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  2. Lying awake in the middle of the night after my knee surgery win.
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  4. Roses for Diego, who gave up the good fight this week, and passed over the rainbow bridge. He is deeply missed by his family. I will miss the dog alarm he would sound whenever I arrived for my massage.
  5. Haha, I just had a look at Kaley and Karl's IG stories. I like their responses.
  6. LOL, now it's gone even farther. Evidently, The National Inquirer sent a message to Kaley asking if the would like to comment about a story they are doing. It's about how her marriage has only survived because her and Karl live separate lives. She made some snarky comments (I'd ask my husband, but don't know where he is), and some derogatory comments about the magazine, then ask Karl if he had any comments. He also made some snarky (thanking the Inquirer for letting him know his wife's name) and derogatory remarks. Go to both of their IG stories (that's why there is no link, because we don't allow links to IG stories)., their responses are kinda funny.
  7. Kaley and her glam squad.
  8. I have an indifference to some episodes as well. But it is still summer and there are many reruns for shows so there is not much else to watch besides baseball. When the new season begins it maybe a different story.
  9. Me as well. 2 of my favorite episodes are 10/9 The Geology Elevation and 11/18 The Gates Excitation. Sheldon hurts himself in one and gets fooled in the other one.
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  12. My mom asked me that lol. I indiscriminately watch my fav episodes. But recent stuff comes on. I don’t know I have a sense of indifference to it now. Show ended. Watched the show since I was 19. Show was a big part of my life. But yeah it’s over.
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