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  2. Keep abreast of this Interesting Observation and Episodic Error. In a 3rd season episode the guys make reference to the 3 breasted hooker from the movie 'Total Recall'. They are not total fleeting ephemera. An NBC article goes into great detail. As many as 10 on one person, various anatomical locations, fully and non-functional. Noted celebrities: Mark Wahlberg, Jackson Browne, Tilda Swinton, Lilly Allen, among others. Similarly, various anatomical variations occur, almost as far as your imagination will take you. A past girlfriend, long ago, thought she was pregnant by me, but was not. Many years later, it was found to be impossible. As Sheldon has a bifurcated uvula. she had a bifurcated uterus ( one cervix, but one uterus for each ovary: twice the uteri, but insufficient for a fetus). Likewise, mythical historic humans have reality. Hercules: Myotonia Congenita. Cyclops. Goliath Giantism. Yet, with all our variations, we are one people.
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  4. amateurgourmet Gramercy Tavern amateurgourmet: Lovely to catch up with old friends at @gramercytavern.
  5. It's great to see you and Tripper are still watching over the site and keeping us posters honest. 😊
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  7. Have seen on Kaley's IG that she is going to NY. The caption stated it is for work possibly this new project she is talking about "Meet Cute" with Pete Davidson I thought this was only in the talking stages but I guess it has advanced some.
  8. Hmmmmmmm, that's interesting. I guess that is the more well rounded episode. I would have though she would have used one of the more drama intensive episodes. But, here's wishing her luck.
  9. Gold Derby can exclusively reveal that Kaley Cuoco is entering “The Flight Attendant” episode “In Case of Emergency” as her 2021 Emmy Awards submission for Best Comedy Actress. This program aired November 26 and was the first episode of the first season for the HBO Max show. In this installment, flight attendant Cassie (Cuoco) gets drunk and has sex with a stranger but finds him dead in bed next to her the following morning. She doesn’t want to be arrested, so she cleans up everything and leaves. She can’t remember much of what happened when questioned by the FBI. LINK
  10. Yeah, it may not seem like it, but we're still here. 😜
  11. This one shows Sheldon being deliberately sinister. In the season 2 last episode opening Howard was teaching Sheldon Chinese. Howard used a right hand gesture, and Sheldon mimicked the gesture with his left hand. Sheldon should know hand gestures can be important in languages. For example, in Latin, right is dexter (we get dexterity, etc), and left is sinister (we get evil). In religion, at the last supper/Seder Judas sat to the left of Jesus, because he was sinister. Similarly, in Arab nations, always shake hands with right hands. Using the left hand is an insult, because the left hand is used for toilet (exit) functions, and is considered unclean. The right hand is for eating (entrance functions). Likewise, the same gesture can have opposite meanings in different cultures. The next time you view the movie, Crocodile Dundee notice Paul Hogan's reaction to his chauffeur's (Reginald VelJohnson's) 'thumbs up' gesture, given with a smile. Problem: the gesture means 'up yours' in the land down under. All to say be right.
  12. I suppose it was easier in a way to write for him , when you have a character with so many quirks and neuroses , he could be /do whatever they wanted him to be each week to the point it became overkill. I would have been okay with so much focus on Sheldon if all the other characters had been well treated. It's the lack of balance that really annoyed me after season 8. The most infuriating thing for me regarding Sheldon is that he really regressed in the last two seasons . He had shown some growth then became nothing but an insufferable man-child. His speech during the redo was totally unnecessary . Like , was it a big revelation to anyone that L/P are important and mean a lot to him? (although he has a funny way of showing it ) Nope.
  13. Two posts moved to the Season 12 discussion thread. Remember, this is a ship zone, only positive comments about the couple, no knocks against any other characters.
  14. I totally agree. Sheldon`s quotes since I think 7th season and his behaviour are full of disrespect for everybody. Since I have watched TBBT multiple times, it is for me not funny any more... It is always only all about Sheldon 🙄 ,too much Sheldon-centric.
  15. I just rewatched on my local channel S9 E 24 and S10 E1. These were basically about Penny and Leonard's redo marriage and ceremony. What really bugged me about them was Sheldon being so obnoxious and insulting, even to his own mother, that it took away from the focus on Penny and Leonard. From inviting people to their wedding without any authority to do so and with the audacity to say it is "our" wedding when questioned to the unnecessary insults he hurled at Leonard's father and his mother was just so distasteful to listen to. I know the writers may think this was funny but I can assure you I was not laughing. Then to top it off he goes up to Penny and Leonard in the ceremony and puts himself in their " I do" moment. Gee, I wonder did the writers do anything like this to upset the Shamy wedding?
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  17. This is short, and, hopefully, event-ualy, fruitful and sweet. As with Star Trek, Grass root efforts and fan enthusiasm, launched conventions, etc. I suggest listing your view 'clicks', and perhaps show any powers that be, that we, the show's fans, would like a Big Bang Theory Convention.
  18. Thanks, I didn't know that.
  19. Not only was she nominated for an Emmy but also from the Hollywood Critics Assoc. and the Television Critics Assoc. for best actress in a comedy and The Flight Attendant for best comedy series
  20. Yeah, she did say that her and Johnny talk several times a week. I know her husband is in Michigan at a horse show so he probably spoke to her as well.
  21. Happy 13th birthday to Iain...
  22. The 2021 Television Critics Association Award nominees have been revealed and The Flight Attendant picked up three nominations. INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT IN COMEDY Kaley Cuoco, “The Flight Attendant” – HBO Max OUTSTANDING NEW PROGRAM “The Flight Attendant” – HBO Max OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN COMEDY “The Flight Attendant” – HBO Max (There will be no formal in-person presentation for the second year in a row due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. A full list of winners will be announced later this summer) Source Deadline Hollywood
  23. They were probably private or on her IG account. Or Johnny posted it on his IG account.
  24. Curiously did not see any congratulations from her husband or Johnny?
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