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  1. Season 7 was good, Not as good as Season 6 the best season overall from this series. Uneven prob the best word. I diddn't like Sheldon interfering in Lenny's relationship, but that is just me. Season 6 was simply from a creative stand point the show on fire. Every week laugh out loud, every week sparkling writing. Show in its prime, or really at its peak. IT dropped off after that. And I Fear with a two year extension. May make the showrunners even more complacent.
  2. Hmmm Penny was like Rachel from Friends, doing a service job. But it was always supplementing her main goal stardom. When that diddn't work out. She grew up a bit and has found success and autonomy working as a Pharm Rep. I am sure her people skills come in handy. Rachel found a passion in fashion. I am afraid it is too late for Penny this late in the series run. I am betting Pharm Rep is not her passion. I mean she told Leonard in The Big Bear Precepiton last season. She hates her job. Yet in 10.02 she seemed pretty happy visiting Bernie. So this show does suck at continuity, we all know that. I do agree Isabelle is older then Penny was, and doing a service job. Not that their is anything wrong with that of course, but their is differences their.
  3. Well we have never seen her family. So clearly I am right.
  4. I guess Penny being one of the main characters, people over look these things. I diddn't dislike Isabella because she was doing a service job. She was just too old for Raj. And tbh could do alot better then Raj. Well who coulden't hahah. I still want Emily to return. I was a fan of Lucy for a while, but after she returned. I got over that haha. I am sure Emily mentioned she is dating Calvin Klien or something.
  5. Ship Zone

    Well yeah I Think the series final, if they are going to plan this all out hopefully. Is set in stone in this seasons finalie. Penny get's a pregnency scare, they discuss it e.t.c. Then through out season 11, the major storyline for Lenny is them trying to get pregnant. WE see them go through ups and downs. Then around Season 12, Penny get's pregnant. And I Think it would be really funny to see Kaley play that all out. Then in 12.24 The Series Final. The show homages the pilot. And Lenny get their smart and beautiful babies. That's how I Want to see it all play out. If they make Lenny do nothing over the next 2 seasons. And then just random Penny is pregnant. I well be very dissapointed, but not surprised.
  6. Ship Zone

    Watching first 15 episodes. Up to The Romance Recalibration. Lenny were on a pretty even keel tbh. No fighting then suddenly they started having nasty fights two episodes in a row. Now the past 4 episodes since The Emotion Detection. They haven't had a fight at all. The Comic Con Episode was a good example. Of Clueless Lenny. That is preferable to Bitter Lenny. I do like the idea of A) Penny get's an oppurtunity over the summer, and Leonard decides to go with her or not or B. Yeah Pregnancy cliffhanger. Maybe Penny get's a pregnancy scare, and over the summer fans speculate is Penny pregnant? OR the idea ^. TBH though Lenny have marital issues. But I Don't see a major cliffhanger, like 8.24. Simply because it seems to be on a even keel. And Lenny still seem to maintain parity in their relationship.
  7. Queen + Adam Lambert
  8. Ren and Stimpy
  9. Well it was The Big Bang Theory first seven seasons up to 7.24. Since then yes its been the dissapointing sequel Sheldon Cooper's adventures and his Friends. Actually we never saw his adventures over the summer 7.24-8.01. So guess were getting it on the actual show now. Then of course that extends to that prequel. I agree about 7.24, I don't think the Amy attacking Leonard scene was neccessary. Apart from making Amy look absolutely pathetic. It was just not neccessary. She was not relevant to the story. The story was susposed to be Lenny part ways with Sheldon. TBH Shamy ever since then to me has been uneccessary. I mean I am not saying they should of broken up or anything. They are still together 2 seasons later. Just for me personally I stopped investing in them, or stopped caring about them. Not that I Ever did tbh.
  10. Are Johnny and Kaley getting payed too much? For their amount of work on the show? I am sure it extends beyond their work in the show. But if M and M want parity. I did read The cast were willing to take a pay cut. That makes sense tbh.
  11. Possibly an error. I am presuming that is the episodes ordered for Season 8, 9. and 10? 22 episodes has to be a typo. I am pretty sure their is going to be 24 episodes in Season Ten. Unless Tensor or someone in the know can correct me. 70 million for 70 episodes. I Think that is 74 episodes. I know I know Revenue. But Galecki and Cuoco have barley done anything the past two seasons. Sitting around, standing behind kitchens. Boy 70 million for that? Must be great being them haha.
  12. Ship Zone

    And tbh thats 90% of the season for Lenny
  13. Lady Gaga
  14. One Tree Hill