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Big Bang Theory Taping Reports From 3Rd Season To Current!

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#481 MJistheBOMB


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 02:40 AM

I'm in! Ok, give me some time for the report.
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#482 liastra


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 03:50 AM

Tonight was my first time going to a live filming of BBT. Here is my complete review:
Getting in. I ordered my stand-by ticket yesterday afternoon online. I guess I was lucky because everyone else had got their tickets a month ago (even the standbys). Plus they had to get up early to register, much like signing up for classes at UCLA (bazinga). But before they let the standbys in they have to seat the VIP (friends of the actors/crew) first and then the “guaranteed” ticket-holders (who went through the same online process, but they were the lucky ones). 
I got there at 2pm to wait in line even though showtime is 6:00pm. I was the 54th person with a standby ticket to show up! For the next 4 hours, the standby line grew to over 100 people. Then the people with the “guaranteed” seating slowly kept arriving, making the rest of us nervous. The theater holds seats for just over 200, so I thought there was no way they would take 54 people from the wait-list.
Around 5:00pm, they let in a huge group from the standby line – 51 people to be exact.  We were cut off right at the front. Now we were all super nervous. AND THEN just 30 minutes before the show started, they took ~15 more of us and that was it. We were so excited that we jumped for joy. We walked across the street to the studio and I was one of the last ones seated.
The Studio. Inside the studio is very dim. There’s only 6 rows of seats but it’s very long. There’s TV monitors above you for when you can’t see the sets. The set was in the following order from right to left; Penny’s apartment – staircase/elevator/ - Sheldon’s apartment. And that was all that was in front of the audience. Further off to the right was Raj’s apartment and the cafeteria, but we couldn’t see that so everybody just looked at the TVs. I got a seat at the very right edge, which fortunately was right in front of Sheldon’s apartment. Unfortunately though I had no view of the cafeteria and Raj's place. 
About 20 minutes before it all started they showed a previous episode on the TV screens. I think it was one they haven't released yet, since I hadn’t seen it before. It was probably to get us in the mood. 
Between cuts they had an MC in the middle of the audience who told jokes and engaged the audience with magic tricks and mini-game shows. It was a lot like a cruise ship. About halfway through filming, they served each of us 1 slice of pizza and a bottle of water. Haha.
At one point between cuts, they showed on the TV an extended version of the flash mob they did last year. It was more music/dancing and featured Raj and Bernadette break-dancing.
During another break, Leonard and Penny came in front of the audience to thank the us for coming. They explained that our reactions affect the show; If they don’t get the laughs they expected then they try a different line or ad-lib.
Also during cuts, they have a photographer on the set taking pictures of the actors talking to the crew/doing makeup. It's probably for the DVD bonus features or something. 
Behind-the-scenes. Here’s the part y’alls probably wants to know.  Overall I was most impressed at how fast and effectively everybody works. The cameras knew exactly where to be. Of course the actors had all their parts memorized already, but it was pretty uncommon for them to mess up their lines. They only needed 2-4 takes for each scene.  In fact the first take always looked so polished, they could probably get away with using that. But they always did at least 2. When we watched them on the TV monitors, it looked just like what we watch at home. That's how professional the camerawork/camera switching was. 
The ad-libbing was also really good. You could easily notice when the actors changed their lines or added something new. Those were the best parts and got the best reactions from the audience, because it was totally unexpected.
There were 2 scenes filmed right in front of me in Sheldon’s apartment. In the first one, the whole cast was eating take-out together. This is the quintessential Big Bang scene. I watched closely to their eating behavior. They never actually spat out food, but instead they just ate slowly or stirred it around….EXCEPT PENNY. She kept eating her food when they weren’t filming. LOL. Since it was dinnertime I guess she was just hungry. The other apartment scene was for a party for Leonard. In it, Sheldon drinks milk and makes a toast to Leonard. Sheldon kept making funny throat noises during cuts and a crew member was like “we should’ve used juice!”
There were 2 car scenes. 1 in “Leonard’s car” and the other in “Penny’s car.” The crew turns the elevator/staircase fixed-set into a black backdrop for these scenes. (so it’s a black screen, rather than a green screen). They set up folding chairs and a fake steering wheel.  It's very crude looking. I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out on TV. 
Everybody’s pretty much like their character in real-life, voices and all. Amy and Raj seemed to be having the most fun on set. They messed up the most times. Leonard and Penny only messed up a couple times I think. And I think Sheldon only messed up once out of the whole taping. 
At the final curtain call, the cast members ran out and waved. While we were exiting, the cast and crew took a huge group picture since it was the finale. There was no opportunity for autographs or pictures. The closest anyone got was someone shouting "we love you, you're the best cast ever!" Man, what a suck up. Jk, I probably would've done that too if I had the guts…and the lungs.
We left the studio just after 10:00pm, so the taping was over 4 hours. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, but mainly cause I was on the far right. LOL.  The entire thing was just very exciting. 


