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    Wrong, both of you.
  8. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    Yeah, it really reminds that kind of feeling and frustation of the first half of season 9. But like, in that time shamy were broken up, so that was the reason for the lack of shamy and we all knew, but like you said, when shamy got back together and we had the amazing 9x10 episode, it made everything worth it. But here, they are together, still we are having very few shamy scenes so far, and apart from episode one, no other episode with focus on their relationship. Also, yeah, the writing going back to season 6! sheldon doesn't make any sense at this point, but as you, i really hope we will have something really good that changes this scenario soon.
  9. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    No need to be sorry. I agree with you about all the points you made about the last episode. Especially how the writers are not working more in Sheldon's development, especially if we compare the AMAZING sheldon's development in season 10. It is being a backwards, and this Sheldon don't match the sheldon we watched in season 10. I think everyone agree on this point, by what i'm seeing in the opinions here and the shamy community on tumblr, etc. I also agree about missing the group being more friends towards each other and doing stuff all together, and actually having fun. Those mean jokes are pretty old at this point (like, when they joke about not having sheldon around, etc), and i think they are actually more heavy this season, to the point of not being too funny. Like i said before, i'm not feeling this season yet. It seems off. The jokes, the group interactions, and especially sheldon's development. But here hoping episode 10 will give us a gift, especially in the shamy scenes.
  10. [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    BR sempre em todas né <3 This would be really lovely. omg <3 I honestly can't wait. We are so much in need for more shamy scenes this season, especially a entire episode with a big focus in only the two of them. I agree completely. Not very much to say about this episode, only that i really loved all Amy's comments, especially the opening scene.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    As far as I know, she was just booked. She was absent at the end of season three, because she was shooting "True Blood". As both contracts (True Blood and TBBT) were as guest stars, the earlier dated (True Blood) controlled. She was well liked by the producers and got along well with the cast. They brought her back (The Hot Troll Deviation) and promoted her to main cast (thus overriding the guest star contract with "True Blood". TBBT has a habit of bringing back people who the producers like, and who get along with the cast. Think Melissa, Mayim, and several recurring characters (Bert, Zack, Priya, etc). If they liked her, and she got along with the cast, and the writers later decide on a partner for Raj, they could bring her back. Of course, they liked Sara Rue and she got along with the cast, but the arc ended. Within eight episodes, they started the arc (The Hofstadter Isotope) that got Leonard and Penny together at the start of season three.
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    Wrong, Mike!
  13. Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Back to me again.
  14. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Was she booked or was she brought back in response to viewer demand ?
  15. Last Person Who Posts Wins

    Nope, I still win!
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  20. 1108 - The Tesla Recoil (November 16)

    This episode isn't worth a wall. It made me recoil. 1. It's not believable at all that Sheldon would be hired back to the military. In fact, it was contrived that they all got fired last season just for the mean-spirited humor of it. Sheldon is a scumbag who has the reset button pressed on his morals every week. Caring too much about other's feelings? No. He's just mad he got caught and people were angry at him. Can't have people being angry to the boy who still acts like he's Young Sheldon. Kripke winning in the end is lame. 2. They finally took my idea to have Raj be forced to choose between his friends and a girl. The problem is I liked Ruchi. Now it just seems like her past two plotlines were setting up her career fixation and her telling Raj straight out last week that she disagrees with his entire romance worldview just to tie both together into her concluding episode. RajxRuchi can still work as an endgame if in a future episode Raj is able to change her mind....but I don't see that kind of character development happening here. Just a case of cruel people doing cruel things to each other and Raj misreading a situation. P.S. Bernadette is terribly evil and I don't mind any karma towards her. P.S.S. Ruchi was mega hot.
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  24. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Hey, Melissa was out for over eight episodes, across two seasons, before she came back.
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