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  2. Chara. Greek. Means "happiness, joy" in Greek.
  3. Shakil. Arabic. Means "handsome" in Arabic.
  4. Wah Wah - George Harrison
  5. Janeville, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.
  6. My pet Squirrel has just died. To be honest, I'm surprised he lived as long as he did, with him having a nut allergy.
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  8. Archspire. A Canadian band from Vancouver, British Columbia. The band were formed in 2007 as Defenestrated, but changed their name to Archspire in 2009.
  9. Violently Happy by Bjork.
  10. I was questioning the purpose of Paige in Young Sheldon, other than as a rival to Sheldon. However, in the last episode we saw her, she had given up on science and was behaving wildly. After re-watching her 4 episodes so far, it struck me that her mother has had as big of a character arc as Paige and it got me wondering, what if that's the point. Think about it; the show has set up Sheldon's parents' marriage as a rock in the face of Sheldon's precociousness, so George Sr. just going out there and sniffing around would be out of character. However, Paige's mom is a known quantity that is now single, a blonde, and has a gifted child like Sheldon. She also seems to be on the party train, now that she's recently divorced, and envied George and Mary's marriage. George and Mary may be having a few more issues in the last few episodes, but they came back together in the Season 3 finale. It's gonna take a lot of movement to get George to where he needs to be when he has his second heart attack and dies. Perhaps Paige was the red herring, to slip in the real threat to Sheldon's family, and it could also explain why Adult Sheldon's remembrance of her are colored with irritation.
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  12. My mate is gay and dyslexic, but he won't admit to it. I think he's in Daniel.
  13. Think I'm safe for now. Starts rolling around in catnip. 🤣🤪
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