This is finally the episode where Raj finally learns to talk to girls without alcohol! It’s a very sweet scene between him and Penny. 

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#483 MJistheBOMB


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 03:53 AM


This report simply gives you an idea of what the episode about. NEVER take every little detail of it seriously. Enjoy...
The Bon Voyage reaction
Story by: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland & Tara Hernandez
Teleplay by: Chuck Lorre, Jim Reynolds & Maria Ferrari 
Scene 1: 
The guys are in the cafeteria.
Raj mentions that the night before, he and Lucy did a video chat. He stared at her beautiful eyes for 20 minutes only to realize the screen was frozen. 
Howard joins in to let Leonard know of Steve Hawking related expedition in the North Sea. A physicist dropped out so Howard suggested Leonard to Hawking.
Leonard is shocked by the news.
Howard: I talked you up. He knows your research.
Scene 2:
Leonard’s car. Sheldon is in the passenger seat. Sheldon begins his game of trying to discourage Leonard from going on this 4 month expedition. He speaks of drowning accidents that can occur at sea, etc. Leonard tells Sheldon that he’s only saying all these things because he’s afraid of being alone. Sheldon denies this and asks him another silly question:
Sheldon: who would win in a fight you or a shark?
Sheldon then brings up the fact that 4 months away from Penny could do damage to their relationship.
Scene 3
Raj’s Apartment. Lucy is with him.
Raj: if you look carefully at Venus, you can say the international space station pass by.
Lucy: wow, your friend was actually up there?
Raj: yeah, my friend went to space and all I got was this lousy tshirt.
Lucy: was the tshirt in space?
Raj: No, it’s as lousy as advertised.
Raj then mentions a going away party that is planned for Leonard and invites Lucy. Due to her social anxiety, she is hesitant. Raj then suggests that maybe she can “dip her toe in first” by just meeting only ONE of his friends to start with. Lucy agrees.
Scene 4:
Penny’s apartment. Leonard is there with her.
Penny: so then, during my afternoon shift, I spilled an entire tray of drinks on myself.
Leonard: that’s awful.
Penny: not really, my shirt was soaking wet and I got the biggest tip of my life.
Leonard goes on to tell Penny about the North Sea expedition and how long he’d be away for. She was okay with it and told him she’d come visit. He reminded her that she can’t because he’ll be on a ship in the North Sea. 
Penny: on a ship???? Aren’t they afraid Hawking will just roll over board????
Leonard told  Penny that Steven Hawking won’t actually be on the ship with them. He’s only sending a team to research his theory.
He also tells Penny that he is worried about leaving when things are going so well in their relationship right now and that he wouldn’t wanna screw things up. 
Penny: sweetie, the only way you would screw things up is when you’re here, not when you’re away on a ship.
Leonard tells Penny that Sheldon is nervous about him leaving and could she look after him a bit.
Penny: I don’t know, remember when you asked me to take care of your goldfish??
Leonard: it’s okay, you can flush Sheldon and get me a new one.
Scene 5:
Leonard & Sheldon’s apartment.
Leonard: really, you guys to have to give me a going away party….
Of course, they all insist. Raj then mentions the Lucy situation and how he’d like to have her meet one of them to start off with since she has anxiety. He suggests Leonard to be the fist person  Lucy meets. Leonard is flatter and Howard gets jealous. “Aren’t I your best friend??” Raj mentions that Howards, “Woody Allen Swagger” may intimidate her. Howard nods in agreement. Penny then suggests, “well, what if she meets a girl first?” Raj likes the idea and turns and asks Bernadette. Penny says, “heyyyy!” and Raj explains that he beauty may intimidate/scare her. Penny nods in agreement and  Bernie gets offended, “What, am I not scary enough?” Howard replies, “Calm down…you are very scary.
At one point, Amy decides that she would be best suited to meet Lucy first because she too was once an outsider and everyone took her in and treated her like family. 
Scene 6:
Raj’s apartment. Amy,  Lucy & Raj are together for dinner.
Amy *to Lucy*: so after I started dating Sheldon, I met Leonard and they’ve all been so wonderful to me….maybe next week we can all get together.
Raj *to Lucy* : you don’t have to answer that…*to Amy*don’t put her on the spot…*to Lucy* tell her you don’t like being put on the spot!
Lucy: *nervous* I have to go to the bathroom….
Raj *to Amy*: we might as well go ahead and eat, she’s not coming out any time soon.
Scene 7:
Penny & Sheldon are in the grocery store.
Sheldon is complaining that they should be shopping in an actual party store, not a grocery store.
Sheldon: they don’t even have a party section.
Penny: yes, they do, here it is! *pulls two bottles of alcohol off the shelf*
Sheldon: I don’t understand why you of all people are encouraging  him to do this.
Sheldon goes on to list another excuse to try to get Penny to see things his way but fails.
Penny: Oh, my gosh. Sheldon, the genius, is jealous of Leonard.
Sheldon: I am not jealous! I am just unhappy that a good thing is happening to him and not me.
Penny then tells Sheldon a “story” about a girl who works at The Cheesecake Factory (she was pretending it wasn’t about her) who was competing with another girl to win the part of a toothpaste commercial. The other girl got the part and the moral of the story is, the girl who didn’t get the part had to be a good friend and tell her, “good job” (or whatever, I forgot how it went).
Sheldon: so they lie so they don’t look petty? How do I do it?
Penny *showing Sheldon her acting skills*: I am so happy for you *fake smile*
Sheldon: no wonder you didn’t get the toothpaste commercial.




