they well this season either. OR ever.
  10. I have never understood this notion Lenny have nothing in common. Managed to maintain a relationship for over a decade now. Despite this. But of course their Attributes and Qualities in their relationship outweigh their susposed lack of commonlarities. But that is just not specefic to Shamy. Their are ton of examples too of Penny going to Sheldon. Where she should of gone to Leonard. But tbh I don't think it has to do with taking away moments Shamy or Lenny could of had. I think for the casuals, TPTB look for those Sheldon and Penny scenes even now. Even if it is not neccessary.
  11. This notion Sheldon HAS to be in Lenny scenes, does not fly with me. And I still think Neccessary is appropriate. The first three seasons alot of the big Lenny MOMENTS or milestones, were just Lenny. The famous Lenny first kiss Middle Earth Paradigm. Imagine if Sheldon interuppted? That scene set the tone and standard for the show. Painting Leonard as the heroe. So I agree Sheldon is the breakout star of the show. And it is a winning formula for casuals. I am just saying their is times wher Sheldon was in a scene when it was absurd. Their original wedding as an example.
  12. Well tbf the show has changed cannon so many times regarding Sheldon's knock. I thought it was just part of his peculiar character and ways. But then to find out he does it because Daddy Dearest cheated. I thought was such a stupid decision, it is just creepy now lol.
  13. But it is not neccessary. To have Sheldon. When the plot or the scene was not about him. I mean even recently this season 10.02. Penny was having issues with Bernie. And they made Penny go to Sheldon. That would of been a perfect oppurtunity for her to discuss it with her husband. But they uneccesarily forced Sheldon into the plot. Because well Sheldon needed more screen time apparently. Hijacking their wedding wasen't enough . That is the problem for Lenny for me. Lack of isolated scenes, and poor communication. 10x22 seems to be a rare time where that is not apparent. I mean you thought Sheldon gone, more Lenny time, nope.
  14. Well if that is the case. Why have the show revolved the show around Shamy the past two seasons. And relegated Lenny to kitchen fodder? So clearly that logic is not practical on the show. I agree with you in theory. The show should have better balance like it did season 1-6. But the reality is. Just like in Happy Day's. When Fonzie took over as the Rooster. Sheldon is their poster boy. Standing Centre Stage. While the supporting cast, wave silently to the audience in the background. TBH it all changed personally for me. When Bill Prady Stepped down as head writer. And Moloro talk over. IT is when TBBT entered some kinda Relationship Vortex.
  15. Ship Zone

    Who cares he is moving out lol. Isin't that what we wanted. Raj could of come to the decision, that he needs to support him self.