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    Yeah, I think Dave is the best example here to show that they could have made Ramona more endearing in the first place if they wanted to. It's not that someone is after Sheldon or Amy romantically but how it's handled by the show. Like with Ramona they could've made it so that yes, maybe it looked like she's after Sheldon but it turns out it's just a big misunderstanding and instead of kissing him she says something encouraging that prompts Sheldon to jump onto the next plane or whatever. It would completely change the reception of her character. But that was clearly not the story they wanted to tell. The whole gang sees her as an intruder and is worried she might make a move on Sheldon - and rightfully so as it turns out! So obviously they wanted the audience to have a hostile reaction towards her cause that's just where the conflict of the episode comes from.
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    I couldn’t say it any better, particularly the bold parts.
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    The main difference is that Kripke and Bert didn't interfere with Shamy's relationship. Kripke hit on her during the break up, and she turned him down immediately because of his creepy behavior and Bert didn't even know that Shamy were a thing (Raj or Howard asked Amy if she mentioned to Bert she was in a relationship and she said it didn't come up, if I remember correctly). None of them hit on a person knowing they were in a committed relationship and kissed them against their will. What I find interesting is that everybody (including me) now loves Dave. His situation was indeed different from Ramona's, he wasn't doing anything wrong because at that time Amy wasn't dating Sheldon, but I remember that, after 10.7 everybody hated him. Probably being Sheldon's biggest fan ever and, above all, being the one saying the glorious words "Kiss her, you brilliant fool!" made him a fans' favourite. Nonetheless, he was in the middle of Shamy made up, as well as in a sense Ramona is in the middle of Shamy proposal but it's much more difficult to "forgive" the writers for Ramona than for Dave. I blame Stephen Merchant, he was amazing as a Sheldon fan-boy!
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    I guess the main difference here is that Kripke went after Amy while she was single and Bert didn't know she was in a relationship back then or how serious it was. Neither of them forced themselves onto Amy physically. Ramona on the other hand went in fully knowing about the relationship with the intention of breaking it up and having Sheldon for herself and she even kissed him right when Sheldon was explaining to her why that was never gonna happen. It just crosses a line here. If Bert or Kripke did something like that to Amy I sure as hell wouldn't think of them as lovable losers.
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    I can see your point but imo the problem with Ramona is she has never been introduced as someone funny or cute dispite her interess on Sheldon for the audience wanted to see her often. Dave was funny and cute. Although as I said I am not very curious about his life details, there is a funny side of him that could be interesting he might return for one episode as he kind of shipped shamy as they reunited and also he is a huge Sheldon work fan. That imo has comedy potencial .Ramona was annoying in s2, now she is annoying with a phd, lol. Btw, it annoyed me Dave kissing Amy as Ramona kissing Sheldon. Worst thing, Amy enjoyed it, better thing Sheldon did not. I also called the male noun of bitch to Dave in s9e7, for make things clear, lol!
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    What I want for our favorite couple for S11 ( I don't think we'll get it) would be for the writers to re-capture what made them special in the first place. I would like for them to get fun plots, and instead of being pitched one against the other, I would love to see them both against the world. If they have to fight I would like for said fights to have a reason for happening, and for them to work through their problems. A big reduction to the extent of their residency at the kitchen island would also be very welcome. Last but not least, I would like for things that happen to them to be shown onscreen: call me crazy, but I watch the show to see what happens in it, and not necessarily what it implies.
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    I can see @joyceraye 's point to some extent about "tweaking behavior " But i agree, im not sure they can do that believably. Its seems different characters are treated differently. Kripke is a pervert who hit on Amy and sent her a picture of his dick. And Bert hit on Amy while she was with Sheldon.But both Bert and Kripke are still around. And everyone loves Bert and Kripke ! They are presented as lovable funny losers ! But when Ramona hits on Sheldon, she is a heinous bitch who no one ever wants to see again lol. My use of hyperbole aside, I want 0 relationship drama, but I would welcome a recurring female scientist who isn't a plot device or a love interest. I miss Alex from s6. Take away her obsession with Sheldon, then Ramona is actually kinda ambitous, smart and athletic. I dont think they can make Ramona get over Sheldon and add her as an independent character, but I would prefer that over the same old pathetic "I'm lonely; can't find say love " themes they have repeated already with Bert/Stuart/Raj many times. it really adds nothing to the show imo. Perhaps their best bet would be to just focus on the main 7 .
