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  2. Wyatt had no drinking problem. So he drinks a beer or two. The hard work he puts in on the farm each day, says he deserves a beer or 2 or 3. George Sr. Sheldon's dad, had the drinking problem. Beverly wrote about her parenting skills and the results of said skills.
  3. Penny's brother was also a user of Methamphetamine. Remember when he said to his mom 'Thank you for my new teeth'. Meth users usually rot their teeth. Wyatt has a drinking problem, 'Like father, like daughter'. Beverly's books may be more do as I say (write), not as I did.
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  5. Jim will be on "Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC) on Tuesday 8/11.
  6. I don't know either. He's probably just an attention hound trying to stir up trouble.
  7. Have found and read a scathing article about Kaley titled "15 Reasons why Hollywood will drop Kaley Cuoco after TBBT". Granted this was written prior to the finale and all the reasons listed have been disproven and/or false. The article was written by KK Angus I think a free lance writer. The article states that Kaley is a one-dimensional actress, is a diva who is a narcissist and does not care for her co-stars, does not get along with her co-stars notably Mayim Bialik and ironically Jim Parsons who it is stated had a major fallout with Kaley, she is not versatile enough as an actress and cannot carry a starring role, she has bad fashion sense whatever that means, she is too pricey now that her TBBT career got into the million dollar per episode range, she has too much drama in her life and discusses her personal life relentlessly, she is an attention seeker, directors are scared to work with her because of her demands and lastly she has a drinking problem. Like I said most of these claims if not all have been debunked by various people and since TBBT has ended Kaley has her own production company and is in demand for other projects. I don't know who this writer is but he should get his facts straight before he writes such a harsh and caustic article. I thought it was really offensive
  8. Slide Hampton. An American trombonist, composer and arranger. He was born in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, in 1932.
  9. Penny will make a great mother. All she needs is to read Beverly's books on child rearing, to know what not to do when bringing up a child. Her drinking has been reduced. Her brother did not have a drinking or a drug problem. Just a manufacturing and a getting caught manufacturing problem. So what that she waffled on having children or not. Women, men and couples do that all the time. Cinnamon, well that was one time. Howard and Bernadette are great parents and they lost Cinnamon when they were watching her. That business with Cinnamon matters not when raising a child. Yes, she can be trusted with a child. Again Howard and Bernadette did trust her with Halley. Zack, don't get me started on him.
  10. To me there are pros and cons to this topic. Pro- Penny is a caring person. She has raised Sheldon, that 'big baby'. She shows compassion. She can sing 'soft kitty'. Cons-Penny has a drinking problem. Sometimes it is partially genetic, and runs in families, like her brother the manufacturer and dealer. We never did learn what color trash they are. She was neglectful of Cinnamon and the chocolates. Had she followed Raj's suggestion of a doggy audience, Cinnamon might have been saved. If a vet feels good that she did not have a dog, should she be trusted with a child? She did not want a child, even when Zak was asking Leonard to donate. Any thoughts?
  11. In the Valentine's Day episode when Sheldon's foursome went on a train ride, Leonard tried to coax Penny to be naughty and do it on Sheldon's spot. ( Technically, perhaps ,an in absentia threesome) Penny states that is the least possible sexy idea. Yet in another episode, the couple started in Sheldon's spot, when Howard made an unannounced intrusion, coitus interruptus, and engaged in conversation with the couple, staying , and returning to make scrambled eggs and salami the following morning. Is Sheldon's spot sometimes an aphrodisiac, and others not so much? It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but for what reason?
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  13. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused as well.
  14. Not quite Steven, think of it this way. x-axis (Left and right) (Length) ⬅️-------------➡️ y-axis (forward and backward) (width) ⬆️ ⬇️ The z-axis (Up and down) Normally you would think of the z-axis, as the height or how tall something is. When it's written on a piece of paper, (or a screen, like here) the y-axis is not considered up or down. To really understand the axis, think of it as standing on a floor. Then the forward and backward of the y-axis, and the height of the z-axis is easier to understand. So, when Leonard mentioned moving in the z-axis, he was thinking of moving up and down.
  15. I have read this and it is a thrilling and suspenseful book. It also has some racy scenes in it and I guess the question is will Kaley stay true to those scenes as I do not think she has ever done those type of scenes before in her films
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  17. From Glamour Kaley Cuoco's The Flight Attendant Will Be Your Fall TV Obsession If you're addicted to shows like You and Dead to Me , then get ready to meet your next TV obsession: HBO Max's The Flight Attendant, starring The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco. The eight-episode dark comedy-thriller is essentially the story of how an entire life can change in one night. Cuoco plays Cassie, a flight attendant who wakes up in bed with a dead man after a luxurious night on the town—and no idea what happened. The series is based on the novel of the same name by New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian. Cuoco also executive produces the show under her Yes, Norman production company. She's joined by the powerhouse producing team of Greg Berlanti (Riverdale, Arrow, Supernatural) and Sarah Schechter (The Flash, Supergirl). The series is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max this fall even though production was stopped in mid-March because of the pandemic. “We are looking to get back up and running at the end of August, but the health and safety of our cast and crew are our top priority,” executive producer and co-showrunner Steve Yockey announced at the Television Critics Association virtual summer press tour. "We wouldn't be going back if we didn't think we could keep everyone healthy." Cuoco added during the discussion that they were almost finished with production by the time they shut down earlier this spring. “We're so close," she said. <full article in the link>
  18. Organised Konfusion. An alter4native hip hop duo from Queens, New York, United States. They were formed in 1987.
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