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  2. Is it really Winter? I mean it's December 9th and it's 75 outside.
  3. How Former Astronaut Mike Massimino Turned Three No's From NASA Into a YES "One in a million is not zero." If you're unfamiliar with the story of how New York Times bestselling author, Columbia University professor of engineering and AMAZING storyteller Mike Massimino overcame multiple hurdles to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a NASA astronaut, well, you -- and Adam Savage -- in for a treat! Here's how Mike turned three no's from NASA into a yes. Have YOU ever refused to take no for an answer?
  4. I just wanted to say I hope you all remember Pearl Harbor. I know it's been 82 years, but we should all remember.
  5. It won't get really cold here till Sunday night. Sunday Monday and Tuesday night will be in the 30's.
  6. Hopefully it won't be too cold. Middle Georgia is expecting some cool overnight temperatures. Don't believe it will get to Three Dog Night levels.
  7. Let me open this post with lyrics from an old Beatles song. I got a feeling that Northwest Florida will be wet this weekend. So I'm gonna enjoy today and hopefully tomorrow morning.
  8. Happy Wednesday everyone.😊 It's also day before Pearl Harbor Day.
  9. As noted by Beatles Song, "Yes It Is ".
  10. Oh what a beautiful Monday morning.😊
  11. Earlier
  12. Thanks, I couldn't think of the complete title. I knew it was something of Cuoco. Maybe she's too busy now. So sad.
  13. Yeah wish she would bring back "Cup of Cuoco"
  14. Yes, I agree. Here's hoping she has a special day with Tom and her daughter. I miss Kaley's show she did from home during the Covid mess. Guess she doesn't have time anymore.
  15. Happy Birthday to Kaley on her 38th birthday. Have a great day and live long, laugh alot, and love always
  16. To all, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know that I am late. It's better late than never. Also to all of you who partook in the Black Friday sales, my heartfelt congratulations on a job well done. I could never stand the long lines and upset shoppers. 😊
  17. I did and it was funny. 😂 To be truthful, I think that Sheldon is still clueless about that "Chew Toy".😂
  18. Oh good. I'm not the only one. But I didn't get what Penny's battery operated "chew toy" was the first time I watched that other episode.
  19. I don't either. I hope it wasn't a sex joke.
  20. What was the point of that particular visual joke? I don't get it. Was it a sex joke?
  21. Additionally, in Kaley's latest IG there is a pretty good close up of the ring she is wearing. While it is not the conventional engagement ring there appears to be two diamond chips showing. So maybe you were right in your assessment.
  22. Good to hear in both the stage play and the release of her movie.
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