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    I would be really interested in knowing something more and possibly see on screen (and not just in a Skype call) Amy's parents. Also, having them interacting with Sheldon and his mother (especially with regards to a wedding) might be fun. But we already have so many characters, I don't need to see Amy's grandmother or her cousins. As we were saying before, introducing recurring characters and/or having new ones on the show should have a purpose for the main cast. Amy's other relatives were nothing more than a throw away line here and there, while knowing if she is an orphan or which kind of relationship she has with her parents is important for her characterization. Probably, for the same reasons, I'm always very happy when parents of all characters are in the show (for example I was a fan of 10.1 just because in it we finally met Penny's mother), while I'm not that interested in TBBT siblings, not that I think siblings play a little role in the life of a person, I just feel that the show has treated them* as nothing more than an afterthought, so it always feels unnecessary to me to meet them. * Probably Sheldon's siblings are an exception on the matter, since we know plenty of things about their role in Sheldon's childhood. Nonetheless, I was not impressed by Missy in S.2 and I admit I could live without knowing "older" George Jr, especially now that we'll meet the "younger" version in the prequel.
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    To be quite honest, I'm not into this "pair the spares" situation just so that Ramona can stay on - especially since she already rejected Raj so why should she suddenly turn to him like "Oh well, I guess I'll take the booby prize then!" Ugh no. We've only ever met Amy's mom per skype and heard a few weird anecdotes about her childhood with her. I don't know that we actually know anything concrete about her dad from that one comment - it didn't refer to anything specifically so it rather sounds like a dig at the idea of "daddy issues" in pop culture. Beyond that there are allusions of certain family members but again nothing much tangible. By comparison: From other characters they have extensively explored the relationships everybody has (had) with their respective dad, with the mothers they were either a bigger part of the show (Debbie, Mary, Bev) or we've at least met them in person (sometimes more than once), siblings occasionally have been on the show but otherwise mostly only mentioned.
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    I'm not sure that's necessarily true. I think they could rehabilitate her just as they did with the others who 'strayed' a bit. Agreed 'Ramona causes trouble for Shamy' would be worse than not seeing her again (ugh) but they could dismiss her 10.24 behaviour in one line if they wanted to. All right, two lines, the second one making it up with Raj. He needs somebody with her foot in the right place. Sheldon is supposed to be managing Raj's finances but we've not seen much of that. How about Dr Novitski doing something about those doldrums he's in about his work ? A Cootherpitski breakthrough ? A Rajmona romance ? Is Amy the one now of whose family we know the least ? Her mother still works and uses Skype, one pair of grandparents is alive, one grandmother is dead, some cousins have met tragic ends and her father suffer(ed)s either from poor eyesight or anxiety. Agreed it's time we knew more. I'd really like to see how Sheldon's in-laws get on with Beverly.
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    Agree so much with this & the quotes you have here too, no need for too much re appearance of old "cast" I'm actually not a fan if they have too many quest stars either, the 200th episode for example . I really don't want Ramona back at all and defiantly not if it's to cause any Shamy drama - even looking at Sheldon with lust filled eyes ugh no thank you !! @spidergirl I think you do so well with your posts so don't apologise - I could never do what you guys do and hold a conversation in written text, not in my native language !!!! I struggle and I'm Scottish lol ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. [I have no idea why this thread insists I reply to a specific poster] I would definitely be friends with him. I like people who challenge me. It doesn't mean he would not drive me nuts, at times. He would. But I like playing tennis with players better than I am and the same with smarts. Everybody does not hate him. The folks on Digital Spy voted him the 10th best television character of the last 17 years. He's kind of a modern day Eddie Haskell. When he's on screen, you don't necessarily like him, but you can't take your eyes off him or wait to see how others react.
