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  3. Yeah. I love that story as I do all SRAM's stories.
  4. True. But, that wouldn't have been as funny. At least that's my opinion of what the writers were thinking. I really thought those episodes with the two scientists from Fermilab were ridiculous and not needed.
  5. I think I know why I was thinking he had one from Patrick Stewart. I was watching the episode tonight on TBS where he proposes to Amy at the end. When he invited Ramona over to look at some letters from Peter Higgs, he showed her a letter from Patrick Stewart. I think he said that the letter said, "If he came back to his house, he could meet his dogs". Making me think he had been there and Stewart was going to sic the dogs on him
  6. Yes, but when he set up the file in his computer when he was going to teach her physics, didn't he name the file something to do with a gorilla? He only said it to himself but still. In a fanfiction I read, The Complete Package by SRAM. Amy gives Penny an IQ test and the results were 145 I believe.
  7. If Leonard could have defined the experiment to confirm their theory, that would have been great. Rather than have those 2 from FermiLab who stumbled on it by accident.
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  9. Maybe so, but she had more than Dr. Cooper!
  10. Penny did not have emotional intelligence.
  11. Last week
  12. You're right. The writers gave him a bone with her pregnancy. But, I feel that if Amy gets a Nobel it should be I'm her field. With all the suffering Leonard went through as Sheldon's friend, it would have been nice if he shared the Nobel.
  13. This is true but I think Leonard was totally ok with it because Penny was pregnant and he would be a father and couldn't be more happy about it at the time.
  14. 9 & 10 is when it started. The real knife in the back for Leonard was the writers having Amy get the Nobel with Sheldon. She wasn't even a Physicist.
  15. Beverly was ticked that she did not get an invitation to P&L wedding but she failed to tell them about her 60th birthday party in which Sheldon attended with Leonard's brother and sister and he kept that secret when it is impossible for him to keep one! When Beverly admits she was wrong about their relationship and says she had never seen Leonard so happy, Penny is the bigger person by suggesting another wedding ceremony. I think season 9 & 10 became the Sheldon/Shamy show.
  16. All considered a perfect match for Sheldon!
  17. Penny got fed up how Beverly was treating her in this episode. I feel like she was getting a taste of what it was like for Leonard all the time with his mother.
  18. You forgot where she said something about her hips and she couldn't even sit on a skinny horse. I think that was mentioned in the same segment with the brittle ankles.
  19. Earlier
  20. Another picture was posted with Kaley on set again wearing a long maternity dress and her stunt double Monette Moio also wearing the same thing. Just have to think they wrote her pregnancy into the script
  21. We'll see. I'm wondering the same thing.
  22. In some recent pictures Kaley is shown on set of "Based on a True Story" Curious as to how they get around her pregnancy unless as her character is married they wrote her pregnancy into the script.
  23. To quote Penny " that's quite a list you've got there". Poor Amy though.
  24. And she flushes her nostrils out!
  25. They make her sound so awful! She smells of books. Titled uterus, severed the webbing between her own toes, hair the colour of mud, dandruff, scalp so oily that she doesn’t get headlice, brittle ankles, divet in her spine, nose hair, hair growing out mole on her shoulder, at least 5lbs of body hair, flushes her sinuses, she has a nightguard for her teeth
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