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  2. So anyone excited for the new episode? I am curious about Leonard's mom. My gut says she is sick. Starts being nice to seek forgiveness. He is happy. He finds out she is sick and is upset that she is only being nice now that she is deathly sick and wants some sort of relationship before it is too late. I honestly think it has nothing to do with a baby Hofsteadter. I this because I vaguely remember the small taping report received talked about circle of life...or life and death. They are ALL friends.
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  4. No, Lenny’s island is probably the main reason for the apartment match ups. Other than when Raj gatecrashed girls night and that one time Penny was practising her bar tending with the boys way back, the kitchen bench in Penny’s apartment only ever had 2 or 3 around it because it’s smaller. (Other than the Halloween party, group scenes were in the main apartment. They even moved the Penny blossom manufacturing to the big one. ) Considering the main purpose of Lenny is to be waiting at the island for Shamy to barge in looking for help or to stand there overlooking everyone else, Lenny could not survive in the show in any other environment that the main apartment with the big kitchen island ( insert sarcasm sign here ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I do realize the seriousness of the damage to the Notre Dame cathedral, and the loss to history in general, but even with that I can’t resist this: https://www.theonion.com/investigators-trace-cause-of-notre-dame-fire-to-cathedr-1834116819?utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_content=Main&utm_source=Facebook
  6. I'm sure if Sheldon wasn't happy with Pennys apartment he would have made it known by now. I used to be 6-1 and I can honestly say I never found any couch to be to small Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk I'm just kidding but I thought you wanted to steal the kitchen island from lenny Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. They haven't. To me, on screen, it just looks physically awkward.
  8. Two people who each used to have desks at which to work, no have no desk. As an academic, I find that completely unrealistic and goes against the show's pattern of Sheldon often sitting at his desk. He's too big for the couch. The show is easier to write with Amy and Sheldon in the smaller apt. because Leonard is the one who is friends with all of them. Raj, Howard, etc. come over mostly to be with Leonard. It doesn't work as well to have a lot of people in the smaller apt.
  9. They have shown Amy and sheldon in the apartment and I haven't seen any kind of problem I don't remember either Amy or sheldon complaining about the apartment Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  10. Everything in 4B is smaller than 4A. The problem is that Jim is 6'2, he occupies a lot of space physically and in some situations it just looks awkward.
  11. As much as I want to flip-out and say "No, it is not fine, it can't be fine or alright", I was hoping that Penny's last/maiden name would be resolved in the series finale, and it would be nothing but a letdown if it isn't. Is Penny like a character on According to Jim? The last name of the family on that show was never revealed during its run. I would hate to be the longest-running series on primetime TV and still leave unanswered questions by the time of its (proper) conclusion.
  12. I can't figure out why shamy don't fit in pennys old apartment is the furniture miniature or are shamy bigger than they look on television Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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  14. Any sighting of you know who would anger people. That would not have gone over well with 1/2 of the fans...
  15. That's what Sheldon wanted. 4A is now Lenny's and 4B is Amy's apartment.
  16. Displeased? My but you are temperate. In a fundamental and visceral sense I believe the viewer has been terribly betrayed. Leonard and Penny were presented as disparate types, totally antithetical, yet through some inexplicable “magical” connection inexorably and epically destined to be together. A fateful lock. Then Leonard was found be be too frightened to speak about his hopes. So those hopes were crushed, for him and we others. It’s not Penny’s fault. Heroic Leonard, brought down by his own feeble timidity. What a stupid plot turn. So okay, displeased describes me too. Edit: Furthermore, if they can go out memorably and not just fade away, perhaps the show is redeemable. What are the odds of that. Zip, I’d say. (Throws gauntlet at oblivious creatives)
  17. Looking back....they should have gotten Amy living with Sheldon at least a year earlier. We missed a lot of Ricardos/Mertzes - Rubbles/Flintstones sorts of things. And that might have created time or reason to put Leonard and Penny back in Penny's apartment. Sheldon and Amy don't fit in the apt and he doesn't fit in the furniture. I miss Raj's parents and the Fowlers are great.
  18. Personally, I'm tired of Beverly. I believe she out played her icy, bitchiness! When she's in the episode, it don't bode well for Leonard.
  19. Agreed! As for Raj, as sad as it seems, I don't see him with anyone but Cinnamon!
  20. Personally, I agree. But, I don't see any of them breaking up!
  21. Yeah that was kind of a mess and I also think there were too many episodes about the wedding planning. But I think they managed to "top that" this year, I didn't count but it feels there are even more Super Assymmetry episodes than Shamy wedding ones and they managed to antagonise, and agonize, many Lenny fans. And Raj continues to be a mess. Like actually including the word "Maybe"...? That word that was actually never said (about this issue) prior to 12×03...?
  22. Last season drove me crazy--I personally thought that was the worst season I did like some eps but the whole wedding plans were ridiculous at times. Sheldon and Amy planning, then agreeing that Amy would handle plans then Sheldon and Amy handled plans and back and forth. They'd make up their minds in one episode then it'd change again in the next....Sheldon would grow... then regress, and on and on....
  23. The lack of planning does seem to create a lot of problems. A somewhat related problem is the lack of continuity and sticking to what they'd previously wrote. I say these are related because both seem to indicate a view of the overall narrative as.. um... not too important? Or at least not as important as it is seen in other shows, maybe more so some of the newer ones (ones that started in recent years) which were/are written more like books/movies (e.g., "The Good Place", where episodes are even called 'chapters'). Maybe that's because the newer shows started in an era where binge watching and rewatching by order (and not randomly in syndication) have become more popular, so viewers tend to pay more attention to continuity and can pick up better on story progress, clues, 'Easter eggs', forshadowing and so. But that's beside the point, because TBBT's treatment of its overall narrative seems worse, to different extents, than that of similar shows that started roughly at the same time. Does this mean they're terrible terrible writers? I wouldn't say so. Because it works for them. The show is a mega success. Is it because of this? Mmm I don't know, maybe it helps a little, maybe it's a bit better for casual viewers? Still, I think it could've been equally successful if they'd treated the overall narrative better. As someone who enjoys the kind of shows that do that (and I include here sitcoms that are more like TBBT than The Good Place, like The Middle - they were amazing in regards to continuity), and also do my amateur little hobby-writing with a long-term plan, I think planning and staying true to what was written opens nice, enjoyable possibilites (and is also less groan-inducing).
  24. I used to moan a lot on the Shamy thread about the ‘glacial pace, as Jim coined it for the progression of Shamy’s story as a whole. I wanted a lot of things speeded up lol! But I can honestly say this Nobel story could have done with being set at a slower pace and like you said something that perhaps had it’s seeds sown a couple of seasons back. It would be better for it. To sum up my feelings, overall I think they went far too slow with a lot of things but I don’t think that applies to the Shamy project storyline.
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