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    Oh, don't worry, your posts are written just fine! It always amazes me how people from all over the world, speaking all kinds of languages can come together to discuss about such cuties as Shamy! I agree so much with that! We already have 7 main characters and another couple that float around the show, so the only way I might be interested in seeing some "old" acquaintances again, or in introducing new characters, is if it has a purpose for the main cast, in a funny way. In particular, I don't see anything funny in Ramona showing up from time to time as a Sheldon's stalker or just to annoy Amy. I for sure hope we don't see her in the premiere, even if in a way that could make sense to give closure to the whole situation. Dave is a different story, I already see him as a guest at Shamy wedding, proudly saying everybody how much he ships those two, LOL!
  16. I agree, I think they're terrific. I won't stand in the same room with anyone who says either of them can't act. The two best 'Leonard' scenes, to me, are when he's talking to Sheldon after the first wedding about how he blew it, and when he's talking to Sheldon's mother when he's leading her to Sheldon's room full of cats. Kaley's terrific. There's a reason the writers give her so many punchlines. 'Nuff said. I think the key to the upcoming season will be rescuing the characters of Penny and Raj. Penny needs a good, yet fun job, to help her morale and create good story lines for her, as compared to 'them'. Again, I think working with a local TV news crew - not necessarily even on the air, though she could get those chances - would work well for her and is plausible given her background. The writers have totally trashed Raj. The whole not being able to afford to live on his own after all those years of being subsidized and earning an astro physicist's salary at Cal Tech! - is crazy. Moving him in with Leonard and Penny was a dreadful decision. I think his parents - individually, and as a pair - were terrific characters. I could see one, or both of them coming to Pasadena to see how he's doing and to introduce him to an Indian girl. I'd like to see Princess Puchali come back.
  17. The Leonard Nimoy signed napkin Penny gave to Sheldon.
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    Quoting myself because I removed first part of my earlier post. It was very uncomplete regards the developmemt of the characters through the seasons topic and I feel it was not the whole point of the most recent posts here as I read carefull your replies. Sometimes what is in my mind is dificult to put in a decent written post. My apologies for that.
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    Hence why I've said they need to find a useful role for her as a recurring scientist cause I also wouldn't want to see her back just so that she can plot how to steal away Amy's man this week. Ughh. And arguably the writers wrote that character into a corner with that unwanted kiss so they'd really have to come up with something amazingly clever to turn this around. By comparison, Dave is in a similar position as the guy Amy dated for a while but the situation with him was a lot more amicable towards Shamy as a couple with him not only fanboying over Sheldon but also helping them to get back together. So when he comes back I see zero relationship drama. But you can't do that with Ramona now and chances that she gets some sort of redemption are pretty slim. So yeah, we really don't differ that much here.
  20. Kyrgyzstan.
  21. Queen of Denmark by John Grant.
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    As usual you are spot on April I want to see Amy's family because of the storylines opportunities it could present both for Amy and for Shamy, and if they are to get married at some point it makes a lot of sense to learn something more about her family. We saw some story to Bernadette's family so I see no reason why we don't get a glimpse of some of Amy's family life. I could get behind Dave making an appearance some time, probably stalking Sheldon though lol. I've always had in my head some scenario where Sheldon and Leonard perhaps are speaking somewhere on some project and he turns up. He was fanboying a bit about Leonard as well lol. But where we probably differ is no offense to Riki Lindhome but I hope I NEVER see her character again. Because and to quote you not wanting to see "A constant string of Ramona is back and causes trouble for Shamy stories" is probably/likely the only reason why she would be back. So I would rather not see her again at all.
  23. Kurt Elling, an American jazz vocalist, composer, lyricist and vocalese performer. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1967.
  24. This thread is for Season 11 related discussion with all free minded Lenny supporters. It reflects the current status of Lenny in the series. Please feel free to write your different opinions about Lenny in an appropriate manner in this thread. Spoilers are allowed. Thank you @Tensor for the advanced clarification. (taken from Season 10 Thread "In Memory of The Leonard and Penny Saga“)
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  27. Q2. Episode 19 of Series 7 of Star Trek: Voyager.
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