Scene 8:
Raj’s apartment. Video chat with Lucy.
Raj: I want to apologize for last night. Amy was out of line.
Lucy *still through video chat, eyes widen and she is still, which gives the illusion that the screen froze again*
Raj: are you not talking to me or is the screen frozen again?
Lucy: Amy wasn‘t the problem…it was you.
Raj:  You’re right, I pushed too hard, I’m sorry.
Raj then brings up Leonards Farewell party asks if she wants to go.
Lucy *scared*: a party???
Raj then tells her that is she wears brown and just sits on the couch, no one will notice she is there. 
Lucy: well, okay…
Raj: great! They are like family to me…unless of course you don’t like them, in which case they are dead to me.
Scene 9: 
Sheldon & Leonards Apartment.
Party day. Everyone is all dressed up. Bernie walks up to Leonard in the kitchen.
Bernie: so, you ever spend a long time on a boat before?
Leonard: yes.
Bernie: you mean that time you got stuck on It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland?
Leonard: yes.
Howard walks over: I’m really proud of you, Leonard. 
He then tries to compare Leonard’s upcoming expedition to his time in space.
Leonard: it’s not a competition, Howard. As far as science goes, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Howard: you’re right. I’m gonna miss you. *starts walking away and then pauses* Space beats water!
Amy *to Raj sitting on the couch* I thought Lucy was coming.
Raj: She is. You know how girls are, getting their hair ready, etc…(he says something like, can we drop it or get off my case…I forgot)
Sheldon: can I have everyone’s attention please??? *turns down music and obnoxiously clinks glass after everyone is already quiet* I’d like to propose a toast to my dear friend, Leonard. 
He says one of his usual one liners with a fake smile on the end. 
Leonard: thank you, Sheldon. That must have been very hard for you.
Sheldon: I mean it *another fake smile*
Sheldon *to Penny*: and THAT'S how you land a toothpaste commercial!
Howard *to Sheldon*: that was really nice of you to try to be nice for Leonard.
Sheldon: thank you.
Howard: must have KILLED you when I went to space.
*Sheldon looks at him like he’s nuts*
Suddenly, Raj receives a text message from Lucy and says, “Oh, nooo”
Howard: buddy, you okay?
Raj: just read it…*hands over his phone*
Lucy explains in the text that this is all too much for her and that she doesn’t think she and Raj should see each other any more.
Raj walks towards the bathroom very upset. Everyone says, “I’m sorry…” before he leaves the room
Sheldon *to Howard*: it did NOT kill me when you went to space. MONKEYS go to space!
Scene 10:
Penny’s car. She & Sheldon are dropping off Leonard at the airport.
Penny: well, here we are…
Leonard: I know, I’m really gonna miss you.
Sheldon: we’re parked in the red zone, we really shouldn’t be here!
Penny: you have your inhalers, (something else she mentioned)?
Leonard: Yes.
Penny: I love you.
Leonard: I love you too.
The both start kissing and Sheldon is still being paranoid about where Penny is parked. 
Sheldon: there’s a cop! *yells out the window* They just love each other! We’re not smuggling drugs!
Scene 11:
Penny goes to visit Raj at his place after the airport.
Penny: Raj, are you in there?
Raj: just a moment. *Opens the door*
Penny: I just got back from the airport and I wanted to see how you were doing.
Raj: that is very kind of you…come in…
Penny: I can’t stay long. I left Sheldon in the car with the window cracked open and he’ll go through that activity book in 30 seconds. Are you okay???
Raj *teary eyed*: No.
Penny sits down next to him to comfort him. He starts to cry. 
Raj: why can’t I ever find love?? It’s my fault. I found a woman who is right for me and I drove her away.
Penny: that’s just the booze talking *her arms are around him*
Raj: no, I haven’t had booze since last night.
They both FREEZE and look at each other.
Penny: Raj! You’ve been talking to me.
Raj: I have!…and now I’m crying for a whole different reason.
Scene 12 (The Tag):
Penny’s apartment. The three girls are standing behind the counter drinking wine while Raj sticks with water only and he is talking their heads off.  LOL.
Amy: does he ever stop talking???
All the girls have disturbed looks on their faces like they want to run away so badly because he just keeps talking and talking. LOL.





