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  3. Ibtihaj. Arabic. Means "joy" in Arabic.
  4. Gul. Turkish. Means "rose" in Turkish, ultimately from Turkish.
  5. Happy Birthday @Chrismo. Hope you have a great day.
  6. Yeah, Happy 15th TBBT!
  8. Ybbs an der Donau, Lower Austria, Austria.
  9. Yildirim. Turkish. Means "lightning" in Turkish.
  10. Esha. Indian, Hindi. Means "desire, wish" in Sanskrit.
  11. That was the Golden Globes. You can tell how early that was, they were sitting in the corner.
  12. Yeah, Jim was the only single winner. I remember the time Kaley presented Jim with an Emmy. I think that she was more excited than Jim.😄
  13. None of the other actors won Emmys. The show won several multi-cam editing Emmys.
  14. Did any of the other actors win Emmys or Golden Globe awards for the show? What about the show itself?
  15. Well now, it seems like the lull in the Atlantic Hurricane Season is over. Hurricane Fiona is over by Bermuda and headed to Canada. Now Tropical Depression 9 is proceeding to the Gulf of Mexico. Once there, probably headed anywhere between Miami and Pensacola. Every one in Florida should keep an eye on the Weather Channel for updates. Next week will be interesting indeed.
  16. Last week
  17. (The) Show Must Go On. - Three Dog Night
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