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  2. <Larry Kramer, Author and Outspoken AIDS Activist, Dies at 84> From Variety Jim Parsons on Larry Kramer’s Legacy and Working With Him on ‘The Normal Heart’ By Jim Parsons I feel a little tongue-tied when asked to say anything about Larry Kramer; partly because, while I know him, I don’t know him nearly as well or as long as some of my friends and colleagues. But mostly I think I get nervous because I believe Larry Kramer to be one of the most influential, important people for the gay community that has ever walked this earth and I worry I could never do him justice. And, honestly, I probably can’t, but I’ll say this: I was so scared to meet Larry when I signed on to be a part of the Broadway production of “The Normal Heart” in 2011. I was gay, I was on a nationally televised sitcom, and I had never had my “big coming-out news story.” And here I was, about to be in a seminal work about the AIDS epidemic, written by one of THE leading activists from that moment in time, who believed that only by showing our faces, as gay people, did we stand the chance of gaining the respect and equality we desired and deserved. Larry spoke the language of change, while I was most comfortable saying “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir.” I was scared Larry would think me weak — or worse, that he’d find a way to force me on the cover of People magazine. But that’s not how my experience turned out. Instead, Larry was not only exceedingly kind to me, but our production was a success that sent all of us all over New York that spring-into-summer season to a slew of awards shows that felt, in many ways, like a long celebration of Larry. Larry came to the theater as many nights as he could, in his traffic-cone-orange jacket to pass out informative flyers about HIV to theater-goers after our show let out. New York legalized same-sex marriage one night while we were doing the play, from the stage I heard men and women sobbing many evenings toward the end of the show and, often, I could not hold it in myself and I joined them. It all culminated in Larry on stage accepting a Tony award. I was prepared that summer for Larry Kramer to slap me into being a “good gay,” but instead he, his play, and the people who feel a calling to be a part of his work and watch his work, all loved me into a change that has affected my life and career ever since. And I am but a tiny drop in an Earth-sized bucket-full of incredible change Larry Kramer fought for. As gay people, as humans, we have lost a fighter who was also a history-keeper (where he got the energy to do so much is beyond me), but we have surely gained a saint.
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  4. Looking Back at 'The Big Bang Theory' Series Finale One Year Later (PHOTOS) From TV Insider
  5. This podcast with Kaley just reinforces the thinking of how real, genuine, and endearing a person she truly is
  6. Thanks for sharing
  7. The Big Bang Theory’s 12 Best Episodes—And the Stories Behind Them By Jessica Radloff from Glamour
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly. As you say Jim Parsons played this character perfectly The only problem for me was that he dominated almost every episode. I have mentioned previously on this forum that Sheldon/Shamy stories took up about 75% of the episodes the last three years . I also must say that watching all the reruns Sheldon became such an annoying character for me that you just wanted someone to tell him to STFU I also agree the writers took away some storylines from the other characters to write the Sheldon/Shamy characters
  9. I personally have no problem with either Sheldon, the character or Jim Parsons, the actor. Jim portrayed Sheldon perfectly, in my opinion. My problem is The Powers That Be transformed TBBT into The Sheldon Cooper Show. The once ensemble show became a one main character show with a cast of supporting actors. As good as an actor Jim is or as interesting a character as Sheldon is, a didn't care for 15 minuets an episode of them. The show was better in the earlier years when it was an ensemble show. The cast blended better and complimented each other better in the earlier seasons. That's my opinion, others may see things or feel differently and that's alright too.
  10. I can't help you there. He is the only reason I watched the show. I was just happy I actually liked the whole cast but I believe Jim Parsons brought a professionalism to the character that can never be duplicated He was a genius--in his role. Some people just do not like the actor and I get that, that can sometimes be the case. But, I for one really like the actor and think he his good at everything he does
