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  2. From Broadway World Jim Parsons to Star in A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE at Classic Stage Company This Fall Classic Stage Company announced today that Jim Parsons will lead the cast of their fall production of A Man of No Importance, portraying Alfie Byrne. Featuring a book by Terrence McNally, music by Stephen Flaherty, and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, A Man of No Importance will be the final CSC production directed by John Doyle following his tenure as Artistic Director. A Man of No Importance will begin performances on Tuesday, October 11, with opening night set for Sunday, October 30 for a limited run through Sunday, December 4. A Man of No Importance is produced by special arrangement with Tom Kirdahy and Mara Isaacs. Further casting will be announced in the coming weeks. Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty, and Terrence McNally's acclaimed musical A Man of No Importance tells the story of an amateur theatre group in 1960s Dublin and their leader, bus driver Alfie Byrne (Parsons). Determined to stage a production of Oscar Wilde's Salome despite the objections of local church authorities, Alfie confronts the forces of bigotry and shame over a love "that dare not speak its name." This evocative and award-winning musical illustrates the redemptive power of theater, love, and friendship, all for a man of seemingly no importance.
  3. Cut to make room for more commercials. Whenever the pilot episode is shown on TBS, the initial scene at the high IQ sperm bank is always cut out.
  4. I don't remember that scene. So it was probably cut.
  5. I've just checked the episode on Netflix and we definitely see the guys dancing . Next scene is Leonard entering the apartment " singing" , then Sheldon pointing out that Penny didn't reject Leonard, he didn't ask her out etc... So it's definitely been cut!
  6. I just watched this episode recently on the TBS network and it was not the one with the 4 guys learning to dance (unless it had been cut out). It was in fact, the one where Leonard takes Penny out to dinner and shows her the olive spinning in the glass trick.
  7. Last week
  8. Most probably not. Although I haven't read anything about Kaley lately, she seems to be busy with her new guy.
  9. Even if they met, we will never know about it, Johnny remains private in his personal life.
  10. Wonder if he had time to meet up with Kaley although that would have been highly publicized
  11. He has at least 3 projects in development, these are AOK, Catching Babies, and Johnny was in London last November to discuss a joint project with Jeremy Edwards. He has been seen in LA twice this year, so I still have hope that he is working on projects.
  12. I think he's more interested in being with his son and playing guitar with his friends.
  13. In early June and June 19, Johnny was seen in Nashville. I really hope that he has time to do projects.
  14. Yeah that does make you think it is a guy. That is sure a weird picture.
  15. yeah. He has noticeably lost weight.
  16. It's the hairy armpit that makes me think it is Karl.
  17. Looks like he may have gotten custody of Blueberry. Or they are sharing custody. I wonder if they have split up the shared animals?
  18. I thought that was Karl lying in bed with Blueberry.
  19. No, I haven't seen the post. I hope that he has moved on to find happiness for himself. It may have been a shot at Kaley's postings. Probably his way of saying that he can do it too.
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