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  2. IIRC, they didn't make comments that were too commiting. I do remember it seemed like they were open to it but they didn't straight out say it. I think the most commiting comment was Kaley's (something like "you have to be stupid/crazy to turn it down").
  3. bfm

    Pennys Last Name?

    I think it should be something like Roberts or Wyatt, so it could resolve the Bob/Wyatt inconsistency (she talks about her mom calling him Bob and later he's called Wyatt), but I don't think they will ever reveal (invent) it.
  4. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    At the end of season 11 Jim made comments that indicate he was pretty open to the idea of a season 13. In the intervening months he starred in a play with a whole gay cast that was groundbreaking in its time. He then sold at least a pilot starring an openly gay couple. A romantic lead would be a huge change for Jim (Sorry Shamys). I would bet a lot that his decision was based on the opportunities he is creating for himself and not some sudden boredom with Sheldon. I don’t Think it was a hard decision for him to make professionally- I just don’t think it was based on Sheldon-ennui
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  6. BigBangEnthusiast

    New Shamy One Shot

    New one shot posted on ff.net. For those who were following The Sin Closet Diaries, you will recognize Shamy's daughter, Leah. I was excited to bring her back for this little story. Enjoy! The Protective Parent Manifestation https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13093728/1/
  7. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    But Leonard did confront both Penny and Raj in his bumbling sort of way. When they both had the matching shirts on he tried to tell them he wasn't happy with the situation but Raj kept explaining it his way. Also, when he called them "Hey, Olsen twins" they should have got the message.
  8. Tensor

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Actually she admitted to kissing Raj, so yes, she did kiss him. But, that was not the point. Another poster blamed for Penny’s behavior, because he invited (after Penny agreed) Rah to move in. I just pointed out blaming Leonard for Penny’s behavior in that situation, is the same as blaming Penny for Leonard’s behavior on the North Sea, because she said he should go.
  9. walnutcowboy

    The In My Pants Game

    ELOISE has gone back to work, for a short while as they are looking to replace another full time teacher (go figure), but has been too sick to work since last Tuesday and is home today in her pants.
  10. walnutcowboy

    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Thanks LIN, I sure need it now, ELOISE and I are both sick ! We TRY to pamper each other and at the same time try to stay out of each others way (we are both VERY cranky). I win. PS ELOISE came home early from work last Tuesday and didn't even go in today (she NEVER misses work) that shows how sick she is !
  11. Strawberry

    Word Association

  12. Strawberry


  13. Gooood Mornin'! Wow, it;s such a glorious morning!
  14. chucky

    Kaley Cuoco

  15. KT1972

    Last Letter Game

  16. KT1972

    Word Association

  17. KT1972

    The Never Ending Story

    Howard and Raj
  18. KT1972


  19. KT1972

    Z-A Anything Game

    Joe the Condor
  20. KT1972

    A-Z: Girls Names

  21. KT1972

    The 44,000 Replies Thread

  22. KT1972

    A-Z: Boys Names

  23. KT1972

    Word Ties

    Benedict Cumberbatch
  24. KT1972

    A-Z: Surnames

  25. KT1972

    Word Evolution

  26. KT1972

    A-Z All Things The Big Bang Theory

    World of warcraft
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