  11. Nice podcast. Thanks for sharing.
  12. A new podcast with Kaley: KALEY CUOCO - Laughter, Loyalty and Love more links: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love/ http://thedailycordial.libsyn.com/kaley-cuoco-laughter-loyalty-and-love
  13. Where to start... where to start? He is the reason I think the show has flaws. Yes, he is supposed to be a genius. Yes, he is insufferable. My family has a Sheldon... a cousin who did army biological research and now is writing papers for NASA and all sorts of metabolism studies involving suspending rats by their tails, etc. Anyway, Sheldon's squeaky voice is worse than chalk on a blackboard. It is obviously put on... I have never heard Jim Parsons off camera, but I cannot believe such an annoying voice really exists. I do know he is in real life a gay person. However, I feel perhaps the LGBT community finds him insulting and flamingly over the top. Nathan Lane on Modern World and in Bird Cage did a wonderful job of being both funny and a flaming gay... even by gay standards. Nathan Lane acts in a credible manner in his roles. Jim Parsons does not. His character just breaks through the credibility meter and crashes into a poor cartoon version of what might have been a solid acting and performing character that held up as well as the rest of the cast, which by the way, did a wonderful job week after week, year after year. So... there is the reason why I hate Sheldon Cooper or perhaps the derivative version acted by Jim Parsons. He is the fly in the ointment that spoils a terrific job of adequate writing and commitment by the rest of the cast. Kaley Cuoco is the main reason I started and continued watching. It was not to watch obvious Jewish and Indian jokes, toilet jokes, and low hanging fruit puns and innuendos. The weekly sizzle that kept the series going was the pursuit dream of an average nerd with high intelligence pursuing the hot girl. And 90 million nerds tuning in weekly to see if he gets the hot girl, all the while taking notes to see how he does it. The payoff is Leonard actually marrying Penny, and the payoff continued as people watched weekly, in a voyeur sense of experiencing life as they never would. The Bernadette / Howard plots were distracting and close to annoying. We sympathized with Rajesh as we hoped he could navigate the dating rituals of the USA. Leonard was us, as we watched him pursue the hot girl. Sheldon was a plot point in his character, and I am sure the writing could have been solid for Sheldon, had a suitable actor been found who could breathe real life into the character, instead of making fun of the character. That is, although Jim was indeed a gay man, what he brought to the screen is definitely not what a real gay person is like. Nathan Lane as I alluded to earlier... as a younger person... would have been a perfect Sheldon Cooper. I actually wonder if the Nathan Lane at the series start might not have been much funnier than Jim Parsons. That was the problem for me. I could not suspend my disbelief and accept Sheldon Cooper as real. All I saw in his annoying portrayal week to week was a screeching narcissistic cartoon who in real life would have been flung to the curb by any real band of genuinely intelligent people. Leonard, Howard, and Rajesh struck me as real. Penny acted real, and was written as real. So did Amy and even a screechy Bernadette, who nevertheless was suitably credible. I found myself constantly wanting Sheldon to just STHU throughout the episodes, but saw so much good in the other characters and writing that it kept me coming back. I don't know how to express my constant disappointment in not seeing what the series could have been with an adequate lead actor. Any adequate lead actor... straight or gay.
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  15. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    Maybe, maybe not. God only knows what the writers were thinking and they're not talking.
  16. Love her Cup of Cuoco episodes especially with Karl. He brings out the humor in her all the time. Great episode as usual.
  17. I believe Raj would have been upset about the ding in his car whether the news he received was good or bad. It was when he noticed the old gentleman driving that he simmered down.
  18. It's a measure of how pleased Raj is with the news, not the age of the clumsy driver
  19. Can I bring this up? In the episode where Howard had to change his wedding plans, and Leonard said the 4 letter word to Penny, while giving her another 4 letter word, Sheldon and Leonard were playing 3D Star Trek chess. Sheldon asks Leonard if he 'can' ask a question. Even though Sheldon has a bifurcated uvula, he can (is capable of) asking a question. Sheldon should have said 'may' (asking permission) he ask a question. Now, it could be argued that, in that scene, that Leonard remarked that Sheldon made a chess move possibly reflecting a distracted Sheldon. Perhaps, that also resulted in Sheldon making the grammatical error, but simple grammar is a lot more a pawn to distraction than a chess move. Although, perhaps the writers wanted to demonstrate Sheldon's profound depth of distraction by including a simple grammar error. I can be wrong, but, maybe, I may be wright.
  20. If it tastes like butter, and spreads straight from the fridge, you've probably had a power cut.
  21. McDonald have announced that they're stopping using Styrofoam, and will be using cardboard instead. I reckon, eventually, they're going to have to use meat.
  22. Sara Rue (Dr Stephanie) is a co-star in this show. Chuck must like her, she's been in multiple episodes of TBBT, Two and a Half Men, and Mom. Interestingly, she was also in one episode of Blossom, in 1995.
  23. I hired a man to pebble-dash my house, but the technique he used isn't quite what I was expecting.
  24. chucky

    A-Z: Boys Names

    Woodrow - British meaning row of houses by the woods
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