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  2. Kaley and Karl's new house From variety.com Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Buy $12 Million Hidden Hills Estate
  3. Young Sheldon EP Reacts to the Latest Big Bang Theory Crossover — Watch Video of the Prophetic Scene From TV Line
  4. Yesterday
  5. Keep the faith - Bon Jovi
  6. For me, even the lousey episodes are better than what is usually on tv,
  7. Jonny Und Joe/ Come See About Me by The Supremes.
  8. Yeah but I guess post s7. Are in that capacity of show in its twilight years. If I’m watching re runs of the show. Tend to watch season 1 to 7. The most consistent quality. I’m on s3 atm.
  9. KT1972

    A-Z: TV Shows

    Denis the menace
  10. From deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Bebe Neuwirth Set To Recur In HBO Max Series
  11. Season 1-7 were the prime years. Usually the space I watch.
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