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  3. Not only does he get sarcasm sometimes but I think he knows exactly what he is doing most of the time. Everything is a game to Sheldon and he must win in order to keep his claim that he is smarter than everyone else. As an example I was watching a repeat of "The Gorilla Dissolution" in the scene after Raj and Sheldon meet Emily in the movie theater, Sheldon asks Raj why he was upset seeing Emily with another guy and says to Sheldon wouldn't you be upset if you saw Amy with another guy? Sheldon's reply was can't happen they have an ironclad relationship agreement which precludes any physical contact with someone else. Raj says but you don't have sex with Amy either, in which Sheldon replies "Slick huh" This says to me that he knows exactly what he is doing to manipulate girlfriend.
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  5. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    There are times he gets the sarcasm.
  6. Disney Junior’s ‘Vampirina’ Taps Broadway & TV For Season 3 Guest Star Line-Up: Audra McDonald, Christopher Jackson, Taran Killam, Mayim Bialik, Among Others From Deadline
  7. That could be, but Sheldon has problems recognizing, and comprehending sarcasm. Leonard, in one episode, even held up a sign stating the word 'Sarcasm' for Sheldon. Sheldon can not read facial expressions, and emotions. What you wrote makes sense to most people, but , in my pinion, not Sheldon.
  8. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    We've missed you and your insightful posts as well.
  9. Yes it is. I've missed this forum.
  10. Every Little Thing by The Beatles.
  11. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    Welcome back, long time since you posted.
  12. Last week
  13. Sheldon was just being sarcastic because Penny was being grumpy with the pain in her shouder and Sheldon's fussing over the form.
  14. Don't Come Cryin' to Me by Vince Gill.
  15. Movie promotion... Jim will be on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC) on Monday 9/28 Jim and Matt Bomer will be on CBS This Morning on Wednesday 9/30
  16. Kaley Cuoco remembers how Alyssa Milano welcomed her to the final season of 'Charmed' From Yahoo!
  17. In essence, this episodic error shows Sheldon trying to turn water into wine, or turning the Nile red, or getting blood from a stone (cold fox). In the episode where Penny dislocates her shoulder, Sheldon tries to help dress her. Penny does not want underwear, just shorts and a top. Sheldon complies. Later, while Sheldon is filling out the ER medical forms, he comments, due to Penny's reaction, that her menses is in progress. Now, from other episodes, we know that Sheldon has calculated Penny's cycle, even though Amy hoped they would all sync. Also, Penny would likely need more than shorts, if that were true, especially just coming from the shower. So, why did Sheldon wisely make that assumption? We know Sheldon knows a lot about medicine . Perhaps, typically, he is unaware of his caustic nature to others that would promote such responses, as Penny's. Regardless , Sheldon would evaluate factually, and not emotionally. As Leslie Winkle might comment, 'PMS, it's a little early.'?
  18. I'm a southern redneck. It's a state of mind.
  19. Happy 69th birthday to Mark Hamill...
  20. Have watched this clip and to be honest as a Lenny fan it will be hard to see "Penny" kissing someone other than Leonard. As a topic for discussion : How many guys has Penny kissed on-screen besides Leonard and how many girls has Leonard kissed on-screen besides Penny? I count only two for Penny- Eric in the hallway when Leonard was kissing Leslie and Zack at the New Years party. For Leonard I count Leslie, Dr. Stephanie, Alice and Priya Can anyone else think of others
  21. That depends on the meaning of the word alive. If Alive is the ability to reproduce, then Zombies would need to get busy first. Zombies are just an SUV to the Pathogen which may be alive.
  22. chucky

    Episodic Errors

    I noticed the same thing last night while watching 0907.
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