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  2. I agree that the bags were for either Avery or family members. They could be for him. Who knows, just Johnny.
  3. I'd say Avery or his mom and sister would be possibilities. In the olden days, he would take trips, alone, during the summer hiatus. I remember one in Iceland where he was carrying quite a few bags, but wasn't seeing anyone at the time. But, we do appreciate the photo.
  4. Last week
  5. I think so too. I think he's the best of any man she has been with. Your statement about her bond with Johnny is accurate. As you said, we'll how this relationship works out.
  6. I kind of believe her statement about marriage but she has changed her mind before. It seems that Tom is just as smitten with her as she is with him. So, we will see how this develops. Yeah, saying he is the love of her life so soon means to me that it really was love at first sight for her. And as I recall it was not love at first sight with Karl. I think it was for him but not her. She had to grow into the relationship. I believe the statement when she says she wants to support Tom in his career stems from her therapy to find that balance between work and personal life. I think Kaley is in a pretty good place professionally as she can pick and choose her projects and not have it conflict with Tom's work. Kaley's quote that she falls hard and deep into a relationship but when it's over....its over seems true right now. And Kaley's bond with Johnny isn't likely to be broken and I think all her boyfriends have to live with that.
  7. That's because Johnny is the best guy ❤️
  8. Agreed. For Kaley when the romance is over, it's really over. I think Johnny is the only man she remained friends with after the breakup. We'll see what happens when they start working and are apart for months. Hopefully it will last.
  9. Yes, great post Mario! I tend to believe her when she says she won't get married ever again. It was a pretty strong statement she made to Jessica Radloff " you can put that on the cover" Not saying she can't change her mind but she'd look rather foolish IMO. It was obvious her and Tom had a very strong connection from the beginning, I'm a bit surprised she'd call him the love of her life so soon though. To be honest , I'm not sure what to make of that. I think it's nice she wants to support him in what he is filming. I remember reading an interview of French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg ( whose husband is also an actor and film director) and she said it can get difficult when one works more than the other or gets offered better , more prestigious projects. It can lead to jealousy, competition and resentment. I really hope it'll all work out for K and T. Yeah looks like Karl is history now but that's Kaley's M.O . She falls hard and fast but when it's over , she doesn't dwell on it too long and moves on.
  10. I think that she did say something similar about Karl. He was her horse guy. At least she's not talking marriage. She's probably looking for that partnership she talked about. As you said, we'll see. Great post
  11. WOW Just read an article where Kaley dishes on finishing up the "Flight Attendant" and her new relationship with Tom Pelphrey. She says it was a most difficult time with the stress of her personal life in the midst of a divorce and her scenes in the film. With four days left of shooting she developed Covid-19 diagnosis. She was devastated and got very depressed. As for her new beau Tom Pelphrey, she calls him "the love of my life" and it was love at first sight for her. She states that he totally changed her and she is in a very different place than she was before they met. However, she still says she is not interested in marriage. We will see what happens with that. Kaley says they met through her manager which also is Tom.s at the "Ozark" premiere in April. She was standing with her manager when Tom walked over and as soon as she turned around it hit her and it was love at first sight. They immediately connected and says they are ready to build a life together. As for work she says she leaves for Berlin, Germany on July 1 for three months to shoot the film "Role Play" Then she wants to take the rest of the year off and support Tom in what he is filming So, I guess that answers a few questions and that Karl is really in the rear view mirror now. This woman is such an enigma. Didn't she say the same things about Karl when they met. Hopefully, this relationship will last when they are apart
  12. @passaas3 your last post was not approved. First, putting in links to downloads is considered spamming, and is against our rules. Especially if you sneak them in, as you did. Second the game goes in alphabetical order. The post before yours started with a ‘R’ the next post should start with an ‘S’.
  13. From Variety Variety Adds Zendaya, Kaley Cuoco, Oscar Isaac and Others to Its Virtual TV Fest June 7-9 Variety announced additional speakers to its Virtual TV Fest, including an “HBO Max Actors and Producers Roundtable,” featuring Zendaya (“Euphoria”), Kaley Cuoco (“The Flight Attendant”), Oscar Isaac (“Scenes From a Marriage”), Taika Waititi (“Our Flag Means Death”), Ben Foster (“The Survivor”), and Paul W. Downs (“Hacks”). Moderated by Senior Culture Editor Marc Malkin, the session will explore creating breakthrough characters. <full article in the link>
  14. I'm sure there is a woman somewhere behind the scenes for sure. Who are all these shopping bags meant for? Johnny is wearing the same jacket as 6 years ago.
  15. I agree that she is a fan that just wanted a picture with Johnny.
  16. In the photo, the admirer. Judging by the photo, is a teenager, so I blurred it. The most important thing in the photo is Johnny.
  17. If she was a random fan why would her face be covered?
  18. Maybe just a random fan who asked for a picture. Johnny's looking good!! ( I'll be in Paris in a few days, wait for me Johnny !! )
  19. So am I)) It's Sheldon/Amy and Leonard/Penny for me, always, in this universe or the alternative one)) Sheldon and Penny for me have a brother-sister relationship
  20. That's a very good question indeed. No reaction from Karl about Kaley's dating yet.
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