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  2. Now, this is not an episodic error, but a nerd error. In an earlier episode, when Penny went out with Stuart to an art exhibit, Penny offered for Stuart to come in for coffee, and Stuart commented that it was a little late for coffee. Penny then said that Stuart thought coffee meant coffee. Penny said she thought she had decaf. In a later episode, Raj finished his first planetarium show, and an audience member suggested going for coffee. Raj said it was a little late for coffee. Penny walked between to tell Raj, 'decaf genius'. Penny was a a nerd whisperer. For clarity, I had much more writt
  3. Several posts have been moved to the "Looking for a scene in an Episode" topic. Several other were hidden as they had nothing to do with the subject of the topic. One was hidden as the post, as written, could be construed as a bit offensive.
  4. There was also 215 The Maternal Capacitance, where she was told she was too perky, for an anti-depressant commercial.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks Tripper. You are right!
  7. 203 - The Barbarian Sublimation? The Big Bang Theory - The Barbarian Sublimation (the-big-bang-theory.com) Penny was told that she looked "too Midwest" for the part.
  8. What episode was with Penny tell Sheldon about failed cast because her apearance doesnt fit.
  9. It's hard to tell unless she informs us.
  10. Wonder if she was serious about disliking his mullet or just being cute
  11. Last week
  12. Still love her facial expressions!
  13. kaleycuoco: I don’t remember saying ‘in sickness and health oh and mullets’
  14. Was it? When it comes to TBBT, I have no love or respect for the writers.
  15. We've been well and truly shafted !!! Main female character of the show gets pregnant and we don't get to see her reaction when she finds out ?? Like what the h*ll ?? Im actually still upset about it ( I should maybe move on lol )
  16. Yeah I know that was sarcasm! Totally agree And in a way the writers and producers kind of cheated us out of that moment after 12 years of supporting this show
  17. Totally agree. Don't worry about a broken record, what you said was true. Season's 11 and 12 were Shamy specific and most were not needed.
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