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  2. I have to agree. The song doesn't do anything for me, but, I have no problem with trying to get info on the song.
  3. KT1972

    Word Ties

    Into (the) breach
  4. 東京 To-Kyo- Japanese for Tokyo a.k.a in Japan as; 東京都 To-kyo-to Tokyo Metropolis
  5. Rondon ロンドン Japanese for London Ra, Ri, Ru, Re & Ro ラ, リ, ル, レ & ロ Are pronounced phonetically "La", "Li", "Lu", "Le" & "Lo" The trade off is; L names/words like London, are written as 'Rondon' ロンドン and phonetically said as "London" and R names/words like Robert are written as 'Roba-to' ロバート and phonetically said as "Loba-to."
  6. Oxford English dictionary
  7. She looks very comfortable!
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