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#484 stardustmelody


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 03:59 AM

Thank you Monique.   Is the rest coming tonight?

#485 goldenorb



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 04:22 AM

Monique is adding to her original post scene by scene.  Great story so far!    

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#486 BlackWhiteRose



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 04:29 AM

Thank god Leonard is only away for four months so I`m relieved. Penny will miss him but they´ll skype or something I`m sure.

Its a great job Leonard got there. Hehe Sheldon is jealous of Leonard *LOL* admit it Cooper admit it *LOL*

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#487 Zhalen565



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 04:59 AM

Thank you Monique
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#488 untilyou



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:10 AM

Thank you so much MJ!!!! Truly madly deeply appreciate!!!

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#489 goldenorb



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:13 AM

Thank you so much for this, Monique.  It really was a great episode.

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#490 Pearlgrl


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:15 AM

Thank youuuu <3
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#491 Nogravitasatall


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:25 AM

Thank you. It sounds like a nice wrap up this year. Some things still to look forward to, as well.

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#492 rachelshamyfan


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:26 AM

Thanks Monique! Was there any bts stuff?

#493 eirwinrommel


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:33 AM

Thanks Monique, great report.

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#494 silverangel


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:33 AM

OH Monique and Kellee thank you my dears for all the report in this season. You have done  lot for us. We all are very grateful.

I love how you show it simple way, it shows the most important things. It's very touching that Leonard goes away, and that Raj dealed with his problem with selective mutism. And as to Shamy I'm happy that things went for them so well in 6x23 ep. I'm satisfied and happy. It's only little sad that we must have to wait for next taping till September. You are our angels. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.



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#495 Chiara


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:37 AM

Thank you so very, very, very much Monique. For everything. Not just the great summaries but also the hours of waiting. It is extremely appreciated. And Kyzzx too of course !


(Sleep tight ;) )

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#496 Kiru Breezy

Kiru Breezy

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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:46 AM

Wow. Thanks alot Monique!

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#497 saweco


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:49 AM

Thank you so much, Monique! 

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#498 SodidIwin?


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 06:33 AM

I would like to thank you Monique and Kyzzx for all of your great reports and effort this year. I truly appreciate all of your hard work late at night just so that we can experience the tapings through each of you! You both are simply the very best!! :) :)
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#499 koops


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 06:34 AM

Yes, massive round of applause to you guys. It's been a great year following these reports thanks to you.

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#500 BazingaFan


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 06:42 AM

Thank you.  The reports were great.

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