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    A-Z: Animals

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    Last Person Who Posts Wins

  4. If anyone would like help with tickets in the coming weeks, feel free to message me. When I was getting tickets a few weeks ago, I spent some time checking out how their website ticket process currently works, and while it is more annoying than it used to be, getting tickets is still very doable. For those with standby tickets in the coming weeks who are wondering about it, I can tell you that at last Tuesday’s taping, I heard about 6-10 standby ticket holders got in.
  5. April

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I need this because of reasons.
  6. BFM, that was the most cogent, lucid and insightful analysis I have read on this topic. TPTB are in a no-win situation that they created for themselves. It is a damn-if-I-do or damn-if-I-don't scenario that does not look like a sit-com happy ending. Whatever they come up with it will wind up offending someone. I hope they can live with all the criticism they will get from some dissatisfied viewers/critics. And it is a shame to have the legacy of this great show end with such a bitter taste..........but I will reserve my final comments after the last episode is done.
  7. Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if the 3/19 taping will be released on Monday 2/18(as usual, but it's President's Day) or Tuesday after the President's Day? Really hope to secure a ticket for my spring break, it would be great if anyone knows this.
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    Last Person Who Posts Wins

    I will be the FINAL last person who wins.
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    What are you currently thinking about

    It's too early in the morning for me to think ANYTHING.
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    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Does it come in a man's tee? I so need this!
  11. walnutcowboy

    Z-A Anything Game

  12. That is true but she worked her way into a successful position Yes That could have been true but I get the feeling that if Kaley wanted to do a spin-off he would be on board If they do create a Lenny spin-off I would think it would be a whole new set of circumstances with a time jump to the future.
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    Word Association

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    Z-A Anything Game

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    A-Z: Boys Names

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    Z-A Anything Game

    Epavarmuus. Finnish for uncertainty.
  18. Tensor

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Speaking of Star Trek, I saw an ad for the following. Most here will get it:
  19. chucky

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Hope you all have an enjoyable time!
  20. Fraiser worked because Cheers was just a small part of his life. The Joey show could of worked since he was the only one single but didn’t. Also how is TBBT ending is important although I’m not sure it matters. Are you going to have a couple who’s childless or with a little kid. If they move away what are they going to be doing. I’m a Lenny fans but a spin-off doesn’t interest me.
  21. I don't think the show is about Lenny, they are one of my favorite thing about it, but the show is more than Lenny. The thing is, it still doesn't make sense if you think of what the show is supposed to "achieve". It is supposed to be a feel-good sitcom. Yes, they threw in some breakups, some sad stuff, but when it ends in character growth or touching moments it achieves something that I think is good for such a show. However, all the no kids does is make us watch a character get its heart broken and conclude the show implying two character will forever have to deal with a big burden. Nothing funny about this and no character growth. Perhaps a touching moment when Leonard decided not to donate and stand up against Wyatt, but that was brief and complicated and I can't see how it was worth it. I don't see how this contributes to the show in any way. I don't see the need to end this kind of show in this way. Now, if you're suggesting they're trying to intentionally piss off Lenny fans, then I feel sorry for them. That makes them incredibly immature. I'm trying to nevertheless have some respect for them so I don't think this is it. But who knows. ETA: And I agree with you about a Lenny spin-off, I don't think there will be one. In fact there seems to be no interest in any spin-off (other than YS) for the time being.
  22. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    This, They are great characters but the show is going out on top. Just bringing it back with minor changes (just minus Sheldon) is obviously not happening . A new show would need a whole different feel - and It won’t happen next season for sure. I sort of agree. I doubt he wanted to be the one to do it (who would) and therefore might not have done it,
  23. Well, that's actually the first plausible explanation I've seen. I sometimes wonder if it's not just the Lenny fans the showrunners and writers resent. Maybe KC's depth of acting, charisma and sheer projected sex appeal just made Lenny the outstanding long story arc really against the showrunners and writers' will, and that's why they like to denigrate Penny and promote the no-charisma, no-sex appeal (and no inner life) Amy over her.
  24. I'm thinking he is secretly thanking Jim since now he doesn't have to do it! I think that it's believable. The other characters could be mentioned and maybe make guest appearances from time to time.
  25. Die Zimtzicke

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Johnny has enjoyed doing the show and enjoys the friends he made there. But even if you like a friend a lot, you don't have to do everything they might want you to do if you have other plans of your own. I think he does have other plans.
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