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  2. Big Bang Theory's John Ross Bowie talks about his punk roots and how it influenced his acting career on this podcast. https://killed-by-desk.simplecast.com/episodes/25-john-ross-bowie-actor-comedian-egghead
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  4. From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Flight Attendant’ Star/EP Kaley Cuoco Teases How Cassie Bowen Will Fare In L.A. In Season 2 – Contenders TV The Flight Attendant took off for HBO Max when it launched in November. So much so that the streamer and the team, led by star and exec producer Kaley Cuoco, decided to make a second season. Cuoco’s character Cassie Bowen, who is caught in the middle of a deadly murder plot in Season 1, cleans up and moves to Los Angeles for the second season, helped by the fact that the series scored a tax break from the state of California. “I was very c
  5. At the end of what season? From season six or seven on, there were a lot of episodes that had different plot lines. A plot, B plot and possibly C plots were the norm, once Mayim and Melissa joined the cast, along with Raj's girlfriend of the year and Stuart and Denise later. When you have seven-plus actors, having them all in the same plot isn't normally possible.
  6. That possibly turned dark real quick at the end. For some reason, I can't help think about the turn the season four ending for TBBT had.
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  8. Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth
  9. Seen it Stagecoach - Three different versions.
  10. I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm still winning!
  11. How come all the Talking Heads on TV wear Ear Buds that you can easily see, but the Hearing Aid ads point out that you can't see their Hearing Aid? Maybe deaf people should wear Hearing Aids disguised as Ear Buds.
  12. Face in the Sand - Iron Maiden
  13. At the end of the season Raj Howard and Bernie had independent scenes as a group. And the rest crew had a different shots. It's like they started having two different storylines and the two groups met less frequently. Is this true or am I just imagining it?
  14. Don't Give Me That by Shania Twain.
  15. maybe it's outside and we've been playing this wrong? hehe... Outside
  16. (From the Young Sheldon Twitter account - Link below) "Thank you for watching this season of #YoungSheldon with us! As you think about what’s ahead for the Coopers, here’s a quote from Executive Producer, Steve Molaro: https://twitter.com/YoungSheldon/status/1393000822045175809
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